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I Want Your Rude Love Tonight

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“Lan Huan?” Jiang Cheng called, his voice carrying easily through the flat.

“You’re late today, Wanyin,” Lan Huan remarked silkily.

Dropping his bag on a nearby chair, Jiang Cheng straightened, his gaze quickly seeking Lan Huan out where he stood at the other side of the room, leaning against a doorframe with his arms crossed.

“Yeah, something came up,” Jiang Cheng said with a dismissive shrug, eyes not leaving Lan Huan, who simply raised a brow as he regarded the other man indolently, gaze raking over his body from head to toe then back up again.

Jiang Cheng was wearing a thin, lavender button-up shirt which draped over his lean torso and complimented his complexion beautifully, a silver necktie neatly knotting the collar, and a pair of charcoal slacks that Lan Huan quite liked which hugged his long, slender legs. His shoulder-length hair was tied back in a loose bun, wispy bangs framing an adorably grouchy expression.

“What? Cat got your damn tongue or something?” Jiang Cheng snarked.

Lan Huan stalked closer until the other man was pressured to take a step back, then another, and another, until his back met the wall. When Jiang Cheng attempted to sidestep him, Lan Huan simply shoved him back in place with a single hand against his chest, stepping into his space and eliminating the last bit of distance between them.

Jiang Cheng scowled. This close, their scant height difference made it so he had to look up into Lan Huan’s face.

“Xichen, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Lan Huan frowned. “Language, Wanyin.”

Tension crackled thickly between them, nearly palpable. Seeing Jiang Cheng’s eyes dart to the side as if calculating another escape, Lan Huan brought one broad hand up to hold him by the side of his neck while his thumb rubbed gentle pressure over the bump of the other man’s Adam’s apple, feeling it bob as Jiang Cheng swallowed. Then, he slid that hand up the tender column of his throat until he cupped in his strong fingers the sharp, smooth curve of Jiang Cheng’s jaw, holding his head still and tilted up so that their eyes met, cool amber with flinty gray.

Jiang Cheng’s eyes were dark and a little wide. As Lan Huan peered into them, gripping him firmly by the chin, he saw the pupils dilate further, eclipsing more of the bright irises while Jiang Cheng stared back at him in a way that was vaguely reminiscent of a deer in headlights.

Lan Huan’s mouth curled up at the corners.

In a cool voice, he said, “Wanyin, you know better than to keep me waiting.”

Jiang Cheng’s peachy lips twisted in a sneer and he rolled his eyes. “I can do whatever I want, Xichen,” he countered, smacking the hand away from his face. “Now get the hell out of my way.”

Once more, Lan Huan blocked his attempt at stepping past him. This time, he kept his hand there atop Jiang Cheng’s firm chest, feeling it rise and fall with his every breath.

The thud of his heartbeat was so obvious beneath Lan Huan’s palm.

“If I’m not mistaken,” Lan Huan murmured, amusement coloring his voice saccharine, “I think you like this, Wanyin.”


The answering growl and hot glare were riveting enough to almost distract Lan Huan from the fist that shot toward his chin.

Almost, but not quite.

Lan Huan caught the hand and pressed it to the wall over Jiang Cheng’s head, holding it easily there with his weight. At Jiang Cheng’s indignant expression, his smirk deepened; he watched as those eyes dropped to his mouth before he leaned in and nuzzled the side of Jiang Cheng’s face, the gesture almost affectionate, breathing in the pleasant scent of the other man’s skin and the faint whiff of his woodsy-citrusy shampoo.

“My Wanyin is so pretty when he’s spitting fire.”

Jiang Cheng scoffed. “Who the hell are you calling your W—mmph.”

Lan Huan cut him off with a deep kiss, taking advantage of his parted mouth to shove his tongue inside that tempting, wet cavern. It was a little domineering, a little cruel, and entirely hungry. Jiang Cheng tasted of bitter espresso and sweet vanilla, and his lips were soft and supple beneath Lan Huan’s as he was kissed roughly. Lan Huan's hand returned to grip Jiang Cheng’s chin, fingertips pressing into the tender spots of Jiang Cheng's jaw as he gave the man no respite.

Sharp pain bloomed on Lan Huan's lower lip and he drew back, tongue swiping over the spot Jiang Cheng had bitten.

Wiping the back of his free hand over his mouth, Jiang Cheng shot Lan Huan a dark look. “Asshole.”

“Really, Wanyin. The mouth on you,” Lan Huan chided.

Baring his teeth, Jiang Cheng snapped, “Come closer and I’ll show you what this mouth can do.”

For once, Lan Huan did as he was told; he bent in again, but this time, instead of aiming for the other’s mouth, he attached himself to Jiang Cheng’s neck just below the underside of his jaw, sucking the soft skin there between his teeth and biting down hard enough to leave a mark. A ragged breath left Jiang Cheng as he squirmed a bit.

Ow, the hell?!”

Ignoring him, Lan Huan pulled back. At the same time, he slid his hand down Jiang Cheng’s throat until his index finger was hooked firmly behind the knot of his tie, his knuckle digging into the shallow dip between his collarbones. Then, with one hard tug, he loosened it, the smooth fabric slithering free with a hiss of silk.

Jiang Cheng’s gaze was like daggers even while his hand was still trapped above him. Opening his mouth, he snarled, “You pervert—mmff .”

Lan Huan had folded up the tie and stuffed the entire thing now between those petal-pink, kiss-bruised lips, effectively gagging him.

“Hold on to that for me, will you?” Lan Huan said lightly.

Jiang Cheng’s glare looked heated enough to melt iron, those sharp grey eyes flinty as they bore into Lan Huan’s. They disappeared from view behind fluttering eyelashes when Lan Huan wedged his thigh between Jiang Cheng’s, causing the other man to flinch slightly with a bitten-back groan.

Lan Huan chuckled, pressing a little more firmly against the hardness he found there. “Oh? So you are enjoying this.”

Jiang Cheng’s affronted growl, muffled by the gag, only fueled Lan Huan’s amusement.

He shifted slightly then released Jiang Cheng’s wrist. Before the other man could recover, Lan Huan hooked his hands under those plush thighs and hoisted him up off the floor before shoving him firmly against the wall once more, pinning him in place with his body.


Jiang Cheng’s eyes widened briefly as he was forcefully repositioned, legs reflexively wrapping around Lan Huan’s torso. Like this, their crotches were perfectly aligned for Lan Huan to grind them together, creating delicious friction. Jiang Cheng’s eyes slipped closed again as he panted against his makeshift gag.

Bracing Jiang Cheng with one hand under his ass, Lan Huan used the other to swiftly undo and yank down Jiang Cheng’s pants and underwear, shifting the man in his arms around so that they could be pushed sufficiently out of the way. Startled, Jiang Cheng scrambled to balance himself, arms quickly looping around Lan Huan’s shoulders. He let out another muffled noise around the tie as his groin was abruptly exposed to the cool air.

As he thought—Jiang Cheng’s cock was already more than half-hard, Lan Huan noted with a twinge of dark satisfaction. Retrieving a rectangular packet from his pants pocket, Lan Huan dangled it in front of Jiang Cheng’s face with a smirk. Lube.

Lan Huan leaned in so that their noses were nearly touching. Jiang Cheng went a little cross-eyed as he tried to focus on Lan Huan’s hooded eyes, then the lazy curl of his lips as he murmured, “Shall we take care of your other mouth back there, too?”

Lan Huan heard an offended grunt and then Jiang Cheng was squirming in his grip, but Lan Huan’s grip was as unyielding as steel and with the way Lan Huan was leaning into him with broad shoulders, he had no leverage. It took a little maneuvering—and Jiang Cheng certainly didn’t make it easy for him—but Lan Huan managed to rip open the packet of lube and coat his fingers in a generous layer of it, then reached behind to that hidden spot between Jiang Cheng's asscheeks.

Rather than pressing inside, he circled his entrance with one slick finger, rubbing over and around that tight, furled hole in slow circles until he could feel it twitching under his fingertips.

"Nngh." Grip tight around Lan Huan, Jiang Cheng shifted his hips as best he was able—to escape the probing touch or to encourage it, who could say?

It was a shame, Lan Huan idly mused, that the tie was in the way. He really did enjoy hearing his Wanyin beg. Another time, perhaps.

Finally, he slipped in a finger, then another in rapid succession. In this position, Jiang Cheng was held so open for him, his passage parting warm and soft for Lan Huan’s thrusting fingers. With every drag of calloused fingers against his tender walls, Jiang Cheng huffed out a near-inaudible whine and his own fingers twisted into the back of Lan Huan’s shirt.

Lan Huan fingered him diligently until he could work in four digits at once, deliberately avoiding that bundle of nerves to Jiang Cheng’s evident frustration, if his grunts and the impatient way he rocked his hips in an attempt to get Lan Huan’s fingers where he wanted them were any indication.

“Shh, Wanyin,” Lan Huan cajoled him, hooking his fingers so that they narrowly missed his prostate. “We wouldn’t want this to end too soon, now, would we?”

Jiang Cheng let out another frustrated noise.

Lan Huan drank in the lovely sight of his debauched Wanyin—skin flushed and damp, chest heaving, dark brows furrowed and eyes glazed with lust even as he leveled Lan Huan with a smoking glare. He could even see the two stiff peaks on Jiang Cheng’s chest straining against the thin fabric of his shirt where they’d been rubbed between the tight press of their bodies.

Hastily, Lan Huan unzipped his fly and took out his cock—already hard and flushed because he never could hold himself back when it came to Jiang Cheng. Still, he decided to tease just a little; he positioned himself at Jiang Cheng’s entrance but didn’t thrust in, instead rubbing the fat head of his dick over that softened hole like he’d done with his fingers. Eyes squeezed shut, Jiang Cheng threw his head back until it thumped against the wall. Lan Huan latched his mouth onto Jiang Cheng’s neck again, marking a heated line of biting kisses along that sensitive, bared column.

“Nnngh.” A muted whine.

“What’s the matter, Wanyin? Could it be that you want my cock inside you?”


Lan Huan let out a breathy chuckle. His Wanyin was indeed starting to sound rather desperate now, and Lan Huan was only human—truthfully, he, too, ached to sink himself into that delicious heat.

So, he did.

The thorough preparation allowed him to ease himself inside of Jiang Cheng in one smooth motion, tight muscle stretching and giving way for his hard length. No matter how many times they did this, Jiang Cheng was always so tight; his hot walls throbbed ever so sweetly around Lan Huan’s thick cock, squeezing and massaging him in such a heavenly way. Lan Huan couldn’t imagine ever tiring of it.

"Ah, Wanyin is sucking me in so greedily," Lan Huan purred in satisfaction, burying himself deeper inside that molten sheath with a roll of his hips.

Jiang Cheng groaned, a strained, choked sound, arms tightening around Lan Huan’s shoulders.

Lan Huan kissed the underside of his jaw, nibbling at the soft flesh there. When he heard Jiang Cheng's rapid breaths settle into a steadier rhythm, he shifted his hips and, still buried deep within him, ground into him shallowly over and over without mercy until Jiang Cheng was squirming on his dick, fingers scrabbling for purchase over the sleek material of Lan Huan’s shirt.

“Good?” Lan Huan taunted, a hint of smugness seeping into the word.

Lan Huan felt more than saw Jiang Cheng’s head shake in defiance where it had burrowed into his shoulder. He smiled even though the other man couldn’t see it.

“I’ll make you feel good, sweetheart, don’t worry” he said against a reddened ear.

With that, he drew back then buried himself again with a snap of his hips, angling it in the way he knew drove Jiang Cheng crazy and finally striking his prostate. Sure enough, a startled moan escaped the man in his arms, the erotic sound muffled around the tie gagging him. Lan Huan felt Jiang Cheng’s whole body shiver within the cage of his arms as he repeated the motion.

“That’s it,” he murmured. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Jiang Cheng simply gasped wetly as he was held immobile and open, impaled on Lan Huan’s cock against the wall, thighs spread wide to fit Lan Huan’s torso, helplessly clinging to Lan Huan’s neck as he was fucked into over and over. The lewd noises of their activity filled the room and the space between them, mingling with the sounds of their harsh breaths.

Gradually, Jiang Cheng's self-restraint seemed to be melting away. Louder and more uninhibited noises began to escape him in time with Lan Huan’s forceful thrusts until, finally, with another full-body shudder and hitch of breath, he keened—a long, low, pleasure-drenched sound.

Lan Huan clicked his tongue. “Did you come already?” he asked, voice breathy as he continued to drive into Jiang Cheng. “That was quick.”

A vengeful squeeze around his length—weaker than Jiang Cheng had intended it to be, probably—was his only answer and he chuckled with the pleasure of it.

“Mmn, yes, just like that, baby. You’re such a perfect little fuckhole, aren’t you?”

In answer, he received an indignant grunt that quickly melted into a sweet moan with another well-aimed thrust.

Lan Huan kneaded the pert ass in his grasp, fondling those round globes with large hands then tugging the cheeks apart to feel with his fingertips the point of their connection, how Jiang Cheng’s rim was puffy and slick and fluttering around the girth of Lan Huan’s shaft.

Jiang Cheng still had his face tucked into the crook of Lan Huan's shoulder as if to hide his expression, his hands clutching Lan Huan's back while his hole clutched his cock. Lan Huan savored every quiet groan and aborted whimper that dropped honey-sweet from that gagged mouth as Jiang Cheng stubbornly redoubled his attempts to smother his own noises.

Still, Lan Huan didn't once feel those three taps on his back that would've halted him immediately.

Lan Huan didn't know how long they continued like that, how long he lost himself in the exquisite pleasure of Jiang Cheng’s body and the delightful sounds that were wrenched from him. Jiang Cheng felt incredible around him, muscles lax and fucked well into pliancy, his warm bulk a familiar comfort in Lan Huan’s arms. His pulsing passage hugged Lan Huan’s cock like a vice, maddeningly hot and slick and addictive while his stuffed mouth let out small, pleasure-soaked noises with every thrust.

Lan Huan threaded his fingers into the hair at the back of Jiang Cheng's head and nape, much of which had escaped from his bun, and tugged so that Jiang Cheng was forced to lift his head.

Drawing back slightly, Lan Huan surveyed the sight before him.

Jiang Cheng's whole face was wet with sweat, drool, and tears, and flushed an alluring, rosy red from his cheeks to his ears, down his neck, and dipping below his undone collar. His eyes were ink-dark and glassy, his mouth stretched obscenely wide around the gag, drool slipping out from the edge of the balled-up tie and marking glistening trails down his chin. His untouched cock was twitching and leaking with stimulation, his pale spend puddled messily on his rumpled lavender shirt and, where the soiled fabric had ridden up, his lower belly. It dripped in languid rivulets down the curve of his hip bones and between his legs to where they were connected so intimately. Lan Huan licked his lips, desire burning hotter at the vision of the bewitching, blissed-out expression on his Wanyin’s beautiful features.

"See, isn't it so much more rewarding to be honest and admit that you like this, gorgeous? Like being taken by me, just like this?” Lan Huan coaxed, voice husky as he tried to control his pants.

A drawn-out sob indicated that Jiang Cheng had reached yet another orgasm. Thin come was leaking continuously from his softening dick in weak gushes that were fucked out of him with every thrust. It was enough to drive Lan Huan mad.

Ah, he didn't think he was going to last much longer, now—not with the way Jiang Cheng continued to sob and writhe and clench around his cock.

He finally ripped out the tie, tossing the soaked wad aside so he could replace it with his lips. They shared a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss as the crest of Lan Huan’s pleasure washed over him and, with a low groan into Jiang Cheng’s slack mouth, he emptied himself in long, hot pulses into the heat of Jiang Cheng's body.

They stayed there propped against the wall for several minutes as they both caught their breaths after their dizzying highs. Eventually, Lan Huan eased off of him a little, though still keeping a firm hold on him, and bent his head so he could nuzzle his neck. He kept his cock inside, plugging him so that cum wouldn’t leak out.

“A-Cheng,” he murmured, mouthing gently over a fresh red mark that would no doubt blossom into a lovely bruise in a few hours.

Jiang Cheng stirred in his hold, where he'd collapsed bonelessly. “Mmm… Lan Huan…”

“Alright, my love?” Lan Huan asked softly.

“Mn... yeah,” Jiang Cheng rumbled. He shifted minutely, thighs tensing and relaxing in Lan Huan’s hands. His slacks were hopelessly rumpled at this point, as was his ruined shirt. “... Gonna be sore.”

“Sorry.” Lan Huan pressed another apologetic kiss to his cheek.

“Don’t be.” Lan Huan felt slender fingers comb through his hair, pushing damp strands of it out of his face and behind his ears. “C’mon,” his boyfriend urged. “Bathroom. I’m all sweaty and gross.”

Huffing out a soft chuckle, Lan Huan adjusted them away from the wall so that he bore Jiang Cheng’s full weight.

Jiang Cheng rubbed his hands over Lan Huan’s flexing biceps as the latter rebalanced the both of them, and muttered, “Might need some help getting there, though."

Lan Huan giggled again. “That can be arranged,” he replied fondly as he stepped away from the wall, carrying the light of his life firmly in the circle of his arms.