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A fake relationship

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Chu Wanning, a senior in his last year of high school. He was the kind of person who got straight ‘A’s every time, but never bragged about it. He had a nice face, sharp features, not necessarily kind-looking, but he did look elegant. It suited him. Whenever someone asked to copy homework from Chu Wanning they would earn a glare and then a three worded answer. Do it yourself. So obviously, most people didn’t like him. 

Mo Ran knew all this. Everyone did. It wasn't any secret. Mo Ran was the absolute opposite of Chu Wanning. He constantly flunked his tests, never gave in homework, was constantly flirting around (with both guys and girls). Mo Ran could never stand people like Chu Wanning. The type who was a stickler for the rules, uptight and rigid. That was why he had so easily agreed to this whole thing when Shi Mei brought it up.

“I’ll pay you money if you date Chu Wanning,” Shi Mei smiled, waving paper money in his hand.

“Oh?” Mo Ran asked, raising an eyebrow. A grin appeared on his face. Mo Ran used to see Shi Mei as this pure angel, too pure for this world, yet recently Shi mei’s been getting bolder. Willing to finally smoke with him, skip classes, although throwing rocks at people’s windows was out of the question. He didn’t want to hurt anybody. And now look at this. He’s even willing to play a prank on Chu Wanning, a pretty cruel one at that. 

Mo Ran was so excited by the whole idea he didn’t even question why Shi Mei suddenly wanted to do this. Plus there was money too. Who wouldn’t want money?

“How long do I have to do this?” Mo Ran asked.

“Until I say so,” Shi Mei answered. “I’ll pay for any gifts you buy him. Just capture his heart,”

Mo Ran wasn’t just excited about the whole thing just because he likes to stir up trouble. It was also because it was Chu waning. Imagine making a dent in the guy. A cold, emotionless person. This was going to be interesting.

Despite being one grade younger, Mo Ran had classes with Chu Wanning. That was because the last two grades of high school were put together. 

Mo Ran was thinking about all the things he could do to capture Chu Wanning’s heart and he suddenly stopped in his tracks. Chu Wanning has to first accept his confession. 

Mo Ran was pretty confident when it came to confessions. He has never been rejected once, not that he was the one confessing most of the time, but the point was he was confident about this whole thing.

Mo Ran knew that confessing out of the blue wasn’t a good idea. He was probably a complete stranger to Chu Wanning. So he decided to do a series of things for at least a week before confessing.

The first day Mo Ran put a letter in Chu wan Ning’s locker. Mo Ran wondered if he should write a long or a short letter but he was worried that his terrible English writing skills would show if he wrote too long of a letter so he stuck to a short one. In the end, he got Shi Mei to help him write it.

Mo Ran watched from afar as Chu Wanning opened his locker. 

Chu Wanning has just been getting his books for the day when he noticed a light pink envelope. He frowned and he reached out for it. He very neatly tore it open and took out the folded piece of paper. The edges were decorated with very simple and cute pink lines. 

Mo Ran had got some of his female classmates to help him design it. They hadn’t even asked him what it was for. 

Chu Wanning eyebrows seemed to scrunch up even further.

Mo Ran knew exactly what the letter read.

“I’ve been looking at you for so long. When will you pay attention to me? I like you the best.” MR

That was all but Mo Ran felt that it was better than writing some cheesy long letter.

Chu Wanning stared at it for a few solid seconds and Mo Ran thought it as a good sign but suddenly Chu Wanning crumpled the paper and threw it away into a nearby bin.

How cold! How could he just throw away a love letter like that?! So cruel.

But Mo Ran wasn’t going to give up like that. He knew this was going to be hard. The second day he left chocolates in Chu Wanning’s locker. It was heart-shaped chocolate in a heart-shaped container decorated with a golden ribbon. Mo Ran had added a small pink heart-shaped post-it note on top that was signed, ‘MR’'.

Mo Ran felt that it was quite clever. While it was his initials, it could also just stand for the word, ‘mister’. And even if Chu Wanning did assume that it was someone initial he was sure there were many other people with the same initials as him.

That morning, Mo Ran once again watched as Chu Wanning found the chocolate. This time Chu Wanning took it out, getting a closer look at it. He started to walk to the nearby bin and was about to chuck it in but he then hesitated. He ended up shoving back into his locker. 

At least he didn’t throw it out, Mo Ran thought. An improvement, right?

The third day Mo Ran got an osmanthus cake and placed it in Chu Wanning’s locker slightly later than usual but still in the morning. He wasn’t sure how long a cake could stay in a locker, so he wanted Chu Wanning to find it as quickly as possible. Luckily, the osmanthus cake was only in there for a few minutes before Chu Wanning found it.

Mo Ran had already cut the osmanthus cake into tiny pieces. Chu Wanning took one piece. He then glanced around, as if trying to see if anyone was watching him. Once He determined there was no one he quickly popped one small piece into his mouth.

Mo Ran grinned. 

On the fourth day, Mo Ran didn't just want to leave things in the locker. He wanted to change things up a bit. So he came even earlier than usual, hoping there was no one around. He stepped into the classroom with a bouquet of Haitang flowers and left them on Chu Wanning’s desk. Mo Ran didn’t want anyone to be there because he didn’t want rumors going around about him liking Chu Wanning. At least not yet. He wanted to surprise Chu Wanning. 

Chu Wanning opened his locker to find there was nothing inside it. Chu Wanning felt slightly relieved but disappointed at the same time. He didn’t feel like dwelling on it.

He walked into his classroom and saw a bouquet resting on a random desk. He found it quite romantic until he saw that it was his desk. Chu Wanning didn’t know what to do with it. To throw away fresh flowers seemed like a waste, but he didn’t want to accept it. There was already another student in the room, Mo Ran. He didn’t want Mo Ran to get the wrong impression that Chu Wanning was easily wooed over by some flowers so Chu Wanning threw them into the bin. But he did pluck off one flower before doing so and secretly placed it in his pocket. 

Mo Ran watched as Chu Wanning walked out of the room. Mo Ran grabbed the bouquet out of the bin. Such a waste. Maybe he would give them to Mei Hanxue who could then give them to Xue Meng. 

Mo Ran wasn’t sure whether Chu Wanning hated flowers or just didn't want to take it because Mo Ran was in the room. 

The fifth day was the most extreme. On Fridays, Chu Wanning would arrive at school slightly later than his usual time. Usually, on Fridays, he had no classes that required a textbook but he decided to check his locker. Just in case. There was nothing. Chu Wanning brushed away whatever he was feeling and quickly walked to his classroom only to find people crowding around his desk. 

“That’s my desk,” Chu Wanning coldly said, glaring at his classmates who were blocking his way. 

They immediately started to make way and Chu Wanning saw a pile of chocolates on his table, along with another bouquet of Haitang flowers and a pink envelope. As Chu Wanning wondered what to do with all this, Mo Ran was sitting at his desk, cursing his luck. He didn’t expect Chu Wanning to come to class later than usual. He was worried that Chu Wanning’s pride wouldn’t allow him to read the letter. Chu Wanning could throw away the chocolate and flowers but not the letter. He had to read the letter.

Chu Wanning stood up and grabbed the flowers and chocolate in hand. He was about to walk over to the bin when suddenly the teacher came in.

“Everyone, take a seat,”

The bin was on the complete opposite side of the classroom and Chu Wanning disliked not listening to the teacher so he could only sit down and shove the gifts into his bag. 

As Chu Wanning was taking notes in his notebook, his head looking down, he felt something gently bump into his forehead. He looked up to see a small paper aeroplane on his desk. He looked around, but he couldn’t see anybody that looked like they had thrown it. Luckily the teacher was facing the whiteboard and hadn’t seen the aeroplane. 

Chu Wanning was about to pass it off as a stupid prank when he noticed that the paper said, “Read me,”

Chu Wanning frowned. He looked up, making sure the teacher wasn’t looking, and unfolded the small paper aeroplane.

“Read the envelope that came along with the chocolate and flowers,”

Chu Wanning kept his face indifferent and crumpled up the piece of paper and shoved it into his bag. He would read the envelope later. The person who sent the flower and chocolate...they were in this class? Who was it? Chu Wanning looked around but wanted to continue to pay attention to class so he stopped. 

Class ended. Students ran out of the classroom the moment the bell rang. Chu Wanning finally opened up the envelope.

“Please come to the back of the school after school,” The letter read. Chu Wanning didn’t know what to do. The way the envelope and letter were decorated and with all the chocolate and flowers, it was obvious this was a concession. Except, whether it was the real deal or a just a prank he wasn’t sure. 

School already ended and Mo Ran was sitting at a bench behind the school. Minutes had already passed but there was no sign of Chu Wanning. 

What if he doesn't come? Mo Ran thought. Suddenly a thought passed through his head. He had forgotten something very important. What if Chu Wanning wasn’t into guys…? Mo Ran groaned. What was he going to do now?! He hadn’t thought about this at all! He had been taking it for granted until now. He liked guys, Xue Meng claimed to not like guys but come on, he had Mei Hanxue. Who was he fooling? As for Shi Mei, he wasn’t exactly sure, but he was sure Shi Mei liked guys too. 

Mo Ran slapped himself in the face. If Chu Wanning didn’t like guys he was making a fool of himself right now. Why had Shi Mei even asked him to do this? Why couldn't he ask some girl to do this? But before Mo Ran could freak out even more and run away Chu Wanning appeared.

“You’re here!” Mo Ran happily said. It just kind of blurted out. 

Chu Wanning frowned. “Are you the one who sent me the letter?” He asked.

“Yes,” Mo Ran grinned.

“What do you want?” Chu Wanning asked.

He’s straight to the point , Mo Ran though. “I really like you,” Mo Ran grinned, letting his dimples show. “Will you go out with me,”

“No,” Chu Wanning abruptly said. 

Mo Ran didn’t expect it to be easy but he didn’t expect to be so brutally shot down. This was hurting his pride. “Why not?” He pouted.

Chu Wanning narrowed his eyes. “You’re being suspicious,”

“Huh? How?” 

“What would someone like you like me?”

“Someone like me?” Mo Ran innocently asked. “What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean,” Chu Wanning snapped. “Someone popular, good at sports and...good looking,” the last word was so forcefully spat out it looked like it took all of Chu Wanning’s will to say it. He turned his head away.

“You think I’m good looking?” Mo Ran grinned, bringing his hand to his chin.

“Forget what I said,” Chu Wanning snapped.

“Then why won’t you date me?” Mo Ran asked.


“You said it yourself. I’m good looking and popular. Aren’t I the perfect boyfriend?”

Chu Wanning looked at him like he was an idiot. “That also means you have a reputation to maintain. You don’t want to be seen with me,”

Mo Ran chuckled. “If that’s what you're worried about you shouldn't be. I don’t have a good reputation. Everyone already knows I’m a troublemaker,”

“Just…” Mo Ran continued, bringing out his puppy eyes. “Give me a try, alright?” He asked.

Chu Wanning was silent for a few seconds before answering. “Alright,”

Mo Ran eyes brightened up. “Really?!”

Chu Wanning just slightly nodded but for a person who didn’t talk a lot, it was more than enough. There were a few more awkward moments of silence before Chu Wanning spoke up. “Does that make us…?” He trailed off.

“A couple?” Mo Ran offered. Chu Wanning nodded. Mo Ran grinned. “I guess,”

“You know…” Mo Ran said. “I thought you weren’t going to come,” He admitted. That was the truth. 

“I was with a teacher,” Chu Wanning said.

The reason Chu Wanning was late was because he couldn’t make up his mind on whether to go or not. Chu Wanning knew that he was unlikeable, what were the chances of someone truly liking him. Close to zero. Chu Wanning assumed it was a prank but at the same time what if it wasn’t. A part of him was uselessly hopeful. Chu Wanning just wanted to go home but he found himself stuck to a spot, unable to move. 

A teacher spotted Chu Wanning and asked if he could help him grab a few boxes from the teacher office and bring them to the science lab. As Chu Wanning stepped into the teacher office he could hear two teachers talking to each other.

“I saw Mo Ran sitting outside. He looked pretty nervous, muttering something to himself,”

“Really? Didn’t think he could be nervous about anything,”

“I asked him if he was waiting for someone and I could tell them but Mo Ran just shook his head.”

“A girlfriend?” 

“No idea. Who knows what that boy is up to.”

“Trouble, that’s what it is.”

Chu Wanning flushed at the ears when he found himself eavesdropping for slightly too long and hastily left the room. As he made his way to the science lab, he wondered. Was Mo Ran waiting for him? If Chu Wanning wasn’t holding boxes right now, he would’ve slapped himself for thinking such a thing, but he couldn’t push away the thought. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to just check. He would leave the school out of the back entrance anyway. He would just pass by and quickly check. 

Chu Wanning headed to the back of the school. He was just going to quickly walk by but was immediately stopped by Mo Ran. He didn’t expect that Mo Ran was waiting for him. Mo Ran out of all people. He then remembered how he had thrown out the flowers when Mo Ran was right there. He started to feel guilty but said nothing. Maybe it wasn’t even Mo Ran. Turned out it was.

 ”You actually got him to accept?” Shi Mei asked with surprised eyes after Mo Ran had told him what happened the next day as they were hanging out.

“Hey,” Mo Ran pouted. “Why would you ask me to do this if you doubted me?”

Shi Mei just shook his head and laughed. “Sorry, I just didn’t expect him to accept that easily,”

“You're paying for all those chocolate and flowers, right?” Mo Ran.

Shi Mei nodded his head.

“Hey,” Mo Ran said.


“Did you know that Chu Wanning likes guys?”

“Yup,” Shi Mei answered.

“Huh, alright then,” Mo Ran answered. He didn’t ask any more than that. "Also, are we going to tell Xue Meng about this whole prank?"

Shi Mei gave him a look like Are you seriously asking that? 

They both knew that Xue Meng was completely respected Chu Wanning. If they found out they were playing such a cruel prank on him, he would definitely go complaining about it to his dad, the principal of the school. 

"So I guess not," Mo Ran grinned. 

"Have you already thought of a place for your first date?" Shi Mei asked as he sipped on his coffee. 

"Yup," Mo Ran grinned. He brought all his dates to the same place for a first date every time. It wasn't going to be anything impressive, but he had to admit, He was slightly excited. He was dating Chu Wanning. Chu Wanning. The ice king. The guy who just sent cold glares to everyone.

"I'll pick you up at 11:00 tomorrow," Mo Ran texted right when he got home. Mo Ran was surprised when Chu Wanning had offered to change contacts. He didn't even think Chu Wanning even had a phone. They weren't allowed to use phones on schools grounds, so of course, Chu Wanning never brought it out. 

"Okay," Chu Wanning replied, almost immediate. 

The next day, Mo Ran stood outside Chu Wanning's house, checking his reflection in the window. He combed his hair back and straightened his shirt. He heard the door click open. Mo Ran could hear himself swallow as Chu Wanning stepped out...

Mo Ran doesn't think he will be able to survive the whole day.