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A Warm Night

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Ryuko sighed and shifted in bed, turning over and blindly searching for a source of warmth. His fumbling hand snagged on the sleeve of someone and he snuggled closer, giving a content mumble before falling back asleep. His stirring however, had roused the person he had been snuggling into.

Taito blinked blearily, looking down at the sleeping form next to him. He smiled fondly, stifling a yawn and reaching out to run his fingers through Ryuko’s long hair. He wrapped his arms around Ryuko and pulled the man closer, freezing as Ryuko mumbled incoherently.

Ryuko was still asleep though he moved even closer to Taito, reaching out in his sleep to hug his boyfriend. Taito smiled again, overwhelmed by how cute the man was.

If it was summer, this wouldn’t have happened. Taito would be moaning from the heat, wide awake and Ryuko would be tossing and turning in his sleep, subconsciously bothered by the sticky sheets.

But it was winter and the quilt was fluffy and warm, creating the perfect shell underneath it. They could snuggle to their hearts content, protecting each other from the cold outside.

“Taito,” Ryuko groaned, still half asleep. “You’re squashing me.”

“Sorry,” Taito laughed. “But you’re so cute.”

“Hmmph,” Ryuko grumbled in reply, too tired to protest at being called cute. “Can you move over just a bit?”

“Fine, fine,” Taito sighed and moved over just a bit. Ryuko curled up in the curve Taito had created with his body and closed his eyes.

“I’m going back to sleep.” He said flatly. “And I don’t want to wake up.” Taito smirked but let the man do so, the smirk moulding into a smile as he did so.

When Ryuko was asleep, he looked so vulnerable and defenceless. It was very cliché but it was true. Ryuko had built up many walls in his life, protecting himself from guilt and pain but when he was asleep, it all fell away.

Taito loved seeing him like this. Ryuko sometimes annoyed him to no end with his stubborn nature and refusal to say what he was feeling. Taito was very open in comparison and he wanted to help Ryuko whenever he was in one of his moods.

Taito had learnt that the best time to get Ryuko to say anything was when he was tired. If he was tired enough and Taito pestered him enough, he would say everything that was on his mind, his fears, his worries.

Taito would wrap his arms around the man and hold him close, comfort him and reassure him that he’d always be there for him.

Then Ryuko would drop off to sleep and leave Taito to replay everything he’d said and come up with a way to fix it.

“Taito,” Ryuko tore him from his thoughts. “You’re thinking too much. Just go back to sleep.”

“But…” Taito trailed off. “Yeah I guess you’re right. Sorry,” Ryuko laughed, reaching out to pull Taito close again.

“Stupid,” He muttered affectionately. “You don’t need to apologise. Just…stay with me ok.”

“Yeah, ok.” Taito muttered. “Always,”

And they both dropped off to sleep again, cherishing their warms nights together.