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Against Instincts

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Katsuki was used to always having the nerds attention, that hadn't changed since they were still kids. But something about Deku's stare today irked him to no end.

The boy had been looking at him much more than usual, all the while his lips were moving in silent muttering, a telltale sign that he had something on his mind.

Katsuki didn't know how he managed to endure it for the duration of all of their theoretical lessons that day, probably exactly because he was so used to it, but when he felt the prickling sensation of eyes on him again right after training, he had had enough.

He waited in the locker room until everyone had left. Everyone except Deku of course, Katsuki guessed correctly that he wouldn't leave without him today.

As soon as the door closed behind Icyhot, who had been talking to Deku while they changed, Katsuki flared his scent in challenge to Deku, ripping him out of his obsessed state of mind. The nerd began to push his own scent out on instinct, responding to the challenge as any alpha would.

For a second, the two alphas held each other's gaze as pepper and spice competed with moss and thunderstorms, then Katsuki snapped, "What?! What is on your fucking mind, Deku?!"

The nerd reddened but didn't back down to Katsuki's aggression, firmly answering, "Kacchan, do you still remember that promise we made when we were kids?" His green eyes were looking at Katsuki as if that was enough information for Katsuki to know what he was referring to.

Katsuki obviously wasn't patient enough to jog his memory. "Which fucking promise, Deku?"

And Deku had the nerve to look hurt. As if that promise should have been Katsuki's fucking prayer every night before bed, as if it was a crime to not know what the nerd was referring to.

"The promise that we would be each other's mates in the future!" Deku's voice sounded indignantly.

Katsuki was taken aback for a moment before his brain processed the words. And then he did remember, they had indeed made that promise. But-

"You mean that promise we made when we didn't even have our quirks, let alone knew what our second genders would be? The promise we made before knowing that we are both alphas?"

"That doesn't matter!" Deku's voice carried even more indignation. His scent was trying to triumph over Katsuki's as he pushed it out into the room. "We promised that we would be mates regardless of our second genders! Are you backing down now?!"

Katsuki bristled at that, his inner Alpha yelling that he would never back down and pushing his own scent out even more than before. "Don't make it seem as if I'm chickening out, because I'm not! But how the fuck do you think this would work between us?! We're both. Goddamn. Alphas!"

"And?! It's not like we can't stick it in just because we don't self-lubricate! Beta-males in love do it all the time!"

"Yeah, because they don't have to deal with their instincts fucking screaming at them! Alpha's aren't supposed to be mates! Get that in your dumb head already!"

"Doesn't mean we can't do it. Or do you only follow your instincts like an animal, Kacchan?" Katsuki got the inkling that Deku was trying to play with his buttons to get what he wanted, he had likely been pondering over his choice of words for the entire day. But Katsuki wouldn't jump to that like Deku wanted him to. Like hell he would.

"If that's so"-Katsuki said slowly and paused a moment to hold the nerd's gaze- "then fine. We can be mates. But you're the one that's going to ride on my cock. After all, you're the one among us who is convinced that this works."

Katsuki watched as Deku tensed at his words. Of fucking course the nerd wasn't willing. With this the matter would be done with, they could go back to their usual routine and find their respective omega- or even beta-mates. Not that Katsuki had something against being mates with Deku. Before they both presented as alphas, he himself thought that he wanted Deku to be his mate. He had expected Deku to be an omega or beta, his personality didn't exactly scream alpha. But as fate would have it, they were both alphas.

Katsuki had thought with that every chance of them being mates had vanished. But Katsuki had underestimated Deku's insistence, as the nerd suddenly squared his shoulders in challenge. "You. Me. Tonight. We fight it out on the training grounds and the winner will be the top."

Katsuki blinked. He wouldn't back down from a good fight, and dicking down Deku after that was a nice bonus. "We will be grounded if we get caught fighting on UA grounds without permission, though," Katsuki voiced his thoughts.

"I will get us permission. I think All Might will put in a word for us if I tell him we need to settle something big. And that you will probably blow up the dorms if we don't do it tonight. They are used to us fighting all the time so it should be fine."

"Why the fuck are you using me as the threat?!"




Katsuki was slightly surprised that Deku actually got permission. When he showed up in front of his room, Katsuki thought he was there to tell him that they would have to postpone the fight. But instead the nerd dragged him out to the training grounds and started rattling off the rules of their fight.

No support gear and no serious injuries like breaking bones or severe burns. Apart from that, quirks were allowed and they would fight until one gave up voluntarily – very unlikely – or one managed to restrain the other without them being able to get free.

Katsuki accepted the rules without hesitation and readied himself for the fight. Although Deku had proved himself to be just as strong as Katsuki over the years in UA, Katsuki wasn't going to let himself lose this fight.

When Deku called out that he was ready, Katsuki immediately used his explosions to propell himself towards him. Taking in what he could see of the nerd's movements in the light of his explosions, he tried to analyze what his counterattack was going to be.

His first few hits were easily evaded. Explosions echoed through the night as the two just focused on tiring the other out while looking for an opening.

When Deku caught a hit of Katsuki's in his hand, Katsuki took the opportunity to slam his knee up, trying to get him in the stomach, but Deku blocked it with his other hand while clenching the one around his fist down, causing Katsuki to let out a hiss as he felt his bones shift.

But that was as far as Deku could go in order to not break anything, so Katsuki didn't hesitate to use an explosion to propel himself up into the air, forcing Deku to let go lest he twist Katsuki's wrist in the movement.

Katsuki did a flip over the nerd as he let loose another explosion to the nerd's back, just enough to knock him over.

Deku caught himself by landing on his hands and pushing himself back up in a somersault. The movement was clean and yet he winced when he landed back on his feet, throwing a quick glance at his right hand. Katsuki figured that the nerd must have landed wrong on one of the bigger pebbles lying around, but was quickly pulled out of his thoughts when the night flashed green and his opponent was coming at him again.

He grinned as he stepped to the side in a smooth motion and grabbed the injured hand when the nerd passed, pulling him from his original course and definitely yanking at the injury painfully. He then pushed him away with an explosion once again, but this time Deku caught himself immediately and whirled around with a kick to Katsuki's left shoulder, hitting him perfectly.

Katsuki clenched his teeth at the pain but used both of his arms anyways as he propelled himself into the air with the help of his quirk to evade the fist following right after.

The nerd kicked off the ground after him and made to grab at Katsuki with his left hand, but had to use that arm to block an explosion aimed at his face.

They both landed some distance away from each other, immediately turning to attack again.

Katsuki tried his luck with a left swing despite the pain, taking advantage of the other's own injury, but Deku seemingly predicted the movement as he was already moving to duck and tackled Katsuki's middle, throwing both of them to the ground.

Not allowing the nerd to stay on top of him, Katsuki immediately slung his legs around the nerd's torso and rolled over, sitting up and raising his right to land a fist on Deku's nose, which the nerd quickly blocked while also grabbing Katsuki's arm with both hands and using One For All to yank him off of himself.

But before the nerd could get to his feet, Katsuki threw himself at him again and they rolled on the ground in a tangled mess as they both tried to get on top of the other.

Finally, Katsuki managed to gain the upper hand and pushed Deku onto the ground. One hand pressed onto his throat while the other restrained Deku's uninjured hand.

But right when he was about to tell Deku to give up, he suddenly felt something thin wind around his wrists. Fuck. Katsuki realized his mistake as soon as his hands were yanked behind his back and he was pulled off of Deku and onto the ground, hissing as his left shoulder protested at the movement.

Then the nerd was on top of him and Katsuki's hands were pressed into the ground behind his back painfully, preventing him from using his quirk without harming himself first.

In the darkness he could barely see the black tendrils that sprouted from Deku's arms as the nerd was now pressing a hand on Katsuki's throat in turn. Deku hadn't used his other quirk the entire fight, to the point that Katsuki had briefly forgotten about Black Whip. Fuck.

Katsuki tried to struggle, kicking his legs and bucking in an attempt to throw Deku off. But it was hopeless and only resulted in more tendrils winding around his body to restrain him. Fuck.

"Fucking... let go!" He pressed out between clenched teeth, still straining against his restraints.

Deku only looked at him triumphantly. "If you admit your defeat, sure, I will."

"Fuck off! Like hell I'll give up, you tricked me!"

"Are you blaming your oversight on me? Should I declare it beforehand each time I choose to use my quirk? But that would be looking down on you, wouldn't it?" Deku spoke mockingly, pressing harder onto Katsuki's throat. "And now give up," he hissed.

Katsuki fletched his teeth, showing off his fangs. His inner alpha was outraged at the idea that he had lost against another alpha. "Make me," he hissed back.

That seemed to be a mistake. Before he could even blink, the green haired alpha had yanked Katsuki's head to the side and Katsuki felt sharp fangs prick at the skin of his scent gland.

He went rigid as Deku waited for his response. Slowly, he pressed out, "Don't. You. Dare." A bite to the scent mark usually meant a bond between omega and alpha. In that case, both partners would have a claiming mark on their neck to show that they were taken. But when an alpha bit another alpha in that place, it meant that they were superior to the other. It was the greatest humiliation to any alpha.

Katsuki let out the breath he was holding when Deku raised his head off his neck without biting. But then Deku looked down at him and said, "If we are going to be mates, a claiming mark is part of the process, Kacchan." And then, with some contemplation in his eyes, he added, "And since I will be the top, it's only right that I claim you first."

With that, he lowered his head to Katsuki's still bared neck again and didn't hesitate at all, pushing his fangs deeply into Katsuki's scent gland and drawing blood. Katsuki hissed and struggled against his restraints while his inner alpha raged, pushing out his pheromones in protest. But what was done was done. Deku only growled at his actions and responded with his own pheromones until Katsuki's inner alpha finally accepted the situation and gave in. Katsuki felt strange as, for the first time, the scent he gave off was submissive and sweet instead of domineering and spicy.

Eventually, Deku pulled off of Katsuki's neck and raised himself up while licking the blood from his lips. "Kacchan." His voice was heady and sounded out of breath.

Katsuki opened his eyes that he had unknowingly closed and looked up at the other alpha questioningly. Then he noticed it. Fuck. The nerd was hard, his erection pressing into Katsuki's stomach where he sat on him.

Katsuki hissed, "Get a grip on yourself, dammit! We're outside!"

"What?" Deku breathed out. "Do you want to do this in our dorms? Where everyone will hear us? We're away from any inhabited buildings right now and it is dark. Aside from that, everyone knows that we were fighting here. They won't suspect a thing." He licked his lips hungrily while staring at Katsuki.

"This- I don't... fuck! Then do this yourself, I'm not helping!" he hissed. His last attempt at showing his unwillingness while already knowing what came next was inevitable. His inner alpha had submitted to the other and Katsuki could slowly feel himself getting erect from the tension between them.

Deku's lips were on his as soon as Katsuki gave the go ahead, kissing him fervently while releasing Black Whip from Katsuki's body and allowing his wrists to leave their painful position behind his back. All injuries were seemingly forgotten as Deku's hands roamed over Katsuki's body, pushing under his shirt to feel him directly.

Soon, he felt Deku licking at his lips, asking for entrance. Katsuki sneered instead, leaving the nerd to lick at his teeth without getting past them.

Nonetheless, Deku wasn't discouraged as he kept on kissing Katsuki, only occasionally pausing to breathe. Then Katsuki felt something pull down his pants, yet the nerds hands were caressing his upper body. Obviously, the nerd was using his quirk for extra appendages.

As soon as his pants and boxers were off his feet, Deku broke the kiss to slip between Katsuki's legs, raising them to rest on his hips while wrapping a warm hand around Katsuki's straining erection. Katsuki choked out a moan when Deku started to jerk him off, rutting his hips into the firm grip.

"Kacchan," Deku said breathlessly, "I want you. I want to be in you. I can't wait."

"Fuck, Deku. You need to stretch me first, dumbass!"

"Mmh... don't worry, I will," he leaned down and whispered into another kiss. Katsuki only realized that Deku had taken his own pants off as well when he felt their erections touch. The nerd wrapped his hand around both of them as he held Katsuki up at his hip and continued his stroking. Katsuki was sure he could cum just from this alone if Deku continued. The pleasure was fogging his head to the point that he almost forgot how this was supposed to play out.

But of course the nerd reminded him in due time when the hands on his body suddenly vanished and Deku rose up off of Katsuki, leaving Katsuki to hold himself up with his legs wrapped around the nerd as he growled at the lost pleasure, until he opened his eyes to see a bottle in Deku's hand and suddenly felt slick fingers press at his rim. Deku had actually come prepared, that fucker had been carrying lube with him during their entire fight.

Deku put the bottle down next to them and used one hand to hold Katsuki up again. Katsuki took a deep breath when he felt a finger press into him. Just the tip, yet the stretch was more than expected. And maybe he should have known his instincts would act up, but he was nonetheless unprepared when a low growl rumbled in his throat of it's own accord and his lips pulled back to show his fangs, the inner alpha in him protesting that this wasn't natural and Katsuki wasn't supposed to take anything up there.

The nerd seemed unfazed, though. He just leaned down again and licked against Katsuki's clenched teeth once more, unafraid that he might bite his tongue off. Then he pushed his finger deeper until it settled all the way inside him. Katsuki's hips were stuttering as he fought against his instinct to pull back and get away. He was not fucking running away like a coward!

"You're doing so good, Kacchan. So good for me." Of course the nerd wouldn't keep his mouth shut for long. Katsuki wanted to deny the implication that he was doing this willingly for Deku, but if he spoke again the nerd would definitely take the chance to shove his tongue into his mouth. And maybe, just maybe, his words were true. Katsuki wouldn't let anyone else fuck him, that was for sure.

Katsuki let out a strange mixture of a moan and a growl when Deku started to move his finger in and out of his hole, the glide easy because of the lube, yet Katsuki could feel every knuckle as his rim clenched down on it.

Way too soon, Katsuki felt another finger poke at his hole and press it's way into him. The stretch was now definitely burning and making Katsuki groan against Deku's lips. The two fingers didn't slow down as Deku fucked him open with them, occasionally spreading them and stretching Katsuki even further.

When he felt a third finger try to join them just a minute later, Katsuki couldn't hold it in anymore as he swore, "Fuck! Not yet, dumba-"

His words were immediately swallowed as Deku shoved his tongue past his teeth, letting go of Katsuki's hips once more and snaking the hand behind Katsuki's head to pull him into a deep kiss. Katsuki quickly wrapped his legs around Deku again so as to not slip to the ground because of the lost support. Luckily, Deku still seemed to get his message as the pressure from the third finger vanished for the moment and Deku instead kept diligently stretching Katsuki with the two already in him.

"Sorry Kacchan," he panted against his lips as he pulled his tongue out, "I just can't wait anymore. Have been waiting for so long. Wanted to be inside you for forever."

Katsuki used the opportunity to take a deep breath. This time, when the nerd's tongue licked at his teeth again, Katsuki complied and allowed him entry, responding to the other's moan with his own.

He absentmindedly noticed the movement of the nerd's fingers in him change as they no longer scissored him open and instead started to bend and press at Katsuki's walls. He had barely any time left to wonder what the nerd was trying to do when a sudden pleasure made his entire body seize up and a choked moan escape his lips.

Deku hummed against Katsuki's lips, satisfied as he proceeded to concentrate his thrusts on that one particular spot, moving his fingers in and out of Katsuki again. Katsuki couldn't help but rock himself into the motion as his pleasure built exponentially.

And when the nerd tried to add a third finger yet again, Katsuki pretended that he wasn't actually pressing himself down on it. The additional stretch taking a bit of edge away from the pleasure and yet still feeling kind of good.

Katsuki didn't protest either when Deku added a fourth finger after some time, the nerd having shown slightly more patience than before.

As Deku continued to hit that one spot inside of Katsuki, he slowly got used to the stretch as his walls begun to clench down less on the digits.

And even though his cock hadn't been touched for a while, Katsuki somehow felt like the pleasure was slowly but surely building up to an orgasm that Katsuki didn't know alphas could have.

But of course Deku wouldn't leave Katsuki to simply cum on his fingers. The nerd pulled them out soon after Katsuki got used to them, leaving their kiss as well as he rose up and untangled Katsuki's legs from his hips, lowering him to the ground.

Then the nerd grabbed Katsuki and twisted his body around until he was on his stomach, leaving Katsuki stunned for a short moment before his anger flared up.

Because fuck! The nerd can't be serious. He was treating him like an omega! Pushing him onto his front and pulling his hips up in a mockery of a presenting bitch in heat. Katsuki's cheeks burned from humiliation and his inner alpha was raging. He couldn't stop growling and snarling, the vibrations traveling through his throat and into the dirt where his face was pressed into the ground.

"Hush, Kacchan. Don't worry, I will give it to you so good." The nerd leaned down over his back, whispering and licking at Katsuki's earlobe and making him shiver at the feeling. He then left a trail of kisses down Katsuki's neck until he placed one on the bite on his scent gland, causing a strange pleasure-pain to shoot up Katsuki's spine and apparently reminding his inner alpha that he was already claimed as it quieted down.

Katsuki moaned at the strange feeling he got from his inner alpha showing submission, unconsciously wishing that the nerd would bite him there again, but instead he felt him licking over his bloody bite-mark and at the same time, Deku pressed his four fingers back into Katsuki all at once, making Katsuki choke out another moan.

"You are so tight. Gonna feel so good around me. Mmh... Kacchan I can't wait anymore," he mumbled against Katsuki's skin. And true to his words, his fingers quickly slid out of Katsuki again as he could feel something bigger and hotter press at his rim.

"F-fuck." Katsuki took a deep breath and relaxed himself as far as possible, hissing when Deku pushed his huge erection into him, slowly, but without stopping, until he was sheathed completely inside of Katsuki. They both groaned in unison when Deku's hips fitted tightly against Katsuki's ass. His dick was stretching him more than his fingers did, and fuck did it reach much deeper.

The sensation felt both right and wrong at the same time. Right because the burn from the stretch somehow came closer to pleasure than to pain. Wrong because his inner alpha wasn't yet done protesting as it once again rose up at the notion of letting someone fuck him like an omega. He was an alpha, he didn't take dick, he gave it.

But Deku of course had other opinions on that, already rocking his hips against Katsuki's ass and grazing Katsuki's scent gland with his sharp fangs, cooing and moaning as if he was comforting an omega, "So good, Kacchan. You're taking me so good, make me feel so good, Kacchan."

Katsuki's felt all of his muscles tense up at those words, trying to struggle as he snarled and fletched his teeth in protest. But Deku easily kept him in place, clasping one hand around Katsuki's neck and pressing at his inflamed scent gland while grasping his narrow hips with the other, holding him down but also pulling him up onto his dick at the same time. Katsuki's inner alpha had nowhere left to go as it finally relented to Deku and Katsuki sagged onto the ground in a boneless heap, only his hips held up by Deku's hand.

Steadily, Deku increased his pace, pulling his dick out farther with each thrust, until he was pushing in and out of Katsuki quickly, almost slipping out of Katsuki with each pull while knocking deep into him with each push.

For the first minute, Katsuki had to concentrate purely on breathing as the air in his lungs was knocked out of him each time Deku rammed into him. When Katsuki got used to the rhythm, he couldn't help but moan at the strange pleasure he felt from having his ass pounded by Deku. Was an alpha supposed to be able to feel like this? Wasn't that an omega's trait?

But fuck if he didn't like it. He was already close to cumming, if he just-

Before he could reach for his own cock, his hand was snatched up and pulled behind his back, his other soon joining it as Deku held them there with both hands. "Haah... Kacchan... I want you to come from your ass only... I know you can do it... Mmh, so good..."

The nerd muttered unceasing praise and encouragement from above him as he used Katsuki's arms as leverage to fuck even harder into him, leaving almost all of Katsuki's weight supported on his shoulders and his face pressed into the ground. A prickling sensation informed him of the fact that tears were forming in his eyes, the pleasure overwhelming as the new angle caused Deku's dick to press into that one spot occasionally.

Katsuki moaned every time Deku hit that spot and in turn caused the nerd to seek it out with each thrust, increasing his pace even more when he found the right angle to nail it head on.

Katsuki almost screamed from pleasure, but clenched his teeth instead and nearly bit his tongue in the motion.

The pain from the uncomfortable position he was in was completely forgotten as he could only concentrate on Deku's dick repeatedly slamming into him harder and harder as the nerd lost himself in the pleasure as well, uncaring for the way he was manhandling Katsuki in order to get himself off.

At some point Katsuki felt his world shift as Deku yanked him upright with the help of his hold on Katsuki's wrists and then shifted one hand to Katsuki's throat. He didn't clench down enough to cut off Katsuki's breathing, but certainly enough to make Katsuki feel like a collar was ensnaring him, declaring Deku's ownership on him just like an alpha would do to his omega.

As the nerd started to fuck up into Katsuki in their new position with no loss of stamina, Katsuki felt teeth once again brush against the skin of his scent gland. But before Katsuki could prepare himself for a second bite there, the nerd suddenly shifted to his other side and promptly sunk his teeth into the still pristine skin of his other scent gland, making Katsuki choke as a shiver ran down his spine.

At the same time, Deku slammed Katsuki down onto his dick faster than ever before and Katsuki swore that he saw a few flashes of green in the night. Each thrust hit his prostate head on and Katsuki couldn't hold back his screams anymore, yowling his pleasure into the night.

He felt like he was going to black out from both Deku's dick pounding him and his teeth clamping down on his scent gland. He was only barely aware of the extra bit of girth that pressed up against his rim with each thrust, too focused on his own orgasm quickly building up.

Suddenly, Deku pushed him down further than before and Katsuki didn't even have a second to realize what was happening before he felt Deku's knot swell up inside of him, stretching him unbearably as the nerd came and shot his load deep into Katsuki.

The combination of pain from the unnatural stretch and pleasure from the knot pressing hard into his prostate made Katsuki seize up in his own orgasm, vision going blank as he shook in Deku's grip and choked out a moan through his abused throat, the ground in front of him being painted white from his seed.

He whined when his orgasm was forcibly prolonged as Deku rutted up into him to ride out his orgasm, shifting his knot against Katsuki's prostate and pressing it unrelentingly. The nerd finally let up when Katsuki was almost crying from overstimulation, cooing at Katsuki to calm him.

Slowly, Deku laid himself backwards onto the ground and pulled Katsuki along, laying him on top of him while shifting his knot as little as possible. He gently hugged Katsuki against his chest and nuzzled into his hair, whispering, "So good, Kacchan, you did so well. Took me so well."

He kissed at Katsuki's earlobe when the blonde protested with a silent groan, letting his hands wander around, stroking Katsuki's stomach gently.

"You came inside, fucker," Katsuki hissed in an attempt to distract himself from the fact that he was enjoying the feeling of fullness and the warmth of Deku's touch.

He felt Deku chuckle as the nerd responded, "I did. Lucky you can't get pregnant, aren't we?"

"You!" Katsuki clenched his teeth. "It's fucking gross!"

"Alright, sorry Kacchan. Next time I will use a condom, promise."

"What fucking next time?!" Katsuki yelped as the realization finally hit him. They were going to be mates. This was going to be a regular thing... maybe with less fighting and more actual foreplay, but it was nonetheless going to be a thing now.

Deku didn't respond as he allowed Katsuki to come to peace with the realization. And as Katsuki lay there on top of him, warm arms around him and Deku's breath in his hair, he could feel himself gradually accept it, that it wouldn't be such a bad thing.



An unknown amount of time later, Katsuki felt the knot in his ass go down and Deku moved to pull himself out fully. Katsuki groaned at the disgusting feeling of Deku's seed trickling out of him, but before he could show his anger at that again, the nerd moved to turn Katsuki around so that he laid on Deku while facing him.

That movement made all of his aches that had been forgotten suddenly slam into him at once and he groaned at the pain.

Then he blinked up to where he felt Deku's gaze on him in the dark of the night, which was somehow filled with desire again, but not the sexual kind. Something else.

He realized what it was when Deku laid a hand on Katsuki's neck and nudged him towards his own, whispering, "Bite me, Kacchan. Become my mate."

And Katsuki didn't hesitate as his pupils dilated and he sunk his teeth into the nerd's – no, his mate's – bared scent gland, a different kind of pleasure shooting through him as he did so.

If he hadn't been totally tired out by Deku previously, he would probably be hard once more.

When he pulled his teeth out of Deku's skin and started to lick at the droplets of blood forming on it, he heard Deku let out a satisfied sigh, a gentle wave of mossy scent washing over both of them and mixing with sweet caramel as Katsuki let out his own satisfied scent.

"I like this new scent of yours, Kacchan."

"'Tis not new, dumbass."

"Well, you certainly never let anyone smell it," the nerd chuckled as Katsuki grumbled against his skin.

Then they both allowed the silence to envelope them again as they let themselves be blanketed by the night.

It wasn't until Katsuki was almost drifting into sleep that he felt his mate shift underneath him again, moving Katsuki's limp body to hold him against his chest as he stood up and headed towards the dorms.



The next day, Aizawa shot them a tired look as soon as he entered the classroom, his eyes conveying how done he was with their antics.

"Midoriya, Bakugou, meet me after class."



Afterward, Katsuki wouldn't stop shooting Deku hateful glances as they both left the room red-faced, Deku hiding a bottle of lube in his hand that Aizawa had wordlessly slipped over the table before shooing them away.