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THREAD: Guidance on gifts for a puzzle pro!


USER: jessica2

Sorry if this isn’t allowed! My girlfriend’s about to finish grad school and I wanted to get her a puzzle to congratulate her, but I’m totally out of my depth. I know enough to know that I don’t want to just go to Barnes & Noble and pick from what they have available - she’ll love what I get her no matter what, but this is a big moment for her and I want to get her something really nice.

Here’s what I have to work with:

-I know she’s interested in wooden puzzles, especially the ones with those little shapes. (Sorry, I forget what they’re called.)

-She doesn’t have many wooden ones yet, just a couple of smaller ones that were less expensive, so I don’t think she has a company she prefers.

-Ideally I’d like it if I could get a look at the shapes ahead of time to see if there are any that seem a little more “her”

-The harder the better, she loves a challenge.

Any tips are appreciated!


USER: Stacey (moderator)

Welcome Jessica! For wooden puzzles I really like Palo Alto or Archer. Palo Alto’s website lets you filter puzzles by difficulty, which should be useful for you.

The little shapes in the puzzle are called whimsy pieces. 😀 Usually companies only put a preview of a couple of whimsy pieces online, like this:

An image showing six whimsy pieces from a wooden jigsaw puzzle. They're basically puzzle pieces that are shaped like something recognizable instead of a normal puzzle piece. These ones are shaped like mermaids, palm trees, and an anchor.


Luckily we have experts here who might be able to help! If you have Twitter you should check out Stan’s account, he reviews a lot of wooden puzzles and always posts a lot of photos showing off his whimsies.

@PuzzleStan Anything to add?


USER: PuzzleStan

Just my handle: I’m PuzzleStan on Twitter too. Jessica, feel free to message me if you have any questions.



Twitter Profile - @PuzzleStan


Puzzle Reviews
CPA and whimsy enthusiast.
Joined June 2011
50 following | 350 followers


Puzzle Reviews @PuzzleStan So far the Audubon Society’s new Birds of the American Southwest 1000-piece is a great way to spend a couple of evenings. Here’s a progress photo.

[Image of a partially completed puzzle on a dining table. A redheaded woman is sitting at the table but her face isn’t visible.]

1 Retweet | 4 Likes


Puzzle Reviews @PuzzleStan Wrapped up another Palo Alto wooden puzzle, Shining in the Cave. Is anyone else starting to get Repeating Whimsy Fatigue from them always reusing the same set? Here’s a photo of the finished product and one of just the whimsy pieces.

0 Retweets | 2 Likes


Puzzle Reviews @PuzzleStan Starting a new puzzle.

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Reddit - r/trashmouth


SUBJECT: Have we seen the seventh Loser?



I know Richie has talked about his childhood friends the Losers Club in a lot of interviews since he came back/came out, but have we ever gotten a handle on who all of them are?

  • Richie, duh
  • Bev Marsh
  • Bill Denbrough
  • Ben the architect (I’ve heard people call him Bev’s boyfriend but isn’t she married?)
  • Mike who’s allegedly a librarian but is always on vacation posting selfies
  • Eddie who IDK what he does other than get angry in Richie’s comments
  • Aren’t there supposed to be seven?



Unsolved mystery! There’s a married couple that pop up in photos with the others sometimes, but no one knows if they have any social media. There’s a lot of speculation about this on r/losersclub if you’re interested, but you seem to have a healthy/casual level of knowledge and over there they can be...a lot.



Reddit - r/losersclub


Selfie with Richie! 4 down 3 to go | 6 hours ago, 7 comments

Court filings between Bev and Tom Rogan | 4 days ago, 40 comments

Who is Stan???? | 3 months ago, 489 comments

Eddie’s Venmo friends | 3 hours ago, 23 comments

Where in the world is Mike Hanlon today? | 2 months ago, 327 comments



Screenshot of a Buzzfeed headline: What We Know About The Elusive Seventh Loser. Subhead: They're almost definitely a human. by Megan Morse, Buzzfeed Staff Writer. View 787 Comments.



Richie Tozier @DickTozier new special THOSE AREN’T MINE coming to netflix april 24. please watch i have a mortgage to pay now.



Richie Tozier @DickTozier my friend’s super into puzzles do you think he’ll like this

The box of a 48 piece floor puzzle titled Fairy Tale Castle. It's for ages 3 and up. A princess is riding a unicorn. There's a castle in the background and a rainbow and butterflies in the sky.



Puzzle Reviews @PuzzleStan Here is a progress photo of a 48 piece Fairy Tale Castle puzzle. Not my usual, in case you couldn’t tell. It was a gift from a friend.

Jessica @romeoblue I retroactively feel better about all the puzzles I got Sam before I started doing my research.



group chat: talk derry to me


Richie: hands up who thinks stan should cave and AT LEAST get instagram

Bill: social media’s not for everyone!

Stan: Why do you even care?

Richie: sometimes i see things that make me think of you and it’d be nice if i could tag you!

Bill: that’s actually kind of sweet.

Stan: That’s what texting is for.

Eddie: It’s a fucking trap is what it is. Every fucking day he tags me in fifty posts that have nothing to do with me.

Richie: and it gets your attention EVERY TIME

Stan: I take it back, that’s not what texting is for.

Bill: wait you just tag us in stuff to annoy us?

Richie: no you wouldn’t get annoyed so there’s no point, i actually just tag you because i’m thinking of you

Bev: awwww richie

Richie: when i want to annoy bill i just ask him about the plot holes in his books

Bev: spoke too soon



Richie Tozier @DickTozier wild how all the losers live in the 21st century and have social media except for stan who lives to spite me. time for some reverse psychology

Eddie Kaspbrak @EJKaspbrak Reverse psychology isn’t going to work if you admit that’s what you’re doing.


Eddie Kaspbrak @EJKaspbrak Fine. Reverse psychology won’t work because Stan is much smarter than you.




@TWOMlMlR The only good man on this website is this grandpa who only tweets about birds and puzzles.

17.6K Retweets and comments | 132K Likes

@alexpetal i needed this SO MUCH today

@fixthedryer Someone can like birds and puzzles without being a grandfather. They’re not just for old people.

@daddyshereto @fixthedryer OVERRULED death of the author he’s a grampa.

@silvereyes I would die for him.

@sluglife the only guy using this website properly.

@sjobergs the video with him narrating about the different shapes of puzzle pieces is my new asmr

@parabatai PLEASE it’s so cute how he always says what the picture is of like it’s not obvious

@angrypig @parabatai ACCESSIBILITY KING



Richie Tozier @DickTozier @TwitterSupport if i apologize for the “pat sajak is dead” hoax will you please verify me so i can feel superior



Screenshot of a BuzzFeed headline: The Internet Can't Get Enough Of This Guy's Jigsaw Puzzle Reviews. Subhead: We Stan Puzzle Stan. by Sophie Mercer, BuzzFeed Staff Writer. 170 comments.



Puzzle Reviews @PuzzleStan Started a new puzzle. No box picture this time, I’m doing it without referencing the photo to make the assembly last longer.

5,689 Retweets and Comments | 27.7K Likes



Richie Tozier @DickTozier was anyone going to tell me my accountant friend went through a HOT BITCH phase in accountant school or was that something i was just going to have to find out for myself????

[Photo: Stan in college.]

@englishclass ABS

@toziertrash ABS

@notaccidents ABS

@aggressiveyou ABS

@wormhive ABS

@reddieforit ABS



Sam @whimsical What do we think PuzzleStan’s real name is? He feels like a Milton or a Walter.

Betty @ridesthebear Wait, I thought his name was Stan, not that he was calling himself a stan

Jamie @omgFREEFORM ashdfgakjfhdkjshfk PUZZLE STANLEY

Sam @whimsical WAIT STOP IS IT A PUN?

Jamie @omgFREEFORM no way my man stanley knows what a stan is


Sam @whimsical POLL: Is PuzzleStan:

-A puzzle enthusiast named Stan (44%, 3553 votes)

-An anonymous stan of puzzles (44%, 3602 votes)

-A puzzle enthusiast named Stan who is leaning into the wordplay (12%, 969 votes)


@maraisarcane please look at the absolute chaos currently unfolding over on puzzle twitter

[Screenshot of replies to Sam’s poll:

@flushingsilver This is blowing my mind, I didn’t realize it was ambiguous!

54 more replies - Expand this conversation

@connorsox @tallesttiptoes @glowcave @burnslivingflowers @billbowery @whimsical @flushingsilver Shit like this is why Trump got elected.]


@jonesburger "Is @PuzzleStan actually named Stan" - the greatest thread in the history of forums, locked by a moderator after 12,239 pages of heated debate,



group chat: [puzzle] stan wars


Sam: my mentions are a warzone, i did not realize this was going to be a blue dress/white dress thing.

Betty: Puzzle Stan’s real name is something that can actually be so personal.

Jamie: it got SPICY

Betty: Sam, you’re a puzzle nerd, can’t you just ask around in your puzzle group chats? There can’t be that many people in Puzzworld.

Sam: okay first of all i don’t have any puzzle group chats. second of all i’m not trying to doxx an old man.

Betty: Do any of you follow his wife? I love her

Jamie: you follow his WIFE?

Sam: i can’t believe i followed this dude for his puzzle reviews and here we are a year later and you’re stalking his wife

Betty: He retweets her sometimes, it’s not that weird! She’s @TallyHunter (which I think is a bird thing??? Her name’s Patty), she mostly just posts about birds she sees and DIY stuff she does around the house and how much she hates their next door neighbor

Jamie: wait taking a look now and did she make that table herself????? holy shit

Betty: I KNOW

Betty: She reminds me of you actually



@godbrandlikesboats me a week ago: what’s a whimsy

me now: when it comes to variety and innovation in wooden jigsaws no one is doing what walden puzzles is doing



Conversation with Ben Hanscom


Stan: Hey, remember that time with the scarecrows and the firecrackers? How you said you owed me your life?

Ben: i don’t like where this is going, but yes

Stan: I have a question, which isn’t a big deal, but I’m cashing in the big favor because you can’t tell the others.

Ben: of course, i would respect that anyway!

Stan: Not even Bev, Ben.

Ben: ohhhhhhh. 

Ben: oh wow

Ben: okay, if you say so.

Stan: Does “stan” have a different meaning on the internet besides just being a name?



Richie Tozier @DickTozier did you guys know that some people are really touchy about how ACTUALLY RICHIE birding and birdwatching are two different things



Puzzle Reviews @PuzzleStan - 1 year ago

Had to get this one to support my friend Bill!

[Photo: The box of a “famous horror writers” jigsaw puzzle featuring the covers of several popular novels, including Bill Denbrough’s The Black Rapids.]



group chat: [puzzle] stan wars


Sam: okay this tweet is super old he saying he’s friends with bill denbrough? or is this a cute grandpa thing where he just calls authors he likes his friends

Betty: My friend Puzzle Stan

Jamie: i call jonathan franzen my nemesis all the time it checks out

Betty: Stan’s not following him but IDK if Stan only follows puzzle people or what, let me check

Jamie: yeah he hardly follows anyone

Betty: Then again Bill retweets every single person who @’s him, I wouldn’t follow him either

Sam: you can just disable retweets for someone

Jamie: i would bet money that my friend puzzle stan doesn’t know how to do that

Sam: okay fair point

Betty: One of the non-famous losers club guys follows Puzzle Stan but so do a hundred thousand other people, so...inconclusive

Jamie: which one? thirst trap librarian?

Betty: No, hot architect

Betty: Sam why are Puzzle Stan and your girlfriend mutuals



Jamie: inspector betty you’ve done it again



Conversation with Jessica 💖👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🎡


Sam: babe how and why are you twitter mutuals with @PuzzleStan

Jessica: oh stan’s so nice!


Sam: wow sorry i am really hyped up right now

Jessica: LMAO it’s fine. yes, as far as i know his name is actually stan.

Sam: when did he follow you???? he hardly follows anyone

Jessica: it was around when you finished grad school! i went on some puzzle website asking for help figuring out what to get you and they pointed me in his direction

Jessica: i had NO idea what i was doing and he was soooooo patient, he DMed me all these questions about what i thought you might like and then helped me find one where the little shapes were mythology themed

Sam: i have never been more in love with you than i am right now



group chat: [puzzle] stan wars



Betty: WHAT

Jamie: plot twist

Sam: i need to lie down oh my GOD

Sam: my favorite possession was personally selected for me by my girlfriend and PUZZLE STAN

Jamie: sam i hope you know by now that you need to marry that girl





@showthemyourback Twitter is teaching me a lot more about puzzles than I ever expected. I’m learning so much.



Puzzle Reviews @PuzzleStan Check out the incredible puzzle tray @TallyHunter made for my birthday!

A photo of a wooden puzzle tray on a glass table. On the top of the tray, the borders of a large puzzle have been mostly assembled, with scattered pieces in the middle. The tray also has four shallow drawers (two on the left, two on the right) where other pieces look like they've been sorted by color - pieces with a lot of red and black are in one, and pieces with a lot of blue and white are in another.



group chat: [puzzle] stan wars


Betty: I want to be Patty PuzzleStan when I grow up

Betty: Or I want to be married to her???? It’s complicated

Jamie: i’m telling mr puzzlestan you’re trying to steal his girl

Sam: jamie i know you would and i am begging you please DO NOT show up in his mentions telling him we’re obsessed with his wife

Sam: people are actually weirdly good about being normal in his mentions given that he has like 100k followers and they’re all obsessed with him

Betty: Like he’s a majestic deer in a clearing in the woods and no one wants to startle him

Jamie: weird but beautiful thought betty

Betty: Do you think he realizes how widely Twitter famous he is or does he just think that Puzzle Twitter blew up

Sam: adhjfgdskjfhjjk he’s getting tens of thousands of retweets and looking at it like “this must be typical”

Sam: honestly i’ve never seen him comment on it so...maybe



Richie Tozier @DickTozier i can’t remember exactly when i was born so let’s just say it’s 7:13 and i’ll make one hell of a scene at my birthday dinner when the moment comes

@beepbeepkatie you were born at 4:28. You Missed it already

@DickTozier how do you know that



group chat: [puzzle] stan wars



Jamie: did betty finally slide into patty’s dms


Betty: What’s not a drill, Sam?

[Sam has added Jessica to the group “[puzzle] stan wars”]

Betty: omg


Jessica: hi!!!

Sam: babe tell them what you just told me

Jessica: well sam was just asking me if i had seen the photos stan has been posting of the puzzle he’s working on

Jamie: okay actually while you’re here let’s talk about how you’re best friends with puzzle stanley

Jessica: he’s so nice! he’s always encouraging when i post design sketches.

Betty: Aww, I love that


Jessica: sweetie, don’t forget to breathe.

Betty: In and out, Sam, in and out

Jessica: anyway!!!! getting to the point: i pulled up the photos and in the one where he’s holding up the flower shaped pieces you can see the cuff of his sweater

Jessica: and i’m not totally sure but it looks to me like it’s from bev marsh’s fall collection? which is weird because not even stylists have that yet, my work has been trying to get it and they haven’t been able to

Jamie: are you telling me

Jamie: that my grandfather

Jamie: puzzle staniel


Jessica: probably! unless his mom is anna wintour or something.

Sam: SEE???????????????????????????????

Betty: Oh my god


Jamie: shut up he’s ACTUALLY friends with bill denbrough

Sam: omg...i thought calling bill his friend was just a cute old man thing…

Jessica: doesn’t the seventh loser not have any social media?


Jamie: can you imagine dropping this bomb on the tl

Jessica: noooo stan’s so private!

Jamie: ok you’re right we can’t doxx grandpa

Jamie: but it would still be the best night on twitter since the himbo tweet

Betty: God this makes me want to call out from work tomorrow. There’s too much to research WHY DON’T ANY OF US KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT RICHIE TOZIER

Jamie: bc until like six months ago he was letting homophobes write all his material?

Betty: Okay fair

Sam: ugh i wish we could consult a richie stan but a lot of them are super creepy and i don’t want to be the reason this gets out

Jessica: remember my old roommate annie? she’s a fan, i could ask her.

Sam: YES that would be great, thank you!

Jessica: of course 😘

Jamie: sam i am once again asking you to put a ring on it




Puzzle Reviews @PuzzleStan FYI everyone I got an email claiming to be from Twitter asking for a ton of personal information and a copy of my ID to secure my account somehow. It looked really legitimate; be careful out there.

@verified That was really from us! Verification lets users know that an account of public interest is authentic. DM us and we can get the ball rolling for you.

@PuzzleStan I just post about jigsaw puzzles, I’m all set.

@safeintheshell you dropped this, king 👑


@solarprophet @DickTozier how does it feel that they’re offering to verify the puzzle grandpa and not you



@cryotankie puzzle stan declining the blue check...grandpa will not abandon the common poster



@seeweeds idk when i became a person with strong opinions about puzzles but whenever puzzle stan is working on a regular jigsaw i go into whimsy withdrawal

@osheameless [pounding your clipboard]: SHAPES, SHAPES, SHAPES!



Reddit - r/losersclub


I was looking at Ben’s LinkedIn and... | 4 days ago, 17 comments

New OTP: Richie/His Accountant | 2 days ago, 140 comments

Eddie owns too many plants | 7 hours ago, 29 comments

Any interest in a viewing party for Bill's movies? | 12 hours ago, 55 comments

Derry Registry of Deeds | 12 days ago, 382 comments





Sam: annie, chuck, welcome

Annie: hiiiiii everyone

Chuck: Hi guys!

Sam: so we’re all clear on the ground rules: protect the secret at all costs

Jamie: i mean i’m not going to die for him but sure

Annie: of course!

Chuck: No worries, there’s no way you have anything that’s juicier than stuff we already know

Betty: We are gathered here today to explore our extremely credible theory that Stan, the cryptid Seventh Loser, is actually @PuzzleStan


Chuck: ...Wow okay yeah that is pretty good.

Sam: let’s get into the THEORIES



Puzzle Reviews @PuzzleStan About to start a new puzzle.

26.2K Retweets and Comments | 247K Likes


@buddyandbiscuit when puzzle stan does whimsy tweets

A meme. The basic format is that there is a vertical stack of four images on the right, and blank spaces for captions on the left. The images on the right show Vince McMahon reacting to the captions, with each reaction stronger than the last. First line says "whimsies" and Vince is impressed. Second line says "whimsies with little inserts"  and Vince looks really into it. Third line says "multipiece whimsies" and Vince is losing control. Last line says "MULTIPIECE WHIMSIES WITH LITTLE INSERTS" and a red filter has been placed over the image of Vince, with his eyes PhotoShopped to look like he's about to shoot lasers out of them.





Annie: puzzle stan is an accountant, right?

Sam: yeah

Annie: fuck

Sam: what?????

Annie: are you in the right headspace to receive information that could possibly hurt you?

Jamie: always

Annie: [screenshot of Richie's tweet with College Stan and the abs]



Betty: You guys I physically cannot continue to live in this human body if it turns out this is Puzzle Stan. I can’t live on earth with that knowledge.

Jamie: patty...well done my good bitch

Chuck: In less earthshattering news, I think the ottoman in the background of this puzzle photo is the same one from Richie’s “I’d marry the fuck out of this ottoman” tweet?

Annie: chuck i think you’re gonna have to give them a minute



Puzzle Reviews @PuzzleStan Just finished this gorgeous puzzle by Wanderer Press. Here’s a photo of the full puzzle as well as a photo of it flipped over so you can see how intricately the pieces were cut.

15.7K Retweets and Comments | 180K Likes





Puzzle Reviews @PuzzleStan Started a “new” puzzle. I’ve actually done this one before but I’m going to try assembling it upside down using the grain/texture of the wood to guide me. Here’s a photo of what I’ve gotten done so far.

[Image - Stan’s coffee table with a partially assembled puzzle on it. All of the pieces are upside down.]


Richie Tozier @dicktozier you ever stay over at someone’s house and then stumble on a hobby that proves they’re definitely a serial killer? a man who does this for fun fears no god

[Image - Stan’s coffee table with a partially assembled puzzle on it. All of the pieces are upside down.]

@ninjaboyfriend @dicktozier THIS IS @PUZZLESTAN’S HOUSE

@withapencil @dicktozier richie...has your friend stan been THE INTERNET’S GRANDPA @PuzzleStan this whole entire time?????



@camphalfblood who had “richie tozier is puzzlestan’s houseguest” in twitter bingo this month


PuzzleSam @whimsical i...worked on this story for a year...and...he just...he tweeted it out


@mogadorian backreading richie and stan’s twitters like

A meme. The basic format is two images of Chris Fleming standing in front of a brick wall. The first has the caption "Okay, was anyone going to tell me that @PuzzleStan is the seventh Loser" and the second has the caption "or was I just supposed to compare his tweets to Richie's myself?"



Twitter - Trending Now


  1. PuzzleStan
  2. Losers Club
  3. Seventh Loser
  4. Upside Down



group chat: derrieres


Richie: stanley

Richie: staniel

Richie: stanjamin

Richie: is there a reason there are a million people on twitter screaming at me about something called @PuzzleStan

Stan: Yes, Richie, that’s my Twitter account.

Richie: AHA! YOU TOLD ME YOU DON’T HAVE TWITTER! caught in your own web

Bev: oooh, drama!

Mike: Stan has twitter?

Stan: It’s called lying.

Richie: stan this is a lot less fun if you just admit to everything

Eddie: Keep it up, Stan.

Richie: do you even know what stan means

Stan: It’s my name.

Richie: NOT THAT

Stan: I asked Ben a while back and he told me.


Ben: he asked me not to tell! he called in a favor from 1989! i had to!

Mike: Ohhhh was this from the incident with old man Peters

Ben: i owed him for that!

Bev: ben kept a secret?????

Ben: i’m sorry i wanted to tell you 😥

Bev: no i love it, i didn’t know you were capable of keeping secrets, it’s very 007 of you

Richie: keep it in your pants marsh

Richie: the only thing on the schedule right now is BETRAYAL

Eddie: Oh, so NOW you’re into keeping to a schedule.

Richie: eds i’m into whatever you want me to be

Bev: no fair i thought we were keeping it in our pants

Bill: what’d i miss




Screenshot of a BuzzFeed headline "Puzzle Stan Is The Seventh Loser And The Internet Is Not Okay" Subhead: Did anyone have this in the betting pool? By Megan Morse, BuzzFeed Staff Writer. 1324 Comments.




Richie Tozier @dicktozier YES one of my many beautiful friends has wronged me and NO i don’t want to talk about it

Richie Tozier @dicktozier fyi @PuzzleStan may have tricked everyone into thinking he is a sweet and kindly grandpa but actually he is MEAN and he is BITCHY and it’s important that you all know that

@driftcompatible my grandpa is a bitch and i love him



Screenshot of a BuzzFeed article. Headline: BREAKING: Puzzle Stan is Hot. Subhead: He can itemize our deductions any day. By Liz Guerin, BuzzFeed Staff Writer. 820 Comments. The beginning of the article is visible and reads "Months ago, Richie Tozier tweeted this about his then-unknown accountant friend:"


Patty @TallyHunter 😏






Betty: Well I guess we can disband this now

Jamie: wait what was the other juicier stuff you guys said you knew

Chuck: IDK if we should say.

Annie: our other gc is called “who is richie tozier’s secret boyfriend” and that’s all we can tell you

Jamie: it’s eddie right

Chuck: DAMN IT



Conversation with Mike Hanlon


Mike: Just checking in to make sure you’re okay with suddenly being a public figure. I know you were trying to keep a low profile.

Stan: I’m not bothered. Once people found out that Richie, Bev, and Bill are all friends, the rest of us were always going to end up getting some attention one way or another. If that’s the cost of all of us being in each other’s lives again, it’s worth it.

Mike: Right back at you.

Mike: I have to admit I’m surprised, though. You really seemed opposed to social media.

Stan: Oh, that.

Stan: To be honest, I just liked knowing Richie couldn’t show up in my mentions if he didn’t know I had any.


Mike: That actually makes a lot of sense.

Mike: Is it weird if I kind of like all the attention?

Stan: I’ve seen your Instagram, you don’t have to tell me you like the attention.

Mike: Not like that! Okay, a little.

Mike: Having so many people know about us makes it harder to worry about you all forgetting again.

Stan: Oh, Mike.

Stan: I promise this time we’re all stuck with each other.

Stan: Of course with that said I probably will block Richie soon.

Mike: Just make sure you tip Eddie off before you do it. He’ll want to see Richie’s reaction for himself.

Stan: Great idea, he’ll probably send me video if we time it right.



Direct Messages with Puzzle Reviews (@PuzzleStan)


Sam: Hi there! Sorry to bother you, I’m Jessica @romeoblue’s girlfriend. You helped her pick out a puzzle as a gift for me once?

Puzzle Reviews: Hi Sam! It’s no bother, what’s up?

Sam: You’ve posted a couple of custom-made puzzles in the past, I was wondering if you could give me the info for the company that makes them. There are a few out there but it’s hard to judge quality from their websites.

Sam: (I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention this to Jessica, by the way! It’s a surprise for her.)

Puzzle Reviews: Oh, it’s not a company. My wife has made me one or two puzzles as gifts.

Sam: Oh, never mind then! I knew she was talented but WOW that is incredible. I’ll start doing my research on those companies.

Puzzle Reviews: Let me ask her, she might want to. If she says no, no big deal.

Sam: Thank you so much!!!



group chat: jamie do NOT blow this for me


Sam: so you know how you’re always telling me to put a ring on it


Jamie: finally

Sam: it’s going to be a few weeks before everything’s ready so i need you both on standby to calm me down when i start freaking out

Jamie: can i have fun with it or are you like legitimately worried she won’t say yes

Sam: no, i’m sure she’ll say yes, we’re adults who discuss our feelings

Jamie: emotional honesty...sounds fake but okay

Jamie: fyi betty’s not responding bc she’s already DEEP into the pinterest board she just made for your wedding. she’s probably gonna be a while



Conversation with Patty Uris


Bev: thanks again! you’ll have to visit us next time

Patty: of course, you know you’re our favorite LA hotel 😊

Bev: oh btw, i meant to ask before we left but it totally slipped my mind while we were scrambling to get to the airport

Bev: what was with those designs on your workbench?

Patty: a friend of stan’s did them! it’s for a puzzle her girlfriend commissioned me to make

Bev: anyone i would have heard of?

Patty: i don’t think so? i can give you her info but it’s supposed to be a surprise so i wouldn’t reach out or anything until after she has the puzzle

Bev: understood! i’m no ben but i think i can handle keeping it a secret



Jessica @romeoblue I said yes. ❤

[Image: An almost-completely-assembled jigsaw puzzle. The image on the puzzle is a collage of Jessica’s design sketches. The whimsy pieces have all been removed and laid out below the puzzle; they’re letters arranged to spell out WILL YOU MARRY ME?]



Richie Tozier @dicktozier this is very funny but definitely not something i would turn into a bit. on an unrelated note @PuzzleStan can i come visit soon

A comic. In the top panel, a genie tells a man "3 rules: No wishing for death, no falling in love, no bring back dead people." In the second panel, the man says "I wish puzzle pieces would moan when they fit correctly." In the third and final panel, the genie says "There are 4 rules."


Puzzle Reviews @PuzzleStan [Image: A screenshot of Richie’s profile from Stan’s Twitter app. He’s been blocked.]



group chat: derry girls


Eddie: Richie just threw his phone in the fucking garbage.

Stan: 👍