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A Comfortable Place

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Catra awoke in a warm haze.


Adora was sprawled on top of her, and judging by their positions they had probably fallen asleep fucking. They had certainly done a lot of fucking last night after coming back to the hotel from the bar. No one had gotten truly sloshed and they had left without being thrown out. 


She herself had been the recipient of a few toasts on her victories and may have gotten a little carried away, she still remembered everything but there was a dull throb in the back of her head as evidence of her indulgence. It had been entirely unsurprising to her that Reese enjoyed dark beer, not sure if she had acquired the taste on purpose to fit the dwarf motif or if she was just like that. The handle of her axe had ‘And my axe!’ inlaid into the wood and she was always first to recommend marathoning all the Lord of the Rings movies as a team get together. The back of her letterman jacket had ‘Dawi’ written on it which was a dwarf thing from a different fantasy setting. Adora and herself had tried a few different things, amaretto, cider, red ale, she had tried Reese’s beer but the stout had tasted like motor oil so she had elected not to get one for herself.


The sheets were a tangled mess mostly thrown to the floor and Adora was naked on top of her, Catra still had her legs spread and she could feel the evidence of last night's fun sticky on her thighs and stomach, as well as the gentle ache in her core that always came from Adora’s prodigious size after a few rounds. It reeked of sweat and sex and she felt a little gross, but she was warmed by the memories of Adora trying to fumble the keycard into the door as Catra kissed her sloppily, Mermista and SeaHawk doing the same thing a few doors down. There had been no foreplay last night, not even any of their dirty talk about breeding, or anything like that. Drunk and high on victory they had simply gone at it like animals for round after round until they had quite literally passed out. She hugged Adora around her broad back feeling the raised flesh of claw marks on her skin. She would have to remember to clean them when they showered.


Adora rumbled and woke her arms squeezing around her waist.


“Mmmm morning love.” Catra purred.


“G’morning.” She mumbled into her neck taking in a deep breath. “It reeks in here love.”


“Well carry me to the shower then.” Catra rumbled quietly stroking her hands over Adora’s bare back.


Adora laughed but didn’t question as she pushed herself up and pulled Catra close against her chest carrying her into the small bathroom. 


The hot water pouring over her felt like heaven washing away the sweat and stickiness and helping alleviate the ache in the back of her head.


“How are you holding up love?” She asked gently, stroking Adora’s cheek as she stood under the spray.


“Mmmmm a little off, but I didn’t drink that much.” She chuckled. “Did you see how many glasses of wine Mermista had?”


“Her and Hawk were almost as handsy as we were by the end of it.” 


“That sounds like a challenge to me.” Adora growled and kissed at her neck. “Red wine always does that to Mermista.”


“I wondered why Hawk was so curious to know if they had a kind she liked.”


“Mhmmm, he knows how to get her in the mood.”


“Are we ever not in the mood?” Catra mumbled as Adora hugged her from behind.


She could feel Adora’s lips smile against her neck. “I can’t help it that you do this to me.”


She chuckled. “You aren’t the only one in this relationship with a terminal case of horny.”


Adora laughed and kissed her neck again. “Are you implying your horny will be lethal?”


Catra purred. “You haven’t seen me in heat, gods it’s going to be so nice to have you for that, the meds for suppressing it are awful.”


“Mmmm you’ve mentioned that, December right?”


“Yes, we should talk more about that, but we still have time.”


Adora nodded against her. “I’ll be there for you no matter what.”


“I know.” She did know that if she needed Adora, for any reason, she would be there.


They stood together in the shower for a long comfortable moment.


“I’m proud of you.”


Those four simple words had her, she felt her throat tighten with feeling, glad for the shower to hide the welling of tears in her eyes.


“I couldn’t have done it without you or Reese, Mermista and all of them.”


“That’s how friends work darling, they build us up so we can do great things, but you still put in the effort, you still did the work, you still held the sword, don’t you ever downplay your role in this.”


It was the little things like that. Adora had just done that with no impetus at all, she had simply been proud of her and had voiced it. 


She supposed that was love.


She was still getting used to it.



They were on the bus heading back to Midland, most everyone was half dead from lack of sleep or abundance of alcohol. Adora was curled against her, head in her lap and face pressed into her stomach. Catra was gently stroking her hair as she stared out the window only partly awake herself.


"So she's actually asleep now?" Reese asked looking back over the seat ahead of them.


Catra smiled. "Yeah, she's out cold."


"Looks pretty warm to me…" She replied with a cheeky grin.


Catra chuckled and rolled her eyes. Adora had her jacket thrown over her like a blanket and was curled into her not laying across the aisle like last time.


"Tuckered herself out last night."


"She's not the only one."


They both looked around the bus, Auroch and Havers were passed out against each other, the only other couple who were both on the team and the tournament list. Mermista was sprawled across one of the benches by herself looking absolutely dead to the world, Erikson had elected to ride back in the party wagon with his girlfriend rather than on the bus with the rest of the team.


She felt bad for SeaHawk who had to somehow stay awake enough to drive for three hours. She looked out the back window and saw the van there a little ways behind them driving along just fine.


“I don’t know how he does it either, but he’s never been in so much as a fender bender.” Reese said following her gaze. “Though I think that’s part of the reason Mermista always rides on the bus, she doesn’t want to distract him.”


Catra nodded and looked back forward at Reese. “Thank you, for everything.”


Reese shrugged. “It was nothing, a little paperwork in the right place and some bureaucratic elbow grease will get you anywhere you want if you know how it works.”


“Well I’m glad you do, because I sure as shit don’t.”


Reese chuckled. “You were worth it, I think you’ll continue to be an excellent option for the team and will only improve with practice.”


Reese slipped back down into her seat leaving Catra with a watery smile and trembling hands.



“Oh lift him up and carry him along!” Tweeks voice carried through the forest as he sang.


“Fire Marengo, Fire away!” Adora and Catra replied together.


“Set him down where he belongs!”


“Fire Marengo, Fire away!”


“Stow him in his hole below!”


“Fire, Marengo, Fire away!”


They sang as they walked through the woods to their little campground Tweek leading them on in song and the two of them returned with the chorus Smiling as they marched with bags and goods in hand full of supplies from the weekend.


They came out into the clearing belting their song out with Bow and Lyn joining in immediately.


“Oh Sally she’s a pretty little craft!”


“Fire Marengo, Fire away!”


“And sharp to the fore and rounded aft!”


Adora grabbed Catra’s ass causing her to squeak and miss the chorus resulting in them descending into a fit of giggling. 


The singing broke up into laughing and jeering.


“Come on get all that shit over here and you better not have forgotten anything!” Glimmer roared as they laughed.


They hauled their bags of supplies over to where she stood by the fire which was already burning. A big dutch oven pot was already in the fire and an assortment of other cooking supplies were spread around her with Bow nearby. They disgorged their burdens pulling out a variety of foodstuff and other accoutrement. 


“Are you worried about them finding their way here without anyone to guide them?” Glimmer asked, looking at the three of them.


Tweek pulled out his phone and looked at it briefly. “Well Trapta has my tracker beacon, whether or not they find the trail is up for debate but finding me shouldn’t be a problem.


“She’ll just use Scorpia to plow through the brambles if they can’t find the path.” Catra replied offhandedly. “They’ll get here when they get here, more importantly what’s cooking?”


Bow slid over an eager smile on his face. “It’s one of my dad’s recipes from when they go camping. Chili with cornbread on top!”


“Fuck that sounds good.” 


“We’ve got all kinds of stuff to go with it too now that you guys have arrived. Sour cream, shredded cheese, onions.” Glimmer said, pulling the items out of the bags as she mentioned them.


“Plus salad and a hefty selection of choices for that, almonds, cherry tomatoes, dressings galore.” Bow continued. “We have quite a feast laid out.”


“They better get here quick, if we have to delay dinner by one minute for them I will murder them.” Catra groaned holding her hands before her with claws extended.


“It’s better if we feed her before too long, she gets cranky when she’s hungry.” Adora grinned.


“I will claw you too.” 


“Don-” Catra smooshed her hand over her mouth.


“Don’t even.” Catra glared at her. 


Adora waggled her eyebrows.


“They’re almost here! Looks like they managed to find the trail.” Tweek called looking at his phone.


Scorpia and Entrapta emerged from the woods at the far side of the clearing. They all called them over inviting them in and the exchange of greetings and introductions began. 


Dinner was served before long, and before Catra had to claw anyone. Scorpia was loud and appreciative of the food at every opportunity. Nothing out of the ordinary for her loud, happy and boisterous. Entrapta spent a lot of time with Tweek It seemed, in much more reserved conversation, she wondered about that but maybe they were just catching up. Everyone was happy and the two newcomers were warmly welcomed.


Adora and her both gorged themselves on food, and she now lay against Adora drowsily staring into the fire while Adora slept leaned against her head. The subconscious flicking of her ears causing her to murmur every now and then making her smile. She caught Scorpia, Bow, and Glimmer talking across the fire, her ear pivoting and tuning in on the conversation.


“Gosh just look at them, that’s adorable.” Scorpia was trying to whisper but her frame was wholly incapable of making a sound under seventy-five decibels.


“So sweet it makes me want to vomit sometimes.”


“Glim.” Bow scolded lightly.


“What? just fucking look at them, that’s cute as fuck.”


“It’s good to see Catra like that, she never got to have things like that before, I’m happy for her.”


“She’s been good for Adora too, pruning back her crazy schedule a bit and learning how to slow down and just relax sometimes. Catra is good at grounding her too, she always holds herself to such high expectations but Catra always cuts through the bullshit and sets her right in a way that no one else can.”


“You guys know she can hear us right?” Glimmer said.


Catra’s eyes were only barely open but they slid over to them across the fire from her. Her ear flicked lazily and Adora mumbled as it tickled her nose.


She almost had to drag Adora into the tent and they didn’t change into PJ’s, simply kicking off their shoes and wrapping the blankets around themselves until they were in the center of a tangled mess with Catra at its center and Adora wrapped around her. It was warm and comfortable and she fell asleep as soon as Adora wrapped the blankets around them.


She woke up early still in the grip of her and Adora’s routine of working out in the mornings before class. Adora was already awake but hadn’t moved from their position perfectly content to lay there with her.


“I hear the others moving, let’s get up, I need to piss anyway.”


Adora chuckled and kissed her cheek. “Did I ever tell you how sexy you are in the morning?”


“I will claw you.”


“Don’t-” Catra smushed her hand over Adora’s mouth.


“I’ll remember not to do that one of these days.” She grumbled.


They managed to crawl out of the nest of blankets Adora had pulled around them and changed into fresh clothes before slipping out of the tent into the early morning sun. Gentle orange light sparkling on the chilly dew decorating every available surface, it would be getting too cold to camp out here soon. Though she wanted to see this forest in the morning covered with cold gray frost. Maybe they could work out a late October camp out. More blankets, maybe a little heat lamp or something.


Tweek was already up poking the fire back to life with a stick.


“Mornin’ Wildcat.” He greeted with a grin.


Her eyebrow cocked slowly and her ears flicked to the sound of someone moving around in his tent. She hadn’t even noticed Trapta sneaking off with him last night. Good for her.


“Morning Junkrat.” She replied. “You putting the coffee on?”


“Yep, twenty minutes or so.” He replied.


“We can get a little workout done in the meantime.” Adora said rubbing her hands over her exposed biceps.


She nodded and they went over to the riverside to start stretching, they hadn’t brought any proper equipment with them of course, but they could still do a little at least just to stay warm until the coffee was ready.


She breathed out as she dropped down elbows out in proper form as she did push-ups next to Adora. She still couldn’t match her athletic mate, but she could certainly do better than when they had started working out in the mornings. She felt good about the progress she had made and working out with her wasn’t quite as arduous as it once had been. Besides if she got up to work out with Adora she got to see Adora workout, which was worth getting up for by itself. The fact that Adora watched her work out was a nice side effect and they had gone back up to their room and had sweaty post workout sex more than a handful of times because of it. 


They had adjusted their schedule accordingly.


“Coffee is hot!” Tweek called over and they stopped and wandered over.


Sitting down next to the fire they accepted coffee from the pot and then added milk and sugar to their taste.


"So you and Trapta huh?" She asked quietly.


He grinned sheepishly. "I missed her."


"Seems like she missed you too. She's not the kind to sneak off with someone, I'm sure you know."


He nodded. "We've been friends for a long time, and recently becoming more." He shrugged. "Don't tell anyone, I'm sure Bow will figure it out but he's smart enough to know what's up. I don't want anyone haranguing her about it."


"Of course." Catra said and Adora nodded in agreement. “Do you really think you’ll be able to hide it?”


He shrugged again. “Like I said I’m sure Bow will figure it out even though he doesn’t know Trapta, It’s mostly Scorpia I’m worried about, she can be a little... intense and Trapta is well…”


“She’s Entrapta, I know.” Catra sighed and looked away in thought. “Probably nothing to worry about, Scorpia was always invested in my love life, far as I know she wasn’t on Entrapta too. It’ll probably be her last guess if she notices a change in her behaviour.”


“That’s what she thought as well, I only know Scorpia through her so.” He shrugged. 


They sat quietly for a time before Tweek looked around nervously at the other tents, satisfied none would burst open suddenly he spoke again. “Do you… do you think people would look down on her cause I’m…” He trailed off for a moment but rallied himself. “A beastman?”


Catra frowned, Magikat’s were not technically under the umbrella of the beastman races, their genetic ancestry diverged in a different place, but that didn’t mean they received any less bigotry, though she hadn’t encountered much since coming to Midland.


“No one here will have a problem with it.” Adora said resolutely. “And if they do let me know.”


Her eyes were hard chips of ice fixed on Tweek, full of resolve. 


“You have friends here Tweek, for whatever you need, support, peace…” She gave him her best cheshire smile. “Hiding bodies, you name it.”


He smiled softly, gripping the cup in his hands. “Thanks guys.”


“Anything for friends.” Catra said quietly.



They walked back into their apartment together, Adora holding an armful of supplies brought back from the camping trip. “Can you check our mailbox?”


“Sure.” She popped open the little box with her key and grabbed the handful of letters inside. Shuffling through them as they rode the elevator up to their apartment, mostly junk as usual, but there was one for Adora.


“There’s one here for you from Mulden Medical.” She looked over the letter as she held the door open for Adora.


“It could be my test results, open it.” She called over her shoulder heading for the kitchen.


“It’s medical information for you.”


“I trust you, I’ve got my hands full.” She said as she began to unload her arms onto the kitchen counter.


Catra felt her chest tighten a little bit with warmth before she slid her claw down the top of the envelope. Pulling the letter out she began to skim over it as she meandered over to join Adora in the kitchen.


“It’s the results of the uh… compatibility test.” She said slowly.


Adora’s head snapped up to her. “What does it say?”


“Test results seem to indicate that your sperm and a Magikat egg.” She took in a shaky breath. “Could in fact be viable.”


Adora wrapped her arm around her back and lay her hand over Catra’s steadying them so she could read over her shoulder.


“Results are not totally conclusive but passing these tests means there is a high likelihood that a viable pregnancy could occur, we would like you both to come back for a more specific and tailored testing when you are back in Mulden again to be sure a healthy and safe pregnancy could be carried out if that is what you want, but results so far indicate that it is possible.” Adora read aloud.


“Catra, this means we really might be able to have a child together… I-I had barely thought it possible even after Dr. Netossa said it might be.” Tears fell on the letter with soft patters. “Catra?”


Adora turned her around to find her mate with a happy smile and tears streaming down her face.


Adora pulled her in close and hugged her tight, rocking her gently back and forth. “The next time we’ll be back in Mulden will be for Halloween, we’ll have to make sure we make an appointment for then.”


Catra rubbed her eyes and cleared her throat a little though when she spoke again it was still a bit scratchy. “You don’t want to go sooner?”


“Do you? We don’t need to for any reason since even if we are good to go it won’t be til after college, besides we’ll have to schedule an appointment in advance anyway and that won’t be far sooner than if we do it around Halloween anyway.”


“You’re right, you’re right, I’m just… happy.” She took a deep steadying breath.


Adora cupped her cheek and tilted her head up to look at her. “Will going sooner make you happy? Because then it’s worth it.”


She giggled and pushed Adora’s hand away. “Stop no, no I can wait, no need to throw all our schedules into disarray just to know a little sooner.” Her hand went and rested low on her stomach. “But we really might be able to… to have a child together, i-if you want to.”


“I already told you I would when we were at the farm.” Adora slid back across the gap between them and cupped her face in both hands, kissing her gently. “I’ve only grown more in love with you since then.”


“We’re skipping steps again I think.” She murmured.


Adora’s eyes bore into her with a glint of mischief. “I’m ok with skipping straight to the honeymoon.”


“I will claw you!”


“Don’t threaten me with a good time!”


Catra leapt on her.