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Forever With You

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Franky wakes in the middle of the night and reaches for Bridget. She opens her eyes when she can’t feel her wife and looks around the room, noticing the light on in the bathroom. As she walks into the room, Bridget is at the sink washing her hands. “I woke up looking for you.” Franky says as she walks up behind her wife and reaches around her. Bridget smiles as she reaches for a towel to dry her hands, soft lips kissing her neck and shoulder. “I’m sorry baby. Nature called.” Franky kisses below her ear as she rests a hand on her shoulder. “I heard nature calling too.” She whispers in her ear, hearing her breath shiver. Bridget gulps. “And what did she say?” She asks as she feels Franky move up against her. “This needs to go…” Franky replies while sliding the strap of the blonde’s nightgown off her shoulder. Bridget closes her eyes as she feels Franky slide her hand over her shoulder and down her arm, warmth following her touch. Franky kisses her again as she slips the other strap off and her right hand moves to her chest. She smiles as the sound of Bridget’s breathing changes and moves her hand across her breasts and down her stomach. She looks up into the mirror before them, “God you’re so beautiful.” Bridget starts to smile, then lets out a small moan as Franky’s hand moves down her waist and between her legs. Bridget’s breath hitches as Franky slides two fingers inside, pausing to let her adjust to the feel.
“Does that feel good Gidge?” She asks before kissing the side of her neck. The blonde moans as the experienced fingers begin working inside of her. Franky holds her tighter with her free arm as she watches them in the mirror, her breath teasing her wife’s ear with each exhale. “Open your eyes Gidge. I want you to see what I see.” Bridget bites her lip as she forces her eyes to open. Franky kisses her gently, still near her ear. “How your reaction to my touch can turn me on so much.” She releases a warm breath again as Bridget pushes back against her. Franky can’t help but to moan, moving her fingers deeper and harder in response to the feel of her wife against her center. “How your body begins to flush at the pleasure I bring you. Starting with your chest…” she kisses her shoulder, “then your neck…” she kisses her again, “then your cheeks.” The blonde lets out a moan and bucks her hips again; the sound of her lover’s voice describing her sight and the feel of her body and hands against her, turning her on more than she thought possible.
Franky slides her thumb against her nub, causing Bridget to let out a gasp before turning her upper body enough to kiss her. Franky moans into the kiss, the dampness growing between her legs at her wife’s reaction. Bridget breaks the kiss as one hand reaches for the countertop, the other for the wrist of her wife. Franky continues watching them in the mirror, the sight doubling the effects watching her wife has on her. “I want you to watch as you come undone. I want you to see how you can make me cum without touching me.” Bridget holds the brunette’s wrist closer, encouraging her as her breathing becomes ragged. “Please Franky…” Franky smiles against her neck as she presses her body against Bridget’s and against the counter. “Fuck…” Franky leans over and begins sucking on her pulse point as she feels the telltale clenching of her wife around her fingers. She presses firmly against her nub and tightens her arm around her as she falls over the edge, shaking and quivering as the tremors run through her. Franky feels her own wetness increase at the sight of her lover coming undone before her, the tingling almost unbearable between her own legs.
Bridget’s legs practically give out from under her, and she leans heavily against Franky, hitting just the right spot. “Fuck…” Franky moans as she leans them against the counter for added support. Bridget can’t help but to laugh. She could tell from the brunette’s breathing that she was close as well but didn’t realize exactly how close. Franky wraps both arms around her wife and Bridget holds her arms close, both trying to catch their breath. Bridget looks up into the mirror as she feels soft kisses being placed on her shoulder. “You okay baby?” Franky looks up as she blushes. “No one has ever had this kind of effect on me Gidge.” She says as she begins to stand them up. Bridget turns in her arms and kisses her gently. “No one has ever made me feel the way you do baby.” Franky smiles as she brushes their noses together. “Thank you, for loving me the way you do. For making me feel things I never thought I deserved to feel. For saving my life…” Bridget places a finger against her lips. “Thank you for trusting me…and being my wife.” She sees the tears forming in her wife’s eyes. “Now take me to bed baby. I want to return the favor before the alarm goes off.” Franky can’t help but to smile before picking up her wife and carrying her back to the bed.
The following morning, Bridget is just about finished in the bathroom when Franky walks in and wraps her arms around her. She places a kiss on her neck before the blonde turns in her arms. “Good morning baby.” She says before the brunette kisses her lips again and again. “Morning.” Franky says against her lips, moving them against the counter. Franky’s tongue begs for entrance as her body presses against the blonde’s. Bridget moans into the kiss as their tongues dance together and Franky lifts her onto the counter. “Franky,” Bridget says while gasping for air. Franky moves onto her neck as her hands slide under her skirt to the waistband of her panties. “We can’t baby. You have to go soon.” Franky looks into her eyes with her cocky grin. “Let me worry about that.” She says before sinking down to her knees.
By 8:15, Franky is grabbing her coffee mug as Bridget enters the kitchen fixing her earring. “I’ll see you later.” Franky says to Boomer before kissing Bridget on the lips. “Love you.” Bridget smiles. “Love you too baby.” Boomer stands up from the counter. “Franky, you forgot your breakfast.” Franky turns around and smiles. “Already ate.” She says with a wink, causing Bridget to blush. “Besides, Fessler always has a spread before court. Thanks though Booms.” Bridget watches her wife through the front windows and notices moving vans next door as her wife pulls away. “Looks like we’re getting new neighbors.” Boomer just shrugs. “No biggie.” Bridget looks over at her, surprised at her carefree response. Boomer, someone afraid to take a walk down the street, less than two months later, hasn’t a care in the world about new neighbors moving in. “Something you’re not telling us?” Bridget asks while walking back to the kitchen. Boomer stops mid-chew, then swallows hard. “Um, I found out about Red a couple weeks ago. She didn’t know I was visiting when she walked in after a meeting with Allie. Not sure who surprised who the most that night.” Bridget just smiles, knowing a diversion when she sees one. She pours herself a cup of coffee and sits down across from Boomer for breakfast.
Ten minutes to nine, Franky spots Bridget in the hallway and rushes her into an empty office. Her lips are on her instantly, causing Bridget to lose her balance and Franky to wrap her arms tightly around her for support. “Everything okay baby?” Bridget manages to ask as Franky moves on to her neck. A shiver runs through her as Franky nibbles at her ear causing her to gasp and move her hands to Franky’s shoulders, separating them enough to look into her eyes. “It’s just nerves Gidge.” She moves to kiss her again, but Bridget stays firm. “Please Gidge. Just enough to take the edge off.” She moves one of Bridget’s hands between her legs. “Please.” Bridget pulls her hand away with a small frown. “You said we can’t do that here baby, and for a very good reason. The last thing the Freak needs is to know we did something here. You know how she can be.” Before Franky can protest, there is a knock at the door. “Come on Franky. Time to go.” Franky curses under her breath as Bridget smiles weakly. “Go kick ass baby. I’ll be waiting.” She winks before kissing her briefly. They both turn and open the door to see Fessler standing outside.
Inside the courtroom, Fessler and Franky sit side by side awaiting the judge. Ferguson sits across from them, still chained and shackled. “Franky,” Fessler whispers as she leans towards her. “You have to watch what you do here. It’s…” Franky turns to face her, failing to hide the blush on her cheeks. “I know Fess. The nerves got the better of me today. Promise it won’t happen again.” Fessler nods before adding quietly. “At least save it for lunch break.” She squeezes her arm to show she isn’t upset, making Franky smile before exhaling the breath she was holding.


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Franky and Bridget continue to reconnect. Boomer seems to have a secret.

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