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so full of love

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Wei Wuxian’s head lolled back against Lan Wangji’s shoulder behind him as he let out a faint and content sigh. 

It was late, well past when Lan Wangji would normally have headed to bed. The only light in the room was the warm glow of the lantern on the desk in front of them, illuminating the hunt notes that Lan Wangji would have graded earlier if Wei Wuxian hadn’t seduced him into bed immediately after their return from dinner. It was a chilly autumn night, and Wei Wuxian was naked, but he had found the warmest seat possible in Lan Wangji’s lap.

Lan Wangji was only wearing one layer of his robe, left open, allowing Wei Wuxian’s back to press all along his chest; his arms were reaching around him so that he could hold his brush and make his marks, his chin was resting comfortably on Wei Wuxian’s shoulder, and his cock was seated fully inside of him. 

Wei Wuxian’s own cock rested against his thigh, half-hard, altogether not sure whether to feel more comfortable or more aroused to be filled up so perfectly with Lan Wangji’s cock, and yet to just... be sitting here, doing little else. This had been his own idea; they’d gone for three rounds earlier, and for whatever reason, Wei Wuxian had still felt so hungry for Lan Wangji. He’d wanted to go another round when Lan Wangji had insisted he needed to work for a little while, and... 

When Wei Wuxian had asked to just sit in Lan Wangji’s lap, promising he’d stay still and let Lan Wangji work, Lan Wangji had granted his request; after Lan Wangji had sat down, Wei Wuxian had climbed into Lan Wangji’s lap, slipped his cock, still slick with cum and oil, back inside his equally slick entrance and settled in for the long haul.

He’d been sitting like this for... an hour, maybe more? For a little while, he’d been reading along with Lan Wangji, as he generally enjoyed the junior disciples’ hunt notes... but after a bit, he’d decided to just relax, and since then he’d been coasting on the strangely serene feeling of being stretched open by Lan Wangji’s cock, the pressure of him up against so many enticing points of contact inside, the low thrum of arousal embraced by the heat of their skin pressed together, and the hazy scent of sandalwood that had nearly became a minor aphrodisiac for Wei Wuxian by this point... He felt like he was floating, not entirely different from the faint hum of intoxication, his body warm and semi-relaxed.

And he’d managed to mostly keep his word; though it was impossible for him to stay completely still, he’d kept his shifting to a minimum (for the best, because any shift rubbed Lan Wangji’s cock deliciously around inside of him, which would have made it impossible for Wei Wuxian to keep his cool), and the most he did was, every so often, clench his hole lightly around the thick shaft, just to make himself shiver faintly at the size of him, which Wei Wuxian still found so impressive even after being fucked by this cock nearly every day for so many months.

It wasn’t the first time they’d done something like this. More than once, when they were resting in bed after a few rounds, Wei Wuxian would keep his legs wrapped around Lan Wangji’s waist, keeping his soft cock inside of him, just kissing or cuddling until either Lan Wangji got hard again or until they were too tired to stay awake any longer. They’d even fallen asleep like that once, their bodies as close as could be for a while as they slept... 

This was the first time they’d done it out of bed, though, and it was probably the longest waking time that Wei Wuxian had had Lan Wangji’s cock just sitting inside of him like this.

Somehow, he was only just starting to feel a little impatient--it was probably only the fact that Lan Wangji had fucked him so thoroughly earlier that he wasn’t at the point of mewling for attention. The spark of neediness had just flickered to life, igniting a slowly growing appetite that could no longer be satisfied just having Lan Wangji inside of him.

He clenched down around Lan Wangji’s cock harder than before, hard enough to make his breath catch. He was still a bit sensitive from being fucked earlier, which just made the stretch of Lan Wangji’s cock even more impactful now--he relaxed, then clenched down again, letting out a faint moan.

Lan Wangji moved then, lifting his head; Wei Wuxian half-expected to be scolded, but instead, Lan Wangji kissed the side of his jaw and said, “Just two left. You can start moving.”

Wei Wuxian felt a hazy smile spread across his face and he had to marvel for a second over what a wonderful husband he had.

He still didn’t want to disturb Lan Wangji’s writing, so his motions started small, just the softest shift of his hips, forward and back, then side to side--and even just that motion was enough to stir up his arousal, to make his breathing start to pick up. As Lan Wangji’s cock shifted around, so deep inside, Wei Wuxian was tuned in to every little motion, felt it brushing against the sensitive spot on the front wall with every circle of his hips, felt the tension of it against his rim. He felt so wonderfully full, like every inch of space was taken up inside of him; he was constantly grateful for Lan Wangji’s size, big enough to fill him just short of the point of overwhelming, like his cock was made to fit in Wei Wuxian’s body.

His hazy mind was quick to start spinning a bit. He’d been more eager to get fucked again than he’d been willing to admit, to Lan Wangji or to himself. Such little stimulation, just a couple minutes in, and already, his chest was heaving with his rushed breaths, his cock was hard and eager again. He almost forgot what Lan Wangji was doing in front of them still, and he began to circle his hips a little more eagerly, mentally drifting back to the memories from earlier that night, to Lan Wangji’s hands gripping him, to his cock pounding into him, Wei Wuxian’s moans half-muffled by Lan Wangji’s mouth and tongue--

He’d lost himself to the motions and memories when he felt it coming on suddenly--like something clicking into place as Lan Wangji’s cock brushed forward inside of him, he felt the sudden rise of his orgasm, and just like that, with one more circle of his hips, he gasped suddenly as he felt his release snap out of him, his hole squeezing tight around the cock inside of him.

Then his hips stopped moving, his body going lax for a second as he panted, a little bit dazed from how quickly the orgasm had come on. He barely even noticed that Lan Wangji had gone absolutely still--in fact, he didn’t notice it at all until Lan Wangji let out a strained, “Wei Ying.”

Wei Wuxian, struck by the sound of Lan Wangji’s voice, opened his eyes and immediately realized that the cause of the strange tone of Lan Wangji’s voice was... the streaks of cum that had splattered across both the paper Lan Wangji was currently marking and the one on the top of the stack of graded papers.

Heat rose to his cheeks just as quickly as a laugh bubbled up in his chest--he wasn’t sure if he should be embarrassed or just amused, as it seemed there would now be two students who wouldn’t be getting their hunt notes back...

But Wei Wuxian was nothing if not shameless, so of course the amusement won out, the laughter shaking his chest harder and harder until it was pouring out of him, even as he curled forward a bit, raised his hands to cover his heated face. “Lan Zhan!” he laughed, turning to try to press a somewhat apologetic kiss to his cheek, even though it was hard to string words together just then. “Ah, Lan Zhan! I’m sorry, I--” His face pressed against Lan Wangji’s, his body shaking with his attempt to suppress his giggling, “I didn’t realize it’d happen so fast! I’m so--” more laughter, “--so sorry. Guess you... don’t have to finish grading that one?”

“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji said again, a little bit more embarrassment in his voice, before his forehead dropped to Wei Wuxian’s shoulder.

Still shaking, Wei Wuxian pressed a few more reassuring kisses to Lan Wangji’s temple, trying to soothe him, “You can blame it all on me. Tell your students that your clumsy husband spilled tea on their papers and ruined them.” He raised his hand to start gently nudging Lan Wangji’s face up from his shoulder, letting his kisses trail down his cheek, down to his lips, and he continued, “All my fault, I’ll take all the blame.”

Lan Wangji returned the kiss for a moment, but mumbled against Wei Wuxian’s mouth, “It is all your fault.”

He laughed again softly, pressing their lips together on and off, “Yes, exactly, just tell them it was all me.”

“It was all you,” Lan Wangji countered a little more insistently.

He realized, suddenly, what Lan Wangji was saying, the wording of what he’d said himself... and though he hadn’t actually been trying to deny any blame and agreed that it was his fault, he also realized he had just set himself up for the perfect opportunity to tease.

“Lan Zhan, isn’t that debatable?” he asked playfully, grinning harder as he nipped at Lan Wangji’s lip. “You were the one that gave me permission to move, weren’t you? This wouldn’t have happened if you’d just made me wait a little longer. Or...” he continued thoughtfully, “perhaps you were the one who was feeling impatient this time? Not fair to blame me if you were the one who wanted me to move.”

“Wei Ying,” Lan Wangji tone dropped, the name almost sounding like a warning, as he knew his husband well enough to know what he was doing now--though knowing wouldn’t stop it from working.

All Wei Wuxian could do was suppress another laugh as he continued on purposefully in his attempts to provoke his husband. “I also think...” he said as his own tone lowered into something closer to a purr as he squeezed his hole around Lan Wangji’s cock,  “that this wonderful cock of yours should take some blame.” 

At the words, Wei Wuxian felt Lan Wangji’s cock stiffening even further inside of him and Wei Wuxian could only grin brighter, both in amusement at his husband’s reaction and at himself for what being with Lan Wangji did to his appetite. Including earlier this evening, he’d come five times tonight and he was somehow ready for more. Before he’d been with Lan Wangji, Wei Wuxian could never have guessed he’d be so ready and willing to be fucked over and over like this.

“Er-gege’s cock fills me up so perfectly,” he continued, letting his voice get a little bit breathy as he rolled his hips, even more sensitive to the motion than he’d been just moments before. “When it’s moving inside of me, how can I do anything but come?” 

He let out a long, keening moan, real but certainly exaggerated, as he rolled his hips again. “If you think about it like that, it’s barely my fault at all. Hanguang-Jun’s cock is too mighty for me, of course I would come, even just moving my hips a little.” He circled his hips again, then let them keep moving this time, his breaths starting to huff lightly. “See? Even though I just came, your cock is already making me want to come again.”

Though Lan Wangji was trying to keep a straight face, Wei Wuxian could see the tightness in his brow and hear the strain of his breathing that proved he wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer--and Wei Wuxian felt like they’d both waited long enough, so he kept pushing, his hips still grinding gently in Lan Wangji’s lap. “Lan Er-gege, did you cast some spell on me? Have I been cursed to want to ride your cock like this forever? I hardly think it’s fair to blame me for your papers when you’ve made it so that I can’t help myself. Er-gege’s cock feels so good ins--”

The end of the sentence was stunned out of him--in the blink of an eye, the stack of papers were swiped away from the desk, scattering into the air and across the floor, Lan Wangji’s arms were around him as he pushed him suddenly forward. Less than a second later, Wei Wuxian’s chest was pressed flat along the wooden surface, Lan Wangji’s weight on top of him, and then Lan Wangji’s hips were snapping against him, his cock thrusting so quickly that Wei Wuxian was grateful at how slick he was from earlier. His vision whited out for a few seconds as the sudden wave of arousal overtook him, Lan Wangji’s cock thrusting mercilessly into that perfect angle that quickly left Wei Wuxian on the verge of trembling, his senses all scattered to the winds.

Moans poured from his mouth, and only grew sharper a second later as Lan Wangji’s teeth pressed into the skin along his shoulder--his hips moved so forcefully that above the sound of their skin slapping together, Wei Wuxian could hear the rhythmic screech of the legs of the table inching across the wooden floor with each forward movement. 

“Lan Zhan,” he cried, desperate and eager as he already felt the rapid approach of another orgasm. “Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan, La-ahhh! ” 

He cried out as the orgasm nearly made him convulse, hand gripping suddenly at the edge of the table as he clamped down tightly around Lan Wangji’s cock--soon after Lan Wangji’s cock thrust deep inside and Wei Wuxian’s felt it twitch as Lan Wangji’s teeth pressed into his skin and he let out a rough breath that signaled his own orgasm.

Even afterwards, his breath heaving and his mind reeling, he felt that Lan Wangji’s cock had barely softened at all inside of him; Lan Wangji’s hips stayed pressed to his ass, continuing to grind their bodies together, albeit far more gently.

Wei Wuxian fought to catch his breath, in spite of the grinding of Lan Wangji’s cock still pressing around so deviously inside of him. He reached one of his hands back to push into Lan Wangji’s hair as he pressed soft kisses over where his teeth had been pressed into the skin, while the other hand reached down for Lan Wangji’s ass, squeezing the firm flesh as he felt the rippling of muscles with Lan Wangji’s steady motions threatening the clarity Wei Wuxian was trying to hold onto.

Even still half-breathless, Wei Wuxian managed to laugh. “It’s just like I said,” he continued on, his voice a little rougher from just shouting, “The great Hanguang-Jun’s cock is too powerful. You came and yet you can just keep fucking me like it never happened!”

Lan Wangji’s hips ground down harder in response, forcing a long whine out of Wei Wuxian as he shuddered with sensitivity. His hand gripped a little harder at Lan Wangji’s hair, and as Lan Wangji’s pace softened again, Wei Wuxian huffed out a breath that turned into another amused laugh.

“So strong, so strong , Lan Zhan!” he praised, unable to completely stop the quiet laughter shaking his chest, amusement and arousal bouncing around together inside of him. “I’m certainly no match for Hanguang-Jun or his magnificent cock, I’ll be overwhelmed every time.”

Lan Wangji nuzzled softly against his hair, and his breath was hot against the outer shell of Wei Wuxian’s ear as he said, his voice as close to playful as he could get, “If you’re overwhelmed, perhaps I should stop?”

Knowing he was being teased back, Wei Wuxian couldn’t help but laugh again, even as he protested, “Don’t stop!” Another moan rolled out of him, as Lan Wangji’s hips had indeed not stopped, before he continued, “I just said, I’ve definitely been cursed, so if you stop fucking me, I’ll probably die. And just imagine, dying so suddenly, I would definitely come back and haunt you! I’d - ah - have to haunt you, and you’d have to use this amazing cock of yours to keep me satisfied day and night so my resentful energy wouldn’t destroy everything, and I don’t think anyone wants that. So you’ll just have to keep fucking me!”

He felt Lan Wangji let out a puff of air near his ear that Wei Wuxian immediately recognized as a laugh, before he heard him mutter, almost affectionately, “Ridiculous.”

It was a good thing Wei Wuxian was already lying down, or he surely would have collapsed in laughter, giddy at provoking Lan Wangji into being silly with him, which was a wonderful treat. Between the utter joy at Lan Wangji’s cock still moving so fantastically inside of him and his joy at the situation, the euphoric feelings tended to blend together so that even as the laughter faded, it only gave way to arousal--and either way, Wei Wuxian was completely enamored.

“You say that,” Wei Wuxian countered, still grinning, “but I’m the one you’re fucking. No one knows better than me how much you enjoy being praised, even if you won’t admit it.”

He was treated to a bit of retaliation as Lan Wangji began to nibble at his ear, as his hips gave a few more forceful grinds, sending Wei Wuxian spiraling into a few continuous, whining moans--he was beginning to feel a touch of soreness from his hole being used so thoroughly tonight, but he was still so hungry for contact that nothing short of actual pain could have made him want Lan Wangji to stop.

“See? Every time I speak up, you just fuck me harder,” he teased between a few ragged breaths. “You love it so much that you can’t help yourself,” he huffed out a laugh, “which is exactly what I want!”

Lan Wangji’s hips pressed firmly to him then, his cock so stiff inside that as he circled his hips, Wei Wuxian felt like his insides were being stirred up, a soft whimper leaking out of him as arousal shivered up and down his spine. 

“Hanguang-Jun, please,” he gasped faintly, his tone still faintly amused, “I need you to fuck me more recklessly. It’s the only way to save me from this curse.”

“Is it?” Lan Wangji asked, his tone naturally a bit flat even though he was clearly still attempting to play along with the nonsense fantasy Wei Wuxian had established.

“Yes, I’ve decided,” Wei Wuxian said with another suppressed laugh. “The only way to break the curse is to fuck it out of me. There’s no way around it, I’m afraid.”

“If there’s no other way,” Lan Wangji replied, his voice decisive and as serious as if Wei Wuxian had revealed some actual way to defeat an evil spirit.

Behind him, Wei Wuxian felt Lan Wangji pushing himself upright, hips still for a moment as he adjusted, as his hands settled on Wei Wuxian’s shoulder and hip--before Lan Wangji’s hips immediately launched into a brutal pace. Wei Wuxian’s hole was so wet and open for him that he couldn’t have offered him any resistance even if he’d wanted to, and with each thrust, Lan Wangji pulled nearly all the way out before slamming back inside, Wei Wuxian feeling the impact shuddering up his spine along with the pleasure. Within a minute, his mind was spiraling from the alteration between too empty and too full happening so quick that he could barely process one state before he was in the other.

At such a breakneck pace, at the wet sounds of skin on skin and Lan Wangji’s hard breaths behind him and of course Wei Wuxian’s own escalating moans quickly filling the Jingshi, Wei Wuxian felt the pleasure rising quickly, each thrust pushing him closer and closer--he came hard after just a couple minutes, a desperate whine squeezing out of his throat as he clamped down around Lan Wangji’s cock.

Even that wasn’t enough to stop Lan Wangji though, his snapping hips fucking Wei Wuxian right through his orgasm, his grip on Wei Wuxian tightening, forceful enough to leave bruises that Wei Wuxian would cherish for the next few days--if anything his pace only increased, thrusts hard enough to make it feel like the table beneath Wei Wuxian was swaying with the force of them, pleasure and hypersensitivity bursting like fireworks on the backs of Wei Wuxian’s eyelids as the feeling completely overcame him, and barely a minute later, Wei Wuxian was letting out a choked cry as another orgasm was pushed out of him.

Lan Wangji’s pace did at least slow down after that as his body adjusted to lay back down over him, but he still didn’t stop and Wei Wuxian felt the pressure of oversensitivity, the strange feeling that straddled the line between intense pleasure and too much, a line that Wei Wuxian had learned to navigate with much expertise after all the time he and Lan Wangji had been together. His body shuddered as he felt Lan Wangji’s hips circling, his cock still shifting around inside of him and setting off a chain reaction of little twitches and shivers. As was always the case, Wei Wuxian could never be completely sure if he wanted Lan Wangji to stop or to keep pushing, but the idea that he didn’t have a choice but to let Lan Wangji keep fucking him (even if he always had a choice) always tipped the scale in favor of Lan Wangji continuing.

A few low, aching whimpers rolled out of him as he shuddered his way through the worst (and best) of the feeling, the pleasure and pain jumbling his thoughts, sending sparks across his skin and up his spine. His rim was starting to feel deliciously sore from being so well used tonight and it was only boosting the arousal rippling through him.

Lan Zhan,” he moaned out as the intensity of the feeling started to settle and he managed to find his voice again to ask with a dazed grin, “Hanguang-Jun, isn’t that enough? Won’t you please have mercy on me?”  

Though, of course, they both knew that whenever Wei Wuxian asked for mercy, it always meant he wanted none.

“Mn,” Lan Wangji said, his mouth close to Wei Wuxian’s ear and the motion of his hips not faltering for a minute. “Can’t stop,” he replied simply, “you’re cursed.”

Somehow, Wei Wuxian managed to laugh in spite of the overwhelming arousal, amused to have his own stupid game thrown back at him. “Still?” he asked as his hand reached back to press fingertips through Lan Wangji’s hair, before gripping at it lightly. “Don’t you think Er-gege’s wonderful cock has done its job yet?”

“Not yet,” Lan Wangji replied decisively. “One more.”

“One more?” Wei Wuxian asked, before Lan Wangji’s hips ground harder against his own and he had to let a low moan roll from his chest, his face pressing to the glossy wooden table beneath him. 

“Mn,” Lan Wangji confirmed, a sound that was as self-satisfied as Wei Wuxian had ever heard it sound. “One more.”

Wei Wuxian huffed out a breath, shaking his head just a little. Sometimes he wondered if he should have done such a good job teaching Lan Wangji how to tease him... but most of the time, he just found it endlessly charming to know the teen who had once been so deathly serious all the time had grown into someone who cuddled and spoiled him, who kept rabbits, who helped him play jokes on strangers, who teased him so thoroughly while playing along with whatever dumb game he’d thought up. Once upon a time, he might never have believed that Lan Wangji knew how to laugh or even smile, and now he found himself treated to such things nearly every day.

The depth of his love for Lan Wangji always found the strangest times to strike him, but he felt a wave of it all of a sudden, felt bowled over by it, and he tugged gently at Lan Wangji’s hair until Lan Wangji got the picture and nuzzled lightly at the back of his neck.

“Better make it count then,” Wei Wuxian agreed as a grin stretched further over his face.

Without needing anymore encouragement, Lan Wangji’s hips picked up the pace again, just enough to make Wei Wuxian’s mind reel with the increased pleasure and sensitivity, make him forget about any other smart-mouth comment he might have had as Lan Wangji’s thick cock slid in and out of him with ease. Lan Wangji rolled his hips forward hard, his cock pressing in as deep as it could, taking up every ounce of space inside of him and forcing a short soft moan out of him with every motion.

For a few minutes, Wei Wuxian’s head just swirled with it, Lan Wangji’s maintaining a steady pace as he gradually worked them both up all over again--Lan Wangji probably suspected that Wei Wuxian was getting sore, and he knew how much Wei Wuxian enjoyed drawing that feeling out, the slight edge it brought to being fucked, the feeling of being used and forced into pleasure over and over again by Lan Wangji’s cock that Wei Wuxian seemed to truly revel in. Wei Wuxian’s whole body seemed to roll forward with each of Lan Wangji’s forward motions, and he had little choice but to be wonderfully lost in it.

But soon, Lan Wangji’s hips began to snap harder, driving his cock into him more forcefully. His teeth latched over Wei Wuxian’s neck and he bit down, and after that, it was just a cascade of building pleasure, of Lan Wangji’s hips moving quicker, of skin slapping together again as Lan Wangji fucked him harder and Wei Wuxian’s moans began to climb so eagerly that it drowned out the sounds of the table legs screeching loudly against the wooden floor. Wei Wuxian’s hands gripped at Lan Wangji’s hair, at the edge of the table, and his moans climbed in pitch as Lan Wangji’s cock slammed into him over and over, until the pleasure was almost blinding .

“AHHH!” Wei Wuxian nearly screamed as the orgasm crashed over him, and Lan Wangji’s cock kept thrusting just as hard as before, fucking him through his orgasm, until he heard Lan Wangji’s breath hitch in that particular way, and Lan Wangji’s hips slammed in deep one last time--

There was a cracking sound, and then suddenly a short fall as the legs of the table broke from so much unintended use, and Wei Wuxian let out an ‘ oof’ as they crashed to the floor, Lan Wangji’s weight landing firmly on top of him.

It took nearly a full minute for Wei Wuxian to process what had just happened through the haze of his orgasm, but once he had...

“HAHAHAHAHA,” he burst into an uproarious laugh, face pressing down against the wood, his whole body shaking with it, his legs kicking wildly behind him. He was barely able to believe it--they had broken plenty of bathtubs over the last few months, a door, and even one of the bookcases, but this was the first time they’d broken a table.

A moment later, Lan Wangji sighed faintly, his face dropping to Wei Wuxian’s back, which just set Wei Wuxian off on another long laugh that took several hard minutes to suppress. 

“Lan Zhan!” Wei Wuxian exclaimed through his giggles, “I told you, you’re too strong! It’s a good thing I’m more durable than your table!” His laughter interrupted him for a minute, before he could continue teasing, deciding to finish the silly game he’d started, “Well, if it was good enough to break the table, it was good enough to break the curse too, I guess! I’m safe, you don’t have to fuck me anymore!”

He felt Lan Wangji’s teeth bite down on his shoulder in a semi-displeased way, before Wei Wuxian snorted out another laugh when he realized what he’d said.

Tonight, I mean,” he corrected as he continued to shake with laughter. “Of course, you can fuck me again tomorrow.”

Lan Wangji’s teeth released the bite and he pressed a kiss to the spot instead, almost like an apology, which only made Wei Wuxian collapse in another fit of quiet laughter that shook him too hard to try to move. Lan Wangji shook his head faintly as he scattered a few kisses across Wei Wuxian’s shoulders, before finally moving to slide his cock out of Wei Wuxian. While Wei Wuxian continued to laugh, Lan Wangji assessed the damage, before gently and effortlessly pulling Wei Wuxian off of the broken table and hoisting him up into his arms and carrying him towards bed. 

“You know, if we keep this up,” Wei Wuxian snickered as he curled comfortably against Lan Wangji’s chest, “We’re gonna be the favorite customers of that woodworker in Caiyi Town.”

Considering the number of things they’d already needed him to rebuild or replace, maybe they already were.

Lan Wangji set him down on the bed and grabbed a cloth to help them both clean up a bit, before he climbed into bed with him, and tugged Wei Wuxian onto his chest.

“Mm, aren’t you going to clean up?” Wei Wuxian asked. He was tired after so much vigorous activity, and perfectly ready to fall asleep, so maybe it was better not to question it... But the papers Lan Wangji had scattered in his urgency earlier were all strewn about the room (not to mention the ones that had Wei Wuxian’s mess on them), and it was unlike him to leave the room in disarray like that.

“In the morning,” Lan Wangji replied, pulling the blanket up over them and settling his arms naturally around Wei Wuxian’s body.

Wei Wuxian shook with more quiet laughter as he nuzzled against Lan Wangji’s chest and teased, “Lan Zhan, I really am rubbing off on you, aren’t I?”

A lifetime ago, a year ago, even a few months ago, Lan Wangji wouldn’t have considered leaving his room in such a state before sleeping, and yet, now...

“Mn,” Lan Wangji replied quietly, turning to press a kiss to the top of Wei Wuxian’s head and holding him a little closer, before saying, “Good night, Wei Ying.”

Wei Wuxian let out a final soft laugh as he pressed his body against Lan Wangji’s and buried his face against his neck, tired and very, very sated after their long evening. With a sigh and a faint smile lingering on his lips, he replied sweetly, “Good night, Lan Zhan.”