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The Court of the Sun and Moon

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Once upon a time there was a young man walking through the forest, his name was Arthur Pendragon. He was a tall man with curly mops of golden brown hair that hung low to his neck and soft green eyes that reflected spring. He wore a long black coat with a white tunic, black pants and was barefoot as he walked along the green forest path along the back of his mother's property. As he was listening to the bird song and admiring the trees he suddenly heard a whisper on the wind. Soft faint voices could be heard not to far from where he stood. Arthur frowned, this was private property and it was fenced in from all sides no one could have gotten in... but there it was again the soft whispers that the wind carried. Arthur knew he should have just turned around and told someone that he heard voices in the back of the property, but he would have gotten in trouble as his mother warned him never to go past the forest. He knew this was a bad idea but he started walking towards the direction of the soft whispers he heard. When he had gotten close enough to clearly hear the voices he hid in the shadows, slinking between trees so he could look at whatever was making the sound without it realizing he was watching it. He took in his surroundings, he was deep into the forest now, the trees tops were so dense and clustered together not much light filtered through making it dark but still light enough to see where he was walking. There was a strange feeling surrounding the area, a buzzing feeling that he felt deep in his chest. There was a large lake in the center of a small clearing where the energy came from, he had never felt anything like this before. The lake was completely black and the small amount light that reflected off of the surface made it look like he was staring up at the night sky. His heart was beating so loud that he had forgotten about the strange voices until he noticed everything was too quiet. No birdsong, no wind, and no more whispering. He pressed himself against the nearest tree and flipped his hood up in hopes of blending in with the nearly black bark. He should have just went back home from the beginning, but no he just had to go find out what was making the whispering noise. He cursed himself before hearing the faintest of noises. Feet hitting leaves. He froze in fear but forced himself to look around and then slowly move his head behind him where he heard the noise and.... he really should have just stayed home today. Nearly twenty feet away from him stood a very tall very fierce looking woman dressed in white holding a very large bow with an arrow drawn pointing in his direction. Yea, he really should have just stayed home today. Arthur pressed himself firmly against the tree never taking his eyes off of her and slowly reached in his pocket for anything that he could throw to distract the woman and hopefully make a run for it. His fingers didn't make a sound going in his pocket but when his fingernails brushed against a rock the woman aimed dead center at his tree. Dear god why didn't he just stay home. Arthur winced and carefully grabbed the rock trying desperately to not let his finger nails touch the rock. When the rock was out of his pocket he slowly raised his hand and waited for her to move or look away so he could throw it and attempt to run for his life, but the woman never moved, she didn't even blink! He had stood there pressed up against the uncomfortable tree for what felt like hours, in that time the woman had slowly walked ten feet towards his tree without making a sound. He was dead unless he found a way to throw the rock without giving away his position. He prayed to whatever god would listen to give him some sort of distraction and promised to never return to the woods again. To his surprise he spotted movement in his peripheral vision. He nearly cried before realizing that it was a deer. It was hidden enough in the shadows that if he could scare it would look like him running away. He took one last look at the woman in white and let out a shaky breath before throwing the rock at the deer which startled and quickly took off. Then suddenly a flurry of white crossed his vision before disappearing after the deer. He stood at the tree for a few more seconds before he found himself running. He didn't know where but he couldn't stop himself from sprinting across the forest ground before he saw light. He stopped running once he got to the gate near the gardens which lead to the house. He gasped and breathed in air like it was water, his legs were shaking and his body felt heavy. He looked out to the forest again before locking on a flash of white. Dread filled his chest as he realized she had followed him and now knew where he lived. He unlock the gate to the gardens and walked to the front door of his house where his mother was pacing. When she saw her son she ran to him and asked him where he had been all afternoon. Arthur look at the sky which was now turning a dark blue. He had gone out midday he had really been out all afternoon. He quickly apologized to his mother before they both went inside. As he was closing the door he caught another glimpse of white and dread filled him once again.