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Hush Little Baby for Rowan

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Hush little baby, don't say a word
Papa's gonna make you a viking sword

If that sword won't cut and slash
Papa's gonna burn his forge to ash

If that forge won't crumble and burn
Papa's gonna tame a fire wyrm

If that wyrm refuses to flame
Papa's gonna get you an ax to maim

If that ax won't maim and chop
Papa's gonna build you a shield to block

If that shield should splinter and fail
Papa's gonna make you some shiny chain mail

If that mail should stiffen with rust
Papa's gonna train you a steed to trust

If that steed should rear and buck
Papa's gonna get you a charm for luck

If your luck should still prove sour
Papa's gonna find you a rowan in flower

When those flowers wither and fade
Papa's gonna forge you a sharper blade