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HanYe - Tyranny Gym Smut

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This week has to be one of Ye Xiu least favorite weeks of the season. 


Training week.


No, not training as in pvping in the arena and challenge rooms. He could do that for hours on end. No. Today was something much more sinister.


Actual training at the gym.


Of course Ye Xiu agrees that a healthy body is good for keeping up motor skills. He would go for a quick jog every now and then. After all, healthy body healthy mind.


But god damn it Tyranny takes training way too seriously. Ever since he managed to escape Excellent Dynasty’s hands courtesy of Han Wenqing himself. He was now with Tyrannical Ambition, the last place he would have ever imagined ending up. 


Su Mucheng was still stuck over in Excellent Era since her contract stipulated 3 more years. 


Han Wenqing decided to force him to join the training sessions every season. Improving one’s body was good for health, yes. But he wasn’t as much of a health nut as Han Wenqing.


His noodly arms could barely lift 5kg dumbbells. But Han Wenqing could lift 10kg easily.


Training consisted of half an hour of running on the treadmill to warm up.


Stretches, curl-ups, push-ups, then branching out into individual routines.


Training week always left his muscles sore all over. Ever worse is that he would have no energy left to even play a match.


Ye Xiu could never get used to this every season no matter what.


He has tried numerous times to escape but this has only resulted in Han Wenqing specifically having him train separately from the others in order to keep an eye on him directly.


He exhaled a breath. 


He was sure his shirt by this point had been absolutely soaked by his own sweat.


He could feel the piercing hot glare from Han Wenqing. He could feel the judgemental comments he was sure.


“Head up. Waist parallel to your stance. Lift with you knees.” Han Wenqing said with his deep imposing voice.


“I don’t think I can do this everyday you healthnut.”


“Maybe you should. Then you’ll actually gain some muscle instead of fat.”


“I don’t think I could do this.”


“You are right now. Therefore you can. Stop making excuses. After this set, next is an hour on the treadmill.”


“An hour?” Ye Xiu let out an exasperated gasp.


“Yes. No slaking. I’ll make sure of that.”


“Have mercy. My chicken legs can’t handle that long.” He joked but was met with a harsh glare.


“Fine…” he muttered.


Ye Xiu lasted a total of 45 minutes.


Han Wenqing pinched the bridge of his nose. “Ugh. Alright. Let’s just do some stretches instead. Clearly you are too frail to do anything else.” He gave a small chuckle.


Ye Xiu, with his back on the ground gave a thumbs up as he was panting out of breath.




Ye Xiu regrets agreeing to stretching.


Here he was, face towards the ground on his chest with Han Wenqing manhandling him. Ok, he was helping with stretches but, same difference.


“O-Old Han, can we slow down a little?” He yelped in pain. His muscles weren’t supposed to bend that far.




“Come on, please take some pity on my hips.”


“Just relax.”


“I don’t think relaxing is the issue here- ah! Gentle!” He could feel himself crying inside. 


“Clearly, you need to stretch more often.”


“I don’t think my body can bend that way.” Cold sweat dripped down from his face.


“Stop squirming.”


“No! You’ll snap me in half!”


“Quit whining. You sure wasn’t this opposed last night.”


“Last night was different! That was fun. This is just pain!”


“We’ll relax your other muscles too.”


“Wait no, Lao Han!” He could swear he heard a loud pop. 




He felt so tired. Such simple stretches with Old Han practically putting his entire body weight to force him to stretch further. He sure felt like his muscles tore despite the numerous times Old Han said he was fine.


His legs and knees feel wobbly like an old man. He managed to make his way over to the showers, clutching onto Han Wenqing for support.


He felt like overstrained jello.


“Oh come on. This is the fourth time you’ve done this. You got through the last three training weeks fine.”


“That doesn’t make it feel any better.”


The taller of the two leaned forward and placed his lips on his forehead. “That better?” 


“Not enough. Maybe some more elsewhere?” He gave a smirk.


Han Wenqing met that with his own and a slight growl. He started making soft kisses down Ye Xiu’s soft and pale neck, reaching the collarbone.


His tongue running over the smooth skin, imprinting a blooming pink upon the coconut pale skin.


The shower water was still running, pitter pattering against their bodies.


Han Wenqing pushed his wet hair back as he held onto the shorter of the two. Ye Xiu was practically held up by Han Wenqing’s arms.


Han Wenqing briskly repositioned themselves so that he was holding Ye Xiu up by his waist, legs apart. His slightly course hands rubbed back and forth at his supple cheeks.


“Did you gain some weight?” Han Wenqing joked.


“Not everyone can be as built as you are.” He replied, stroking his finger down the muscular toned chest of his now captain.


Ye Xiu could feel his back touch the cool surface of the shower wall, but strangely he felt warmer than ever.


Han Wenqing slowly worked his way at his entrance, easing him open bit by bit. “Last night wasn’t enough for you.” He had buried 3 fingers in.


“You are more than enough each time.” He felt the anticipation. He was melting under Han Wenqing’s every touch. As soon as he was loosened enough, Han Wenqing pushed in slowly. The tip rubbing against his walls.


He could feel himself stretching around the hot throbbing cock. Pulling it in deeper and deeper. Until he bottomed out.


It was a good kind of fulfilling. Every centimeter rubbing against his nerves.


“So good that you came as soon as I put it in.” Han Wenqing laughed.


“You fill me up just right~”


He pistoned up and down, slamming in full force with each thrust. Han Wenqing’s back scratching up from Ye Xiu’s grip.


“Oh yes yes! Right there!”


He could see stars every time the head of the cock pounded at his sweet spot with such power and precision. Arid moans and grunts filled the room. Han Wenqing nibbled at the supple skin, imprinting small teeth marks and blooming red flowers.


“Lost for words?” Han Wenqing let out a grunt.


“Ha-Harder! You know exactly h-how to shut me up~” he taunted.


“Mouth feeling lonely.” Han Wenqing said before bringing Ye Xiu into a deep long kiss as he continued to fuck him. Ye Xiu let out a whimper. He shuddered as he could feel Han Wenqing’s rough tongue glide across the roof of his mouth.


They locked lips until both ran out of breath. Breaking apart they both panted for air.


Ye Xiu clung to Han Wenqing like a sticky octopus unwilling to let go of its prey. Han Wenqing’s large hands holding him up felt so warm.


Every thrust was multiplied by his weight pulling him back down, plunging the hard cock deeper and deeper. He could feel Han Wenqing’s hot panting breath upon his neck.


How long did they stay in the showers? Who knows. All Ye Xiu cared about was getting railed by his lovely boyfriend of his.


Han Wenqing carrest his face and placed a gentle kiss upon his forehead. 


“Next time you’re not getting out of training this easily.” 


“We’ll see~” 


Han Wenqing pounded harder as Ye Xiu bounced up and down. They two reach climax together with bliss on their faces. 


His dick slips out, unleashing the blobs of thick cum dripping out of Ye Xiu’s now creamy hole. 


“Lao Han. Looks like you’ll need to help me clean up.” Ye Xiu said, knees wobbly and skin flushed.




Ever since Senior Ye Xiu was brought along to Tyranny because of their Captain, the other players try to avoid bothering them. Lesse they get fed a handful of dog food.


Captain has always been quite strict but they could all see that he was smittened by Senior Ye Xiu. 


They got to see rare glimpses of their Captain laughing, and other such emotions other than his usual ‘wallet face.’


One unspoken rule that the other members have all decided upon was to avoid Captain’s room at night.


But they were overall glad that Captain could feel less burdened. And for that they are grateful of Senior Ye Xiu.