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Calling in a Favor

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Izuku was surprised to be invited over to Momo’s home that weekend.

More surprisingly, as he blinked around at the emptiness of the foyer of her mansion, it was just him that was invited. 

The butler showed him to Momo’s room? He’s not sure, it’s so large it almost feels like a home in itself. 

“Midoriya-san!” She exclaimed, “Oh, I’m so glad you could make it!” 

“Ah, no. Thank you Yaoyorozu-san! I’m happy to be here! I just, sorry to be blunt but—why me?” 

Momo paused before she smiled with her eyes closed and tilted her head, “I thought it’d be a great opportunity to get to know each other! We’ve hardly spoken really! And I’d like to change that.”

“Oh, I didn’t realize, you felt that strongly about getting to know me.”

“Of course! You’re an inspiration Midoriya-san! If only I could be half as brave as you.”

Izuku blushed at the compliment, “Ah, you-you can call me Izuku.” 

“Then you can call me Momo,” she smiled sweetly as she gestured to him, “Please, follow me. I’m having some tea and snacks being brought up!” 

Izuku sat at a small round tea table across from Momo. He couldn’t help but feel just a tad bit nervous. Momo was one, if not the most beautiful girl in their class; she’s the class representative, has the makings of a true leader and she got into Yuuei on recommendation. On top of that, she was one of the more affluent students, but she was kind, soft-hearted, and incredibly sweet. 

He’ll never forget her willingness to accompany him and the others in their efforts to save Katsuki from the League of Villains. In a sense, he should feel more comfortable, they shared that moment of camaraderie together. 

They chatted about their school life, their childhood, their families, and more currently, their friends and the dating landscape. 

Momo was fidgeting in her seat, her fair skin tinged pink as she nervously fiddled with her hands. 

“Momo-kun, what’s going on?” Izuku inquired, “Is there something you want to talk about?” 

“I’d like to have sex with you,” she asked politely. 

Izuku spat his tea, luckily he had enough mental fortitude to turn his head so as to not get it all over Momo. 

“What!?” He screeched, jumping out of his chair, as he started to pace with his hands in his hair, “Momo-kun! Why on Earth—”

“I’m curious! I want to experience it, I’m kind of...experimenting—Yes! Experimenting.” she said bashfully as she scratched at her cheek.

“Okay,” Izuku said slowly as he continued to pace, “Okay, but like, why me? There’s plenty of other guys that would be willing to share something like this with you! I mean I’m sure Shou—”

“—I know about you and Ochacko-chan.”

Izuku froze in his tracks, his head turning to meet determined gray eyes.

“Excuse me?” 

“I know what you and Ochako-chan did last movie night!”

Izuku gasped, clutching the invisible pearl necklace around his neck, “That is a secret!” 

“I know about you and Ochako-chan’s relationship!”

Izuku gawks at her, “Momo-kun, are you...are you blackmailing me?” 

Momo’s brow’s furrow as she pouts, “I’m serious Izuku-kun, please!”

“I can’t just—what would ‘Chako—”

“—She gave me approval to ask you!” 

Izuku whips his head up to look at her again, “You WHAT!?”

“I was expressing an interest, you know, girl talk, to Ochako about what it’d be like to just have a no strings attached relationship with someone. Someone to experiment things without judgment or anything..., and Ochako said you’d be perfect! I asked her why she would say that, and she told me that you and here were fuck buddies. She said I should ask you, and that she’s giving you the go ahead.” 

“Momo-kun,” Izuku said gently, “I get it, I just, me? Why me? We’re talking about me here. You could pick anyone!”

“I didn’t just ask out of convenience Izuku-kun! You do realize how popular you are right?”

Izuku looks aghast, “ I am not popular.”

Momo stands up and walks over to Izuku and grabs his hand, “ Yes . Yes, you really are.”

Her thumbs caress the back of Izuku’s hand, over his scars, “You do know scars are sexy right?”

Izuku blushed, reactively trying to pull his hand back, but Momo held fast.

“Izuku-kun, please. I’m asking you this not because of Ochako’s suggestions, but ultimately you’re the one I trust the most asking this kind of favor. You’re sweet and kind. You don’t gossip nor are you judgemental. On top of all that, you’re one of the strongest, most inspirational in the class, and I...I think that’s really sexy.”

Momo blushes as she steps closer, gauging Izuku’s reaction. Izuku melted at Momo’s kind words. To think someone as beautiful, as graceful as her would be interested in him. That he was attractive. He’s never felt more touched. 

Izuku reaches for Momo, cupping a hand at the base of her neck and swiftly pulls her in for a kiss. Izuku’s not surprised by her petal soft lips, the slight stickiness of her lip gloss, or the hint of sugar from her tea. 

He pulls back swallowing thickly, “If—if you’re sure about this.”

Momo nods, leaning in and closing her eyes hoping Izuku meets her halfway. 

Izuku does more than that, he pulls her flush against him as he kisses her again, his hands winding around her back, sliding down her curves, before his hands are spread across Momo’s butt and squeezes gently.

Momo gasps, her hands come to the base of Izuku’s neck and run up through his hair. Their kisses deepen as they pull each other closer, their tongues intertwining, a slow make-out session that turns more passionate with each second. 

She pulls away from Izuku first, quickly saying she wants to lock the door. When she returns she grabs Izuku’s hand and pulls him to her large canopied bed and climbs up, gesturing to Izuku to follow suit.

Izuku sinks into the thick, plush comforter of Momo’s bed. Momo’s laid out, propped on her elbows watching Izuku slink up her body. He nudges her knees apart to get closer to her. His groin presses against her as he leans down, lips hovering over hers. 

“I promise I’ll make it good,” he whispers. Momo shivers at how thick his voice sounds. Izuku sees the physical tremor run through her body before he continues to kiss her.

His lips travel across her face, and down her neck. His hips undulate against her, pressing his growing hardness against her sex. His hands travel up her thighs and over her skirt. Over her hips and waist, resting over her breast and squeezing her gently. She moans lightly into his mouth, her hips start to grind against him, pressing harder, rubbing her clit against him. 

He goes back to kiss her, slipping his tongue as they continue to make out. With one hand he unbuttons her shirt, pulling it free from the top of her skirt. Lips descend down her chest, licking and nipping at the soft flesh of her breasts. 

He smiles when he sees the lacy black bra that barely contains her. His fingers pull down the soft fabric, her nipples hardening as it’s exposed to the air. His tongue traces one, while his fingers tweak and play with the other. 

Momo squirms underneath him, panting, “Ah, Izuku.” 

He sucks on a nipple, lightly biting her, before switching to the next and repeating the gesture. He presses more kisses down her sternum, the softness of her flat stomach. The garter belt around her waist, fingers catching the garter of her skirt and pulling down, revealing matching lace panties and the clips to her thigh highs.

“Wow,” he murmurs against her pelvis, “You really dressed the part.”

“I wasn’t really going to take ‘No’ for an answer.”

Izuku’s eyes widened, “Oh? Assertive class rep. I’ll make sure not to disappoint you.” 

He mouthed at her mound, traveling lower and buried his nose against her sex. His fingers pulled aside her underwear, exposing another pair of pretty pink lips, wet from arousal. He lightly licks at her and she flinches. 

He starts with slow swipes of his tongue traveling up and down her slit, before he dips his tongue into her heat, thrusting it in and out before he slides up to her clit. Playing with it, rubbing circles around it before sealing his lips around her and sucking gently. Momo’s thighs close in around his head, her hands grip at his hair, hips bucking into his face. 

Izuku hums, pleasantly surprised by her eagerness. Green eyes watch her flushed face, the way it twists, the way her head drops back exposing her graceful neck when he slides a thick finger inside. 

She clenches around Izuku as his fingers expertly caress her walls while he licks and sucks at her. His fingers thrust in and out of her, and she moans, “Oh, that, hngg, Izuku,” she says breathlessly.

“You’re so beautiful,” he murmurs against her, “You’re reactions, even your moans. Beautiful.” 

“Ah!” She cries when Izuku’s fingers crook inside her, brushing her G-spot, “Izuku!” 

He presses her spot, gently massaging it. Moans get louder as her body starts to undulate, he thrusts his fingers faster and she cries, back arching against the bed. She comes hard, squirting in his face, taking him by surprise. 

He withdraws, a dopey smile on his face. Momo covers her mouth and shuts her legs in embarrassment.

“Ah,” she starts, “Th—that’s never happened before. Oh my gosh, how embarrassing!” 

Izuku chuckles, “Nothing to be embarrassed about. Was it good?” 

Izuku wipes his face with his sleeve before taking it off. 

“That was,” she pauses, dreamily saying, “Amazing.” 

Izuku laughs, “You’re too cute. But we’re not done yet.” 

Momo’s eyes widen, “Oh, right,” she laughs, sitting up and slipping the rest of her button-up off.

“Can, I?” she looks at Izuku’s tented pants. 

“Oh, um, yeah, sure.” 

Sitting on her knees she crawls towards Izuku, reaching for his waistband and unbuttoning his pants. She sits up on her knees, leaning into Izuku and kissing him as her hand slides under his boxers, fingers running along his length lightly. 

Izuku moans, his hands wrapping around her face as he pulls her in closer for a deeper kiss. 

Momo's fingers wrap around his hardened cock, pulling him free from his boxers to jerk him off more freely, twisting slightly as she pumps him. 

He pulls back with a gasp, “Oh fuck, that feels—”


Izuku nods and Momo’s eyes sparkle at the praise.

Her cheeks blush when she says, “ Can..I?” 

Izuku can only nod watching as Momo sinks lower, her pretty lips kissing the tip of his cock, before they part and wrap around him and she starts to suck and lick at him before starting to bob up and down. She pauses every so often, tongue tracing the crown, paying attention to his reactions as she plays with his sensitivity. She deepthroats him easily, no gag reflex at all. 

Izuku can see the lust in her eyes as she looks up at him through curled dark lashes. She was enjoying sucking him off. She hummed as she worked and Izuku felt himself getting closer and closer to release. 

She detaches with a loud pop, a string of saliva hangs from her plush lips delicately connecting her to his cock. Izuku’s thumb slides across slick lips before his lips claim hers again. He pushes her back into the bed, sliding against her body, her legs widening to let him closer.

Before Izuku can even open his mouth to ask for a condom, Momo produces it quickly. They both sit up quickly as Momo tears open the package quickly and rolls it over Izuku. Grabbing the back of his neck she kisses him fiercely dragging them back into a lying position. 

“Please Izuku, I want this.” 

Izuku just kisses her in response. He slides himself across her slit and her legs twitch and she gasps. Steadying himself he lines himself up and starts to press in. Izuku drops his forehead against hers, groaning at her walls squeezing him as he sheathes himself. 

“God, you’re so tight,” he grits out. 

Momo’s shaking under him, “You’re just really big,” she gasps. 

Once he’s buried all the way in, they share more kisses as she acclimates to his girth. Izuku knows it's okay to move when he feels her hips wiggling, seeking friction. 

He starts by withdrawing slowly and pushing back in slowly a little exertion at the end, just enough to make her gasp and beg for more. He rocks into her rhythmically, making sure she feels every inch of him, her nails dig into his back with each thrust, her back arching off the bed.

Her pants and moans are music to his ears, so delicate, refined, almost elegant. Izuku briefly wonders what she’d sound like being fucked within an inch of her life; without the pretenses of being elegant, prim, and proper. 

So, Izuku decides to test her by going a little harder. She lets out a loud cry and a gasp before she’s hiding her mouth with the back of her hand, red floods her face and neck. 

“Don’t be shy, relax Momo, and let go,” he grunts. 

She bites her lips, holding back, Izuku slams his hips against her and her eyebrows pinch and she starts nodding quickly. A deep guttural moan leaves her perfect lips and she starts cursing a storm.

“Fuck, that, God. Yes! Izuku, more please. Fuck me more!” 

Izuku’s shocked at how quickly her demeanor switched. Her eyes blazing lust as her legs spread wider for him to drive even deeper. 

He slams his hips down harder, faster, grunting with each thrust. Momo’s manicured nails dig into his shoulder blades and scrape down his back. He grits his teeth as Momo’s thick, creamy thighs squeeze around his waist before her legs wrap around his back.

“Closer. I need you closer,” she pants, “deeper.”

Izuku complies, laying atop her, her tits pressed up against him, he hooks his arms under her and curls around her shoulders for leverage, holding her in place as his cock pushes further and further into her. 

She pulls Izuku’s face to crash her lips into his, she pulls away, “I’m close.” 

Izuku feels her body trembling against him, winding up for her release. He picks up his pace and then he hears Momo take a shuddering breath as her nails dig into his back again, her body arching into his as an orgasm ripples through her body accompanied by a silent scream. 

She falls back to the bed, Izuku releases his grip on her. 

Her body is still spasming from her orgasm, “Ah!” She cries as Izuku continues to fuck her, “ah! Wait!”

She tries to scramble away, but Izuku holds onto her hips, “Ah!” She cries as Izuku pulls another orgasm that shakes through her, her body going taut against him, her nails digging into his biceps, “Izuku wait!” She cries again, but Izuku smirks as he watches Momo experience a third orgasm in a row.

He slams into her as hard as he feels her walls clenched tight around him the third time pulls him over the edge, Momo’s legs wrap around him, preventing him from pulling away. He collapses on top of her, her hands soothing his back as they both try to catch their breath. 

Izuku’s hips roll into her languidly, both of them quietly moaning at the sensations post-orgasm. Izuku tries to pull away, but Momo’s strong legs keep him in place. 

“Just stay a little bit longer,” she asks shyly. Izuku nods and stays in place. They revert back to their exchange of shy and sweet kisses, Izuku’s fingers trailing down her smooth, creamy skin, making her blush and smile. 

Finally, she relents and lets Izuku go, allowing him to carefully pull himself out, tying up the condom and throwing it in the trash. She pulls him back into bed so they’re laying facing each other. 

“Thank you Izuku,” she smiles at him, her fingers tracing the scar on his arm.

“Ah, no problem Momo, I just, maybe I should be thanking you?” 

Momo giggles, “What? Why? I’m the one that asked you for this. If anything I really owe you one.”

Izuku lights up at that and pulls her closer, “Well, I was thinking I was just so lucky to be with someone as beautiful as you. But, uh, if you really think you owe me…” 

Momo’s eyes widen and mischief starts to gleam in her eyes and she sits up, “Izuku, I’d like to make a proposition, if Ochako-chan would allow.” 

Izuku smiles when she catches his drift, “Favor for a favor?”

Momo glitters when she smiles, “Definitely.”