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A Comfortable Place

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"What are you going to do with that?"


"Abandoning it here. It's heavy as shit and I don't want to deal with it."


“I could carry it.”


“I know.”


“You don’t want it?”


Catra just gave her an incredulous look.


“You bought it didn’t you?”


“You have a fridge Adora, a real one not a beat to shit mini-fridge.”


The mini-fridge in question had clearly been passed around through many hands. It was dented, scratched, stickered, bedazzled, had some of the bedazzling chiseled off but apparently given up on halfway, and painted, three times it looked like, none of which flattered it. Underneath the abuse the fake wood paneling on the fridge door was still visible in some places. Clearly whoever had owned it didn’t want to go through the effort of taking it with them and had just pawned it off on some incoming Freshman. This cycle had clearly repeated itself over and over for years. It was happening again now, though Catra wasn’t even bothering to sell it.


"It still works though?" She asked somewhat sceptically despite the low hum of it's fan.


The corner of Catra's mouth quirked up. "Like a charm." She grinned fully. “It would be a shame to put this veteran next to the modern fridge in your apartment, it still has decades of shitty college beer to keep cold.”


Adora snorted. "You sure it doesn't deserve a funeral pyre instead?"


Catra chuckled this time. "The fumes would kill us. Nah just leave it."


Adora shrugged, it did look heavy.


They grab the last few bundles of Catra’s things and carried them down out of the dorm to Glimmer’s pickup. Glimmer was one of the few with their own car on campus. A true veteran the truck was an ex-farm vehicle she had bought on her way into Midland Freshman year. It still ran though it complained loudly whenever forced to do so. She had agreed to help them move Catra’s stuff the few blocks up to Adora’s, now their, apartment.


“That’s everything?” She asked, opening the cab to her truck.


Catra tossed the bundle of things into the bed of the truck and then climbed in after it. “Yep, thanks for the ride Sparkles.”


Adora caught the slight eye roll from Glimmer but on seeing Adora’s slight smile she just shrugged and got in the truck. Adora climbed in back with Catra and they rumbled off arriving at their apartment shortly where they began unloading the relatively few things Catra brought with her. Between the three of them it doesn’t take long and they end up in the living room surrounded by boxes and bundles of stuff.


“Alright well I’ll let you two settle in, and you won’t be at the bonfire this weekend right?” Glimmer asked at the door.


“Yep Catra is coming home with me for the weekend.” Adora nodded. “Thanks for helping us move Glim.”


Glimmer shrugged. “It’s the least I can do, don’t have too much fun now.”


Adora blushed as she left but couldn’t really complain, they hadn’t exactly hid their escapades during the camping trip and they had been teased relentlessly after everyone had heard Catra’s screaming the second night.


Adora sighed and looked over to Catra. “I guess we're never going to escape that huh?”


“Look maybe if you weren’t so good in bed I wouldn’t scream so much.” Catra replied confident and self assured, as though that weren’t a ridiculous statement.


She couldn’t hold a straight face for long though and her smirk spread into a grin.


Adora just shook her head. Reaching into her pocket she pulled out a key, shiny and silver and new. She handed it to Catra. “There, now we’re official.”


Catra held the key, a smile splitting her face, her eyes came up and met her own shiny and filled with tears. Adora wrapped her in a hug feeling the hot happy tears on her neck.


“I can’t believe this is all really happening, I keep thinking I’ll wake up and it will all be a dream.”


Adora squeezed her tighter.


“Even if you did I would still be there with you.” She held on for a long moment before backing off holding Catra’s shoulders. “Come on let's get you unpacked.”


They spent the rest of the day unpacking Catra’s things and trying to find places for all of them. Catra hadn’t had much, the dorms in Krampt prevented it and Catra’s natural tendency not to accumulate clutter meant it wasn’t too hard to find room for her things.


Catra tossed the last cardboard box down the hall into the pile with the rest and Adora let herself fall back onto the bed.


“We’re done! You’re moved in!” She shouted into the hall.


“I’m moved in!” Catra’s head appeared in the doorway. “With my mate!”


Adora smiled and held her arms out, Catra pounced on her and they rolled on the bed giggling. 


“Ok ok let’s get to bed we have class tomorrow.” Adora held Catra against her chest keeping her from continuing to tickle her.


Catra sighed dramatically. “Ok fine.”


They changed into pajamas and turned off the lights before settling back into bed together. Adora pulled Catra against her burying her face into her neck and breathing deep of her rich calming scent. Catra settled in with a sigh against her hands twining together and legs tangling they drifted off together.



“Hey Adora!” She turned and found Mermista jogging up to her. “Whoa what happened to you? You lose a fight with a pack of vampires or something?"


Adora had purposely worn a regular long sleeve shirt rather than one of her usual compression shirts to show off the numerous marks on her neck. She wanted people to know she was taken.


“Catra and I kinda made it official.” She smiled. “We’re together now uh mates.” She finished blushing a little at the still unfamiliar words.


“Well glad to see you’re making the most of it.” She raised an eyebrow but committed no more emotion than that. “Anyway Reese wanted me to get this to you or Catra whichever I saw first so here you go.”


Mermista handed her a thick sealed envelope with Catra’s name on it.


“Do you know what it is?” Adora asked curiously.


“Not a clue.”


“Well I’m going to meet Catra for lunch right now, want to join us?” she asked slowly unsure of Mermista's plans or level of desire to third wheel.


"I'll come say hi but I'm meeting Hawk." 


Adora nodded and they walked through the student center together with Adora scanning for the unruly mop of hair she was looking for.




Looking up she found Catra looking down at her from the seating on the second floor with a smirk on her face.


They made their way up the stairs and found Catra lounging back in one of the hard cafeteria chairs. Adora placed a kiss on her forehead and sat down across from her while Mermista stood at the end of the table.


“Well give her the thing, I’m curious.” She said unable to quite maintain her uninterested deadpan.


“Thing?” Catra asked, eyebrow cocked. 


Adora handed her the envelope. “This is from Reese, apparently.”


Catra took the envelope and looked at the two staring at her expectantly. "What?"


"Come on I've been carrying it around all morning the suspense is killing me. " Mermista moaned her usually expressionless face making an exaggerated mask of agony.


"I am curious to see what Reese got up to…" Adora added less dramatically.


Catra rolled her eyes and sliced open the envelope with a claw. Pulling out the papers a few moments of tense silence followed while she skimmed over them.


"It's a special exemption… I can finish my science class online so I can attend practice, and… wow and an allowance from the school to purchase equipment." Catra finished as she skimmed over the documents.


Mermista grinned crookedly. “That’s just like Reese, she knows how to work the system to get what she wants, you really must have impressed her.”


“I guess so…” Catra said quietly. As she shuffled the papers a thick patch fell out of them. A jacket patch for the school's HEMA team, crossed swords over a shield and the latin phrase ‘Alteri fides in unum’. Almost reverently Catra picked up the patch and examined it.


Adora and Mermista shared a smile.


“I don’t even have a jacket to put it on.” She said, still looking at the patch and rubbing her thumb over it gently. “I’ve never been on a sports team like this.”


“What size are you?” Mermista asked, her phone out and thumb poised.


“Medium.” She answered almost automatically, still caught up. “”What does the latin mean? Alteri fides in unum.”


“Faith in one another.” Adora answered with a small smile. “We’ll have to stop at the store to get gear ordered for you, should be ready by the time we get back then. What kinda allowance did Reese get you?”


Catra turned the check around and Adora choked on her tongue.


“Do you think she has like, blackmail on people or is she just like, that good at bureaucracy?” Mermista drawled.


“I don’t think it’s blackmail.” Adora said, smiling slightly once she recovered. “But I’ve never asked her for the details. I just know she’s good at this sort of thing, she is a business major though, and her family has a long history of government work, so bureaucracy is in her blood.”


“Wait, why did you want my size?” Catra asked as the seeming non-sequitur from earlier caught up to her.


“Oh my dear MERMISTA!”


“There he is, perfect timing as usual.” Mermista’s voice dripped with almost casual disdain, but there was a faint smile on her face.


“Hello Sea Hawk.” Adora said smiling as he walked up with a varsity jacket hung over his arm.


"Sea Hawk?" Catra asked.


"Conrad Sebastien Hawkthorn, C-Hawk." Adora explained.


He smiled broadly. "And here I thought it was my nautical skill and piratical charm!"


"The last 'vessel' you were on was a swan boat from the tunnel of love, alone I may add, and you somehow lit it on fire."


Adora snorted remembering the incident.


Hawk shot her a wounded expression. "I make no excuses for expressing my love."


"Well it certainly was memorable if that's what you were going for." Mermista replied, the slightest hint of a smile on her face. "Now if you're done?" She gestured to Catra expectantly.


He stroked his mustache and then with entirely too much drama, graciously presented the jacket to Catra. “I believe this is for you my lady.”


Catra boggled at him and Mermista.


“I asked him to get it for you but I paid for it so don’t worry about it, welcome to the team.” Mermista cracked a rare genuine smile and pulled out the chair next to Adora sitting down with a thump.


Catra took the jacket and held it up so she could look at it.


"Wait does that mean Hawk has your card?" Adora asked quietly.


"Wouldn't make a very good delivery boy without it." She replied grinning at Hawk.


He assumed a wounded expression. "I prefer the term rum runner but whatever my princess wishes."


"One time and I never hear the end of it." Mermista muttered under her breath.


Those two had a strange dynamic, but they had been ‘together’ for a long time, and it was a show of trust that Mermista let Sea Hawk walk around with her card. She supposed her and Catra had little room to talk for strange dynamics in any case.


“You’ll have to earn some kinda nickname now, no one puts their real name on the jacket.” Sea Hawk beamed probably more excited by the concept than Catra was.


Mermista’s jacket said ‘Dread Pirate’ on the back, a nickname she had gained after a team viewing of The Princess Bride due to the fact she used a rapier and deadpan humor just like Westley.


Adora’s said ‘She-Ra’, a nickname she had gained for winning a match point by cowing her opponent with a battlecry.


“Well try it on!” Adora urged grinning.


Catra got up and swung the jacket around her shoulders, like all letterman jackets it looked just a little too large, but that was part of the appeal in Adora’s opinion. “You look great.”


“Let me pay you back for it. These things aren’t cheap.” She tried turning to Mermista, a blush on her cheeks from Adora’s staring.


Mermista waved her off. “I’ve got the money, let me do some good with it.”


Catra sighed slightly and sat back down tugging at the end of the sleeves which were a little long (as they should be). Adora was very pleased with Catra in the slightly oversized letterman jacket even if it was a cliched look. Moreover she knew it was something Catra had wanted, to belong to a team officially, obviously something she couldn’t have done at Helmand.


“Well are we going to just ogle our partners or are we going to eat something? Because I am starving.” Mermista said breaking them free of their reverie.


“Right we were going to get pizza.” Adora said sheepishly, a light blush on her cheeks from being caught ogling her mate.


“Sounds perfect.” She leaned back looking at Hawk.


He leaned over and placed an upside down kiss on her lips. “Of course my dear I will return momentarily.”


He strode off with purpose in his exaggerated step.


“You bought me the jacket please let me at least pay for the pizza.” Catra offered trying to sound casual but Adora knew better. 


Catra hated people buying her things, she always felt like people were pitying her by paying. 


Mermista shrugged it off again. “Please, don’t sweat it, my parents give me more money for college than I know what to do with.” She grinned. “I’m the rich kid you gotta let me throw money at my friends at least.”


“They own a shipping company that runs on the rivers here.” Adora added placing her hand over Catra’s to settle her. “She pays for the whole team's food whenever we go out, I’ve long since given up on trying to stop her.”


Catra still frowned a little but she squeezed her hand back and didn’t press the issue.


“That includes you now so get used to it.” 



The Spanish Main was the strangest ‘store’ Catra had ever visited. Half of it looked like a normal sporting goods store stocked with a variety of fencing and HEMA equipment among others clearly biased towards Midland’s tendency to favor martial sports but not entirely unusual. The other half of the store more closely resembled a medieval forge. Flagstone floors and a massive furnace that glowed orange dominated the corner where several people worked wearing thick leather aprons and gloves. Two huge lizard beastmen and three humans worked at the forge.


The sword came out of the heart of the furnace glowing white hot and the larger of the two lizards set it on the anvil and began pounding with an enormous hammer filling the room with the ringing of steel. The other lizard noticed them standing there and came over with one of the humans.


He wore a long leather mask to protect his face from the heat with darkened glass lenses to reduce the glare of the furnace. He pulled the mask off as did the human who was dwarfed by the huge lizard beside him.


“Hey Rogelio, hey Kyle.” Adora greeted the two.


“What brings you here?” Kyle asked his eyes looking at Rogelio who signed a few things at him.


“We need a full set of HEMA gear for Catra.”


Catra was swept up by the big blacksmith and attacked with measuring tapes, various material types, colors, and a dazzling array of practice swords and shields. In the end the allowance Reese had gotten her paid for a full custom set of pads, a sword and shield, a spare set of gloves and a spare mask plus bags and maintenance kit as well. Though privately Adora thought they had only stretched it that far because Rogelio gave them a frequent customer discount.


While Kyle was double checking some final measurements Adora pulled Rogelio aside.


“Can you keep her measurements on hand? I might have another order for her in the near future and I want it to be a surprise.”


He winked at her and gave her an OK sign scribbling something on the notepad in his hand before they returned. 


“How long will it take to make?” Catra asked with eager excitement in her mismatched eyes.


Rogelio held up four fingers then tilted his hand left and right. About four days give or take.


“You should be able to have it before next practice day then.” Adora looked forward to seeing Catra in gear that fit her properly.


Catra nodded. “I’ll have to thank Reese, I can’t believe she managed all this.”


Adora looked at her phone and paled slightly. “Alright great we’re all set?” She asked Rogelio who gave her a thumbs up. “We’ve got to be at the station in fifteen minutes!”


They ran for the door shouting goodbyes over their shoulder.



The best way to travel from Midland to Thurgood was by train, at the station there Adora’s older sister would pick them up and take them the rest of the way.


Catra watched the countryside roll by out the window, the constant ta-chunk ta-chunk, of the train, a soothing background noise. She had her legs across Adora's lap so she could relax against the window and watch the scenery. It was interesting for her, it had been a long time since she was last on a train and it was a novel experience. Besides she enjoyed the casual intimacy with Adora.


"Hello dears are these seats open?" Catra glanced up and found a tottering old lady standing outside their box and gesturing to the bench across from them.


"Oh yeah, go ahead." Adora offered immediately patting her leg to get her to sit up.


"Oh don't you move dear." She waved Catra down and took the seat across from them. "No I dare say mine would be just the same if his back would let him." She chuckled. "I see you two are freshly mated." She tapped at her neck where a faint scar was visible.


Catra blushed slightly but her hand came up to feel at the still healing mark on her own neck. 


"Yeah it's uh, new for us, we're going home to meet my family." Adora said blushing slightly.


"Oh you girls must be going to the University in Midland then."


They both nodded. "That's where we met." 


"Aww I'm happy for you dears. Ah and here's mine."


A wizened old Magikat lumbered up, gray fur tufted ears and heavy bushy brows. "You decided you had to bother these two instead of finding another seat?" He rumbled in an amicable tone that Adora easily recognized as teasing.


He shuffled in and sat down and looked them over. "Oh I see why you sat here. Look at them I’m sure if this booth had curtains they’d be all over each other but you had to come in here and bother them.”


They both blushed but also didn’t attempt to refute the statement either. 


The woman slapped affectionately at the old magikat’s arm. “Oh dear stop you’re embarrassing them.”


He chuckled good naturedly. “You decided to sit here knowing who I am dear.”


She sighed. 


The old couple were good companions, they shared stories from how they met and fell in love while Catra and Adora listened. It was obvious that they loved each other and their affection warmed her heart. They stayed with them for only a little while before they got off at their stop with pleasant goodbyes.


“Do you think we’ll end up like them?” Adora asked, rubbing her leg which was still in her lap.


“I hope so, I think I would like that.” She could see herself doing something just like the old couple had with Adora far away down the line. “If you think you can stand me for that long.”


Adora had a far away look on her face clearly thinking along the same lines Catra had been. She smiled slightly though and squeezed her hand around her calf affectionately.


“I think I can manage that.”



Adora’s sister, Saddie, was nothing at all like Adora. She had long black hair, darker skin, and green eyes


Catra looked sidelong at Adora and then over at her supposed sister. “Are you sure you’re related?”


Adora rolled her eyes. “It’s cause I’m a mutant, I don’t resemble any of my siblings.”


Catra made an ‘oh’ shape with her mouth and leaned over and kissed Adora on the cheek. “I think you’re beautiful.” She chuckled. “My mutant mate.”


Adora smiled and looked at her sister. “Saddie, this is my mate Catra. Catra this is my older sister Saddie.”


Saddie smiled and looked over Catra with a critical eye that was just a bit too exaggerated to be taken seriously. “It’s nice to finally meet you, I’ve heard a fair bit about you from Adora.”


“I thought you wanted them to like me?” Catra replied with a lazy smile, it was low hanging fruit but she had to.


“Don’t worry she hasn’t told me anything incriminating, just a lot about how pretty and strong and talented this ‘Catra’ girl is, really she won’t shut up about it.” She smiled. “Interested to find out how much of it is true.”


Adora hugged Catra and picked her bodily up off the ground. “ALL OF IT IS TRUE.” She began walking towards the car carrying Catra and all their things. “I WILL ACCEPT NO SLIGHTS ON HER HONOR.”


“ADORA!” Catra squealed. “PUT ME DOWN!” 


Adora fell into the back of the car collapsing them into a tangled heap of limbs and duffle bags.


“ADORA.” She just laughed.


After a moment they managed to untangle themselves and actually get into the seats all the while Saddie was laughing at them.


They chatted amicably during the short drive from the train station to the Grayskull household, simple things like how school was going, what she was majoring in and that kind of thing. Stuff she was sure she would repeat a couple more times to others of Adora’s family. 


The house was quite large, not quite a mansion or anything egregious like that but clearly they were wealthy. Saddie led them inside and moved towards the back.


“Everyone is out in the backyard, come on out once you’ve dropped your stuff off.”


“Come on I’m upstairs.” Catra followed her up the staircase and down a soft carpeted hall into a corner room.


A large bed dominated the corner of the room, posters hung on the walls of a few bands she knew Adora liked alongside a movie poster or two, a desk, dresser, and nightstand rounded out the normal things you would expect. A stand stood covered in armor, the suit Adora mentioned she used for the Renaissance Festival, plate mail, leather and chainmail hung from the stand or sat on the desk next to it. Leaned against the desk in a scabbard of black leather was a two handed sword almost as long as Catra was tall.


She set her bag down next to the bed and wandered over to the armor stand. “This is really something.”


“I’ll have to put it on and show you, it takes a bit of effort but I love wearing it.” Adora walked over and picked up the sword, with a flourish she drew the blade out and held it before her. Light flashed off the polished steel as she moved the blade holding the monstrous thing in one hand like it weighed nothing at all.


Her eyes sparkled with joy as she regarded the blade. “I can’t wait to go to the Ren Faire with you.”


Adora sheathed the sword and set it back down, Catra pulled her towards her resting her head against Adora’s shoulder. “You’re so beautiful when you’re happy.”


“And you make me happy.” Adora kissed her warmly, soft and slow before pulling back. “Come on, let's go out back and introduce you to everyone, we can enjoy my room.” She glanced meaningfully at the bed. “Tonight.”


Catra pressed a kiss to her cheek and pulled herself out of Adora’s warm embrace. “I’ll hold you to that.”


They made their way back downstairs and out through the sliding glass doors to the back yard. There were a dozen or so people out back and Catra assumed some were probably neighbors or friends, and a half dozen small children that must be cousins or neighbor kids. A large grill had three older men standing around it and Catra assumed one was Adora’s father though having mentioned that she did not resemble any of her family members she couldn't guess which one.


A slightly plump woman with shoulder length brown hair hurried over and Adora accepted her hug.


“Hey Mom.” She backed out of the hug and looked at her. “This is Catra, my mate.”


“Oh it’s so nice to finally meet you.” She crushed Catra in what would have been a strong hug if she wasn’t a long time veteran of Scorpia’s.


“Nice to meet you too Mrs.Grayskull.” Catra replied a little awkwardly, this was not something she had a lot of experience with.


“Adora has never brought one of her dates home before so this is exciting.” 


“We’re passed dating, we’re mated Mom, I told you that.” Adora quickly corrected.


“Well how come I never heard about you dating then?”


“Because we didn’t, kinda skipped it.” Adora replied a little less confidently. They had both agreed not to disclose exactly that they were friends with benefits before coming together, but that meant there was some awkward deflecting in their future.


“Well you certainly haven’t brought any of those home before either.”


“I never had a mate before Catra.” Adora rolled her eyes. “I told you mom, Cat’s different.”


“Well bringing her home certainly is different. I was so surprised when she told me she was going to ask you to move in with her. I had no idea it would lead to this!”


Adora gave a look that said. Neither did I.


“Yeah I’m glad I met Adora, I don’t know what I would do without her at this point.” Catra said honestly. 


“I’m glad you two are happy, Your father is at the grill and the food should be ready soon. I hope your… mate can match your appetite.” She corrected herself and Catra caught the small smile Adora gave her mother.


“She can.” Adora assured.


“And we’ll take all the leftovers you have.” Catra added. As college students, leftovers were worth their weight in gold, especially home made.


Adora’s father was a tall dark haired man who looked every bit the kind upper class father that he was. With a plaid sweater vest and all.


“Good to meet you Catra, you’ve made quite the impression on Adora here and that doesn’t happen often.”


“Well she’s returned the favor, I don’t know what I’d do without her.” Catra replied again honestly.


“Come on Cat you would be ok without me.”


“Maybe.” She shrugged and looked up at Adora locking their eyes together. “But I wouldn’t be happy.


Adora smiled softly and wrapped her in a hug. “Good thing I’m not going anywhere then I don’t think I could stand seeing you sad.”


“Alright alright take the sweetness away from the food please I’m trying to make dinner not dessert.”


They retreated in the face of his dad jokes and meandered over to the campfire where a number of people were sitting and chatting while the food cooked. Adora sat down and Catra plopped down sideways in her lap, Adora’s hands automatically moving to idly touch her. One hand rubbing the back of her neck and the other resting on her knee.


Some more introductions were made to neighbors, cousins, aunts and uncles. As expected she had to repeat herself a lot as new people wandered over but it was pleasant no one made a fuss that she was a Magikat, no one gave them sour looks for being close, most everyone was kind which Catra wasn’t overly surprised by given Adora’s personality and they way she talked about her family.


“Is that tail real?” A young boy asked, wandering up to them. Catra thought he was a young cousin but she couldn’t remember.


“Yep.” She replied, wagging her tail at him.


“Wow I’ve never seen someone with a tail and ears like you!” The boy said eyes full of wonder.


Adora shifted her into a sitting position and scooted out from under her. “Drink?” She asked.


Catra nodded and they shared a quick kiss before Adora moved off leaving Catra with her new admirer.


She walked around into the garage digging into one of the drink coolers looking for cider when she overheard two people talking.


“A Magikat, can you believe it? That’s the last thing I would have expected from her.” Adora felt a vein on her temple throb as anger flooded her veins. She turned towards the voice, a neighbor talking with one of her uncles.


“And they did that bite thing.” He made a face. “Barbaric.”


Her uncle for his part just frowned at the man but he didn’t seem to catch the message.


He opened his mouth again.


“I suggest you think very carefully about what you are about to say.” Adora said low and even.


His eyes snapped to her. “It’s what they are, that’s just a fact.”


“I suggest you leave before you say something you’ll regret, you are insulting the love of my life with your stupidity and I’m not going to allow it to continue. She’s faced more than enough hardship getting to where she is today and I will do everything in my power to protect her from more.” She glared daggers at him. “Up to and including throwing you bodily into the street.”


She stood tall and straight letting her powerful form do as much talking as her mouth had.


He looked to her uncle who had his arms crossed and a scowl on his face. “You heard her.”


He made a hasty retreat and Adora watched him all the way to the gate.


“She’s lucky to have you.” 


Adora turned to her uncle who had a satisfied smile on his face. “No, I’m lucky to have her.”


His grin widened slightly and he nodded to her.


When she returned she found Catra surrounded by small children retelling one of her HEMA battles with egregious embellishment. The unrestrained joy on her face melted the frost that had formed on her heart and she was able to walk over to her without making Catra suspicious, she had an uncanny knack for reading her mood and Adora had stopped trying to mask her emotions around her.


She sat down in Catra’s lap this time before handing her the cider.


“Here she is my knight in shining armor bringing me gifts!” Catra proclaimed ending her story with a flourish.


“Anything for my princess.” Adora mocked.


She took Catra by the chin and guided her into a quick kiss to a chorus of. “EW GROSS!” from the small children.


They scattered giggling madly.


“We’ve scared them off with our gross display of affection.” Catra drawled.


“So be it.” Adora pulled her back in for a deeper kiss.


The rest of the night went smoothly, the food was delicious and they spent the remainder sitting by the fire together and chatting with whoever passed by. It was nice to be home with Catra, she felt so relaxed just sitting by the fire with Catra in her lap occasionally her hand would come up and stroke the back of Catra’s neck until she purred. Most of the guests had left by this point and the hour was waning.


“You ready?” Adora asked petting Catra’s leg.


“Mhmmm.” She made no move to get up and Adora simply picked her up bridal style and carried her inside and upstairs and into her room. 


She closed the door, and locked it behind her.