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A few dares, a couple bets, and a single truth

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Donghyuck made it to the top of the stairs and began to make his way down the cream-colored hallways that he had gotten so used to for the past couple of months. 


“I promise that I’ll be quick.” He said into the phone as he stopped in front of a familiar blue door. Donghyuck rasped his knuckles against the door. “It’ll be like five minutes top.”


Even though Renjun wasn’t in front of him, Donghyuck could just see the way that his best friend was rolling his eyes. After a long sigh, Renjun grumbled out, “I swear, if you’re still at his apartment after more than five minutes, even by a second, I’m storming in there and taking you out myself. I don’t give a fuck if y’all are doing some post break up sex or some shit and his dick is still inside of you, I’m taking you out of there.” 


He groaned, head tilted backwards in exasperation. “Renjun, I am not going to have sex with that cheating asshole. That’s not something that you’ll have to worry about. I can promise you that.” 


“Good, because—.” 


Donghyuck mentally braced himself as the door swung open. He really didn’t want to be here right now, but his stupid ass had left his lab report there the last time he was over. Had it been anything else, like a hoodie or something, Donghyuck would have left it. His physics lab report though? He was going back to get it even if it killed him. That stupid book was his lifeline and worth half of his grade.


Thankfully, when the door opened completely, he came face to face with his ex’s roommate and not his actual ex. He let out a relieved breath once he realized that he wouldn’t have to face Jaehyun today, his heart stopped drumming so frantically in his chest. 


“Hey, sorry to bother, but I’m here to pick up—,” he began to say, still listening to the rant that Renjun was currently going off on, but as he dragged his eyes up, Donghyuck felt his heart jump to his throat. 


He knew that Jaehyun shared the apartment with a roommate, but for the number of times he had been here, Donghyuck had never seen the said roommate once. 


“You’re Donghyuck, right? Jaehyun mentioned that you were probably stopping by to pick up some of your stuff.” The bright-eyed boy stared back at him, looking completely unreal as he leaned casually against the doorframe. 


Donghyuck was barely listening to what Renjun was talking about at the moment, he had lowered his phone to his side quite some time ago.


“Yeah, that’s me.” He managed to breathe out, because what the fuck? Jaehyun had a roommate like this and he never knew? He could have been banging his insanely gorgeous roommate this entire time instead? 


There were a lot of things on Donghyuck’s to-do list that day and he might just have to put Jaehyun’s roommate on there because oh my fucking god. 


“Hyuck, are you even listening to me?” Renjun screeched at him through the phone. 


His cheeks burned as the boy before him smiled, eyes gleaming with amusement as he scrambled to end the call. “I’ll call you back.” Not bothering to even hear what else Renjun had to say, Donghyuck slipped his phone back into his pocket. 


“Your friend is going to be so pissed that you hung up on him like that.” The boy laughed, sending a jolt through his entire body. His laugh was the most precious thing he had ever heard. If someone told him that he would die right there, at this very moment, Donghyuck would be perfectly okay, because he just heard an angel’s laughter. 


Despite how fast his heart was racing, Donghyuck shrugged, attempting to appear as nonchalant as possible. “He’ll survive. He lectures my ears off even if I don’t cut him off, so it’s alright.” 


The boy laughed again and Donghyuck wanted to melt into the floor. “I’m Mark, by the way, and I should probably let you inside.” 


“Donghyuck.” He answered back as Mark opened the door a little wider for him to slip through. 


“Yeah, I know who you are.” Mark told him, words dripping with amusement. Tilting his head, he said, “Come on, your stuff is in my room.” 


“Wait. Why is it in your room?” 


“Jaehyun mentioned that you were going to stop by to grab some of your belongings. So, I offered to hold onto it until you came.” Mark explained with a tiny shrug. As they crossed the living room, he glanced over his shoulder, offering a small smile, “Plus, I figured that you would much rather see my face than your cheating ex, right?” 


If he thought that it was hard to breathe earlier, then it was nearly impossible now as he stood there, completely hypnotized by the way Mark’s cheekbones rose as he smiled, his eyes shining with the strength of a million splendid stars. 


Mark smiled in a way that dared Donghyuck to fall in love with him. 


And Donghyuck was never one to back down from a dare.    


So he followed in step right behind Mark, to his room. Once he was inside, Donghyuck noticed how different Mark’s room was in comparison to his roommate’s. For one, his bed actually had bedsheets on it. 


To that day, he wasn’t too sure what had happened to Jaehyun’s bedsheets. All that he knew was that one day, he came to visit and Jaehyun’s bed was stripped from its bedsheets, making sex incredibly uncomfortable. Sex on a bare mattress? That shit was awful, no matter how good it was. Donghyuck felt like he got a rug burn each time he visited. 


Sniffling back a giggle at the sight of the grey bed sheets, Donghyucked moved deeper into the room. Mark’s walls were covered with posters and pictures while his shelves were littered to the brim with all sorts of awards and trophies. Dead, smack, centered in his room was a Canadian flag, hanging proudly over his bed. There was even a brown moose chilling on his desk.


It was cute, Donghyuck thought. His room was much homier than Jaehyun’s. It was also a little messy, but it just meant that it was well lived in. 


He watched as Mark shoved aside a couple of items on his desk, clearing away a couple notebooks and papers, before Mark plucked his lab book out from the pile. “Here you go.” 


Donghyuck reached out for the book, and he made sure that their fingers brushed against each other. A shiver traveled from the tip of his fingers, all the way to his heart, making it skip a beat. Toes curling in anticipation, Donghyuck bit down on his lips, trying his hardest to suppress his smile, muttering out a quiet, “I’m sorry.” 


“No, you’re not.” Mark countered, a knowing smile spreading across his lips. 


Clutching onto his lab book, Donghyuck hummed. “Yeah, you’re right. I’m so not sorry.” 


Mark’s smile reached his eyes at his words and Donghyuck swore that he saw the Milky Way in his dark eyes. They held the light and sparkle of a thousand shooting stars— absolutely breathtaking. He wanted to step closer to get a better look into them, so he did. 


When Mark showed no sign of backing away, he inched even closer, up until they were nearly chest to chest. The air around them buzzed and he felt electric. His heart hammered against his rib cage, threatening to burst, but he didn’t mind. Donghyuck liked it. It had been a while since he felt like this again, especially after his messy fallout with Jaehyun. 


Tossing his lab book right back to where it was, Donghyuck smiled back up at Mark and the longer that he stared into those beautiful eyes, a fire began to ignite under his skin. The fire burned all through his veins and blood, making his heart beat even faster than ever.


Donghyuck wanted to kiss him. He wanted to kiss him so bad, to taste his lips and commit it to memory. With the thought of kissing Mark on his mind, Donghyuck allowed his eyes to drop down to those plump lips.


They looked soft and Donghyuck took notice of how they shone a little. It was evident that Mark was an avid applier of lip balm, which Donghyuck loved. Nothing was worse than kissing a pair chapped lips. He would know because he kissed Jaemin once for a dare, and it was god awful. Jaemin and his espresso addiction made his lips drier than the Sahara desert. To that day, Donghyuck still didn’t know how Jeno dealt with it.


Body burning hotly, the air around them tensed, becoming heavy, heated, Donghyuck slipped his hand onto Mark's shoulder, leaning in close. Words caressing Mark's lips, he said, "I dare you to kiss me."


When their eyes locked, Donghyuck shivered at the spark that ran through his body. Mark leaned in a little closer until he could count every single eyelash. The skin above his hips, where Mark placed his hands, immediately caught on fire. "You say it like I wouldn't have done it without you asking me so."


"Then what's stopping you?" The warmth that was pooling in his stomach swirled and blossomed into something even bigger, making his chest heavy, until he could hardly breathe. A part of him burned so hot for Mark and Donghyuck was ready to do anything to put it out, even if it meant that he had to play with fire himself. "Do it. Kiss me."


And Mark did.


He was a fool to think that a simple kiss, a touch of Mark's lips against his own would be enough to sate the flames burning in his veins. He was so wrong to think so, because as Mark kissed him, the flames burned even more.


Mark kissed him so fiercely, leaving his lips raw even though it hadn't even been a minute yet. He was pulled flushed against Mark's body, letting him feel how fast Mark's heart was beating too. He smiled, knowing that Mark was feeling the same thing that he was— that Mark was just as affected by the kiss as he was.


He held onto Mark like he was his lifeline, gripping tightly at his shirt that he nearly tore it under his fingers. They were close, but not close enough. Donghyuck wanted to burn until he could melt into him and become whole.


Donghyuck knew that he really shouldn't be kissing his ex's roommate like this, but he couldn't care less about the consequences that he'd have to deal with afterward.


He whined as Mark broke the kiss, opting to leave a trail of wet kisses down the column of his neck instead. Mark backed him up until he felt the edge of the bed knocking into the back of his knee. Without much resistance, he fell back, tugging Mark along with him.


Mark didn't stop kissing him, not even once. His lips continued to work against his skin, and Donghyuck could barely think. His mind was a jumbled mess and he heard Mark ask him something, but he wasn't sure what. The only thing that he could focus on at the moment was the heat that slowly took over his whole body and how good it felt to have Mark hovering over him like this.


With a hard tug, Donghyuck pushed Mark's body down onto his and dear lord, the boy had a hard set of abs. Hands fisting at the hem of his shirt, Donghyuck bit out, "Off."


"So impatient, aren't we?" Mark laughed breathily. His voice was deep and raspy. It drove Donghyuck insane.


"Yes. I am." Donghyuck continued to yank at the bottom of his shirt, wanting nothing, not even the air to separate them. "Now off."


As he wished, Mark lifted his shirt and threw it onto the floor. Their skin barely lost contact before Mark was pressing against his body again and he moaned at the warmth of his skin. Mark slipped a hand underneath his own shirt as he went back to kissing him. The longer they kissed, the messier the kiss got. Their lips moved against one another so sloppily, more teeth than anything as their noses bumped, but neither of one of them cared.


He allowed his hand to touch those abs, sighing at the feel of them against the pad of his fingers. Donghyuck didn't know if his fingers were cold or if Mark was just trying to show off, but he felt the muscles underneath his hand flex. His head spun at the motion. 


Donghyuck spread his legs so that Mark could move into the little space between them, slotting his knee in between his thighs. He was super hyper-aware of how close Mark's knee was to his crotch. He should have known better than to wear jeans that day of all days, because right now, they were ridiculously tight, unbearable even. 


It seemed like Mark had taken notice of this since he mumbled against his lips, “Regretting your choice of pants today?” Pulling back for a split second, to throw a smug smile at him, Mark latched onto the side of his neck again, his teeth grazing right over his pulse point. 


“Oh, shut up.” Donghyuck moaned out when he felt Mark’s tongue against his skin. He dropped his hand from Mark’s abs to the waistband of his sweats, tugging on them impatiently. “These need to come off too—.” 


“I swear to god, Lee Donghyuck if you’re sucking Jaehyun’s dick off right now,” Renjun shouted as he swung the door open with a bang, announcing his arrival with fanfare. “I will fucking murder you— oh, you’re totally not Jaehyun, because holy sweet, Adonis. What the fuck? Are those eight packs?”


Surprisingly, Mark didn’t look one bit disturbed or annoyed by Renjun’s sudden appearance. Instead, he smiled down at Donghyuck once more before he removed his body from his, much to Donghyuck’s great dismay.


“I think so? I mean puddings only come in six-packs right?” Mark glanced at his abs once before laughing. 


“Actually, they do if you buy the massive packs from Costco but — what the fuck?” Renjun sputtered out, eyes still glued to Mark’s rock hard abs. 


Donghyuck was beyond peeved. He did not appreciate his best friend cockblocking him like this right now. Burying his face into the pillow that he was laying on, Donghyuck cried out, “Why the fuck are you here, Renjun? This is not the time for whatever it is that you want to do.” 


“Well, excuse me, for being a decent best friend by stopping you from making bad decisions!” Renjun crossed his arms, glaring at him. “I told you that I would come for you if you spent more than five minutes in this apartment, which you did, exactly fifteen minutes over, so here I am.” 


“But that only applied to Jaehyun!” He continued to cry out. “Not Mark!” 


“I’m sorry, how the hell was I supposed to know that you were fooling around with his roommate and not Jaehyun. A text would have sufficed.” Renjun stated. Then he turned his attention over to Mark and smiled dashingly, “Oh, by the way, nice to meet you, Mark. Your abs are superb .” 


“Thank you and it’s a pleasure to meet you too.” 


He could not believe that this was really happening. His dick was throbbing in his tight ass jeans and judging from how Mark was laughing cheerily at whatever conversation was flowing between him and Renjun, Donghyuck knew that the mood was ruined. He threw ice daggers in Renjun’s direction, mentally screaming at him. It seemed like Renjun had caught onto his glares and decided that he should leave.


Once Renjun was out of the room, Donghyuck immediately reached out for Mark’s body. They had a ton of unfinished business left. “C’mere.” 


Mark hovered back over his body, but he made no move to start anything again. Instead, Mark smiled at him, his eyes sparkling, as he brushed back the stubborn baby hairs falling into Donghyuck’s eyes. “I think we’ve had a bit of fun already.”


“But I want more.” He pouted, jutting out his bottom lip for an extra measure. As he stared back into those dark eyes though, he knew that the moment that they had shared was long gone, just like he had assumed so. Plus, the fire that was burning through his veins had already subsided. 


Mark laughed, his shoulders shaking. “You’re adorable.” 


“Adorable enough to give me another kiss?”


“Sure, why not,” Mark replied before reconnecting their lips for another kiss. That time around, the kiss was much softer than it had been before, something that Donghyuck definitely wasn’t expecting. It made butterflies flutter in his stomach and dusting his cheeks in a pink hue. 


As Mark threw his shirt back on, he said, “You should also know that I don’t do sex until at least after the first date.” 


 “Really now?” Donghyuck raised his eyebrows at the statement. He didn’t realize that Mark was conservative like that— well, maybe not that much, because the way Mark’s hands roamed his body earlier was anything but conservative.


“Yeah,” Mark nodded, his lips curved up into a smile. “So, how about seven tonight? Dress cute.” 




Mark arrived at his shared apartment with Renjun at exactly seven on the dot, which was pretty impressive because none of his previous dates, especially ones with his ex, were ever on time like that.


“Your dick appointment is here, Hyuckie!” Renjun hollered at him from the living room. 


“Can you not be so loud?” Donghyuck hissed. “He’s literally right behind that door.” 


“I mean, it is a dick appointment, is it not?” 


“Well, yeah, but that’s not the point!” He tried to argue but Donghyuck knew that it was pointless to do so, based on the judging look that Renjun was already throwing in his direction. With a long sigh, Donghyuck headed for the door. 


Not wanting for Mark to wait any longer, he threw open the door, prepared to apologize for Renjun’s foul mouth, but what he didn’t expect was for a bouquet of sunflowers to be shoved into his face. 


“For the pretty boy of the night.” Mark smiled at him. 


Donghyuck received flowers, maybe twice, in his entire life, and even then, they were never from a boy like this. The flowers he had received were from his family, once at a school play and then another time at his high school graduation. Despite being in a couple of relationships by now, he had never received any flowers. 


Stunned beyond belief, he stared at the beautiful bouquet extended out to him. He knew that he should probably reach out for it and say thank you, but his body was frozen. 


Thankfully, Renjun was there to save the day as he accepted the flowers on his behalf, saying, “I’ll get a vase for these.” On the way to the kitchen, Renjun made sure to knock into his hips once, to stir him out of his daze. 


Cheeks practically on fire, Donghyuck cleared his throat awkwardly. “Sorry. I just wasn’t expecting that…” 


“Let me guess, first time getting flowers from someone other than your mom?” Mark asked him teasingly. 


“Yeah, something like that.” 


“That’s a shame. You deserve flowers every day of the week for how lovely you are.” 


Donghyuck was ready to combust on the spot, because how could Mark just say things like this and sprout it out so casually? For the first time in his life, he was completely rendered speechless. He couldn’t think of anything to throw back at Mark; no snarky comments or rebuttals.  Instead, he opted to take in Mark’s choice of attire for the night, a white dress shirt, tucked into a nice pair of black slacks, which by the way did wonders for his ass. It was spectacular.


As he drew his eyes upwards, he noticed that Mark was also wearing some jewelry too. A dainty silver necklace around his neck, a cube-shaped charm hanging it, dipping into the middle of his collarbone. 


“Are you ready to go?”


Mark’s words ripped him out of his little unbashful gawking. Cheeks growing hotter by the second, Donghyuck dropped his gaze to the floor as he slipped on his shoes. “Yeah, let’s go.” 


He honestly didn’t think that he could feel any more embarrassed right at that moment, but he was proven wrong when Renjun hollered out then, “Have fun with your dick appointment, Hyuckie! Use protection!” 


Now, Donghyuck was sure that the entire apartment heard about his plans for the night. 




Donghyuck was glad that he chose to wear an ensemble similar to what Mark had worn for the date because Mark had chosen a pretty upscale place for their first date. For a supposedly broke-ass student, Mark sure did have an expensive taste for dates. 


They were lounging on a love seat on a fancy rooftop bar in the middle of the city when he couldn’t help but ask, “Do you do this for all of your one night stands?” 


Mark simply didn’t seem like the type of guy who would go through all this trouble for a single one night stand. Why would anyone blow off an entire paycheck for a quick night of pleasure? Not to mention, Mark seemed more like someone that just went for what he wanted instead of beating around the bush.


Donghyuck was genuinely curious.


“No, not really.” Mark took a sip of his red wine. Then shrugging, he added, “You’re just kind of special.” 


Peeking at him over the rim of the glass, Donghyuck eyed him wearily. “Thanks. I’ll take that as a compliment.”


“As you should.” 


Unable to stop himself from asking another question, Donghyuck said, “But we are having sex after this, right?” 


Mark threw his head back and laughed, loudly. His laughter echoed out into the warm night, making a smile spread across his own lips. Mark’s laugh was so addictive. And the way that his nose did the little scrunch had his heart racing again, for a different reason this time around. 


“You’re really hell-bent on that, aren’t you?” 


“Yes. I have my priorities sorted out.” Donghyuck nodded, taking another sip from his glass, loving the way the sweet wine burned a little as it went down. Then clinking their glasses together, he said, “And you, sir, are at the top of the list.” 


“Well, I am flattered and I’ll make sure that I’m worth that spot on your list.” Mark winked at him and Donghyuck had half the mind to fuck him right then and there, on top of the rooftop bar, under the stars and moon. 


Drowning the rest of his wine, he placed it back down onto the table in front of them. Donghyuck eyed Mark’s still practically full glass with displeasure. The date had been really enjoyable, a lot more than he had expected it to be. But now, he was growing bored and impatient. Eyes flickering up to catch Mark’s raised eyebrow, he snatched the glass out of his hand and helped him finish it off. 


Setting the glass down beside his own empty glass, Donghyuck stood up, tugging Mark up along with him. “Come on, let’s go.” 


“Where are we going?” Mark asked him, but he followed along regardless, not seeming a bit faze by Donghyuck dragging out of the rooftop bar. 


“A place that’s more fun than here.” Donghyuck answered back, smiling as a game plan already pulled up in his mind. 




“You know, when you said that you’ll take me to a spot you knew,” Mark breathed out hotly, teeth grazing the shell of his ear. “I thought it would be another bar or club, not the bathroom.”


The marble sink was digging into his lower back, but Donghyuck paid no mind to it. As Mark left scalding kisses along his jawline, Donghyuck allowed his eyes to flutter shut. Once Mark got close to the sweet spot right below his ear, he tilted his head to the side, giving him even more access to his neck. 


“But it’s fun, isn’t it?” Donghyuck laughed, glancing at Mark through his lashes. Even with his hazy vision and head floating in the clouds, he could still see the way those ebony eyes burned so vibrantly, tearing into the very depth of his soul as he began to pop the first button of Mark’s shirt open. 


Mark hummed, the sound vibrating deep from his chest. “I guess it is.”


“Then what’s taking you so long to get me out of my pants?” Donghyuck groaned, fingers working a little faster against the buttons of Mark’s shirt still. “Hurry up.” 


The dress shirt had done well thus far, perfectly tight and fitted around Mark’s frame, showing how amazing his biceps and abs were. But right now, it was an unnecessary barrier. Donghyuck wanted it gone. He wanted to feel the fire of Mark’s skin pressed against his own. 


Mark licked at his pulse point once more before his lips found its way back to his ear before he blew in it, making Donghyuck shiver. 


He parted his lips to complain about all the teasing, but then Mark palmed him right through his tight slacks, giving him the friction that he had been craving for all night long. Mark captured his moan with a wet kiss, making his lips slick with saliva. 


Donghyuck hooked his ankles behind Mark’s back, pulling him as close as he could get him. “I want you, now .” 




He slammed the door behind him hard. 


Donghyuck was pissed. He wasn’t just pissed, he was straight up livid.


He listened as the driver’s door clicked shut, closing much softer than his own, before a light laugh reached his ears. “Oh, you can’t be mad at me, baby.” 


“Don’t fucking ‘baby’ me, you shithead,” Donghyuck growled, arms crossing against his chest as he stared out the window. “I can’t believe you did that!”


“If I told you that I don’t think it’s appropriate for us to have sex before having a least a first date, what makes you think that I’ll be okay with us having sex in a public bathroom of some bar.” Mark continued to laugh at him, his eyes turning in little crescents as he pulled out of the parking lot. “I promise you that bathroom sex isn’t as amazing as everyone claims it to be. You’ll be thanking me later for saving you from it.” 


“You’re giving me blue balls.” He exhaled out exasperatedly. Pinching the bridge of his nose, Donghyuck threw Mark the nastiest glare he could muster. “This is the second time you’ve teased me like that! I am not pleased. You’re a fucking jerk, you know that?” 


Mark cooed at him, reaching over to pinch his cheeks. “You’re so stinking cute.”


“And you’re insufferable.” He bit back, his blood still simmering underneath his skin. 


“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you tonight.” Mark promised, his tone a little smug as he dropped his hand onto his thigh, dangerously close to where he was straining hard in his pants. Mark’s hand was hot against his thigh, but it wasn’t too bad. It was comforting warmth, almost innocent even, but Donghyuck knew that it was far from it. 


Mark’s hand started to slide a little higher the longer they drove, his index finger drawing lazy circles on the inner part of his thigh. Sometimes, Mark would even pinch the skin there and roll it between his fingers. He only needed Mark to touch him like that a couple more times before he was completely breathless, writhing under his hand. 


Taking in the tiny smirk that was on Mark’s lips, Donghyuck rolled his eyes. Shoving Mark’s hand off of him, he quickly unbuckled himself and launched across the console, lips working it’s way up Mark’s neck. 


“Hey, what are you doing?” Mark tried to push him back into his seat, but he wasn’t having it. “Stop it, I’m driving right now. No funny business.” 


“You’re a hypocrite, do you know that?” Donghyuck mumbled against his skin, loving the way goosebumps began to pop from where his breath came out. Hands traveling down south, he dragged his fingers across his belt buckle, tugging on the metal accessory, undoing it. 


“Hyuck, you can not give me a blow job while I’m driving.” 


Gripping on to the belt tightly, he pulled it out from the belt loops with ease, casting it onto the floor at his feet. Then kissing Mark on the corner of his lips, Donghyuck taunted, “Is that a bet?”


“What? No, it’s not a bet. Stop—.” 


Donghyuck cupped him through his slacks, making Mark sputter, his knuckles turning white with how tight he was holding the steering wheel. Throwing his head back against the headrest, Mark glared at him. “Stop it.” 


“What if I don’t want to?” 


Mark didn’t say anything for a second as he pulled the car to a stop at a red light. Donghyuck was practically buzzing with excitement at what they could do in the minute and forty-seven seconds that they had before the lights would turn back to green. 




Mark’s hand was deep inside his pants way before they even made it back into Mark’s bedroom, stroking him at an agonizing pace. Donghyuck wanted to scream, but he was pretty sure that he would have plenty of chances to do that later that night. Mark quickly moved his lips from his mouth and began to trail wet kisses down the side of his neck, eliciting loud moans with each kiss. 


His dress shirt was barely hanging onto his body when Mark backed him up against the bed, pushing him into the mattress. Mark’s shirt had disappeared at some point when they stepped through the door and stumbled through the living room. 


There was a burning fire stirring in the pit of his stomach as he felt Mark’s other hand reach for his ass, giving it a light squeeze, and wow, did it feel good. 


“You like that, don’t you?” Mark whispered into his ear, nibbling on his earlobe. 


“Yes.” Donghyuck threaded his fingers through the hair at the neck of Mark’s neck, pushing him deeper into the skin that he was kissing and biting. Eyes shut tight, he gasped when Mark wrapped his hand tightly around his dick, his thumb swiping right across his slit. “I want more.” 


Mark was quick to give him more. His pants were gone in a split second, pooling down at his ankles before Mark tossed them aside. Donghyuck wasn’t sure how Mark managed to do that one-handed because it always took him two hands to get those stupid slacks on or off. Mark’s hand never left his dick once, instead, it moved down to the base, where Mark gave him a good squeeze before pumping him a couple of times.


Then Mark’s mouth was around it, warm and hot.


Fuck. ” Donghyuck fisted the bedsheets, mouth falling opening as Mark swirled his tongue around the head once, then twice, before lapping up the precum. “Warn me next time before you do that.” 


Mark pulled his mouth off his dick with a resounding ‘pop,’ grinning up at him widely. “Now where’s the fun in that?” He didn’t even give him time to come up with a witty comeback because Mark took him in full again. 


Donghyuck watched through half-lidded eyes, chest heaving, and his heart thumping in his ears as Mark wrapped his lips around the head of his dick, sinking on it inch by inch, until it hit the back of his throat. When Donghyuck felt a tongue pressing on the underside of it, he squirmed, his knuckles white against the grey sheets. Mark pulled up for a second before he went back down on it, head slowly bobbing, cheeks hollowing with every upstroke. Then as Mark said something, his voice causing vibrations around his dick, Donghyuck could hardly breathe. 


“What?” He tried to listen to what Mark was saying but his ears were ringing. 


“I said, are you ready for more?” Mark hummed around his dick. 


Donghyuck had no clue how the boy was able to even form words at the moment with how occupied his mouth was. Whenever he gave a blow job, Donghyuck could barely breathe, much less talk while doing so. 


Burying his face into the pillow, he sputtered out shakily, “Yeah, what kind of question is that?”


“I don’t know, baby, you’re looking kind of wrecked.” Mark laughed, making him moan at the vibrations. 


“Just fuck me already for crying out loud!” 


“I bet I can make you come twice before I even dick you down.” 


Mark was way too cocky for his own good. Donghyuck figured that it was second nature to an all-star athlete like he was. They would win a couple games and it went straight to their head, fueling their already semi-massive ego. But, Donghyuck wouldn’t complain right now, because he liked it when guys were a little smug and overly confident in bed during sex. He found it hot— well, as long as they followed through with all their proud words. And Donghyuck had a feeling, Mark was more than capable of doing so. 


“Talk a little less, and start doing it then. Your words aren't shit if you can’t last.” Donghyuck scoffed, eyes locking with Mark. 


There was a dangerous gleam in them as Mark stared back at him. They had turned pitch black, so dark that Donghyuck gulped. Despite being so dark, he could see a fire within them, stirring silently. The corners of Mark’s lips pulled upwards as he said, “Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.” 


Donghyuck’s cry died in his throat when Mark went down on him, sucking extra hard with each pullback. But that was nothing compared to what he felt when Mark circled his finger around his rim at the same time. His entire body was tensed, he clenched his thighs, trying to close them. 


Feeling his tenseness, Mark danced the pads of his fingers across his thigh, leaving goosebumps in his tracks as he worked the tenseness out of them, messaging it lightly. “Relax.” 


Donghyuck sucked in a deep breath before he tried unclenching his thighs. “Okay… I think I’m good.” 


Then Mark plunged a finger in, making him thrash against the bed at the sudden intrusion. Mark left it there for a second, unmoving, while his mouth continued to work its way around his dick. Mark’s hand was coated with lube, a little cold, but it wasn’t bad. No, it was amazing and perfect. Donghyuck hadn’t had a clue when he had prep his fingers with it, but Donghyuck was glad that he did, because it made the slide so much smoother. He liked it smooth and wet. 


After what seemed like an eternity had passed, Mark finally moved his finger, pulling out once before pushing it back in, gently. He let out a sigh as Mark continued to stretch him out, relishing in the burn, but then Mark was pushing in another finger and he just about lost it. 


It was too much. Mark’s lips still wrapped around him and his fingers thrusting into him at a blowing rate. There was too much going on, Donghyuck knew that he was close to tipping over the edge. It seemed like Mark knew that too, because he began to pump his fingers in and out even faster and deeper until he was grazing at his prostate. Mark kept on prodding at that particular spot, giving it the attention that it deserved, sending shockwaves through his body.  


Donghyuck was gasping, fingers detaching from the grey sheets before they found purchase in Mark’s hair. “I’m going to come.”  


“Then do it.” Mark’s words vibrated around him and that was all it took from him to make him see stars behind his eyelids. 


Mark continued to stretch him out, fingers scissoring him wide open as he rode the waves of pleasure out. He was limp against the bed as Mark sucked him dry, before moving up to kiss him squarely on the lips. Donghyuck could taste himself on Mark’s lips, a little bitter, and that made the arousal in his stomach flare up again. 


“Ready for another round before we get to the good stuff?” Mark mumbled against his lips, still kissing him in a bruising manner. 


“Give me your best shot, pretty boy. ” Donghyuck replied back, out of breath as he swiped his tongue across Mark’s lips, coaxing them to open for him.


At his words, Mark pulled his fingers almost completely out, making him buckle his hips to chase after them, before Mark thrusted it back in, deep. Soon, he was adding a third finger, stretching him real good. Mark was aiming for his sweet spot and he hit it every time with ridiculous accuracy. As he did this, Mark was kissing his neck lazily, sometimes even poking his tongue out to lick it. Donghyuck knew that he was going to wake up to a whole canvas of purple bruises on his neck. 


His body was shaking from the overstimulation, but it was so good. Mark barely gave him any time to recover from the first orgasm and at the pace that Mark was pulling his fingers in and out of him, Mark was determined to have him come again, soon. He was worked out so well, stretched and exposed. He was wet and ready. 


“Okay, no more fingering.” Donghyuck gripped onto Mark’s bicep. “I want you inside of me.” 


Mark looked down at him, chest heaving as hard as his own, pupil blown wide. Cheeks a perfect shade of red, he nodded. “Sure.” Then he was pulling his hand back, fingers slipping out. Donghyuck moaned at the loss, his hips stuttering. 


Donghyuck watched as Mark reached into his bedside table, grabbing a condom and a bottle of lube. He swallowed when Mark ripped the metallic packet up, stepped out of his pants, and rolled the condom right over his own dick. His eyes were glued to the way Mark prepared himself, drizzling a generous amount of lube onto his hand, spreading it across his fingers. Donghyuck knew that it was going to be so wet, messy, and he was so ready for it. With how good Mark had stretched him, the slide was going to be fucking smooth and easy. 


When Mark came back over, his body hovering over him, he asked, “You ready?” 


“More than ever,” he hummed out in response. “Now, fuck me good.”


Mark slipped a hand behind the nape of his neck, leaning down to kiss him as his other hand spread his legs out a little wider for him to slip in between. The hand on his thigh kneaded the skin there as Mark aligned himself up. Then Mark slid in with one hard thrust. 


As Donghyuck had expected, the slide was so good. 


He felt so hot, Donghyuck was sure that he was being burned alive, because Mark’s dick was unreal. He had a feeling that Mark just about ruined him for any other dick he was going to get after that. Mark probably ruined the idea of sex with anyone else for him too, because that was best he ever had. His hands found purchase on Mark’s shoulders, nails digging deep into the skin as he tried to anchor himself.


When Mark finally bottomed out, Donghyuck felt like all the air in his lungs disappeared and his head was a little light. 


“Damn, you’re tight as hell, even after all of that.” Mark said breathlessly, eyebrows knitting together as his mouth parted open. “You okay for me to move?”


“God, please.”  


Mark pulled back again, thrusting in shallowly, sinking in at such a good angle as Donghyuck clenched around his dick. Both of them moaned at the move. Then Mark was repeating the same movement over and over again, until they both fell into a good rhythm; Mark pushing in hard and Donghyuck’s hip meeting halfway. 


Their hearts were beating in sync with each other, hammering into their rib cages. The sound of skin against skin in combination with their breathy gasps for air and moans made the air around them electrifying. 


The hand that Mark had on his thigh urged him to spread his legs a little wider and he did it without hesitation because it would cause Mark’s dick to slip in a little deeper until it was brushing against his prostate. Unable to help himself, Donghyuck angled his hips upward, searching for the right angle for Mark to hit it dead on with each thrust. Seeing his need, Mark settled his hands on his hips, positioning in the desired angle. 


Donghyuck threw his head back against the pillows, eyes squeezing shut as his body burned. “Why have I been fucking your roommate when you’re literally next door?” Mark hit his prostate again, hard, nearly sending him over the edge yet again, “Oh, my god.” 


Mark reached in between their bodies and grabbed a hold of his dick, starting to fist him off. His thrusts were borderline ruthless at that point, slamming into him with precision. It continued to go deeper with each thrust, something that Donghyuck didn’t even think was possible.


Their kisses were so messy, mostly teeth and spit. Mark continued to hit his prostate over and over again with every snap of hips and Donghyuck felt so fucking good. He knew that Mark was close, judging by how he took less time with each thrust into him. Even Mark’s hand on his dick was moving shorter, faster, and harder.


Stars were dancing permanently in his line of vision and the fire in his veins increased by a ten-fold. The warmth in his stomach was coiling up, overflowing with heat. His dick was throbbing in Mark’s hand and he was clenching so hard around Mark’s dick, he knew that he was close. 


Even with his energy draining to nothing, Donghyuck forced his eyes open to stare at Mark. Mark, who was pushing into him with furrowed brows and sweat glistening skin, his dark hair matted against his forehead. Donghyuck had never seen such a sexy sight. Mark’s cheeks were red as the fire in the deepest pit of hell and the veins on his arms were bulging from how fast their heart was racing. 


“I’m close.” His voice was hoarse as he said this, starting to snap his hips to meet with Mark’s thrust. 


“Yeah, I know. Me too.” Mark breathed out, hand working fast on his dick. “But, you first.” 


Mark gave him one stroke, then two, then his whole body tightened and he was cumming harder than ever. Stars exploded behind his eyelids and his vision was pure white. Mark’s name fell from his lips like a mantra as waves of euphoria traveled throughout his body. 


Mark followed right behind him, only thrusting a few more times, before he, too, came. Mark’s body landed on his and he was groaning into the curve of his neck. 


Donghyuck didn’t come down from his high for a couple of minutes, his lungs screaming and burning for air. Mark’s skin was sweaty and the place between their abdomens was sticky with his own cum, but Donghyuck couldn’t bring himself to be bothered. He brought his hand up and wrapped it around Mark’s body to press him deeper into his skin, so that he could feel Mark’s racing heartbeat against his. That created an even bigger mess between them, but Mark didn’t seem to mind either as he returned the action, wrapping his arms around Donghyuck’s body too, bringing him close. 


“When you told me that you’d make me cum twice before you did, I honestly didn’t believe you,” Donghyuck spoke first. Running a finger up and down Mark’s spine, he fixed his eyes on the ceiling fan. “Because even Jaehyun wasn’t able to do that.” 


“Well, I’m not Jaehyun, am I?” Mark’s breaths came out in hot pants against his skin, sending a shiver through his body. “Also, can we not talk about another dude, even if it’s my roommate, when I’m still inside of you?” 


“Why not?” Donghyuck laughed. 


“I’m trying to enjoy the moment.” 


“It was that good, huh?” 


“Super fucking good.” Mark hummed. 


They laid there like that, unmoving for a couple more minutes until Mark lifted himself off of his body, finally catching his breath, and pulled out. Donghyuck let out a whine at the sudden loss, making Mark shake his head, a small smile slipping onto his lips. He watched as Mark started to clean himself up, sliding the condom off his dick, tying it, and tossing it into the trash bin under his desk in one fluid motion. 


Mark slipped into a pair of random sweats before he went out of the room. Donghyuck caught the sound of water running in the bathroom and sighed. Taking one look at the mess he made on himself, he groaned. Throwing his arm over his eyes, he knew that it was going to be a pain in the fucking ass to clean up. But then he heard Mark’s footsteps entering back into the room before the bed dipped under his added weight. 


Donghyuck shuddered at the feeling of a cold wet cloth sliding down his stomach as Mark cleaned him up. He removed his arm and watched as Mark took care of him. There was a strange feeling bubbling up in his chest as he did so. 


Mark tossed the wet cloth into his laundry basket once he was done, moving to throw a blanket over Donghyuck’s naked body. His heart skipped a beat as Mark moved to tangle his hand back into his locks, running his fingers through them, attempting to make his hair a little bit less messy. His heart practically exploded when Mark leaned down and kissed him on the forehead. 


Mark gave him a lazy smile, eyes sparkling. Then he was moving from the bed, digging through his drawers, looking for a shirt. 


Donghyuck was usually one to bounce right after a one night stand, but he was drained. Mark had worn him the fuck out. Donghyuck felt like he couldn’t even move his legs. He also figured that Mark wouldn’t mind if he crashed and stayed for the night. Mark had been nothing less than a gentleman thus far. 


Donghyuck half expected Mark to go join him on the bed again once he threw on a shirt, but to his surprise, Mark was also slipping into a pair of socks. “You’re leaving?” He asked incredulously, eyes growing wide. 


Mark nodded. “Yeah, I have a night practice with the football team. Some muscle training and scrimmage.” 


“What?” Donghyuck wheezed. There was no way in hell Mark was going to work out right now, especially after what they had just done. “How the fuck are you not tired?” 


Mark’s smile widened. Then he was crossing the room in long strides, knees pressing into the bed. “I’m good.” He kissed Donghyuck on the temple once more, saying, “See you in a little. Feel free to use and take whatever you need.” Mark sent him a wink over his shoulder before he disappeared through the door. 


“What the hell?” Donghyuck wondered because Mark’s stamina was fucking insane. 


Giving up on trying to figure out why Mark was still able to move while he was nothing but a puddle of goo, Donghyuck snuggled deeper into the warm blankets, not caring that he was breaking his usual habit.