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Day Eight: Names

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“Is the baby ready yet?” 

Ochako opened her eyes, watching her son crawl into bed next to her. “What?” 

“Is the baby ready yet?” Kyo repeated, tucking himself next to his mother as he patted her stomach. “You said the baby was gonna be here before the end of the year, and it’s the end of the year.” 

She sighed, ruffling his hair with a tired smile, “I did say that, didn’t I?” 

She’d said that weeks ago. 

Weeks ago, she was instructed to pack her hospital bag. The doctor said the baby would probably come before her birthday, but her birthday came and went. It was New Year’s Eve, and she was still pregnant. 

And not dilated. 

“The baby will come when they’re ready.” That’s what she’d been telling herself. The doctors told her that if she hadn’t gone into labor by January fourth, she’d be induced. 

“Can’t you tell the baby to come sooner?”

“I wish.” She really did. “Maybe you should try.” 

Kyo leaned forward, resting his cheek against her stomach, “Stop being stubborn and come out of there.” He flinched away from her stomach, scowling at her stomach. “He kicked me!”

The baby wasn’t even born yet, and there was already sibling rivalry.

“That’s not nice,” Kyo told her stomach, placing her hands where the little foot had pushed. 

“They didn’t mean it.” She had a feeling she’d be saying that a lot over the next year. 

“No, I think he meant it,” he told his mother as his hands mapped over her stomach. “He’s still moving. I think he is trying to escape.” 

If only. “Kyo,” Ochako started carefully, looking at her son, “what if the baby is a girl?” They tried to have this conversation many times over the last few months.

“It’s not.” 

Uh oh. “Sweetheart, it might be.” 

Kyo gently patted her stomach as he shook his head. “It’s not though because I’m a boy, so the baby is a boy too.” 

“Um-” She wasn’t sure how to prepare her son for the possibility of having a sister. “Okay, let’s pretend the baby is a girl. How would you feel having a little sister?” 

He seemed to consider the question for a moment before shrugging. “I don’t know. I want a brother.” 


“What are you gonna name him?” 

Good question. “We don’t know yet,” she confessed. She stretched her toes in front of her before flexing her feet. Her ankles were swollen and her back was killing her, but she was thankful it wasn’t hot like it had been when she’d gone into labor with Kyo. 

“He needs a name.” 

She placed a hand against his cheek. “You’re telling me.” 

“He can’t have my name,” Kyo told his mother, looking at her seriously. “You have to call him something different.” 

“We will.” She opened her arms, snuggling him. “Your papa picked your name.” Ochako tucked his head underneath the bottom of her chin as she kept him close. “We were looking for names on a website-”

“You got my name from a website?” 

She chuckled, “Where else would we get it?” 

Kyo squirmed a little as he nestled himself closer against her. “I don’t know.” 

“We-” She let go of him for a moment, reaching for her phone. “We looked on a website to give us name ideas for you.” She positioned her phone so they could both see the screen. “You can help me pick out names for your brother or sister.” 

“Okay,” Kyo agreed, looking at the list of names as if he could read every name on the screen, “I’ll help you pick names for my brother.” He cuddled against her eyes lazily looking at the screen as she scrolled through the list she’d pulled up. 

“You know,” she started, “We almost named you Syouki.” Her finger tapped against the screen, pointing to the name. 

“For real?” 

“For real?” Ochako confirmed. “We thought about giving you the same character as your papa.” She showed him the character he would have shared with Katsuki had they chosen the name. “Your Baba also has that character.” 

“So why didn’t I get it?” Kyo asked, looking up at his mother with a little pout. 

“Because,” she started as she gently patted his cheek, “Your papa said he wanted more for you. So, we picked the name Kyo.” 

“What does my name mean?” 

“Your name means unite or cooperate.” She gently stroked his face. “Your papa said you were the perfect combination of me and him.” When he was older, she’d tell him how hard Katsuki worked to make sure Kyo didn’t learn the hard way from his vices. 

Kyo nodded, looking down at her belly, “What about this baby?” 

“This baby is also the perfect combination of me and papa,” she told him. “But there’s only one Kyo.” 



“Kyo, don’t run,” Izuku commanded gently as he walked quickly behind him to catch up. 

Kyo stopped, eyes wide as he looked down at his bright red sneakers. His head snapped up toward his grandmother. 

Mitsuki placed her hands on her hips, smiling at him gently. 

He nodded, taking what his other often referred to as inside ‘steps’. “Baba!” Kyo called again as he approached his grandmother. 

“Kyo,” Mitsuki answered, holding out her arms to him. 

He crashed into her legs and buried his face into her hip as he hugged her. “Where’s mama? Is my brother here? I missed her! What took so long?” he rambled, staring up at his grandmother. “Oji Izu doesn’t cook, and we had cold cereal and doughnuts for dinner.”

Mitsuki looked at Izuku with an amused smile. 

“We had fruit for breakfast,” Izuku chuckled sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. 

“Thank you for watching him.” 

“Of course. Sho and I love hanging out with Kyo.”

“We went shopping!” Kyo bounced excitedly. “Oji Izu got me a pair of red shoes like his, and he got some for my baby brother so we’re gonna match.” 

Mitsuki nodded, patting his head, “Did you say thank you?” 


She looked over to Izuku for confirmation. 

Izuku nodded. 

“Okay,” Mitsuki decided, satisfied. “Are you ready to go meet your brother or sister?” 

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Kyo squealed, before turning back to Izuku. “Are you coming too?” 

Izuku smiled as he shook his head, “Not right now. I’ll go after you see them.” 

Kyo pouted for a moment before turning to his grandmother. 

“Let’s go,” Mitsuki instructed gently, reaching out her hand to him. “There’s someone you have to meet.” 

“My brother?!” Kyo questioned excitedly as they started down the hospital corridor. 

She shrugged, a sly smile on her face. “Maybe, maybe not. You could be meeting your sister.” 

“I don’t think so.” Even now, Kyo remained sure that he had a younger brother. “It’s a brother. He kicked me in the face a couple days ago. That’s something a brother would do.” 

“One of my sisters kicked me in the face when we were kids.” 

“On purpose? Or on accident?” he gasped.

“She says it was an accident, but I think she did it on purpose.” 

“Just like my brother did,” Kyo recounted as they walked. “Mama said it was an accident, but I don’t think so.” 

“I think that was an accident,” Mitsuki told him fondly. “Babies don’t know any better. You’re going to have to be patient and be a good example.” 

“I won’t kick anyone.” 

She bit back a burst of laughter. 

“Unless they’re mean to my brother,” Kyo decided. His little brow wrinkled into a firm scowl. “Then I’ll beat them up.” 

It was sweet, but- “No, you won’t.” 

“I will tell an adult and use my words,” he recited boredly and obedient. “Papa said that I am only supposed to use fighting if I don’t have any other choice, but I’m never supposed to use my quirk unless it’s life or death.” 

“What does that mean?” Mitsuki was surprised, but pleased, her son had talked about this with Kyo. 

“Like if a stranger I don’t know is trying to kidnap me or hurt me, Papa said I’m free to do whatever it takes to be safe,” Kyo nodded confidently, swinging his grandmother’s arm. “And if someone tries to hurt my brother, I’ll do whatever I can to make sure they’re safe.” 

“Would you do the same for your sister?” 


They stopped in front of a large white door. 

“But I don’t have a sister,” Kyo insisted. “I have a brother.” 

Mitsuki chuckled, placing her hand on top of his head, “Are you sure?” 

“Yes!” Kyo blurted out, stomping his little foot. 

“You really sure?” she questioned, raising a playful eyebrow to the boy.

The child paused for a moment before nodding confidently. “I’m sure.” 

“You ready to see?” She moved her hand to the doorknob, rapping her knuckles against the door. 

“Did they tell you yet?” he wondered, as a soft acknowledgment came from the other side of the door.

“No,” Mitsuki answered, opening the door, “they wanted you to be the first to know. So, you’ll have to tell me.” 

Kyo looked at the open door, then to his grandmother. 

“Go ahead,” she encouraged gently. 

He slowly walked inside the room. Kyo turned behind him. 

“I’ll be right here. It’s okay.” 

His sneakers padded against the floor as he approached the hospital bed. “Mama?” he called out timidly, trying to peek at the baby wrapped up in her arms. His father sat next to the bed with a tired smile. 

“Hey you,” Ochako whispered, sitting up a little bit as she greeted her son with a smile. “We missed you.” 

“I missed you too,” he responded, crawling into his father’s lap. 

Katsuki pressed a kiss to his son’s temple. “Did you behave yourself at Deku’s?” 

“He got me some new shoes, and we had doughnuts for dinner,” Kyo recounted, clicking the heels of his shoes together. 

“That’s exciting,” Ochako chuckled as she rocked the baby in her arms. “It sounds like you had fun.” As anxious as they were for Kyo to meet the baby, they wanted to make sure they took a moment to talk about how his sleepover had gone. 

“He also got shoes for the baby.” Kyo leaned over, trying to get a glimpse at the baby. “I think the shoes are gonna be too big.” 

“The brat will have to grow into them like you did,” Katsuki told him. He carefully propped his son up to get a better look at the baby. “You were a little smaller when you were born.” 

“No, I wasn’t,” Kyo argued, shaking his head. “I’m the big brother.” 

“Well,” Ochako started as she carefully moved the baby closer to him, “your little brother spent more time in my stomach, so he’s a little bigger than you were.” 

Little red eyes widened. “I have a brother?” 

“You have a brother, brat,” Katsuki confirmed, as Ochako adjusted the blankets so Kyo could get a better look. 

“He kinda looks like mama.” The baby had super chubby cheeks and wild light brown hair. 

“Brat looks like me too.” Katsuki reached a hand to the baby’s cheek, rubbing his thumb against the soft skin. The baby yawned, eyes peeking open for a moment to reveal red eyes. 

“We have the same eyes,” Kyo gasped happily, looking up at Katsuki with excitement. “We match!” 

“Would you like to hold him?” Ochako questioned. She tucked the blankets around the baby and smoothed his messy hair back. 

Kyo nodded, sitting back against his father’s chest. “Yes. I’m not sweaty, mama! I’ll be real careful.” 

“We know.” She carefully lifted the baby to Katsuki so he could help Kyo hold him. “We trust you.” Kyo had been doing a good job managing his quirk. The cold weather had made it easier to keep track of his sweating, and Katsuki had been working with him on controlling his ability to ignite. Even though they’d had a few minor incidents over the last few weeks, the specialists stressed it was important not to treat Kyo drastically different. 

They didn’t want him to be afraid of his quirk.

“You’re gonna place your arms like this because he has trouble holding up his head on his own,” Katsuki instructed, positioning the baby in his arms.

Kyo nodded, paying close attention to the instructions. His eyes were glued to the baby with fascination. 

“Good job, brat,” Katsuki praised, placing an around Kyo. 

“He’s kinda fat.” 

Ochako snorted, covering her mouth with her hand. 

“He’s not fat,” Katsuki commented with a sigh as he struggled to keep his face straight. 

“He’s heavy.” 

“So were you.”

“Just think when he gets bigger,” Ochako teased, smiling fondly as she watched them. “And he wants you to carry him around.”

Kyo narrowed his eyes. “You better not get bigger than me cause I won’t carry you if you’re heavy.” 

“You’ve got a head start on the brat,” Katsuki explained as his fingers played with the blanket folds at the back of the baby’s head. 

“I don’t know,” Ochako drawled, “you could get your height from me since you got your looks from your papa.” Playfully, she curled her fingers into Kyo’s hair, giving his head a scratch. 

“Your father is taller than me,” Katsuki reminded her with a scoff. “Both brats are gonna be tall.” Kyo was already a little tall for his age. “And Kyo has your cheeks.” He gently pinched Kyo’s face, ignoring the little whine. 

“Nuh uh!” Kyo retorted as he pulled his face away. “The baby has mama’s cheeks! His cheeks are really fat!”

Katsuki chuckled as Ochako sighed. 

“He’s the perfect blend of me and your father,” Ochako corrected. “You both are.” Kyo was the spitting image of his father with little hints of his mother shining through in his cheeks and mannerisms. He carried their stubbornness and Katsuki’s strong will mixed with her sweet easy-going nature. This baby was a mix of them both. A few hours old, she could clearly see them both in his tiny features. She could only imagine the personality waiting to be seen. 

“What are we gonna call him anyway?” The baby opened his eyes staring up at Kyo. 


Kyo nodded, “What’s that mean?” 

When Katsuki had suggested the name, Ochako had been overwhelmed with the possibilities of how they could write their son’s name. Kyo’s name resulted in what they hoped for for their son in the future. “It means big-”

“You just said he wasn’t fat.” 

“Big doesn’t always mean fat,” she laughed. “It can mean tall or something really important.” 

Hirowa was a big change to their lives. They’d found their footing as a family of three, and now they’d have to do the same as four. 

“It also means harmony.” They would find that balance together soon. “That means peace.” 

Kyo nodded, giving a little hum of approval, “I like it. We can call him that.” 

They watched as Kyo studied the baby in his arms. 

“See,” Katsuki smirked, “Everything is okay.” 

Ochako nodded, “I know.”They were off to a good start. Hirowa had come into the world not nearly as dramatically as Kyo, and Kyo seemed to accept his role as an older brother with ease. 

“I forgive you for kicking me,” Kyo decided, looking down at his brother. 

 There would be fights and tears eventually, but for now she was going to savor this moment so she could remind them later. 

“Even if you didn’t say sorry.” 

Katsuki snorted before chuckling loudly, “That’s very mature of you, brat.” 

Ochako sighed, unable to stop a smile of her own. 

Kyo united her and Katsuki, and Hirowa would bring change and balance.



Bakugo Hirowa

January 3rd

3:56 PM

8 lbs, 7 oz, 22 inches long