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The All Might Video

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Hitoshi currently lay in his bed. He was new to this complex. Apartments lined the entire street. It wasn’t the best place one could live but it was far better than where Hitoshi had lived in previous years.

He knew that, being new, he shouldn’t make too many complaints. But he swears he will kill whoever is watching that All Might video in the room next to his. They had played it every night for hours on repeat. Who could watch the same video that many times and not get bored of it? Hitoshi was instantly reminded of when he was younger and had found a video of Eraser Head. His mouth twisting and pushing side to side as he tried to reason his watching that video again and again over his neighbour watching a video over and over. He came up empty. Sighing, he rolled onto his side and tried to get some sleep. It was only ten though and there was going to be much more. He wouldn’t mind so much if at least the volume was turned down. Sandwiching his head between his pillow.

After midnight, Hitoshi had had enough. He threw his covers off and marched out into the thin hallway. Banging his fist on the door. Fuming. He could hear movement. Someone’s shadow appeared at the bottom and Hitoshi was prepared to let them know.

“Izuku,” A woman’s voice came. “I can’t see through the peep hole. Can you come here?”

More noise and Hitoshi wanted to back up and dive back into his apartment. Izuku? He knew that name. Surely it couldn’t be his new classmate? There was no way. It was just a coincidence that they had the same name.

Quiet voices spoke on the other side and Hitoshi wanted to leave but afraid that if he did, the door would open and the people would think he was one of those types to knock on doors and run. Admittedly, Hitoshi had done it to a really annoying neighbour when he was younger in a different apartment complex.

The sound of a chain unlatching came and Hitoshi held his breath. Light flooded the dimly light hallway making Hitoshi squint. And in the doorway was Hitoshi’s short classmate, Izuku Midoriya.

“Oh, hey Shinsou.” Izuku’s voice rose in pitch. “Are you visiting someone?”

Hitoshi couldn’t help the frown. Visit someone? No. “You’ve been watching that All Might video for hours and I have been trying to sleep. Please turn it down or wait for an appropriate time to watch it at such a loud volume.”

Izuku’s hands flew to his mouth. He looked back at something but Hitoshi made himself look at the boy. He may be annoyed but that didn’t give him the right to pry inside Izuku’s life or home. “I am so sorry.” Izuku bowed his head repeatedly in an apology. Offering to let him in and get him anything. Hitoshi would be lying if he said he wasn’t curious, but he refused to give in.

“No thanks. I’m tired.” With that he turned and walked back to his room. Once in there he felt a little bad about being so rude but he tried to reason out that the other boy had been rude first by playing a loud video all night. Hitoshi was grateful that he didn’t hear the video again that night. He didn’t see Izuku that morning, but that wasn’t too odd as he hadn’t run into him before last night.

He saw him in class though as Hitoshi had been moved into the Hero course as of this semester. He certainly had a…variety in his class. Iida was interesting. But good. Helpful too, and honest. Some he wished weren’t there as they didn’t understand personal space or alone time or how to respect women. Izuku hadn’t stood out to him much but he was acutely aware of him now. What if he had told the entire class about last night and they would pick on Hitoshi just like in his younger years?

Hitoshi really was the only one working himself up. Izuku waved as usual and no one acted differently. Hitoshi watched the door open and saw Aizawa-Sensei enter. He held a folder and sat at his desk. He called each name with each corresponding person answering and Hitoshi was glad that the class listened to Aizawa-Sensei. He was a good teacher and he really did care about his students. Hitoshi felt a little smug about the fact that he probably knew Aizawa-Sensei better than any of the others.

Homeroom ended shortly after and upon reaching the door to head to his first class, Hitoshi was stopped by Izuku. Hitoshi glanced to see Aizawa-Sensei leaning tiredly over his desk. Breathing in relief that he was still there in case Izuku started anything. Hitoshi was well aware of the shorter man’s powerful quirk. He did not want to be on the receiving end of that.

Izuku came to apologise for the previous night as he stopped beside Hitoshi. Explaining that he just really loved that video and that he would keep his volume down from now on. No one had been in that particular room for a few years and so Izuku had just assumed that no one was using it now. Hitoshi mentally slapped himself for thinking Izuku was going to try and pick a fight with him. The short broccoli boy was literally one of the nicest people the taller boy had ever met. Maybe he could show Izuku the elusive clips of Eraser Head that he'd found over the years. Hitoshi gripped his bag straps tighter. His USB held all the videos he had ever found. Safe in the upper pocket of his bag, secured with a zip. He refrained from admitting it though as he was suddenly acutely aware of the Pro Hero still in the room.