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Infinity at a Glimpse

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Chapter 1

I. Chain of Command: Thrawn/Pellaeon - Mature  (Pусский перевод)

II. Only in Dreams: Thrawn/Thrawn, Pellaeon (or Thrawn/Flim, Pellaeon if you'd rather have that) - Mature 

III. Sound: Parck, Thrawn - Mature (Pусский перевод)

IV. Hurt and Comfort: Thrawn/Pellaeon - General   (Pусский перевод)

V. Simple Pleasures: Zuckuss/4-LOM - General 



Chapter 2

I. Regrets: Thrass, Jedi Lorana Jinzler - General (Pусский перевод)

II. R&R: Thrawn/Pellaeon - General (Pусский перевод)

III: Tomorrow: Larin Moxla/Ula Vii - General 

IV. Living Art: Thrawn/Pellaeon - Teen (Pусский перевод)

V. Encounter: Lapis Sheqoa, Bink Kitik - General 



Chapter 3

I. Break of Concentration: Thrawn/Pellaeon - Explicit 

II. A Favor: Thrawn/Pellaeon - Mature 

III. Commitment: Thrawn/Pellaeon - General  (Pусский перевод

IV. Second Chances: Thrawn/Pellaeon - General  (Pусский перевод)

V. Left Behind: Thrawn/Pellaeon, Luke - General 



Chapter 4 

I. A Parting: Thrawn/Car'das - Teen 

II. Post Traumatic: Thrawn/Pellaeon - General  (Pусский перевод

III. Homecoming: Thrawn/Pellaeon, Luke, Han - General 

IV. And Back Again: Thrawn, Thrass - General  (Pусский перевод)

V. All that Matters: Thrawn/Pellaeon - General  (Pусский перевод)



Chapter 5

I. What If: Thrawn/Pellaeon - General 

II. Admittance of the Best Sort: 4-LOM/Zuckuss - General 

III. Confession: Thrawn/Pellaeon - General  (Pусский перевод)

IV. There: Thrass & Lorana - General  (Pусский перевод)

V. Acceptance and Support: Thrass, Thrawn - General  (Pусский перевод)



Chapter 6

I. Parched: Thrawn/Pellaeon - Teen 

II. Sound of Sleep: Thrawn/Pellaeon - General  (Pусский перевод)

III. Tensions: Thrawn/Parck - Teen 

IV. Straining Patience: Thrawn/Pellaeon - Mature 

V. Interuptus: Thrawn/Parck - Explicit 



Chapter 7

I. Impressions: Thrawn/Pellaeon - General 

II. Shot First: Mara/Guri - Teen 

III. A Growing Dislike: Thrawn, Parck, Barris - General 

IV. It's as Simple as Multitasking: Ar'alani, Maris Ferasi, Thrawn - General 

V. Build Up: Thrawn/Pellaeon - Mature 



Chapter 8

I. Surprise Inside: Thrawn & Pellaeon - General 

II. Delicate Sounds: Thrawn/Pellaeon - General (Pусский перевод)

III. Cruel, Unusual, and Quite Pleasurable: Thrawn/Pellaeon - Mature 

IV. Lilies of the Galaxy: Thrawn & Pellaeon - General 

V. Killik Twilight: Thrawn/Pellaeon - General 



Chapter 9

I. Empty Husk: Thrawn, Jorj Car'das - General  (Русский перевод)

II. Vacation: Thrawn & Pellaeon - General 

III. Cut Out the Old: Mara/Guri - General 

IV. Intimacy: Zuckuss/4-LOM - General 

V. Knowledge is Power: Thrawn/Pellaeon, Luke - General 



Chapter 10

I. Night to Forget: Thrawn/Pellaeon - Teen 

II. Pinned: Mara/Guri - General 

III. Crush: Darth Vader/Thrawn - General (Pусский перевод)

IV. Reality Check: Zuckuss/4-LOM - General 

V. Inexperience: Thrass/Lorana Jinzler - General  (Pусский перевод)