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A Comfortable Place

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A Comfortable Place


Chapter 1: When Hel froze over

Adora was tired.


She had been up since early that morning and it was now late in the evening, the warmth of the sun was quickly fading from the early autumn air but the coolness felt refreshing after the strenuous day. She had been in classes all day and then HEMA practice afterward. She had practically had to elbow her way through the cafeteria to get lunch, and all without a smoke or break of any kind.


This wouldn’t normally have been that bad. Pretty average in fact, but the college in the next valley over, Helmand regional college, had closed. Some sort of embezzlement or something had been exposed and the school did not have the funds to deal with the fallout and had abruptly gone belly up. So a lot of students from there had been transferred here for the start of the fall semester. ‘Transferred’ was a generous term, dumped, shunted, and forced, more accurately described the process. Midland technical university wasn’t a very large school to begin with and the large influx of students was taking its toll on staff, students, and infrastructure.


It had been like this since the start of the semester a few weeks ago. Added on top of the normal everyday stress of a busy college student and she was running ragged. She could feel things starting to slip away from her, making mistakes on her work, falling behind in practice. It was getting hard to focus and she needed a release, something to help her decompress before she blew her top and did something stupid, or burned out completely.


It certainly didn’t help that Helmand had not been the premier school in the region, it’s students often shortened the name to just Hel. Adora didn't like to think of it as having bad students and delinquents, but she couldn't deny it's reputation for such. The transition was not going  smoothly, she had to spend more time and effort on what should have been simple tasks. On campus dining was constantly packed offering no seating and even less food, all of the administration offices were overloaded and useless, faculty were struggling with overloaded classes, incorrect assignments and lack of rooms. 


Different cliques from both schools were trying to sort things out, groups from Helmand trying to stake claims and Midland groups trying to hang on to their own hangouts. There had been more than a few fights. A string of expulsions and even a few arrests had started almost as soon as the semester had. It was exhausting and stressful, and god she needed a cigarette.


She pulled the collar of her jacket up and scowled. She never brought cigarettes to campus, not a lot of places to smoke even if she did, though the no smoking signs didn’t seem to deter the Helmand students very much. She sighed, that was a bit disingenuous of her, she was sure there were good people coming from Helmand too. 


At least the day was over.



Catra sighed quietly and leaned back against the cold brick. She was under the bleacher stand for the old football field on the edge of campus, her dorm was out past the baseball diamond behind it and she had stopped here for a smoke before getting to the no smoking area around the dorm. Getting to the dorm was a pain being out here on the old end of campus but at least she had a dorm room. Having transferred before Helmand closed she was in a better position than most of the other students coming in. She was not too happy to see so many of her old classmates here however. She had worked hard to get the grades to transfer to Midland and get away from Helmand, now half the student body had been shunted here because Hel finally froze over and went under.


Long time coming. Catra thought to herself bitterly. She was glad the school was closed, she just wished it hadn’t spent it’s last breath cursing her.


She slipped the pack out of her coat pocket, took a cigarette between her lips, and lit it with a cheap dollar store lighter. 


At least she had this. 


She took a long drag and blew it out, wispy blueish smoke curled around her briefly before being blown away by the breeze. The orange glow of the ember illuminating her face beneath the otherwise black shadow of the bleachers. The crunch of feet on gravel pulled her eyes up, four toughs from Helmand were on the walking path a dozen yards away from her. She knew they were from Helmand, they had that look about them, a look she knew from the time she had spent there. They talked quietly together and then stepped off the path and into various bits of cover. 


She had seen this kind of thing before. It could mean all kinds of trouble, shakedowns for cash, threats, beatdowns, even rape on occassion. It was always bad news, it made Catra thankful for her night vision. No one had ever managed to catch her unaware like this, but she had heard of it happening pretty frequently. 


Midland students didn’t set up ambushes in the dark, she had been here long enough to know that. In the shadow of the bleachers behind her they hadn’t seen her, and she put out her cigarette on the pillar to make sure they couldn’t. Her instincts told her to move, to get out before she became implicated in whatever this was. That’s probably what she would have done at Helmand, she had gotten through it by keeping her head down and not getting involved. This wasn’t Helmand though, this was Midland, this was what she had slaved away to get to. This was what all her hard work was for. Helmand had come after her to try and ruin her escape. She forced down her instinct to run, she had something good here for once and she would fight for it, tooth and claw if she had to.


Catra narrowed her eyes, her natural night vision made it easy to keep track of them even in the darkness but she was still concealed as she slowly moved towards the footpath, senses tingling, adrenaline already beginning to flow through her veins and she had to force herself to stay calm. They were up to something and she doubted it was anything good. Before long the crunching of gravel twitched her ears again and a girl came walking down the path. Tall, strong and blond, Catra half recognized her. She had seen the girl on campus before, but didn’t know who she was other than that she was hot, which was probably why Catra remembered her, and that she was ‘popular’ a jock of some kind she couldn’t remember. Her hair was tied back in a loose ponytail and a weary looking varsity jacket hung loosely on her. Her hands stuck deep in the front pockets as she walked slightly hunched. 


She looked dead tired.


Two of the goons stepped out in front of her and two behind her in the dark space between two street lamps, the air almost hummed with the snap of tension. Catra was close enough now to hear the conversation.


“Well well well, what have we here?” The lead tough crowed. She recognized him, an ugly, thick limbed rough that got into Helmand with a football scholarship, presumably because no one else applied. He was a big wig at Helmand, probably unhappy now that he was at the bottom of the food chain here. So he was trying to muscle in on one of Midland's popular students.


Catra could see what they were too stupid to notice, the way Adora’s body moved in response to being surrounded. Shifting her weight, hands coming out of her pockets, changing her stance, she knew what was happening and was ready to fight. Catra remembered another thing about her. Her name was Adora, and she was the swordfighting team captain. Midland was a regional champion as proclaimed by the patches on the varsity jacket. Catra had heard her name around campus, for her swordsmanship, her looks, and the rumors...


Adora didn’t respond to the challenge and the lead tough sneered at her. “Come on now don’t be like that, we’re here to perform an experiment.” He leered at her looking her up and down, despite the fact that the slightly oversized varsity jacket and basketball shorts did nothing to accentuate her body.


“Oh yeah?” Adora asked, her eyes darting from one to the next trying to watch all four of them.


“Rumor has it that you’re a freak.” One of the other goons said unable to contain his idiot glee.


Adora’s face scrunched up in disgust. Seemed like she knew what they were talking about, Catra had a good guess too.


“They say you’ve got a dick, that you’re not really a girl.” The leader confirmed.


Catra had heard those rumors, or rather she had heard speculation as to how big it was, there wasn’t usually an ‘if’ to the rumors. Catra had no idea where the rumors had started, probably a bad joke at some party or something gone out of hand. Catra suspected these goons didn’t believe it either, they were just taunting her with it.


Adora smirked. “Why? Did you lose yours?”


The leader’s face hardened. “Come on, drop your shorts and show us and then we can compare eh?”


Catra edged out of the shadows and into the pool of light cast by the street lamp behind the two in front of Adora. Her eyes met Adora’s and understanding passed between them in the blink of an eye. Just like that Adora flew into action she whirled and delivered a roundhouse kick to the face of one of the toughs behind her, he hit the ground before he even knew what had happened. Catra stepped forward and took out the knees of the one next to the leader dropping him hard to the ground. The leader took a wild swing at her surprised by her sudden violent appearance, she caught his arm and fluidly rolled him over her shoulder in a judo throw landing him on top of his companion. She glanced up to check Adora just in time to watch her deliver a teeth chattering uppercut knocking the fourth back. The one she had kicked was getting to his feet again and Catra went for him, she feinted a punch at his head twisting at the last moment to hit him in the solar plexus driving the breath out of him and causing him to double over gasping. Catra followed this up with a knee to the face, she felt a crack as his nose broke. He went down clutching his face and coughing. Her ears twitched and pivoted back, she whirled as the leader lunged at her, Adora stopped him short catching him dead in the stomach with a kick, he fell to his knees retching and Adora gave him another kick across the face knocking him flat. The last one wound up a wild haymaker aimed at Adora but Ctara grabbed his arm before he could deliver and twisted it  behind his back, she leveraged her hold and catapulted him over her slamming him into the ground with another throw knocking him senseless.


Just like that the four of them were on the ground, unconscious or unwilling to get up. Adora stepped around them and they walked down the path together leaving the toughs behind without a word between them. 


Catra calmed herself as they walked, letting her blood slow back down from the frantic explosive moment of action. She didn’t say anything and neither did Adora for a few long moments. Catra shook her pack of cigarettes open and slipped one out. She noticed Adora glancing at the pack and so she offered it to Adora. The look on the blond girl's face was that of someone who had seen an angel come to deliver them from evil, not a disheveled magikat handing her a smoke. She took one eagerly and brought it to her lips. Catra fished out her lighter and managed to light hers before the cheap lighter quit and refused to start again no matter how many times she flicked the wheel. She looked to Adora worried the girl would shatter apart after holding herself together through the fight, but she just clamped the cigarette between her lips and leaned in close. 


You could light a cigarette from the ember of another, but only if you puffed on it to make the ember burn bright. Catra almost screwed it up when she forgot to breathe at all as Adora leaned in close to her. She managed to scramble herself together and suck in deep enough for Adora to nurse hers to light. The static crackle of her presence fading as she leaned back and away again leaving Catra a little stunned. The image of her features, smooth and strong, lit by the gentle orange glow of the ember and reflecting in her eyes burning itself into her brain.


“Thank you.” Adora said moving the cigarette to the corner of her mouth.


“Don’t mention it, nothing new for me.” Catra replied, blinking away the moment.


“So you’re from Helmand then?” Adora asked.


“Transferred here, a few months back.” Catra confirmed. “Was hoping I would get away from shitheads like them, but I guess not.” 


“I’m Adora by the way.” She said after a moment of silence. 


“I know.” Adora rolled her eyes like she got that a lot. “Catra.”


Adora nodded the glowing ember of her cigarette bobbing with her head. “Do you live in Krampt?” Adora asked nodding to the distant lights of the building on the far side of the old baseball diamond.


Edmund B. Krampt was the man the dorm building had been named after, but everyone just called it cramped because it was old and worn down in addition to being small. On the plus side the rooms were so small they were one person each, that was nice at least.


“Unfortunately.” Catra replied prompting a chuckle from Adora.


“I live in the apartments a bit further on.”


“I figured, seemed pretty nice when I looked at em’.” Catra said thinking back to her brief glance through the brochure before seeing the price and throwing it away.


“It is, a bit far away but it’s not a big deal.” Adora replied with a shrug.


They lapsed into silence once again. 


Catra decided then and there that she wanted this to go further. She wanted to start some kind of relationship since she didn’t have any connections here. She was the reclusive type, she appreciated her alone time more than most, but she still wanted friends, just not many of them. So normally she would let the conversation die here, they would part ways and that would be that. There was something about Adora though that drew her, that made her want to connect with her. An easy comfort that flowed between them even though they had just met. So instead of letting them lapse into silence she opened her mouth.


“So how does a rumor like that get started anyway?” She asked before her brain could catch up with the question and decide that was a fucking stupid thing to say.


Adora cocked an eyebrow at her. “What rumor?”


The slight smile on her face told Catra she knew exactly what she meant but she was going to make her say it anyway just to make her feel more awkward. That was fair she probably got asked about it a lot.


“That you have a dick.” Catra clarified bluntly, having been caught she elected not to dance around the subject.


“Because it’s true.” She replied simply.


Catra stopped in her tracks. “What? Really?”


Adora turned back to look at her. “Yep.” She shrugged. “Born that way.”


“As a lesbian this raises interesting questions for me.” Catra mumbled, letting her mouth get ahead of her brain. Again.


Adora laughed. “What, you want to see it? See if it’s the boobs or the dick that makes the difference?” She chuckled.


Catra fumed a little at letting her mouth run away from her, but she found she did want to see it, half because she didn’t quite believe Adora and half because… well because that seemed hot, and Adora was already hot. “Yeah, yeah I do.”


Adora chuckled again. “You’ll have to suck it then, I don’t get it out for nothing.” She quipped turning back to continue walking.




Adora stopped, she turned back the cigarette hanging from her lip. “You serious?”


“Yeah.” Catra replied.


They had ducked into one of the dugouts at the baseball diamond and Adora was leaned against the lip. Catra had her shorts undone and was pulling them down, she looked up at her those cat eyes glowing in the darkness. Adora almost couldn’t believe what was happening, was she really about to do this? Catra was a complete stranger, admittedly one that had just saved her ass but still a stranger. Catra slipped her fingers under the band of her boxers and pulled them down too.


“You weren’t lying.” Catra said looking from her cock up to her face again.


“Were you?” Adora asked, feeling heat rise to her cheeks. 


This wasn’t her first time by a fair margin, but it had been a long time, and never like this. Never a heated tryst in the dark with someone she barely knew. That wasn’t the way she did things, it wasn’t the way relationships worked for her regardless of how she wanted them to go. There was something about Catra though, the way those eyes danced with a cocky mischief, the casual intimacy, it was… easy to let her continue, no anxious knot in her gut that preceded her other sexual advances, no expectations or reputations, just blowing off steam. After everything that had been going on and the stress weighing down on her day after day without a break she was a little high strung. She was being impulsive, a little reckless she admitted to herself in some small part of her brain, but... she looked down at Catra, those mismatched eyes and the mischievous twinkle. This was simple, easy, uncomplicated, that was exactly what she needed right now, and Catra was not only attractive, she was more than a little exotic, Magikats weren’t common around here. Adora found that excited her a little bit. Maybe she was into Magikats? 


She could unpack that later.


“No.” She smiled cockily. “Never done this before though.”


Adoras chuckle cut into a gasp as Catra leaned in and pulled the head of her cock into her mouth, warm breath ghosting over her before tentative lips teased at her. Adora breathed deeply as her member quickly hardened from Catra’s gentle teasing. Catra was inexperienced but eager, her tongue was a little rougher than a humans and longer too. Adora sighed as Catra pulled back letting her cock spring up stiff and wet and chilly in the early autumn air.


“Wow, you’re… uh big.” Catra said slowly looking up at her past her now erect member.


Adora chuckled breathily, Catra was getting to her despite her inexperience. “Yeah, I got the wrong genes but at least they’re good wrong genes.”


Catra rolled her eyes, a very exaggerated gesture due to the fact they were different colors and glowed in the dim light. She didn’t make anything of it though and shortly went back to exploring her, taking the head of Adora’s cock into her mouth again. She brushed a strand of hair back and bobbed her head locking her lips around her member and sucking. Adora groaned as Catra’s lips moved up and down her cock while her tongue slithered around the base pressing against the pulsing vein there. Catra slowly grew more confident and increased her speed and the strength of her movements driving Adora nuts. Catra clearly wasn’t ready to take more than half her member, but she wasn’t gagging either which was impressive for a first time. Adora certainly wasn’t about to complain despite her instinct to grip her hands into Catra’s wild mane and pull her deeper.


Adora leaned back and closed her eyes just focusing on the warm wet sensation of Catra’s mouth, the massaging tongue and soft lips. It had been a long time since she had someone else take care of her and with all that had been going on she was a little pent up. So it was no surprise that it didn’t take all that long for her to reach her limit.


“Ffffuck, Catra I’m gunna.” She grunted out opening her eyes and leaning forward.


Catra let her cock slip from her mouth and moved her lips to the side kissing down to the base and stroking with her hand until Adora tensed and climaxed. She grunted as her body went rigid, spasming and bucking her hips against Catra’s hand until she sat back spent.


“Wow that was a lot.” Catra commented looking back at the liberal splatter on the dugout floor.


“I was a little pent up, I really needed that.” Adora sighed leaning back with a soft happy smile as warm bubbly contentment spread through her.


Catra chuckled deep and husky, a tone Adora recognized as arousal. “Hehe yeah, that was fun.”


“Time to return the favor.” Adora said as she pulled her pants back up.


“What?” Catra asked being snapped out of her reverie.


“You didn’t think I wouldn’t get you off too did you?” Adora asked, raising an eyebrow.



Catra had her back against the wall of the dugout, her legs draped over Adora’s shoulders, feet locked together pulling Adora into her. Adora had her mouth and a hand in her core and she was very good. Catra arched her back and mewled as Adora’s tongue slipped around her clit fingers digging and curling inside her. She was strong, easily lifting Catra and pinning her to the wall, but also gentle, delicate, precise. She was confident and knew what she was doing, it had taken her only moments to seek out Catra’s weak spots and exploit them. She had been reduced to a panting wreck so quickly it would have made her mad at herself if it hadn’t been so good. It had been a while since Catra had any sex, with her face to the grindstone to get out of Helmand she hadn’t had a lot of time in the last two years to seek it out and the few times she had they had been quick, empty, and unsatisfying. She had given up on it and focused on her schoolwork instead. It wasn’t what Catra had expected going into this either, she hadn’t expected Adora to insist on returning the favor. Most of the women she had slept with hadn’t even tried to return the favor, she was the ‘top’ she got her pleasure from giving, not receiving. The ones that had tried simply hadn’t been good. She wondered briefly if Adora was exceptional, or if the women she had been with before we’re just shitty.


“Fuck!” She panted. “Fuck fuck fuck fuck.”


She grabbed Adora’s head, she couldn’t pull her in any harder but she couldn’t fully control herself either. Adora was good at this and she knew it. 


Stars exploded in her vision and she gasped as electricity arced up her spine. A few burning seconds of ecstasy before she nearly collapsed against the dugout wall. Adora extracted herself from between her now weak legs and smiled up at her.


“I’ve done this before.” Adora teased a cocky grin on her face.


“I could make you scream if you had the right plumbing.” Catra defended without much vehemence.


Adora laughed and gently let Catra down, it took her a moment to make her legs behave enough to really support her. They were unsteady and weak after Adora had worked her over. She recovered enough to lean against the wall and catch her breath. That had been good, and she had needed it more than she would admit. Adora was grinning at her, a stupid self-satisfied grin that on anyone else wold have made Catra claw them. On Adora though? She just rolled her eyes and couldn't stop a smirk from splitting her own face, that was the most she would allow. This was… comfortable, Adora was comfortable in a way she couldn’t describe, the warmth of her stayed with her as they came down from their spontaneous tryst.


It was propper dark now and the only light came from a lone flood light illuminating the diamond, though Catra wasn’t much inconvenienced. They straightened themselves out and continued back onto the path towards the dorms.


“Hey, would you want to…” Adora paused debating in her head. “Do this again sometime?”


“Sure, I’ve never had a booty call before.” Catra replied with a grin.


Adora let out a snort but didn’t challenge it. “Sure, call me any time.”


They exchanged numbers and went their separate ways, but they texted each other, talking late into the night.



Catra lay in her bed staring up at the ceiling, she was tired and had to get up early tomorrow. Her phone lay on her chest, blueish light seeping out from underneath it being the only light source in the room, she waited for it to buzz with another message from Adora. They had been talking for hours now but Catra was too invested in the conversation to let it go regardless of how tired she was. They had talked about a lot of things, class, music, movies, normal stuff like they were friends. Again it was comfortable, they clicked together, it didn’t matter that they had met in a fight and then had a spontaneous quickie in the dark. She hoped Adora felt the same and wasn’t just continuing out of politeness. It didn’t seem like it.


The phone buzzed and she picked it up squinting into the stark brightness.


Adora: Hey you said you got out of your stats class at 11 right?


Yeah why? >


Adora: Do you have another class after that?


 No, I usually go get lunch afterwards. >


Adora: Perfect, I get lunch then too, want to meet up?


Sure, where at? >


Adora: Definitely not on campus, the cafeteria is fucked. What about Modura?


The sub place? That sounds good, I’m in. >


Adora: Great, I’ll see you then, I really need to sleep now.


Same, goodnight. >


Adora: Night Cat, and thanks again for everything tonight.


Catra smiled a little to herself, set her phone aside and passed out.