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"We are very sorry," Xiao Zhan murmured as he unbuttoned Zhuocheng's jeans while Yibo kissed his ear, "for how we've been acting."

"Is this how you apologize to everyone," Zhuocheng panted, hands already going for his zipper to help Xiao Zhan along, "or am I special?"

Yibo's giggle in his ear did strange things to the situation in Zhuocheng's pants. On the one hand, this was absolutely insane--he couldn't believe what was happening to him--and on the other, he was so hard, it hurt.

He'd barely taken a breath from the moment Xiao Zhan and Yibo had surrounded him and dragged him into Xiao Zhan's room, giggling the entire time. Seeing the two of them giggling together had been nothing new. In fact, it had become so commonplace, most people ignored them, unless they absolutely couldn't because they were trying to film a serious scene with them and the two of them would not stop making each other laugh. Not that that had ever happened to Zhuocheng.

It had. Just that morning. Which was why the first thing out of Xiao Zhan's mouth after the door shut behind them had been, "We owe you an apology." Which had been new.

Behind Xiao Zhan, Yibo had nodded, smile barely suppressed. "A big one."

"We were terrible on set today," Xiao Zhan had said with those big eyes of his trained on Zhuocheng.

"And we'd like to make it up for you," Yibo had continued in his low voice.

Zhuocheng, more confused than anything else, had made the mistake of asking, "Make it up to me? How?"

The two of them had exchanged glances, and then Xiao Zhan had sidled up to him, hips-first, and slowly slid his index fingers underneath Zhoucheng's waistband. "Well," he'd breathed. "We have an idea…"

Now, Zhoucheng was two seconds away from passing out--partly from shock, still--as the terrible duo continued to undress him.

"It's just that you looked so frustrated," Xiao Zhan said, his mouth tilted in a smirk. "And we thought we could help...alleviate...that frustration."

"I s-see," Zhuocheng stuttered out as Xiao Zhan pulled down his jeans in two rough jerks while Yibo wrapped his arms around Zhuocheng's waist and tugged up the hem of his shirt. His breath was still huffing against Zhuocheng's ear, which was making it harder to stand. His knees were turning to jelly. "And you thought I'd be amenable to this method of apology?" he managed, inanely, because he was tenting his underwear in a very obvious way already.

"We thought maybe," Yibo rumbled behind him. "We can stop, though."

Xiao Zhan's hands stilled and he caught Zhuocheng's eye before tilting his head, like, should we stop?

"Don't stop on my account," Zhuocheng told them. Xiao Zhan shot him a quicksilver grin and redoubled his efforts in getting his jeans down to his ankles. Which meant that he was now on his knees in front of Zhuocheng, which was...a lot. It was a lot. Zhuocheng looked down at him, wondering just how stupid he looked gaping there with his pants around his ankles, and met Xiao Zhan's eye.

Xiao Zhan wasn't looking at him like he was stupid. Zhuocheng licked his lips. Xiao Zhan's gaze was hot and intense--Zhuocheng had never seen him look like that, not once, not even while he was in the throes of being Wei Wuxian. Zhuocheng wasn't sure he could handle it, so he looked up and there was Yibo in his periphery, stepping around him. He raised his eyebrows and tugged on Zhuocheng's shirt. Off. Right.

Zhuocheng raised his arms and allowed Yibo to strip him.

He was now standing in the middle of Xiao Zhan's hotel room shirtless, with his jeans around his ankles, and a boner drilling a hole in his briefs. Yibo's gaze darkened and then--oh, fuck--his hands were sliding around Zhuocheng's waist and his face was getting--oh--close, and then--Zhuocheng's eyes slid closed as Yibo kissed him.

Oh. Oh, wow. Wang Yibo was kissing him. Sure, that was--normal. Yep. An everyday occurrence, that. Zhuocheng opened up automatically as Yibo's tongue teased his mouth open, and then it was tongue against tongue--gentle, seeking and finding. He had never much considered what sort of a kisser Wang Yibo would be, but he wouldn’t have pegged him as tender. But that was what the kiss was like. Zhuocheng gasped against his mouth and Yibo's hands on his waist tightened, thumb sliding against the groove of his hip. Zhuocheng gasped again, because--fuck, that was a lot. Even that was a lot.

"You good?" Yibo asked, his lips still touching Zhuocheng's.

"F-fine, yeah, I’m..." Zhuocheng kissed him again. Kissing Yibo was preferable to not kissing Yibo, he discovered, especially when Yibo made a pleased noise and deepened the kiss. Oh, that was--that was less tender now.

And then Zhuocheng nearly yelped when he felt hands grabbing his ass. He broke off the kiss and looked down, Yibo's grin flashing in his periphery. Xiao Zhan was still on his knees, and still looking up at Zhuocheng, but this time his face was a lot closer to Zhuocheng's dick, and, as Zhuocheng watched, Xiao Zhan leaned in and fanned his breath over it. Zhuocheng began to tremble. Fucking hell, that was--that was--

"Can I blow you?" Xiao Zhan asked, frying all of Zhuocheng's brain cells at once.

"He's very good," Yibo whispered before latching his mouth to the side of Zhuocheng's neck and making all his hair stand on end because oh, God, that felt so--that felt so fucking good. Zhuocheng made a truly embarrassing noise and his eyes slid closed of their own accord. Yibo continued to suck on his neck in tiny increments (he knew better than to leave hickeys; at least Zhuocheng hoped he did) until finally pulling off and saying, "So...can he blow you?"

Zhuocheng's eyes flew open. "Oh, God. Yes? Yes! I--yes, please." Oh, he was going to die of humiliation before anybody got to blow anyone. "Fuck." When he opened his eyes and looked down at Xiao Zhan, Xiao Zhan was grinning up at him, hands already going to his waistband.


Oh God, was he about to get his dick out for Xiao Zhan? And Wang Yibo, he supposed. It felt--absurd, and wildly inappropriate. They were coworkers, for fuck's sake. But then again, so were Xiao Zhan and Yibo and that did not appear to stop them from doing...whatever it was they did together. Belatedly, Zhuocheng nodded, swallowing.

Xiao Zhan's hands were careful as they pulled the waistband of his briefs out of the way and slid them down. Zhuocheng shut his eyes--it felt so much like being exposed, and in more ways than one. He didn't have long to worry about it, though, because Xiao Zhan leaned in and touched the head of his dick with the tip of his tongue, startling Zhuocheng despite the ample warning. Fuck.

"You okay?" Yibo asked, tipping Zhuocheng's chin in order to meet his eye. "We meant it, you can say no."

"It's not--it isn't that," he stammered out. "It's just…" It occurred to him in a flash what, exactly, felt so overwhelming about it--apart from everything. "Maybe if you...if I wasn't the only one who was naked." It sounded stupid when he said it out loud, and kind of weird, too. He really was asking them to get naked for him.

Yibo's face cleared and he bit his bottom lip, smiling. "That's fair. Let's make it even, huh, Zhan-ge?"

Xiao Zhan was already stripping off his t-shirt and oh, okay, that was a lot of Xiao Zhan he hadn't seen before, and then--yep, there was more, as he rose and began undoing his fly. Yibo, in the meantime, was already shirtless, as well, now stepping out of his sweats. Before Zhuocheng knew it, they were both down to their underwear, and okay, that was a lot of gorgeous naked dude in front of him, maybe this had been a mistake. If he had felt overwhelmed before--

"Better?" Xiao Zhan asked, then slipped his warm hands over Zhuocheng's waist, making him shiver. Zhuocheng nodded, because to tell the truth--actually this is so much, I have no idea what to do--would have been kind of pathetic. And then Xiao Zhan leaned in and kissed him and Zhuocheng forgot to worry about anything, because oh. His eyes fluttered closed and he opened up for it, allowing himself to get taken over by Xiao Zhan's taste and scent.

It wasn't as if Zhuocheng had been nursing a ridiculous crush on Xiao Zhan or anything, but he hadn't not been thinking about the possibilities. They had been idle fantasies--especially given how obvious Xiao Zhan and Yibo had become over the last few weeks--but they had been there, nonetheless. Maybe not even fantasies, but idle questions. What would it be like to touch Xiao Zhan? To kiss him? What would he be like in bed?

Shiver after shiver ran down his spine as he realized he was about to find out the answers to all of those questions. Zhuocheng kissed Xiao Zhan back hungrily, getting into it. Xiao Zhan's response was to moan and press in closer. Oh, fuck, that was Xiao Zhan's dick, pressing hard against Zhuocheng's stomach, bumping his own. Zhuocheng gasped into the kiss. When he pulled back, he realized that he had wrapped his hands under Xiao Zhan's jaw. Xiao Zhan's eyes fluttered open and then crinkled in the corners with his smile.

"Hi," he said, and Zhuocheng couldn't help the giggle that escaped him.


"Should we move this over to the bed?" Xiao Zhan asked, turning to look at Yibo. He didn't appear to mind that Zhuocheng still had a hold of his face. Some sort of a wordless conversation took place between the two of them, and Zhuocheng's stomach writhed with the realization that he was going to get to see them together. Like. Together. Another idle question about to be answered. Fucking hell. He had been pulled into his own wet dream.

Yibo leaned in just as Xiao Zhan turned his head and they kissed. Fuck. They were both so close and the heat radiating from both their bodies was nearly unbearable. They looked so pretty as they kissed, looking utterly lost in one another. Zhuocheng barely breathed as he watched, unable to tear his gaze away. He could feel Xiao Zhan opening up for Yibo's kisses when his own thumbs were still digging into Xiao Zhan's jaw. He wondered if it was all right that he was watching, even feeling. Something about it felt almost too intimate, like he was intruding. But then again, they had been the ones to bring him into this particular fold, so maybe it was all right. He drank in the sight of their lips bumping and moving, the occasional glimpse of tongue. He grew even harder.

When the two of them pulled away, they just sort of looked at one another for a long moment before turning back to him. "Bed," Yibo declared, then grabbed Zhuocheng's hand away from Xiao Zhan's face and marched over to the bed, Zhuocheng stumbling after him. Before Zhuocheng knew what was happening, Yibo was pushing him down and crawling over him, his intent unmistakable. Zhuocheng moaned into the kiss, suddenly too aware of licking Xiao Zhan's taste from Yibo's tongue. Yibo inhaled sharply and Zhuocheng's eyes flew open. Behind Yibo, Xiao Zhan was doing...something...with his hands and when Yibo pulled away from the kiss, Zhuocheng saw that what he was doing was divesting Yibo of his last article of clothing. Zhuocheng's heartbeat kicked up as Yibo easily rose to his knees and leaned back against Xiao Zhan, giving Zhuocheng an unimpeded view as his hipbones and dick were revealed while Xiao Zhan kissed the side of his neck. Yibo's eyes were closed. Zhuocheng nearly whined. Fuck, Yibo was so hot. They looked so hot together.

When Yibo opened his eyes, he met Zhuocheng's gaze and smiled. "Hey, Zhan-ge. Zhan-ge."

"Hmm?" Xiao Zhan asked even as he patted Yibo's flank and gently pushed him over to the side so Yibo landed on his back and was able to get rid of his underwear altogether.

As if nothing had happened, Yibo said, "You promised Zhuocheng a blowjob."

"Oh, I remember. I'm getting there." Xiao Zhan gave Zhuocheng a wide smile and then quickly got rid of his own underwear.

Well, fuck. There they were, then. Completely fucking naked on a bed together, and Xiao Zhan was advancing on Zhuocheng with a grin and a gaze so hot, Zhuocheng thought he might melt. Everything sort of tingled in anticipation and his breath faltered, body forgetting to take in air.

It was quiet in the room apart from the hum of the air conditioning as Xiao Zhan took hold of Zhuocheng's ankles and spread them, getting in between his legs. Ohhh, fucking hell. Oh, this was happening. This was really happening. Zhuocheng lay motionless as Xiao Zhan settled in between his thighs and gave him a cheeky grin. "Yeah?"

Zhuocheng nodded quickly, and, in case that hadn't been enough, said, "Yes. Yes, please."

"He's so much more polite than we are," Yibo noted, sounding amused. Zhuocheng had weirdly almost forgotten he was there, because all of his awareness had been on how close Xiao Zhan was, and where he was in proximity to Zhuocheng's dick. Now it was impossible to ignore Yibo, warm body stretching out next to him as Yibo propped his head up on his hand and met his gaze. "You're so sweet," Yibo said.

Zhuocheng licked his lips and felt the need to defend his honor a little bit. "Not entirely sweet."

"No," Yibo agreed with a sideways grin. "Not entirely." Then he kissed him.

It was easy to lose himself in Yibo's mouth--so easy, in fact, that Xiao Zhan's lips wrapping around the head of his dick came as a shock. Zhuocheng jolted back from the kiss. When he looked down, Xiao Zhan met his eyes and, not looking away, went down. Zhuocheng bit off a curse.

Fuck, that felt good. He had only ever gotten one other blowjob in his whole life, and he'd almost forgotten the overwhelming heat of it, how it made his insides squirm with pleasure and his toes curl. Xiao Zhan also made it look good, lips stretched wide, eyelashes fluttering over his cheeks. Zhuocheng's eyes closed of their own accord and he gave himself up to the feeling of it. He didn't realize his hands had clenched into fists until he felt one hand being opened and Yibo's fingers sliding in between his own, holding on. "Told you he was good," he whispered into Zhuocheng's ear just as Xiao Zhan began to suck him off in earnest.

"Fuck." He tried not to move, but he couldn't help it. His hips pumped of their own accord and Xiao Zhan made a noise. Mortified, Zhuocheng froze, and was on the verge of apologizing when Yibo squeezed his hand.

"No, don't stop. He likes that," he said. "Don't you, Zhan-ge?"

Zhuocheng nearly came off the bed when Xiao Zhan hummed in agreement around his dick. Fucking hell.

"See?" Yibo leaned in even closer and kissed the side of Zhuocheng's mouth, giving him a tiny kitten lick. "C'mere." Zhuocheng shifted until he was facing Yibo and then they were kissing. Again. Wow, Yibo really seemed to be into kissing. That wasn't a problem--so was Zhuocheng. It was only a little hard to concentrate with Xiao Zhan sucking his soul out through his dick. Between them, Zhuocheng couldn't focus on any single sensation, and it felt like a feedback loop of pleasure. He loved kissing. He loved getting his dick sucked. Both at once made him forget his own name. "Oh, fuck." He ripped his mouth away from Yibo's when Xiao Zhan's tongue did something unseemly to the head of his dick and squeezed his eyes shut, doing his best to pull back from the brink. It would be extremely embarrassing to come not two minutes after starting.

Yibo did not appear to put off as he began to pepper Zhuocheng's overly sensitive neck with kisses, sliding lower with every kiss until he was licking down the lines of Zhuocheng's stomach, making it flutter under his touch. Oh, God, that was a lot. Zhuocheng opened his eyes and looked down at the two of them, heads bent, working him with their mouths.

Fucking hell, what porn movie had he been pulled into?

Zhuocheng groaned, marshalled all of his strength, and took hold of Xiao Zhan's hair, stilling him in place. "Wait." His voice was hoarse, low. Slightly weird sounding to his own ears. "I--stop for a second."

Xiao Zhan lifted his eyes and met Zhuocheng's gaze. Slowly, he slid his mouth up his cock and suckled at the head as he pulled off. A tiny lick at the seam afterwards, like he couldn't help himself. Fucking hell.

"You okay?" Xiao Zhan's voice wasn't much better, but he had very good reason. He'd been all but deep-throating Zhuocheng.

"I'm--yeah, just--"

Yibo braced his hands on his knees, watching Zhuocheng with a thoughtful expression. His dick stood out dark and vivid against his stomach. Zhuocheng's mouth watered. Would he be allowed to suck him off for a bit? He just wanted a taste. Yibo's dick was pretty big--bigger than Zhuocheng's or Xiao Zhan's--and looked like it could do some damage. In, like, a sexy way. "What are you thinking?" Yibo asked.

"Thinking about sucking your dick," Zhuocheng answered. Oh, okay. He'd just come out and say it, then.

Yibo's face broke into a sunny smile. "We can arrange that." He sounded positively delighted. "What do you think, Zhan-ge?" He turned to Xiao Zhan and, once again, they had one of their silent eye-only conversations.

The thing was, Zhuocheng was sort of used to the two of them by now. They were a unit, and often, they were a unit unto themselves, even if there were a hundred other people bustling around them. Their constant goofing around had become so commonplace, you kind of got used to it. But right now, it all slammed into him. They were together. It wasn't just a game, it wasn't silly schoolboy flirting. Zhuocheng wondered how he could have missed how serious it was--because, he could see now. It was serious. The two of them seemed to get each other without even trying. It was a lot to take in--especially when you were naked and hard underneath them, trying desperately not to blow too soon.

"Yeah," Xiao Zhan said, then lowered himself until he was kissing just below Zhuocheng's belly button, making him tremble. "I'd like to see that."

Zhuocheng licked his lips, then watched helplessly as Yibo crawled back up the bed and put one blunt fingertip under Zhuocheng's chin. "How do you want me?"

Zhuocheng kissed him and used the momentum to roll them over. He could take charge, too, if he wanted to. He did not feel any particular need to, really, but Yibo made a delicious noise against his mouth at being pinned down, so Zhuocheng pressed a hand to hip, holding him in place experimentally.

"He likes that," Xiao Zhan rasped behind them.

Zhuocheng jolted. He kept forgetting, somehow, that there were three of them. Whenever he had anybody's focus for long enough, everything else fell away. Xiao Zhan and Yibo were magnetic. It was ridiculous. He bit the inside of his cheek and leaned down until he had Yibo's Adam's apple between his lips. He made his way down his body in silence, reveling in it a bit. Yibo was gorgeous--slim and hard, all muscle definition and delicate bone under smooth, soft skin. It felt hot under his lips and against his tongue. He ran his teeth down the bumps of his ribs and felt the flutter of tense muscle underneath his hands. Above him, Yibo was gasping. When Zhuocheng pulled back, he saw that one of Yibo's hands was fisted in the sheets and that Xiao Zhan had moved until he was stretched out alongside Yibo, his nails raking up Yibo's pale thigh.

Oh, that was. That was really hot. Their gazes met and Xiao Zhan's eyes were practically sparkling. He tipped his chin at Zhuocheng, like, go on, then. Zhuocheng lowered his gaze and slid further down until his tongue fit into the defined groove of Yibo's hip. He grazed his teeth along the muscle, feeling it twitch under his touch. He could smell Yibo's arousal from here, mixed in with a bit of sweat. That was super hot, too, and heady--Yibo was, in part, turned on because of him. Zhuocheng decided not to think about how big or small that part might have been. After all, his attention kept flitting from one to the other, as well.

Then Xiao Zhan began to talk. It was quiet, but Zhuocheng could hear him pretty clearly beneath the constant hum of the A/C. He thought maybe he was meant to. "You're so hot right now, baby," Xiao Zhan murmured against Yibo's ear as Yibo's dick twitched under Zhuocheng's exhalation. Yibo gave an aborted sort of moan. "You should look at Zhuocheng, too, see how pretty he looks."

Zhuocheng's ears burned, but he did his best not to stutter in his movements. He was nosing right into the thatch of hair at the base of Yibo's dick. It had been a while for him, but he started to remember how much he'd enjoyed doing this, the two whole times he'd done it before. He slid back, giving himself more room to work with, then grew a bit bold and took hold of one of Yibo's legs, spreading it. Yibo went willingly.

"Yeah, open him up," Xiao Zhan murmured. Zhuocheng's belly flipped over.

Yibo had strong, smooth thighs, and Zhuocheng--a leg man--got a bit distracted by them. He leaned in and licked the length of one, then, flicking his gaze up and catching Xiao Zhan's eye for a fleeting moment, began to suck, hard, feeling extremely daring. Yibo gave a cry. It didn't sound like he wanted Zhuocheng to stop, but you could never be sure--

"He likes that, too," came Xiao Zhan's rough voice. "Trust me."

Zhuocheng sucked harder, then gave the spot a bite. Yibo trembled, his voice high and needy. He did like that. Zhuocheng moved up a bit more, then did it again to a spot that appeared even more sensitive. He left dark pink marks in his wake until, finally, he was back where he'd started, and this time he didn't wait around but took the head of Yibo's dick into his mouth and sucked, hard. Another exclamation, muffled this time, and when Zhuocheng glanced up, he saw that they were kissing. No, more like devouring each other--intense, open-mouthed kisses, slick with tongue, Xiao Zhan's hand holding onto Yibo's jaw. Zhuocheng hesitated a bit, then remembered his goal, and went down a little more. It felt sort of...dirty, but not in a bad way, to be doing it like this. He felt almost unnecessary to the proceedings, maybe even kind of used. He didn't hate it. In fact, it was...kind of hot. He surprised himself. He didn't think it would be a thing for him.

Good to know.

He shut his eyes and went down further, focusing on the task at hand. Yibo tasted salty, kind of sexy. His dick was veiny and Zhuocheng licked along the ridges as he went down on him, enjoying the textures. He couldn't take him down too far--he hadn't had enough practice--but what he couldn't reach, he used his hand on, and it wasn't like Yibo was complaining.

His jaw began to ache after a while, but he didn't want to stop--it was good. He wanted to keep forcing those noises from Yibo, the ones that escaped their kisses like they wouldn't be contained. But then the taste changed, growing more bitter, and Zhuocheng took that as a sign to pull off, continuing to jerk Yibo off with his hand fast and hard. When he looked up, Yibo and Xiao Zhan were both watching him with equally glazed eyes, Yibo's mouth open and panting.

"He's close," Xiao Zhan said, somewhat unnecessarily, because the next moment Yibo tensed, body going taut as a string, and came with a wet gasp, shooting across his stomach. With his head thrown back and eyes squeezed shut, he looked almost in pain. Zhuocheng had wondered if he'd have a ridiculous come face, but, no, he just looked--hot. Like he did every other time. It was sort of unfair, really. Zhuocheng had no idea what his orgasm face looked like, but he would bet it wasn't beautiful. "That was so hot," Xiao Zhan said after a moment, then swiped a hand through Yibo's come, popped the finger in his mouth, and sucked.

Well. Okay, then.

Zhuocheng grabbed hold of his own dick and gave it a couple of squeezes, biting his lip. Fuck. He needed to get off now, but he didn't know what would be the polite thing to do. Then his gaze met Xiao Zhan's, and Xiao Zhan reached forward, grabbed his wrist, and yanked him down. Zhuocheng landed on top of them both with an oof. What--

"Come here," Xiao Zhan said and leaned up and kissed him. Zhuocheng moaned, scrambling to find a way to raise himself up enough that he wouldn't crush them with his weight, when an arm came around his middle and pressed down. Yibo. Somehow, as he'd been kissing Xiao Zhan, Zhuocheng had ended up in between them as Yibo moved aside. Zhuocheng felt a hand on his flank, then his hip, and then--


Yibo had a hold of his dick and was jerking him off slowly, a bit dry at first, then going for the head and spreading the slick around. After that, it was a tight, wet slide that drove any other thought from his mind. He was barely even aware of Xiao Zhan's tongue in his mouth, but not so unaware that he stopped kissing him. It felt pretty impossible to stop--Xiao Zhan was forceful in a way that made you feel like rolling over and baring your throat. Fuck. Zhuocheng's head spun, breath coming in fits and starts. Yibo started going faster, jerking him off with an obvious goal in mind. Zhuocheng grabbed hold of Yibo's hip and pressed back. He felt something warm and wet at his back--oh, God, that was Yibo's come. He hadn't cleaned up, and now it was smeared all over Zhuocheng. Kind of gross. A little bit hot.

He slid his hand around until he could feel the tense muscles of Yibo's ass and squeezed, because he was also a butt man. Yibo made a noise behind him, then sidled up so close, Zhuocheng felt his soft dick nudging his ass. Fucking hell.

Xiao Zhan broke off their kiss and leaned up over him. As Zhuocheng watched, Yibo shifted, and then the two of them were kissing right over his head, slick, sucking sounds that could have been sort of off-putting, but, again, were actually hot. Yibo never stopped moving his hand over Zhuocheng's dick, which was, frankly, impressive, and Zhuocheng lay and writhed there between them, his brain slowly leaking out of his ears. Xiao Zhan's hard dick was nudging his hip, his bony knees knocking against Zhuocheng's, while Yibo's dick grew harder against his ass. Fuck, he was gonna come any second now, and then it would be over, and he really, really didn't want it to be over--

Zhuocheng took hold of Yibo's wrist and stilled him. They broke apart and Xiao Zhan looked at Zhuocheng with a blown, glassy gaze. "Zhuocheng?"

"Don't wanna come yet," he gritted out, squeezing his eyes shut in embarrassment. Maybe they actually wanted him to come, so he could then leave, and instead he was stalling--

Zhuocheng's skin felt suddenly cold as Yibo moved away, and then he was being rolled over onto his back and somebody--Yibo?--was kissing his lips. Oh, wow, could he tell them apart just by feel now? That was sort of...wild and interesting. He opened his eyes. He'd been right.

Yibo pulled back and grinned. "What if we want to make you feel good? It's okay to come."

Xiao Zhan hummed in agreement, then reached out and ran a palm up Zhuocheng's dick. "We're here to make you feel good," he said, then squeezed his hand, forcing a gasp from Zhuocheng. He leaned in and gave Zhuocheng another kiss, then another. "Do you feel good?"

Oh, he felt good, all right. When he opened his mouth to tell them that, all that came out was a groan.

Yibo sniggered in his ear, causing shiver after shiver across his skin. "Good," he whispered. "What would you like? Do you want Zhan-ge to touch you? Do you want my mouth?"

Zhuocheng whimpered.

"I think he'd like your mouth, baby," Xiao Zhan said, a smile in his voice. "Do you want that?"

Zhuocheng had barely breathed his yes before Yibo was sliding down the bed and bending over him. As Zhuocheng watched, Xiao Zhan guided his cock towards Yibo's lips, smearing precome all over them--Zhuocheng's brain nearly shorted out--and then Yibo was opening up and Xiao Zhan was feeding him Zhuocheng's dick. Holy shit. He groaned with how good that first moment of tight, wet heat felt, and then Xiao Zhan moved his hand until he was only holding onto the base while Yibo slowly slid down his cock bit by bit until--fuck, fuck, fuck--Zhuocheng was nudging his soft palate and then sliding further in. Yibo's lips met Xiao Zhan's hand--like they'd rehearsed it; like they'd maybe done this before--and then he swallowed. Zhuocheng cried out, falling back and trembling from all the sensation. Fucking hell, did Yibo even have a gag reflex? God.

It only got worse from there, where by worse, he meant fucking incredible, because Yibo slid all the way up and then all the way down, and then again and again, cheeks hollowing the entire time, sucking him with intent. There was absolutely no way Zhuocheng was going to last, not like this. He was only one man, writhing between two men who were, apparently, hell bent on absolutely wrecking him. "Yibo-- Yibo, I'm gonna-- fuck, I'm gonna--"

Xiao Zhan said, "He likes that, too," and that was it, that was all that Zhuocheng could handle, and the next moment, he was coming--hips pumping, toes curling, heart beating a wild rhythm in his chest. He couldn't feel his fingers. His throat was sore--he'd attempted to swallow down a shout, but it had burst through, anyway.

Yibo suckled on his dick as Zhoucheng grew soft, and then it got to be too much and Zhuocheng whimpered, not daring to push him off. Yibo let him go with a smug grin. Catching his eye, he gave the tip of his dick a kiss (!!) and then rose up on his knees, like, job well done. Zhuocheng groaned and slapped a hand over his eyes. God, it was too much, they were too much. Yibo was hard again, and Xiao Zhan was still hard, and Zhuocheng couldn't feel his legs.

"Don't tell me you're done," Xiao Zhan said, not unkindly, and Zhuocheng's eyes flew open.

"Give me a minute," he mumbled in response. Yibo sniggered again. Zhuocheng watched, blinking, as the two of them turned towards one another and started kissing again. This time, though, Xiao Zhan grabbed hold of the back of Yibo's head, pushed him away, and guided him downwards. Oh.

Yibo shuffled backwards until he could bend in half and take Xiao Zhan's dick in his mouth. Zhuocheng felt it in his bones when Xiao Zhan groaned and threw his head back. He'd been hard for longer than anyone else, he must be aching for touch. And now Zhuocheng knew what it was like to have Wang Yibo's mouth on your dick. His hips lifted in sympathy, even though he was still soft. That probably wouldn't be the case for much longer, though, not with how fucking hot it was to watch Yibo going down on Xiao Zhan, Xiao Zhan's hand clutching his hair. Fuck. Zhuocheng mindlessly took hold of his dick and started to palm it up and down, the first sparks of arousal starting to tickle his stomach.

Yibo made noise as he sucked Xiao Zhan off, possibly more than Xiao Zhan was making--Yibo was moaning. Xiao Zhan, for his part, was letting out these high, staccato ah's that went directly to Zhuocheng's dick. Why was all of that so hot? Xiao Zhan was flushed from his cheeks down to his chest, and his fist was nearly white where it was clenched in Yibo's hair. Zhuocheng's dick twitched and, amazingly, started to fill out. Oh, wow.

"Yibo, fuck--"

It was incredible, watching them together, watching Yibo sucking dick from this angle. Xiao Zhan didn't seemed concerned about staying still, his hips now pumping rhythmically, fucking Yibo's face. There was no other word for it. Zhuocheng couldn't see if Yibo was hard, but he bet he was. Yibo appeared to seriously enjoy giving head. Also, he was really flexible.

"Come here," Xiao Zhan breathed, and it took Zhuocheng a minute to realize Xiao Zhan was talking to him. "Come here, kiss me."

Zhuocheng scrambled up awkwardly, then shuffled up on his knees towards Xiao Zhan, who reached out and grabbed him around the middle, bringing him in. Their kiss tasted like pure sex, it tasted like Yibo's dick. Xiao Zhan was all but fucking his mouth with his tongue, Zhuocheng barely keeping up. He felt sluggish and turned on at the same time, and he was sort of wobbling on his knees. He clung to Xiao Zhan for balance. His brain felt like someone had taken it and thrown it in a blender.

He nearly came off the bed when Xiao Zhan took hold of his dick and started to pump him to the same rhythm Yibo was using on him. Zhuocheng broke off the kiss and gasped, eyes nearly crossing. Xiao Zhan was smiling, biting his lip. "Didn't even need more than a minute," he said. "Good boy."

Zhuocheng's eyes nearly rolled to the back of his head.

And then Xiao Zhan's hand on his dick stilled and squeezed--fuck--and Xiao Zhan gave another high gasp as he came. Zhuocheng looked down--Yibo was sucking him through it like he had with Zhuocheng. They were filming tomorrow--how the hell was he gonna hide what he'd been doing? His throat would be absolutely destroyed.

It was, frankly, impressive dedication to dick-sucking.

Yibo popped off Xiao Zhan's dick and licked his lips. They looked nearly bruised now, and dark, even more pouty than normal. Zhuocheng's dick jumped at the sight. Before he could do anything, Yibo was leaning over Xiao Zhan and catching his mouth in an open kiss, where--holy shit, Yibo was feeding Xiao Zhan his come. Xiao Zhan moaned and took it and Zhuocheng's legs gave out. He sagged downwards, watching the filthiest thing he had ever seen in his life, and that included a lot of weird porn that Ji Li sometimes sent him "just for laughs."

When they were done kissing, they turned towards Zhuocheng as one and Yibo grinned. "You okay?"

Once more, Zhoucheng distinguished himself by whimpering. In his defense, he had no brain cells left, only lust. His dick ached with how much he needed to come again. Yibo smiled wider and crawled over him until they were mouth to mouth. "Hey." A kiss. "What do you want?"

"I don't--I don't know."

Another kiss. "All right. How about we take care of each other?"

Zhuocheng's slow brain did not understand what Yibo meant until Yibo rolled over him and brought their hips together, dicks touching. "Oh…"

"Yeah, like that." Yibo punctuated the words with a thrust of his hips, then another. Zhuocheng felt his body arching up to meet him, the slide between their dicks nice and slick, thanks to how much Zhuocheng was already leaking. Yibo kissed him, all tongue and breath, and continued to move above him, propped up on his elbows. "Here, put your legs around my hips," he muttered, guiding Zhuocheng where he wanted him, and Zhuocheng went only because he had no thoughts of his own anymore. The position brought them closer together and felt even more intimate. He wrapped his arms around Yibo's neck, then heard himself whining deep in his chest from how good it all was, how hot. Then Yibo broke off their kiss and, still moving above him, turned his head. Xiao Zhan was there to catch his mouth in a kiss. Oh, wow. Zhuocheng had a front row seat again, only this time, the seat was a lot closer, and Xiao Zhan drew him in the next moment for a kiss of his own. Zhuocheng moaned into it as his pleasure rose and Yibo started moving faster.

God, it was like they were fucking.

Xiao Zhan switched to kissing Yibo again, and that's how it went until Zhuocheng could barely breathe, his chest filling with fire, his entire body tensing with need. He made an incoherent noise deep in his throat and came just as Xiao Zhan pulled him into a filthy, open-mouthed kiss. He trembled through it. Yibo cursed above him, and sped up, jostling them up the bed. Zhuocheng closed his eyes as the last of the pleasure subsided and he tightened his legs around Yibo's hips, urging him on.

Yibo came with a shudder and a gasp, hips snapping, head buried against Zhuocheng's neck. When he was done, he relaxed and became a dead weight on top of him. Boneless, Zhuocheng allowed his legs to flop back down.

"Wow." Xiao Zhan's voice in his ear jolted Zhuocheng out of a sort of reverie he'd gone into for a moment.

"Fuck me," Yibo muttered and slowly pushed himself up and off Zhuocheng. Zhuocheng caught his quick grin as Yibo rolled over and plopped down beside him.

Zhuocheng was, once again, lying in between Xiao Zhan and Yibo, completely covered in come.

For a long moment, they all just lay there and panted. Zhuocheng's synapses were slow to fire and he panted up at the ceiling and experienced no thoughts. Then Xiao Zhan propped his head up on his hand and ran a finger through the combined come on his stomach. He brought it to his mouth again, and again, sucked it off. God, he was dirty.

Xiao Zhan smiled at him. "How are you doing, sweetheart?"


Yibo's high giggle behind him. "I think we might have broken him."

Xiao Zhan's eyes went comically large. "Oh no, what do we do?"

Yibo's hand snaked around to Zhuocheng hips, bypassing the mess on his stomach, and then he was sidling up to Zhuocheng at the same time as rolling him over onto his side to face Xiao Zhan. Zhuocheng felt a press of lips to his shoulder. "I think we give him a kiss to make it better."

Xiao Zhan kissed him sweetly this time, no tongue, just his lips and breath. He made a pleased sound as they broke off. "You're lovely," Xiao Zhan said, running a hand through Zhuocheng's sweaty hair. "How are you doing, really?"

Zhuocheng attempted to scrape some thoughts together. "Good?" he managed. "I'm...I'm good." Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Wrung out. But good.

Xiao Zhan's smile was, as always, blinding. "Good."

Zhuocheng felt a squeeze to his hip from Yibo. "So, how did we do? Apology-wise. Do you forgive us?"

Zhuocheng blinked. He had completely forgotten how they had gotten here. He cracked up. "No. Because the two of you are just gonna turn around and do the same thing again tomorrow."

Xiao Zhan made big eyes at Yibo over his head, then looked back at Zhuocheng. "We'll try to be better. We swear. We do know it's annoying."

"It's…" Annoying wasn't the word for it. Frustrating. Maddening. Kind of sweet. "It's all right," he finally said, relaxing. "I'm...glad you guys are happy."

This time, Xiao Zhan's gaze was soft as he looked past him at Yibo. He bit his lip, then met Zhuocheng's gaze. "You're really sweet."

"And hot," Yibo noted behind him. "Since we're discussing it."

"And adorable."

"And good at giving head."


"Oh my God, stop, stop, stop." Zhuocheng was laughing so hard, his stomach was starting to hurt. And, speaking of stomachs... He looked down. Eugh. "Do you mind if I take a quick shower?"

"Of course!" Xiao Zhan still had mischief in his eyes. "Let us know if you'd like some help."

Zhuocheng rolled his eyes. "I think I can handle it."

If they helped any more, he'd be dead.

The shower felt good as he scrubbed himself clean. He let the hot water soothe his muscles, which had been tensed in various positions for a bit too long. It also cleared his head a little bit, enough that he sort of stared at himself in the little space he'd cleaned off the fogged up mirror and thought, holy shit I just had a threesome with Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo. Holy shit.

He blinked at his own reflection. He looked dazed, even after his shower. His lips were sort of...swollen. A bit. And dark. And his chin was slightly red.

He definitely looked like he'd had sex.

(Holy shit! He'd just had sex! He could count on one hand the numbers of times he'd had sex in his life.)

He hoped he wouldn't run into anyone in the hallway.

When he came out of the bathroom, the two of them were still sprawled on the bed, Yibo lying with his head pillowed on Xiao Zhan's chest, eyes closed. Xiao Zhan put a finger to his lips, then whispered, "He needs sleep."

Zhuocheng nodded. Now he just had to...find his clothes. Put them on. And leave? Yes. Yes, that was the right thing to do.

He started rooting around on the floor where all their clothes lay mixed up.

"What are you doing?" Xiao Zhan asked quietly.

"Looking for my clothes?" He would have thought it was obvious.

"You're not gonna stay?"

Zhuocheng whipped around to look at him. "Huh?"

"Stay for a bit. There's no rush. You could take a nap, too. Unless," Xiao Zhan hurried on, "you don't want to. No pressure."

Zhuocheng searched deep within himself. Did he want to go back to his room where things made sense? Or did he want to lie back down in this wreck of a bed and nap next to Yibo and Xiao Zhan?

He dropped his pants and crawled onto the bed, taking care not to jostle the two of them and wake Yibo up. "You sure it's okay?"

Xiao Zhan smiled his warm smile. "Of course. Stay a while. We can order in."

Zhuocheng blinked. That was...sweet. And sounded nice. "Okay." He settled in more comfortably and blinked. "You don't mind if I sleep for a bit?"

"Not at all. I'll wake you both up."

"What will you do?" The TV was off and Xiao Zhan didn't even have his phone.

"I'll just drift for a bit," he said, like that was a normal thing to say. "I like to just think sometimes."

"Oh. Okay." Zhuocheng let himself relax into the pillow. Xiao Zhan was so interesting. "Good night, I guess?"

"Sleep well, didi." A small smile.

Zhuocheng smiled in response and closed his eyes, wondering how long it would take him to actually fall asleep, what with all the swirling, whirling thoughts, and then he breathed in, and out, and then he fell asleep.