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Daddy's Knot

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Rey’s mouth goes dry as amber light splashes across the wall in front of her, waxing and then waning to midnight darkness again. The door shuts with a muted click — and suddenly she isn’t alone in the bedroom anymore.

Blame the outbreak. Blame the new restrictions, the cancelled scholarship that’s left her bank account perilously close to empty far too close to her tuition deadline.

Most of all blame the tantalizing offer from Kaydel, the one that promised to solve all of Rey’s financial woes if she only lets a strange man pretend to rape her in her sleep.

There have been a few catches, of course. The weaker course of blockers she agreed to take for the week leading up to the appointed night left her twitchy, jumping at every unexpected creak of the boards in her cramped apartment. Scents have become keener, tastes are richer — in short, she feels more alive .

And horny as hell.

She’s gotten so used to her own isolation that she’d expected to find someone planted outside the front door to scold her for daring to emerge. Yet the courtyard outside her third-floor walkup was apocalyptically empty; even the street beyond was silent, only the dark sedan gliding between the bumper-to-bumper ribbons of parked vehicles, stopping precisely in front of her.

A few masked minutes and one elevator ride later she’d arrived at the sterile apartment. Everything from the tiled floor in the living room (spacious for Boston standards, microscopic anywhere else) to the very bedding was white.

Her heightened senses were surprisingly satisfied with the place’s clean scent. She’d even thrown back the covers, sniffing like a paranoid bloodhound — but it was all unblemished, and far nicer than her ratty sheets and quilt back home.

Now those same virginal blankets are tucked about her body, cradling her in the darkness as she waits for him. The intermingled aromas of citrus and sandalwood fill her nose as she shoves a fistful of the quilt against her face to stifle her panting breaths.

The sprawling bed feels like it’s tremoring with her every heartbeat, moments stretching out like taffy in the infinite darkness. 

Kaydel’s instructions were thoroughly straightforward. After arriving in the apartment Rey had showered in the immaculate bathroom, then dressed in the clean tee and boxers that she’d stuffed into her satchel this morning.

The simple leather collar was another story altogether. It’s wide but not thick, the locking mechanism hardly more than a flat rectangle of metal.

Chastity collar has always seemed like such a dreadful misnomer — after all, it’s only her mating gland it’s shielding, not her twat — but tonight she’s glad of it, relieved it’s part of the contract she signed. Especially if he’s on watered-down blockers, too.

One night, and all her problems will be effaced. And Rey is nothing if not practical. A tight quim is absolutely no good to her if she doesn’t have a roof over her head.

Per Kay’s email, Rey had stashed the equally strange key to the collar in the box she’d found tucked away in a nondescript drawer in the bathroom vanity. 

A thrill of terror made her stomach swoop as she’d nudged the drawer shut, swiping a cleansing wipe over it where she’d touched the wood. From the way her old classmate had described it, the Alpha would be too distracted with her body to go scrounging around … but better safe than sorry.

The girl reflected in the bathroom mirror had tugged at the leather collar as Rey straightened — and she’d stopped, struck by the abrupt reality of it all.

Her gland was covered, safe. Even if the Alpha pulled at the collar, his rut driving him to bite her, it wouldn’t come loose.

So Kaydel assured her … but Rey only felt safer after yanking at it a few more times. Gently at first, then more sharply, until she’d almost begun to panic from the odd, confining sensation.

Evidently tonight’s bringing a lot of firsts. Maybe even knotting, if the Alpha’s really hungry to get his twisted rocks off.

Her gland pulses faintly, nudging into the soft leather strap fastened about her throat, throbbing in time with her heartbeat as she lies in the unfamiliar bed, trying to prepare herself for him . Someone she’ll never properly speak with or see in the light. A man whose name she’ll never know.

Silence pours through Rey’s pricked ears, and she readjusts her head on the pillow, listening for any trace of movement.

Is he even in the room? Has there been some mistake?

She’s almost ready to roll over and check her phone for any last-minute messages she might’ve missed when the whispering of fabric makes her freeze.

He’s here. As motionless as she’s been. 


Another few moments slip away, and Rey swallows hard as footsteps trace a path toward the far side of the bed, stopping behind her unprotected back.

He’s big, his footfalls heavy. Unsurprising for an Alpha, but her heart slams with warning.

He undresses quietly, only the shushing of fabric and the faint chime of his belt buckle betraying him. The burr of his zipper drawing open makes her pulse quicken to a hummingbird’s thrum, and she shoves her fist to her lips as the bed dips with his weight.

Position yourself in bed as you usually would. Lie still. Keep your eyes closed. Don’t say anything. Let him move your body around if he wants to. He’ll leave when he’s done.

Rey still can’t imagine the kind of man who’d want this. Kay had assured her quite convincingly he was neither ancient nor hideous, but she isn’t prepared to be caught up in the waves of his musky scent as he slides beneath the blankets, moving closer to her but not touching.

That’s all he does at first. She’s doubly sure he’s tall, because his feet press against the mattress lower than hers by a generous margin — but he doesn’t touch her.

His warmth pools along the length of Rey’s body, and she grits her jaw, trying not to shiver. Her cunt’s fluttering with awareness, pulsing in tiny spasms, and for the thousandth time she reminds herself that yes , she took her birth control on schedule. She’s ready for this. More or less.

She’s had sex, of course, but it was teenage fumblings with a Beta, nothing like the brutal, passionate mating she’s watched over and over on OmegaHub, her depraved watering hole of choice. It’s easier being single as the world slowly cants off its axis, keeping focused on her academics rather than things like drinking and dating — the sentinels of a bygone collegiate era — and her Evil Dragon toys have always serviced her needs uncomplainingly.

But now she needs money, and some horny Alpha needs an Omega pussy wrapped around his cock. It’s a simple matter of supply and demand, like any good game balance.

The request for her to wear a Corellia University tee is mildly perverse, but she’d rather the anonymous man ask her to wear the colors of her undergrad alma mater than something satin or frilly. Now the thin cotton heats as he moves closer, twisting onto his side behind her.

She can hear him breathing, feel his heart pounding a tattoo into the bed in counterpoint to hers. His scent surrounds her, kindling a spark of something old. Something more ancient than memory.

The nape of her neck prickles as he nuzzles into her hair. His breath coasts along the shell of her ear, embossing goosebumps along her skin.

Rey scrunches her eyes shut even tighter, the blankets hot against her lips as she pants with … terror? Excitement? In her heightened state she can’t tell the difference. The hungry ache in her sex is clamoring for the man even as her mind fears his touch.

The Alpha’s hand skims over the quilt, following the curve of her waist and alighting on her hip. The mattress bows again as he scoots closer, and Rey bites back a gasp as his legs crook into the backs of her thighs and calves, his bare skin livid against hers. A low rumble shakes the man’s chest, and even through the quilt’s rich weight she can feel his fingers splaying on her hip.

It feels like he’s wearing a t-shirt and boxers, too, but Rey’s distracted from his sudden encroachment — his legs, his hand, his breath in her hair. He moves flush with her, pressing the firm, warm ribbon of his roused cock into her from her tailbone up to the small of her back.

Fuck , it feels like a huge stone cradled between their bodies, not part of him.

The Alpha nudges against her harder, rolling his hips in languid waves and grunting softly as he rubs his erection along the globe of her ass. She clamps her thighs together, fighting a frisson of brilliance that darts through her cunt each time he drags along her.

The quilt shifts against her side. His scalding palm flashes over the gap between the hem of her tee and the waistband of her boxers as he reclaims her hip beneath the Egyptian cotton sheet.

The hulking Alpha stills for a time, long enough to let her get used to his closeness. His forefinger traces a few shallow circles into the hollow of her hip before pushing higher, his hand flattening against her abdomen and sliding up to catch her bare breast under her shirt.

It’s so wrong that she’s grateful to simply lie there. He cages her soft flesh, spiraling one fingertip about her areola and the hard bud of her nipple, rubbing the stiff peak as his length throbs against her ass.

The man’s breaths are faster, throatier — and Rey’s head rises as he negotiates his crooked arm beneath her pillow, nestling closer about her like a boyfriend. His other hand moves to her untouched breast, claiming it even more hungrily than the first, kneading it with practiced fingers.

A pale whimper works its way out of Rey’s throat as his hand skims lower, and he freezes. Her cunt aches with sickening hunger, and she forces herself to relax, biting the edge of the quilt until he slowly shifts again, gradually working the waistband of her boxers down to bare the swells of her cheeks.

He grunts softly as he lifts his hips, withdrawing and fumbling behind her in the darkness. His erection thuds solidly against her ass, springing free as he shoves his own boxers down — and then he’s naked against her skin, the thick rectangle of his bared cock burning her derriere like the sun.

“Fuck,” the man murmurs, his voice low and husky with need.

His rigid sex strains against her skin, resistance easing as his precum greases her.

Then he prints a gentle kiss on her neck in the crescent between the neck of her tee and the curve of her collar. His hand sweeps up against her ass, catching his cock in his hand, and he fits his dull head into the furrow where her thighs meet.

The first dreamy thrust parts her folds, and he rumbles with delight as he finds the pool of slick that’s long since begun trickling out of her, nudging along the length of her slit without actually penetrating her. 

Her fingers bite into the quilt as he surges against her sex, coating his length with her nectar. The iron heat of his shaft is unrelenting as it crowds up into her secret crux, thick and twitching with feverish need.

He twists his hips, pushing higher as his ridges strike her clit, nearly making her groan from the electric pleasure that crackles through her belly — but it’s still another few inches of torture before his hips are flush with her rump. Then he recedes, drawing himself back through her crease until his drenched knob nearly pops free.

The Alpha flexes his hips again, urging himself against the places Rey herself touches only rarely. He cups her tit, slipping his other arm lower to snake about her waist, anchoring her body to his as his caresses become sterner.

She’s his .

Rey knows she’s trembling, but he doesn’t seem to notice — or care. He’s too distracted forcing himself against her dripping sex, gasping shallowly as he chastely splits her.

The Alpha contents himself with that for a time, grinding his roused cock through her folds as the waist of his boxers scrapes the backs of her thighs.

Rey’s shaken by how ready her body is for him, how willingly she surrenders herself to riding his wet, searing lancet as he grunts with barely-slaked lust. Maybe because it’s easier like this, not having to face him. Her primal yearning for him is despicable enough; her skin ripples, strangely itchy, only soothed in the places his skin cradles hers.

Then, abruptly, the man stops, negotiating himself out from between her legs and rolling away.

Rey scowls with worry as the bed shakes, the sound of fabric gliding against skin behind her. He’s stripping out of his t-shirt and boxers — or must be, because when he lies back and draws her into his embrace again, his magma-hot skin claims her whole body unbroken by clothing.

His scent is stronger now, too, the honeyed spice of his musk making her head spin drunkenly. She nearly yips as his fingers close on her waistband, tugging her boxers down until he can unloop them from her ankles, and then he’s rolling her onto her back.

She goes limp, letting him work the edge of the blanket out of her fingers. Her eyes instinctively open as he shoves the hem of her t-shirt up to her chin, baring her breasts, but the room is blessedly dark as ink. He can’t see whatever strange expressions she must be making as his long fingers press against the insides of her thighs, prying her open.

“Lie still,” he whispers throatily, and she tries to make her muscles soften as he pushes her legs apart. 

The soft hair of his balls tickles her hip as he limbs over her to kneel between her splayed thighs — and though she’s expecting to feel his weight press her down, her stomach tenses violently as he lays a kiss in the soft valley between her hips.

Rey twists her head to the side, biting the pillow to choke back moans as the faceless Alpha presses another kiss into her, lower than the first, and continues to sink down, tracing a slow, wet line down to the rise of her mound. 

His arms wind around her thighs, anchoring her to him, and his kisses turn to deliberate licking as he reaches her already-soaked pussy and nuzzles into her. His stubbled jaw abrades her sex as he sucks her clit — and Rey’s skin trembles, itchy as her mating gland throbs wantonly in its leather prison.

How’s she supposed to stay silent and still when he’s torturing her like this?

The sounds are ghastly, sloppy and wet, and Rey grits her jaw as the man swirls his tongue about the sensitive bundle of nerves at her apex before sucking at her again. Beads of her own slick trace tickling paths down the inner curves of her ass, and her fingernails prick her palms as she clenches her fists in unvoiced agony.

Five thousand dollars. Security for the next few months, safety amid the storm.

It’s worth enduring this torment.

At length the Alpha moves higher again, wiping the sandpaper of his unshaved jaw against her belly and uncoiling his arms from about her thighs, slithering higher to cover her body with his considerably larger one.

Her heart thuds in her throat. It’s time. 

Even her Beta boyfriend in high school had worn a condom, but tonight there won’t be the rip of a foil wrapper, or the familiar scent of spermacidal lube.

The extra two grand to let him raw her was the final compromise. The bonus she needed to stay afloat.

Now it’s time for Rey to make good.

He props himself up on his elbows, the bony prominences of his hips digging into the underside of her ass as he aligns himself with her slit. He takes his time, masturbating himself along the most private part of her body, threatening to dip into her only to push past her wet, hungry hollow in the crack of his jaw gritting tight.

His fingers twirl in her hair like stream eddies, his every labored breath stirring her skin. For whatever reason, he’s teasing himself as much as he’s teasing her, delighting in riding the harrowing edge.

She wants him. At least the animal part of her does, the new Rey that’s coming awake under the course of diluted blockers.

The Alpha hesitates, his harsh breaths luffing into her as his cockhead finally finds her verge, treading on the brink.

Then he starts to thrust.

A trembling murmur bursts past Rey’s lips as he penetrates her, but the man doesn’t stop. Only clamps his hand over her lips as he pushes into her.

There’s a faint moment’s relief after he fits his head inside her, but his phallus is thicker again, burning and pulsing as he plunges deeper, his girth stretching her open even wider than her toys. Her hips twitch with the effort of taking him, and his fingers tighten against her mouth as though he’s anticipating more resistance as he forces himself deeper into her slickened core.

He’s so big.

So big.

She never knew she could be this overwhelmed. This full of a man.

The Alpha rocks his hips, rutting into her in short, violent thrusts until he’s fully claimed her. He bottoms out so hard that Rey’s left panting into his fingers, spine arching, fingers knotted in the sheets.

“Shh, go back to sleep, Omega,” he croons quietly, flexing into her a scant few millimeters only to ebb, drawing shallow circles with his hips as his cheek scrapes hers. “See? Pass out drunk at a party and this is what you get — a cuntful of strange cock. But I’ll take care of you from now on.”

Ah, so that’s what he wants. She twists her head aside, playing into it and pretending to moan sleepily as his incursions become sharper, deeper, harder.

He nuzzles into the curve of her neck, alternately sucking her earlobe and teasing it with his teeth until her channel clenches around his swollen shaft, charming moans from his lips.

“Naive little babygirl, left all alone to be fucked…” He clutches her thigh, drawing it up against his waist as he buries himself in her with agonizing slowness. He lingers at her terminus, a thunderous rumble reverberating through his chest as he strains into her. “Daddy’s gonna protect you, precious. No one gets to fuck this tight pussy from now on but me.”

No sooner have the ragged words left his lips than she feels him thickening, his knot popping inside her with inexorable force. The rapturous ache overwhelms her mind, the interplay of pain and pleasure so perfectly aligned that even words flit away, and she keens with need.

“Go back to sleep, babygirl — Daddy’s got you,” he growls.

Daddy’s knot, Daddy’s knot, Daddy’s knot , the dark, sick part of her chants, reveling in the inescapable, masochistic bliss.

Her body’s made to take this — but just as the leather collar made her gut plummet with terror, the twinned sensations of his knot swelling inside her pussy and her aperture tightening about him making her muscles coil strangely. 

They’re locked together.

Daddy’s knot, Daddy’s knot...

He rears higher on his knees, lifting her hips enough to slip his arms around her waist and under her back. The slight change in angle opens her even more — and between the rhythmic tugging of his full-bloom knot at the edge of her pussy and the pounding of his dull, thick head against her cervix, she’s lost.

“Messy little girl,” he grunts as he ruts into her. He feels like he’s growing even more with each ecstatic pang. “ Fuck , you’re so wet and so tight for me … I could rape you all night and still have loads to give you…”

Daddy’s knot, Daddy’s knot, Daddy oh fuck

Rey can’t stop the brilliant edge from claiming her, and she trembles as the orgasm rips through her body, setting her nerves alight with sterling fire.

The Alpha twitches, his movement becoming spasmodic, and then he’s coming, too, a strangled groan shuddering through his huge chest. His knot pulses as his hot spend floods into her, but he doesn’t stop, merely slows for a few aching strokes as he presses his forehead to her cheek.

Warning thrums through her gut as he licks the hollow of her neck, straying dangerously close to her mating gland.

“I could cut this off your body and mate you right now,” the Alpha whispers, his breaths cool against her wet skin. His knot throbs insistently in the base of her belly, refusing to let her go. “You wouldn’t even be able to fight me. You might even beg me to do it.”

Violent itching unfurls through her body in a wave, her gland throbbing into the wide leather ribbon like it can understand his blasphemous words. The thing’s so fucking swollen with need that she finds herself leaning into him as he traces the line of the chastity collar with his tongue. 

Her pussy wrings at his knot, milking out more drops of his fiery essence.

“I’ve got more for you, sweetheart,” the Alpha mumbles into her skin, his lips teasing her jaw. “ So much more… I’m gonna fill you up.”

He begins to move again, bucking into her in punctuated thrusts, withdrawing only as far as his knot will allow. One hand fists her hair again, holding her down as the other explores her breasts, pushing her nipples up to meet his ravenous lips.

Rey’s distantly, perversely proud that she can take all of the Alpha in the throes of his dark hunger, even if her muscles are strained and white-hot from his pounding intrusions. His breaths are raw with need as he pumps inside her, twitching each time he hits her cervix.

Daddy Daddy Daddy...

Rey whimpers softly again, and his cock twitches at the sound. He buries his hands in her hair, and the flat of his tongue paints another wet stripe along the edge of the chastity collar, flicking underneath to graze the barest edge of her mating gland.

“You’re being such a good girl for me, baby,” he rasps. “I wish I could chew this off you with my fucking teeth, make you mine forever … god I fucking want to…”

He breaks off, fucking her more roughly, his tempo quickening in time with his renewed need. The way her body responds to him is positively loathesome, craving his rough touch as he ravages her and draws alien pleasure through her body as though he knows it better than Rey herself.

It’s monstrous. Awful. Beautiful.

A guttural cry tears itself out of her as the second orgasm claims her, and he’s straining into her in the next moment, gasping as more of his feverish seed bathes her cunt.

The Alpha collapses on her, spent and panting with his release. A few more spurts of his cum throb into Rey’s wrecked cunt, and he twitches as he quiets.

That’s it, then — she’s done it. Whored herself out for her education, utterly and literally.

Should she feel so disappointed that his knot’s receding, his desperate longing purged so soon?

Perhaps it’s for the best. Her quim is sore — and she winces as he negotiates his purged sex out of hers after a few too-short minutes tangled together, extracting himself gingerly as though worried he’s going to hurt her.

She lies in the darkness in silence, not sure what to say — if anything — as the man dresses. A handheld light flashes around the dark room as he gathers his things, belt buckle jangling as he refastens his pants. 

She rolls onto her back as his footfalls trace their way back to the door, slitting her eyes against the soft light from without slices through the darkness.

All she catches as he turns back is a flash of raven hair and deep, sorrowful eyes. Eyes that she feels like she knows from somewhere, but can’t place.

Then the door clicks shut and he’s gone, leaving only a trace of his scent and his cum still hot in her womb.

It’s a week to the day when the Alpha’s musky, spiced scent finds Rey again.

It makes no sense. 

To her immense surprise, she doesn’t regret the things that passed between her and the anonymous Alpha. Her tuition is paid up, after all, and every time she reflects on the experience, her only lingering disappointment is that he’d left so quickly.

Strange as it seems, she’d wanted more of him. More of the ancient voice that clamored to be his, to suffer the beautiful agony and the strange obsession with taking his rut. His knot.

She certainly didn’t expect for his aroma to envelop her in a heady cloud as she’s standing in the Registrar’s Office, improbably finding its way to her through her Metroid mask.

It’s a flashback. It must be. 

Kaydel warned that the weaker blockers can sometimes have strange aftereffects — and Rey grits her jaw in irritation at the sudden dampness between her thighs. Her panties will be wrecked before she gets back to her apartment; she’ll have to splurge on a rideshare or risk dripping all over herself if she chances the walk back home.

She hurries up to the clerk’s window as soon as she reaches the front of the line — but as she opens her mouth to speak, the young man’s eyes light on something above and behind her shoulder.

“Professor Solo!” The clerk’s gaze flicks back to Rey’s, and even before his next words she knows she’s been dismissed. “I’m sorry, miss, would you mind stepping aside? Faculty have priority access.”

It’s bullshit. Fury flares in her gut, and she spins to give the interloper a piece of her mind — but then she’s numbstruck by those eyes. Improbable but unflinching under the office’s fluorescent lights.

Rey’s heart thuds sickeningly.

Now she knows where she’s seen that dark honey gaze before: in his department headshot on the Jakku College Graduate Division’s webpage.

Professor Benjamin Solo. Renowned game theory professor … and as of a few days ago, Rey’s new thesis advisor.

“Never mind, Dopheld.” She knows the Alpha’s speaking to the clerk behind the counter, but drops of Omega slick trickle along her inner thighs as his gaze transfixes her over his shadow-dark mask. “Something’s come up.”

Rey’s neck prickles with warning — and this time there’s nothing to protect her mating gland as it throbs with wicked lust.