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KiriBaku Stuffing Fic

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   Kirishima Eijirou considered himself to be one of the manliest men ever to be so manly. In his mind he came second only to Bakugou Katsuki, an explosive blond with severe anger issues. If need be Bakugou was completely prepared to help the faux-redhead so long as nobody knew. And right now, Kirishima needed all the help he could get.
     "C'mon dumbass, I know you can eat more than that," the Pomeranian said with a hand on Kirishima's slightly distended stomach and the other holding a fork of strawberry cake to the redhead's lips. "After all aren't you supposed to be manly?"
     Kirishima shuddered, sweat glistening on his brow, "You always know just the right words to get me to do what you want Bakugou," gently taking the cake into his mouth and groaning at the taste.
     "Shut up idiot, don't waste your breath." Bakugou replied, moving his second hand to rub gentle circles into his secret lovers taut belly.
     What remained of Kirishima's abs was beginning to fade away, with a drum tight mound slowly taking shape. Bakugou warmed his hand just a little to aid in soothing the tight muscles churning under the redheads t-shirt. A sliver of his underbelly was just barely peeking out, pressing ever so gently against the waistband of his jeans.
     "You might already be reaching your limit hardhat," Bakugou expressed, digging his fingers into Kirishima's side to release a little of the pressure in his burgeoning midsection.
     Bakugou had expressly forbidden Kirishima from using his quirk to stomach more than his body could naturally handle. After all as anyone else knew on the outside of what they were currently doing, they were just talking about training techniques.
     "You can't expect much, I've only done this once and this is it right here." Kirishima pouted, one of his hands moving to hold Bakugou's against an especially stubborn cramp. "I- mph- don't think I can hold anything else in here anyways right now. It's not very manly, I know."
     "Tch, don't push yourself dumbass. If anything I don't want you vomiting all over this carpet." The frisky blond replied, running his hand down to the very bottom of Kirishima's belly. His fingers pushed in farther than he expected it to as the redhead stifled a burp in his fist.
     "Hey! Mph- that's not very nice of you dude. Why did you do that Bakugou?"
A snide grin began to spread across Bakugou's face as he began to prod and poke at Kirishima's sensitive skin, "The more pressure I can get out of you the better you'll feel dumbass. Now just fuckin' cooperate and I won't have to sit here and keep doing this."
     Deep down Bakugou knew he didn't feel, not bad. He didn't know how he felt. But he did know that sitting on the floor in front of Kirishima's belly was sort of uncomfortable. 
This whole situation started because of some stupid cake in Kirishima's mini fridge. The redhead had bought it for Bakugou's birthday this year but sweet wasn't really Bakugou's thing, though he was kinda of touched by the thought. Instead of wasting money, Kirishima had decided to put the cake to good use but didn't think it'd end in Bakugou rubbing his sore organ. "Keep eating Shitty Hair, I'll stay focused down here but I'm not letting you waste good yen on this piece of shit."
     "O-okay, *urp* but there isn't a lot left anyways so, you won't be here much longer." As Bakugou continued to rub, Kirishima continued to eat. The flavor was insane, maybe it wasn't so much of a waste after all.
     The blond's hands worked methodically, testing each area of concern for any unnecessary air. Each little burp that Kirishima managed to let out gave Bakugou another reason to keep going. He wanted so badly to plant a kiss on that stretched skin, to feel it's warmth against his mouth, Kirishima obviously cared about him otherwise the cake wouldn't even be here. So why was he so nervous? After a couple of minutes Kirishima began to whimper, his belly was now roughly the size of a small grapefruit, his T-shirt now riding up until just under his belly button.
    "I don't know Bakugou, I don't think I can finish this." Huffed the redhead, his breath labored and slow. With the amount of food in his gut churning, his lungs couldn't fill the same way they had done that morning. "I'm not worried about the money dude, it's fine. I can just throw these last couple pieces back into the fridge or into the garbage."

"I want to see you eat all of it idiot."


     The next morning wasn't that different at all, Kirishima sat up as fast as he could to run his hands on what used to be a balloon on his midsection but instead found his mostly solid abs. The lines around them had softened in the slightest because of last night's antics with Bakugou, but nobody would notice unless they were looking for something to have changed. The redheads' shoulders slumped forward.
     Did Bakugou like that as much as I did? Or was I the only one who felt that way?
     He decided not to think any longer about that, he had classes to attend and he didn't need to be late. Maybe he could ask Bakugou about it, get his side of the story. He must have blacked out last night, he didn't remember walking to his bed, or even Bakugou leaving.
     What happened to the rest of that cake!?
     He couldn't stop thinking about it, of course he couldn't get fat. No aspiring hero had time to be overweight, but looking down at his toned abs was a very different experience than the contrast of hearing his stomach churn and slosh against him. As he got up to change he saw a couple pink crumbs laying on his desk in the corner of the room. Even after he'd migrated downstairs he couldn't help but think about how Bakugou looked last night, and what he said.

"I want to see you eat all of it, idiot."

     Just the thought of being able to eat an entire cake was exhilarating. Manly even.


Bakugou Katsuki didn't need anyone. He didn't need Kirishima to weigh the upcoming number one hero down. But having watched the redhead eat an entire cake by himself had been more than he bargained for. Seeing Kirishima throw his head against the back of the sofa in the common room, huffing with his mouth wide open and his eyes glazed over. He'd been so hot, so helpless. So big. Katsuki shook his head, ignore it, get over it. After Bakugou had walked Kirishima to his room and made sure he was going to be okay he had snuck back to his own room and buried his head in his hands. To think, he got off on some fuck-face stuffing himself to the point of incoherent thought. But that 'fuck-face' wasn't just anyone, it was Kirishima.
     "Get it together Katsuki. It was a one night thing, don't worry it won't happen again. You won't let it." But he couldn't help but want to see Kirishima stuff himself again, to run his hands along the sides of his taut skin, coaxing burps and moans from between those fangs. As he changed he pushed last night into the farthest recesses of his memory. He didn't need that tripping him up during class, especially if maybe someone had a mind reading quirk that he didn't know about. Surprise him the same way that damn Deku did their first year.
     Forget it.
     He quickly grabbed his bag and started down to the common room where no doubt, Kirishima was waiting for him. With everyone's prying eyes around them.


   "Bakugou! Over here!"
     Bakugou looked up to see Kirishima leaning against the counter in the common room kitchen chatting calmly with Denki and Sero.
     "Hey Kirishima, I meant to ask if Bakugou liked the cake you bought 'im?" Denki asked, scrolling through his phone while Kirishima took a slug from his glass of water.
     "Uh, about that. He didn't really want it actually, I should have known he wouldn't really like sweet cake. I should have got him sushi or something." Chuckled the redhead, scratching the back of his head timidly with his free hand. "I guess it ended up going to waste."
     "That cake looked sort of expensive, did you just throw it away?"
     Kiri chuckled again, "Yeah I did. But I'm not worried about it. Honestly it was my mistake anyways, like I said I should have known better."
     As everyone ate their breakfast Bakugou couldn't stop himself from watching each bite that Kirishima took travel down his throat and disappear behind the collar of his school uniform. Just as well, Kirishima could feel eyes on him but each time he tried to find the culprit nobody was looking at him.
      "Hey Hardhat! We need to talk." Bakugou spat, grabbing Kirishima's arm and dragging him away. "If you so much as try to struggle I'll blow your stupid arm off."
     The redhead didn't even try, he knew this wasn't going to be about what he wanted to talk about. "You don't have to pull me like this Bakugou, I'll follow you." Kirishima said as they pulled up in front of the door of class 1-A.
     "Listen dumbass, nobody but us is supposed to know about last night. So keep your stupid mouth fuckin' shut. I'll kill you if anyone finds out. If you didn't want to eat all of that you shouldn't have bought it."
     "I know that already, but dude-" He stopped himself before finishing, carefully choosing his words. "Did you feel good about what we did?"
     "I don't know what you're talking about dumbass." Bakugou hissed, opening the door to Aizawa-sensei standing just behind it.
    "You really need to find better places to be an idiot." Aizawa stated coldly, turning back to the board and taking his place at the front just as the rest of the students started piling in.
     Of course Bakugou felt bad about the way he just treated his friend, especially after Aizawa-sensei just insulted him like that. Kirishima stayed silent through most of the day after that, speaking only when  spoken to and gazing at his desk with a cold, dead stare.
     "Are you okay Kirishima?"
     "You don't look so good, are you sure you don't need someone to talk to?"
     "Really, I'm fine. Just a little tired today is all." He replied flashing a toothy grin before  attempting a nonchalant glare in the direction of Bakugou who was busy writing something in his notebook.
     As much as Kirishima hated breaking the rules he pulled his phone out to text his friend, to try and get his message across.

K: Hey man I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything but I need to know.

B: know what?

K: How you feel about last night?

B: I'm not talking about this right now. See me at lunch then we'll talk.

     As lunch quickly approached Kirishima started getting antsy, was Bakugou going to tell him how he felt or was he just going to blow it off again? Getting stressed out the redhead added much more food to his tray than he needed, and quickly found Bakugou at a table hidden in the back with a tray of his own, however very differently proportioned.
     "What do you wanna talk about Bakugou? Here to tell me I'm manlier than you?" Kirishima jokes, testing the waters by trying some friendly banter. This got him nowhere.
     "Shut up and listen. I'm not goin' to be very good at talking about this so don't open your stupid mouth. Just eat your food. I hate that I have to say this but yeah sure, I liked watching you eat like an idiot. And getting to rub your stupid stomach." The blond said, hands balled into fists in either side of his tray. "You better believe that I'm the best at giving you stomach rubs in this whole fucking world."
    "I don't doubt it Bakugou," Kirishima stated nonchalantly, using his chopsticks to place udon on his tongue. "Honestly, I don't think I want anyone else doing it."
    Bakugou waited a couple of seconds, he was not about to swallow his pride and ask Kirishima to stuff himself stupid again. He wanted the redhead to bring it up that way he could just calmly play it off as if he just wanted to help out a friend.
    "Ah- speaking of which Bakugou, I heard Denki might be having a party tonight. And we could buy a couple things to take, like snacks and who knows? Maybe- we don't have to take all of it to Denki's?" The redhead nervously spoke. He knew Bakugou wouldn't bring it up so he had to be the manlier one of the two.
    "Are you stupid?"
    "Ah- Bakugou what?"
    "Who said we're even going to take any of it to Denki's?"


     "That's it Kiri, keep going." The blond stated, leaning against the wall in Kirishima's room. The readhead was sitting on the floor, back braced against his bed with snack and meals galore laying on a small platter just in front of him. "I've seen you do better dumbass. Don't give up now."
     "That *urp* wasn't the plan dude." Kirishima suppressed a burp, chuckling as he added. "I'm manlier than that."
     The pointy-haired teen continued to pile the various food stuffs into his gullet, swallowing udon and sushi quickly at the beginning, but as the added weight of the food filled his gurgling midsection his pace began to slow. His breathing became labored as him arms moved to rub his belly a little to soothe some of the churning muscles. "B-bakugou." He whimpered, hoping to convince his blond friend to aid in the rubbing of his sore gut.
    The blond teen shuddered and his face started to burn, however instead of stooping to rub Kirishima's bulging midsection he instead pick up one of those shitty sugar cookies you get at supermarkets and forced it into the redhead's mouth. "I'm not letting you give up that easy dumbass, now eat!" He shouted, holding the rest of the cookie just against Kirishima's lips. The redheads eyes scrunched in discomfort, swallowing his mouthfull before letting a small burp escape from between his lips, Bakugou immediately took his chance and pushed the other half of the cookie into his friends parted lips. But as Kirishima swallowed his stomach churned painfully.
    "Bakugou I don't think I have any room left, p-please stop -mph."
    The blond's eyes softened, only for a second before he stooped down low to place a hand gently on Kirishima's gut. The redhead was really right, every section of his skin was taught and warm, however Bakugou was determined to get some of the pressure out, feeling around for any air bubbles and finally managed to massage some out. Kirishima moaned between burps, cupping his friends hand against his belly and rubbing circles across the drum tight organ.
    "Go ahead Bakugou, kiss it." Kirishima chuckled, watching his friend growl in embarrassment. The redhead might not be the smartest in class 1-A but he was rather observant and had watched Bakugou eyes take in every part of his swollen gut. Kirishima's mouth opened to provide more teasing words but he instead moaned as Bakugou traced kisses from the top of Kirishima's belly button down to the waistband of his jeans.
     Bakugou struggled for a moment, weighing the advantages of letting Kirishima's belly pour into his lap. Would that give him more room? He'd just have to see. He fumbled with the button before being able to pry the two sides of his friends pants away from each other. His redhead buddy groaned, the release of his gut obviously a source of comfort for him.
    "I-i think I can take a little bit more." Kirishima moaned, grabbing another portion of friend rice before Bakugou plunged his tounge into Kirishima's deepening belly button. "K-katsuki!"
     Bakugou looked up with open mouthed shock, Kirishima's face was bright red, a hand clasped on his mouth tightly. "I-i'm sorry dude, I didn't-"
     "Shut up idiot," Bakugou said, cutting Kirishima's apology off with a tender kiss on the lips. "I don't care."
     "B-bakugou? Are you being for real dude?"
     "So what if I am dumbass, got a problem with it?"
     "Not at all, mph-" he stiffled a burp, laying his head against his bed and groaning. "Feed me?"
     Bakugou's tan face shifted into a deep shade of crimson, nearly on par with Kirishima's hair. He tentatively pressed a morsel of sushi against Kirishima's lips, confused why he was suddenly so nervous. He'd just forced Kirishima to eat a box of sugar cookies, maybe it was different when he was asked to do it.  "Careful Bakugou, I don't know what else I can take right now."

"I am taking care of you dumbass." Bakugou spat through gritted teeth. "Now just eat, kick me when you can't take it."
    Kirishima couldn't help himself, it felt too good to be this big, to feel this full. However both of them knew what would come next. Intense training, more so than normal just to get rid of his extra paunch that would no doubt appear tomorrow, but for now he could only live in the moment. Feeling his stretched belly digest the food with bubbly discomfort. He was beginning to lose focus, his vision blurring on the very edges.
     Is this what a food coma feels like?
     "Kirishima," his blond friend knelt down next to him, gently caressing the taut and warm skin. "It's all gone idiot, fat pig you ate it all."
     "*Urp* I-isn't that the whole point?"


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"Isn't that right Bakubro?" Kirishima chuckled, snapping Bakugou out of his trance.
    "Huh?" The blond turned to look into his friends' eyes.
    "Kirishima here was just telling us how he can eat more than you, even without the help of his quirk!" Denki Kaminari snickered, inclining his head at Sero Hanta as if to say 'watch this'.
    "WHAT DID YOU SAY DUMBASS!? I could eat twice as much as you any day! Shitty Hair!" Bakugou growled, on the verge of wringing a certain someone's throat. "I can top your limit any day of the week idiot!"
     "Don't make promises you can't keep man," The redhead joked, staring intently at the blond's face.    
     "I'll show you dumbass! Just watch me!"
     Bakugou immediately stormed off, racking his brain for ways to beat  Kirishima's limit. He'd never let himself eat like that before and wasn't sure he could, but he was determined to win outright. An uncontestable win for sure.
    "I'm not going to let that idiot beat me, no way in hell!"
    Kirishima on the other hand, couldn't resist the tantalizing thought of Bakugou stuffing himself full of meat buns and takoyami, donuts and sweets and spicy food, to watch his belly swell and groan. Of licking and tasting his midsection with his mouth and to hear Bakugou moan, however he knew this wasn't going to be any kind of familiar situation. Bakugou's competitive streak probably wasn't the best way to initiate this, all things considered he probably would push way further than he really needed to just to say he won without anyone doubting.
     "W-wait!" Kirishima quickly figured out that he was being left behind, jogging forward in an attempt to meet the blonds speedwalk. "Bakugou, where are you going?"
     "None of your damn business DUMBASS!"

     After a couple hours of not hearing anything from Bakugou, Kirishima decided to stop by the blond's dorm room. But when he knocked and there was no answer he started to get worried, reaching to turn the doorknob only to discover that it was in fact, locked. "Bakugou, are you okay!? Open the door!"
    "You just want to watch me beat you!"
    "That's not it dude! Just let me in!"
    "FUCK OFF!"
    Kirishima sighed, leaning against the door frame, against his better judgement he said, "C'mon bro, please."
    If the young redhead didn't know any better he'd of assumed that he'd been ignored, but after a moment he heard a rough voice sigh and feet stepping closer. Within a second the doorknob clicked, then turned and as the door swung open there in all his glory was an angry Bakugou Katsuki, a hand rubbing aggressively against a ballooning middle, his breath came out in short huffs as he stumbled away, a hand supporting the underneath of his burgeoning midsection and the other rubbing the top.
     "Thanks dude. Looks like you've already got started man." On the stand-up table next to the bed was a nearly empty platter, covered in three dumplings, at least a dozen rice balls and a bag of the mini donuts. To the redhead it looked like a very ambitious stuffing, especially for a first time.
     "Shut up. Watch me *urp* b-beat you dumbass." As he sat down he reached for the next dumpling, eagerly shoving it into his mouth and chewing quickly. "Ahhh, fuck it *urpp* feed me stupid, make yourself useful to- hh- to me."
     "O-okay man," admitting that he needed help was sorta manly in its own way, at least that's what Kirishima thought as he gently grabbed a no-doubt spicy dumpling and forced it between the blond's lips.  
     Bakugou growled, almost to say "Be more gentle idiot." Kirishima eagerly apologized before feeding the rest of the dumplings to his overstuffed friend. In between bites Bakugou groaned, desperately trying to rub some of the pressure from his engorged belly, whimpering when his rubbing came to no avail. As he made it halfway through the balls of rice his stomach gurgled angrily before a deep belch escaped his lips, the rice was just so damn filling! His stomach was now stretched to roughly the size of an underfilled basketball, the blond ran his hand down to the bottom of his swollen organ and found some soft tissue, he pinched and rolled it before the pressure that had built in his stomach was finally released.
     "*Urapp* F-fuck- mph- damnit." Sweat began to bead on his forehead, sticking his wet bangs to the hot skin, the redhead leaned forward to sweep his crush's bangs to the side. "Keep it comin' damnit. . ." Bakugou was bordering on a food coma, trailing his sentence off with his mouth open waiting for the next morsel to hit his tongue.
     "Bakugou you're gonna get sick, seriously you need to stop."
     "You're so fuckin' stupid. You w- *urp* wanted to challenge me now LIVE WITH IT DUMBASS!" His anger shook his body, only aggravating he churning mess even more. "Now hhh- ah fuck- rub and I'll eat it myself."
    Kirishima knew he couldn't stop his friend from overdoing it. So he obeyed. His hands shakily explored the expanse that had become Bakugou's stomach, a shiver flying through his nervous system as the blond moaned at his touch. Without thinking Kirishima leaned down and kissed the warm skin, tracing his lips across the outside of the explosive teens belly button before gently nipping his skin. The other teen moaned, arching his back into the redheads mouth.
    "You like that man?" The redhead chuckled lifting his head to look into Bakugou's clouded eyes. The blond's face was a crimson red, his fist covering his mouth.
    "Fuck, I -hhah ah- I feel like I'm going to explod-mph!" With that a sickly sounding burp squeezed out of the blond's pale mouth.
    "That's enough man, you've already had at least two dozens dumplings and rice balls, that's twice as much as I could ever eat. You're just so manly!"
    All the explosive teen could do was nod, if he opened his mouth he might hurl and as stoic as he was he didn't want to disappoint Kiri. He leaned backwards, his tight black tank top was riding up to just under his pecs, panting, he moaned loudly. Kirishima looked at his friend who's breath was labored and short, his eyes softened and he couldn't help but feel incredibly bad.
     "I-I think if I unbutton your pants, th-that it'll make you feel a little bit better." Kirishima stated quietly as his hands traced a winding trail down to the blonds waistband. "It helped me a whole lot anyways, I think it'll help you man."
     "Hah, ahhhh fine dumbass, but don't expect me t- *urapp*- to take 'em off."
     Kirishima ignored him, reaching down to unclasp the button on his friend's jeans, with that out of the way the zipper spread open, allowing Bakugou's swollen belly to pour out into his lap.
     "Sh-shit!" He moaned, the sudden release was so intense his vision had even blurred at the euphoria. Bakugou could feel the lids of his eyes getting heavier, his stomach gurgled every few seconds. Now that the influx of food was gone his belly was probably rejoicing.
     As Bakugou fell asleep Kirishima started cleaning up, the blond's dorm was already pretty organized but considering the empty trays and slivers of food strewn about, the redhead needed to do some mild cleaning. He split open the donuts and popped a sweet pastry into his mouth, watching Bakugou stuff himself had made Kirishima a little hungry so he might as well put the leftovers to good use. He vibed as he cleaned, listening to the gurgles and groans of the other teens stretched gut noisily complain.
    "K-kirishima. . ."
    The redheads neck snapped to attention, his eyes staring at Bakugou to make sure he was all right, but the blond kept sleeping. "You look so peaceful Bakugou. Very manly."

     Bakugou shot out of bed the following morning, his hand immediately rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. The pain in his gut had vanished but the food, not so much. His abs had softened quite exponentially with a small muffin top having formed just over the waistband of his underwear. "Fuck." Suddenly the night before came flooding back, the bet, overdoing it to the point he almost made himself sick. And Kirishima. The boy who had taken care of him even though he'd been a dick all night. "What an idiot."
    Bakugou turned to his desk, only to see the aforementioned redhead asleep in the desk chair, his head slumped and his shirt discarded on the floor.
    "Ah- Katuski, you did so well. . ." Kirishima snored while his hand slipped from the side of his face and his head slammed into the table.
    "Ow- Oh Bakugou you're awake," his eyes drifted downwards to take in the blonds midsection. "Y-you look great man."
    "Shut your mouth Shitty Hair." Under his breath he added, "you don't look half bad yourself."
    Kirishima pretended to not here him but a smile spread across his face.  He bent down to grab his shirt  and slide it over his head while Bakugou forcefully tried to brush the taste of dumplings and rice out of his mouth. From just outside the door the redhead watched the explosive teen, noting the new subtle curve of his gut, pushing ever so slightly against his black tee. Bakugou hadn't been all in a rush, he stuffed himself on a night that he wouldn't have to worry about hero training or school the next day.
    "What are you looking at idiot!?" The blond slammed his toothbush onto the counter before whirling around and glaring at the redhead's blushing face.
    "You just, I don't know man. You look so good after you stuff yourself like that." Kirishima shyly rubbed the back of his head. Bakugou stopped midbreath while he almost choked. He threw his face to the side and squeezed his eyes shut.

     "Look who it is!"
     "Hey Bakugou," Kaminari shouted, waving his arm to draw Bakugou's attention. "Did you win?"
     They all had agreed to hang out the following day, to either celebrate the blond's success or failure. The intention was to go to their favorite restaurant, a whole in the wall diner that served impeccable food.
     "Did you honestly think I'd ever let that dumbass beat me! No way."
     "So yeah Kaminari, he beat me by a longshot and ate almost double what I did." Kirishima knew full well that Bakugou ate MORE than double what he did, but he didn't want anyone to know what really happened in the blond's dorm room last night.
     "I don't know why I asked, I can see some of it right there!" Kaminari gestures towards the faint outline of a belly underneath the explosive teens tank top.
     Before anyone had time to blink Bakugou grabbed Kaminari's skull in his hand and threw him onto the pavement, not hard enough to hut but enough to teach a valuable lesson. Kaminari groaned, his hand moving to rub the sore spot that had inevitably formed while he stood up.
     "C'mon Bakugou that wasn't very manly of you." Kirishima chuckled, of course Bakugou was a little sore about his up and coming potbelly, no doubt it'd be gone my tomorrow but Kirishima knew he had to enjoy it while he could.
     As they sat down at their table and ordered food Kirishima could hardly hold back his excitement, ever since the hero course started he hardly ever got to eat out like this. While everyone made their orders Bakugou watched as his redheaded friend asked for more than just an average plate of food. The explosive blond couldn't help but let his mind wander as the waitress left and he saw Kirishima lick his lips at the tantalizing smell of meat wafting through the air.
     The other became focused on other topics while Bakugou subconsciously ran a hand over his gut and thought about how good Kirishima would look with his belly stuffed to capacity like Bakugou had done to himself just lastt night. The redhead was occupied with similar thoughts, of watching his own belly swell and fill, with Bakugou stroking and kissing the tight skin. Before long they made awkward eye contact, both faces flushed and hot.
      "Are you two okay? You look like you might be sick." The other boys chimed in, Sero having taped his two fingers together while Kaminari sucked on a cord to get his phone to charge.
     "We're fine idiot."
     The topic swiftly changed to food as their meals were served on the table in front of them. As they ate Kirishima had to skillfully suppress his moans of pleasure as the influx of matter began to fill his gut, the other boys calmy ate, talking of girls and the shithead Mineta. Bakugou was far too busy watching the lumps of food pour smoothly down the redhead's throat only to dissapear behind his T-shirts collar. The explosive blond had to stifle his own groans as he witnessed Kirishima's stomach stretch out little by little.
     "Kirishima. Talk. Now!" Bakugou threw himself out of his chair, staring the redhead in the eyes as he threw his head backwards to initiate a private conversation.
     "Uhm, okay?"
     They walked around the corner together before Bakugou pinned the sturdy redhead against the wall. "You're toying with me."
     "W-what do you mean dude?" Kirishima sputtered. "I haven't done anything. I'm just trying to enjoy my food."
    "You obviously ate before we left, your gut is bigger than it should be, you WANT to mess with me dumbass!" Bakugou leaned in closer to Kirishima, his face red and warm against the redheads. He pushed a hand against the sturdy teens waist and slid it upwards until he could efficiently feel the redheads gut. It was- soft. Softer than it would be if he'd stuffed himself beforehand. Bakugou squeezed the soft tissue in his hand, rolling it between his fingers. The tissue was warm in his hand, and as he rubbed some more Kirishima threw his head back and suppressed a loud moan.
    "B-bakugou! Stop! What if people see us!?"
    "You honestly think I give a fuck about where we are? You're softer, much softer than just one night would cause." Bakugou slid a finger down the redhead's faint v-line and dipped his finger into the waistband of his lovers pants. "These are tighter too. What did you do idiot?"
    "I-i've been e-ea-eating more than normal, not on purpose but it feels so good," he moaned again as Bakugou traced his finger in soft circles around his navel before gently pushing it in. "Can't we just go back to the table bro? My food's gonna get c-cold!"
    "Don't call me that dumbass." Bakugou tenderly kissed the redhead's flushed lips before backing up and silently walking back to the table.

    "Eat it dumbass." Bakugou pushed another donut to Kirishima's lips as he groaned. "I've seen you eat more than this, don't be a wimp."
     "Ah, hahh Bakugou," the redhead panted, his pants long since unbuttoned and discarded. "Keep g- going."
     "I'll only stop if you do." With one hand on Kirishima's tight belly, Bakugou had full control. With no intention of harming his now lover, he could do as he pleased. As the redhead chewed, Bakugou rubbed, coaxing belches as well as soft whimpers.
     "Lemon c- *urp*- cardboard." The redhead squeaked out before throwing his head back against the mattress of his bed.
     Since it appeared like these stuffing  might be regular occurrence the use of a safe word was deemed necessary. "Fine." Though Bakugou seemed against the thought of Kiri quitting, he knew it was for the best and emplored the redhead for standing up for himself in a situation that might not have been in his control.
     "Did I do a hahh- a good job?" His breath came out in short huffs, a hand helplessly stroking a burp out of his swollen midsection.
     F-fuck-! He looks so cute!
     The blond felt stiff, thankfully the tent in his pants was hidden from the redhead's view by a certain pink organ. "You did great Kiri."
     "I'm so ma- *urp*- anly." The blond nodded but as Bakugou rubbed the tautness of Kirishima's gut he couldn't fight the twinge of jealousy that flew up his back, he'd gotten his chance to feel like this last night and he'd threw it away by being a dick. He'd have to try harder next time. "What are you -*brahp* th-thinking about dude?"
     "About how much I hate you calling me 'dude', dumbass." He said snarkily, pressing his mouth in close to Kirishima's ear. "And about how much bigger you could be."


Chapter Text

     "More! Ngh~ *hurp* mph~!" Kirishima's belly was getting tighter, pushing outwards from his typically flat midsection. This stuffing was dragging on more than their usual spur of the moment sessions, now hitting the two hour mark. "*Urp* Ah~!" He moaned again while Bakugou dipped his head to nip on Kirishima's distended belly leaving a red mark just above his navel.
     "Keep going idiot, you have more room right here." Bakugou pinched the soft tissue on the very bottom of his boyfriends gut. Kirishima wasn't so sure but continued to eat nonetheless, the delicious and tender meat was just too good to pass up. His blond boyfriend was a better cook then he thought, the beef itself was tender and juicy, oozing with flavor. "C'mon dumbass!"
     "Ngh~ f-feed me Ba-*hurp*-kugou-" He cut himself off with a deep belch, the pressure in his gut consequently letting up a bit.
      Bakugou grunted in response while he grabbed the strips of juicy meat and held a few against Kirishima's open mouth to push them in. "You look so fuckin' good when you can't talk anymore." He leaned in to gently nibble on the underside of the redhead's ear and to trail kisses down his lovers neck.
     "Ah~ B-bakugou-!" More meat was immediately shoved into the redhead's open mouth, cutting him off mid-sentence. Both Kirishima's hands were on his own gut, holding it against him. He could feel his stomach push out ever so little with each bite, his sharp teeth tearing the meat to shreds. In between moans and burps Kirishima was constantly fed a train of meat until the plate was completely empty.
     "Tch- you ate it all dumbass. You're such a fuckin' pig dammit!!" Bakugou was impressed, he didn't think Kirishima would've been able to handle all the food. "Need something to wash it down?"
     "Ngh~ ah hahhh p-please." The pain in his gut was building, the pressure becoming almost unbearable. While Bakugou got up to retrieve whatever he was about to force down the redhead's throat Kirishima got busy trying to rub the gas out of his belly. Each burp helped a little bit but his hands weren't as built for the job as Bakugou's hands were. The blond was coming back now, a pint of heavy cream in one hand and a bright orange funnel in the other.
     "You ready for me dumbass? Open wide."
     "Uh-?" He was cut off by the funnel being inserted in between his teeth. He thought about fighting it for a second before letting it settle roughly against the inside of his mouth. Kirishima nodded slightly before Bakugou started pouring the thick liquid into the mouth if the funnel. Bakugou set a mild pace to start with while Kirishima swallowed the cream efficiently, some managed to escape from the corners of his mouth and dribbling down his face and neck.
     His gut was feeling fuller, pushing out against Bakugou's waiting hand. His red pupils were focused on Kirishima's face, awaiting any kind of indication that he needed to stop pouring. Kirishima's eyes squeezed shut while the pressure in his gut only grew, the pain was incredibly intense. But the pain felt good, his belly wat stretching more than he was used to, he could feel his modesty getting larger and warmer.
     "Fuck Kiri, you look so fuckin' good when you're so full." Bakugou groaned as the carton emptied into the funnel and Kirishima swallowed the drop.
      "Ah~ hhhhha ngh~" Kirishima's food coma had started to set in, his body just felt so good he could hardly speak. Leaning back slowly he pressed against Bakugou's pillows, his belly pushing further outwards. His sweats were incredibly tight against his overstuffed gut the sensation only turning him on even more. Bakugou groaned, rubbing his hands on Kirishima's tummy, pushing out burps and moans from the incoherent teen in front of him.
     "Shit Kiri, you're too fuckin' hot for a dumbass."
     The redhead was too stuffed to understand, his eyes drifting heavily shut. Bakugou said something else but Kirishima lost focus before he inevitably passed out against his lover's pillows.

     "Wake up idiot." Kirishima was jostled awake, his hands reaching up to awkwardly run through his crimson hair while Bakugou tried to shake harder. "You've been asleep for four fuckin' hours."
     "I didn't even know I fell asleep dude," he groggily sat up, his hair disheveled and his shirt wrinkled.
     "Tch- we have shit to do." Growled the blond before getting up to throw his stuff into a bag.
     "What are we supposed to do exactly?"
     "You ate all our snacks, so we need to go buy more Shitty Hair." He threw his wallet into his pocket before turning to glare at the redhead who was acting more like a beached whale. "GET OUT OF BED DUMBASS!!"
     "Jeez man! I'm getting up gimme a second." Rolling out of bed he caught himself on Bakugou's night stand and pushed himself into his feet. His leftover food baby from only a few hours ago was nothing to brag about but the added weight made him feel a whole lot stronger. "Dude! Look at this manly gut!"
     "That's pathetic, I could top that any day of the fuckin' week idiot!" The blond immediately turned red and quickly stammered out a, "n-now hurry up and let's go!"     
     The redhead started to chuckle, he had a feeling that he knew where this was about to go. . .
     "Sure man, I believe you."
     The walk to the store was pretty peaceful, some people still stopped and stared at the two teens as they made their way to get what would hopefully be plenty of food. Bakugou couldn't stop thinking about Kirishima's belly, leftover from the monumental stuffing they'd attempted, deep down he was a little jealous, and it was Kirishima's turn to play dom this time. . .
     "You're so manly Bakugou, I have to admire your resolve to ignore all of these people." Kirishima laughed, tipping his head to the people who waved to them as they walked. "H-hey slow down man!"
     "I am going slow dammit!!" His hands were now in his pockets while he flustered himself with his own not so clean thoughts. "Hurry up idiot!"
     The two finally made it the supermarket and heading immediately to the more junk food and snack filled section. The aisle was lined with little boxes of Oreos, boxes of the little packs of snack cookies and chips. After finding a few things that Kirishima liked Bakugou stood back and starting scanning for something small he'd like to eat.
     "I don't think you're going to find anything you'd like dude, nothin' spicy in here." The redhead muttered, reading the nutritional information on a considerably large box of chocolates.
     "Tch- shut up. Pick something for me if you're so sure Shitty Hair." Taking a step back Bakugou crossed him and glared as the redhead approached the section that had gotten his friends attention.
     "These look good," The redhead reached for a box of chili flavored chocolates and other sweets. "It's assorted."
     "Sure whatever, grab a couple and let's go I'm tired of this shit already."
     On their way out Kirishima grabbed a couple tubs of ice cream and a few other foods and stuff that they both might need. Essential stuff really, essential for his plan tonight anyways.

     Back at the dorms Kirishima and Bakugou took stock of their situation. Kirishima's mini fridge couldn't fit anything else in it and there was plenty more that needed out away. "You're so stupid, we don't have space for all this shit dumbass!"
     "Yeah- maybe I overdid it a little bit." Kirishima played innocent, running a hand over the back of his head awkwardly. "That just sucks doesn't it Bakugou?"
      "Well you're not going to waste good money like this are you!?" Suddenly the blond caught on. "If you want something from me just say it dammit!"
      "I think you know what I'm getting at man."
      "Just shut up!!"
      Kirishima snickered, tearing open a box of Oreos and grabbing one to teasingly wave it in front of Bakugou's lips. "Open wide man."
      "You sadistic asshole!" Bakugou chomped down onto the dark cookie, nearly taking the tips of Kirishima's fingers with it. This continued for a while, until halfway through the container when the blond got bored of the flavor of the same dry cookie.
      He reached for the snack cakes they picked up and tore one open, sinking his teeth into the soft cake. The frosting was pretty shitty, as always but the flavor was overall okay. He was going to eat an incredible amount of sugar so he might as well enjoy himself.
     "Hey man, I'm feeding you." The first snack cake had already went down Bakugou's throat but that didn't seem to sit well with Kirishima who instead grabbed the next one and waved it tantalizingly in front of the blond's crumb coated lips. The sugar was thickening up in his gullet, he needed something to wash it down before he didn't want to do this at all.
     "Milk. Dammit."
     Kirishima nodded silently, walking to his mini fridge to grab a carton of milk. Quickly, he opened it and pressed the corner of it against Bakugou's awaiting lips, shaking his head as the blond tried to grab the sides of the carton he began to pour. Bakugou's eyes widened a bit as the influx of liquid forced his belly to swell up a bit, one of his hands went to hold his gut to feel the stretching of his skin while he drank. The liquid dribbled down the sides of his face before he gently kicked Kirishima in the leg to signal him to stop.
     "Ah~ shit-*hurp*" The blond had swallowed a lot of air in the process, his belly gurgling angrily. Forcing a few burps out he managed to relieve some if not all of the gas in his belly. Bakugou's gut started to push out from his midsection, pressing against his the inside of his black t-shirt.
     "Good job Bakugou, just a little more okay?" Kirishima knew that was a massive understatement. He still had half a box of Oreos and half a box of snack cakes, on top of his spicy chocolates and whatever else the redhead thought he could feed his lover.
     "Fu- *urp* -uck off." Bakugou's hands were on his gut, attempting to squeeze or rub the air out of his swollen midsection. "Let me- *hurap* -feed myself d-dammit!"
     The redhead obliged, moving his hands back to Bakugou's belly so he could let the blond do the hard work for him. Bakugou moaned, Kirishima's hand moved slowly, finding each air bubble and cramp and rubbing them away. The button in his jeans was straining against his belly, but from Kirishima's manly observation, Bakugou still had quite a bit of room left.
     "Keep going dude, you got some more room down here." Kirishima tenderly squeezed the layer of soft tissue that sat at the bottom of Bakugou's gut, hearing the satisfying slashing sounds of the milk and the Oreos as they mingled together happily.
     "There *uurp* d-done." The last of the Oreos at been finished as well as the snack cakes.
     "There's plenty more man." Kirishima stopped rubbing for a second to gesture towards the chocolates and the left over milk. "Theres ice cream in the freezer too."
     The blond groaned, then burped painfully. His gut was so tight, but he had a certain someone to beat- so he wasn't about to give up. Stretching a hand out he grabbed the box of chocolates and slowly tore it open.
      "Ah you're so manly!"
      "Sh-shut up dammit."
      He tossed a chocolate into his mouth, savoring the sweet but tangy flavor. These were better than he'd thought they'd be, tossing a few more into his open mouth he groaned, the tight feeling in his gut was slowly getting worse. Sensing this, Kirishima started rubbing a little more vigorously, forcing the painful burps out until they didn't sound so painful.
      Before long Bakugou had finished the chocolates and was now plowing through the leftover milk, his belly steadily pushing out more and more as he swallowed. "Ah~ hahhh ngh~ sh-shit."
The button in pants was creaking quietly, the strings enforcing its awful reign were about to give up, and with a few more chugs they did. The button blasted off into an unknown corner of the room, allowing Bakugou's stomach to fill out his lap. "F-fuck!" He moaned, burping immediately afterwards while his whole gut sloshed for a second. He struggled for a moment to slide his shirt over his head before laying defeated on Kirishima's bed.
      Kirishima tore his own shirt off, positioning himself on Bakugou's lap to lean over Bakugou's overstuffed belly to kiss him. His own softening gut was rubbing erotically against the blond's stuffed gut. "Kiri- ngh~ f-fuck~ f-feels good!" He moaned while his gut sloshed above him.
     "You did really great Katsuki, you're the manliest man ever." Kirishima kissed him again, tracing a finger against Bakugou's navel before dipping inside.
     "Ah~! Sh-shit! -" He burped again before letting out a snide, "I b-beat you."

      "Shit." Bakugou awoke with a start, his hand slamming down onto his partner who was still sleeping.
      "Huh?" Kirishima rolled over to face his lover, watching his red eyes scan the length of the bed. "G'morning dude."
      "Fuck off!" His hands were squeezing a small layer of fat on his gut, he'd really outdone himself, again. "Shit."
      "It just means you did really good dude. Don't worry about it, you'll've worked it off by tomorrow anyways." Kirishima said, his own hand going to squeeze his now slightly chubby boyfriend's new layer of fat. "So where's the harm in enjoying it right now?"
      Bakugou said nothing as his boyfriend sat up to efficiently rub his gut, Kirishima's hands continued to roam as the blond leaned backwards to sit more comfortably.
      After a couple of minutes Bakugou had enough, his hand grabbing Kirishima by the shoulders and dragging him into his lap so they both were facing the same way. "My turn dumbass." Bakugou snaked his hands under Kirishima's arms to squeeze and pinch his chunky body. "Look at how big you're getting Kiri."
     The redhead's face turned a deep crimson, his mouth sealed shut. A shiver of delight flew down his spine, did it really feel this good to be called fat? Or was it because it was Bakugou doing it? Kirishima didn't care at this point, Bakugou had moved on. Kissing his lovers neck while he groped the fat that had developed on his boyfriends exterior.  
     "Looks like you like this shit a lot dumbass." Bakugou cupped his boyfriend pecs and rolled his sensitive nipples between his fingers. "Can't wait to see you fill out more Shitty Hair."



Chapter Text

     "Bakugo, what's this about man?" The two were sitting quietly on the blond's futon. The room was almost completely silent besides the occasional rumble of Kirishima's belly. He'd gone without dinner with the hopes of getting stuffed by Bakugo but now he just felt stupid. "Sorry man, I haven't eaten anything for a while."
     "I noticed dumbass." Bakugo growled, his eyes furrowing as he turned to glare at the redheaded teen sitting next to him. "Here I am trying to have a fuckin' moment and your stupid gut can't shut the fuck up!!"
     Kirishima chuckled while his hand went to rub his belly under his shirt. "It's not my fault you keep me so well fed all the time. I'm just used to it by now."
     Bakugo smirked, his pupils getting dangerously small as he stood up. He had a stash of food in his personal fridge, plenty enough to watch Kirishima test his limits. Laughing sinisterly he stomped up to his fridge and withdrew a cake, one even bigger than the cake that had started this whole stuffing thing in the first place, and a pint of heavy cream. As he turned with the feast in his hands Kirishima's eyes widened, he couldn't eat all of that. Could he?
     "If you're so fuckin' used to this you bastard!" Bakugo slammed the feast on the table next to his bed. "Then eat all of it!!"
     Secretly Bakugo wanted to see Kirishima pop a button or see just how far he'd come, this consistent schedule of stuffings kept Kirishima's belly recently soft but allowed him ample time to work it off if he really wanted to.
     Kirishima grabbed the spoon next to the cake and scooped a huge bite from the side, examining the sponge like pink cake and white frosting before popping the bite into his mouth. It tasted better than he thought it would. He filled his mouth with ease, slowly chewing and swallowing to tantalize the flustered blond who stood in front of him. "Good cake." He said while he pushed another bite in, eyeing Bakugo's reddening face.
     "Shut up."
     Chuckling under his breath Kirishima swallowed another bite, the sweet cake taking over his taste buds and just making him want more. "Feed me Bakugo?" The redhead leaned back, bracing a hand on the front of his belly and grinning at Bakugo with his fang-filled smile.
     "Fuckin' finally!" Bakugo grabbed the utensil from Kirishima's hands and pushed another large bite of the sugary confection into the redhead's mouth. Busy feeding Kirishima with one hand he tenderly rubbed the bottom of the redhead's swelling gut, massaging the tender fat that had formed over the last couple weeks.
     Kirishima had stopped working out as intensely as he was used to two or so weeks ago, it didn't matter if the weight stuck or not, he was happy with his new weight. His clothes had started getting tighter and Bakugo had started touching him more. He wasn't letting himself go, just putting on some weight is all. He was still the same strong man, unbreakable or otherwise.
     "Come on Kiri," The redhead had eaten about half the cake now, his belly pushing against his tightening red T-shirt. Kirishima weakly reached for the heavy cream, he desperately needed something to drink. Bakugo caught his eye and laughed sinisterly. "Not so fast Shitty Hair,  I've got something for ya."
     Kirishima watched with a confused look on his face as Bakugo left and returned with a bright orange funnel. Kirishima wanted to fight it, but he let the end settle uncomfortably between his sharp teeth before giving the blond the go-ahead. Bakugo chuckled sadistically as he started to pour the heavy cream into the redhead's swollen stomach. "Mmn~ ngh~" Kirishima nailed between gulps, his hands pressed against his expanding belly. He could feel his skin stretching as he chugged, forcing his t-shirt to ride up a bit as he forced more and more liquid down his throat.
     "Shit-" Bakugo pulled the carton away, setting the half empty container down on his nightstand to take a step back and take stock of his boyfriend. Kirishima had heavy cream dripping from his maw as he panted like an animal, both hands rubbing his sensitive belly as he burped uncontrollably for a moment. The influx of liquid had forced air into his belly and had made him exceedingly uncomfortable. Bakugo paused his stuffing efforts to pay close attention to Kirishima gut, kneading more air out of his throat. "You could have told me to stop idiot."
     "N-no, i-is fine-" Kirishima pushed another bite of cake into his mouth while his belly started to protest.
     "Bastard." Bakugo started kissing Kirishima's belly, tracing his tongue all over the taut skin across the redhead's swollen gut, nipping the soft areas gently. "You've got more room idiot."
      Kirishima moaned, nodding his head as he continued to try and finish the last part of the cake. A few more inches and he would just have to finish the heavy cream. Nearing the end of this feast was satisfying in itself, but the feeling of his snug waistband digging into his belly was kind of dampening the mood. "B-bak- *urp*-ugo, button. P-please- mph~"
     "Pop it." Bakugo growled, his hands taking palmfuls of Kirishima's skin and roughly squeezing.
     Kirishima was resolute, his hand forcing another massive bite of cake into his mouth to hopefully finish it off. The button seemed to have the same resolve, clinging to both tabs of his pants with an unforgiving grip. He could feel his belly reaching its limit but he needed to do this. Kirishima grabbed the carton and pressed it to his lips. Wincing, he poured the remainder of the thick liquid into his mouth.
     "Ow! Shit!!" The button on Kirishima's jeans had given up, flying right into Bakugo's chest.
     "Ahhhh~ s-sorry-" Kirishima moaned, his hands rubbing his belly softly. "I'm so- ngh~ full!"
     "Obviously dumbass. You're belly button even popped out." Bakugo was staring with a very confused look on his face at Kirishima's overstuffed belly. He really had popped then huh? His legs were partly spread by the intrusion of his gut, swollen and gurgling.
     "Ah- it h-hurts." Kirishima's face was red and sticky with sweat he'd pushed himself way too far but he just felt so good. "Ah-n~ mmn~ so full!"
     "Shut up Kiri." Bakugo kept massaging the overly stuffed mass in front of him. "Just go the fuck to sleep."

     Kirishima's gut felt sore, like he'd just worked his core for the first time in ages. Glancing down at his abdomen revealed no abs at all actually, instead was a water-balloon-like pouch of belly fat protruding from his midsection. Even his jeans didn't fit anymore, if the button hadn't popped last night he probably wouldn't even get them to button at all. He pulled his shirt off, going at his soft middle with both hands. He jiggled it around a little watching it shake and jostle around before settling softly on his lap again.
     "What time is it dumbass?" Bakugo rolled over, making his presence on Kirishima's futon known. His face was directly next to Kirishima's soft belly fat and Bakugo's eyes widened. "You're getting fat idiot."
     "And whose fault is that?" Kirishima knew they were technically both to blame but Bakugo also knew that he always pushed Kirishima to his limit so it was no surprise that he was putting on weight. Bakugo had even been encouraging the redhead to eat more at normal meals, just so he always walked away pleasantly full.
     "Yours. You could always tell me to stop but you never fuckin' do!" Bakugo turned away, cheeks red as he buried his face in Kirishima's mattress. "Lemme touch it."
     Bakugo stuck his arm out, blindly patting around until he felt Kirishima guide his hand to the treasure that was the redhead's middle. He squeezed and rolled the fat in his fingers, memorizing the consistency and size of his belly before he'd inevitably have to work if off.
     "You like that?" The redhead chuckled, his hand running through the blond's unkempt hair.
     "Sh-shut up."

Chapter Text

     The explosive blond turned, he'd been walking home peacefully by himself and now he had to deal with this idiot.
     "Hey man, can I walk with you?" Kirishima stepped closer and smiled, he was still so polite and respectful even after what the two had been through together.
     "Tch- whatever Shitty Hair." Bakugo smirked, walking a tad slower to let Kirishima catch up with him. Eyeing the redhead's middle he noticed the subtle curve of his stomach underneath his T-shirt, jostling with each step. Bakugo himself had even put on some weight, not nearly as much, but weight regardless. In his hero uniform people could see the swell of his gut while he trained, jiggling slightly every time he moved. No one dared say a word to him but he knew what they were thinking, 'Bakugo's letting himself go'.
     Truth was, he kind of liked getting bigger. He understood eventually they'd have to stop when being heroes would become bigger things in their lives, but for now the two could enjoy themselves. Their occasional stuffings had dwindled, from twice or three times a week to once, if they were lucky. Kirishima and Bakugo had been busy with their own lives, so busy in fact that they hardly had time to see each other at all.
     "Bakugo, the other night it was your turn." Kirishima quietly twirled his fingers, staring at his own feet as they walked side by side.
     "Yeah, so what!?"
     "Well, when am I gonna get a turn?"
     Bakugo turned to stare at Kirishima's surprisingly stern gaze, his eyes serious and questioning. The blond stared back just as serious but he was asking himself the same question. "Pick a day then idiot." His cheeks turned red, his hands being shoved mindlessly into his pockets while he started taking longer strides.
     "H-hey wait! What about Friday?"    
     Kirishima grabbed Bakugo's shoulder and whirled him around, getting a small blast in the arm as payback. "It's the weekend the day afterwards so we can just hang out. I don't have any plans for this weekend and I want to spend it with you."
     "Sure whatever dumbass." The blond was flustered, his hands digging around in his pockets while he avoided eye contact. I love you Kirishima.
     "Cool! I can't wait!" The two walked in near silence for the five minutes it took them to get to their dorms, taking the elevator together and eventually taking their separate ways. By now it was about nine pm meaning that it was Bakugo's bedtime. "Goodnight Bakugo, see you tomorrow man."
     "Whatever." Bakugo waved him off, retreating into his room to throw himself on his futon so he could scream, "Fuck it", into his pillow. He was actually looking forward to Friday night like an idiot, he silently worked a hand onto his gut and squeezed the tender fat. He was so soft now, his abs were gone and he didn't even seem to care anymore. At first it had been incredibly jarring, looking down to see a slab of fat hanging over his pants instead of his toned abdomen used to make him feel disgusting, but now he could overeat and feel accomplished with himself.
     Kirishima could eat more than anybody else in the school, and continued to show Bakugo how much better he was at getting stuffed beyond comprehension. It pissed him off. By now he'd wandered into his snack area, pulling out a few pretty domestic snacks like Twinkies or honey glazed rolls and returning to his bed to think. He pushed a whole Twinkie into his mouth and started chewing, his cheeks puffing out at the considerable amount of food in his maw. Pulling out his phone he looked at social media for the week.
     Nobody knew how to act anymore, as he scrolled through his feed he kept seeing images of half naked girls at the beach or people partying and getting high. He had a perpetual scowl on his face until he saw a photo of Kirishima. It was a bath room selfie, basic but effective. Displayed in it was Kirishima's shirtless upper body, chubby gut and his toned delts and arms.
     "Sh-shit-" Bakugo's face shifted to a deep red, his eyes darting across the image and taking in every detail. The tightened waistband, the stretch marks littered on his hips. Absolutely delectable. Kirishima's face was unfocused but a fang filled smile occupied it nonetheless, he seemed proud of himself.

     Kirishima's phone buzzed loudly just before it pitched itself at the floor. "Oh jeez!" It landed face up, the screen displaying a notification that told him someone had liked a post of his. Tapping the display it took him to his happiest picture, one that displayed how incredibly happy he was of having come so far. Down below was another banner, one explaining that 'lord-explosion-murder' had liked his post.
     As much as Bakugo avoided saying it, Kirishima knew that the angry blond liked his boyfriends developing belly more than he'd like to admit. The way he would squeeze Kirishima's love handles when they were in public, or how he'd quietly rub the redhead's belly when no one was looking. The sturdy teen wished that he too could have something to tease Bakugo about but the blond would never let himself get bigger like that. If his attitude was as competitive when it came to weight gain instead of trying to show Kirishima up during stuffings, then he'd probably be just as big if not bigger then Kirishima.
     The redhead had gotten small glimpses of Bakugo's girth, seeing his new belly billow over his waistband now and again, or when he'd readjust his shirt after a particularly hefty meal. Moments like that just made his mouth water, he wanted so badly to see Bakugo have to buy new clothes because his were getting too small.
     Kirishima was so excited for Friday that he'd already started mapping out what they'd do. He'd be ordering the food, a buffet really. Bakugo never really indulged in sweets so this was Kirishima's chance to spoil him. As a final stuffing he wanted to buy two dozen muffins and pastries from the local bakery and some milk to see just how big Bakugo could really get. He couldn't wait to hear the blond whimpering and moaning his name for some belly rubs. . .

     Friday rolled around faster than Bakugo had time to prepare for, he was needless to say a little nervous. Kirishima was supposed to be in complete control this time, so Bakugo didn't know what to expect. The walk to Kirishima's dorm was nerve wracking, he wasn't fuckin' scared, he just didn't know what to expect.
     "You made it man." Kirishima was leaning against his door, a smile lighting up his face.
     "So what dipshit-" Kirishima grabbed Bakugo's shoulder and pivoted to press the blond against the wall and kiss him. "What the hell are you doing?!"
     "Kissing you, what's it look like?" Kirishima's gaze softened, his hand pulling open the door and pushing the two of them inside.
     "Oi! What the fuck dumbass!?" Bakugo's face was flushed and warm, it was rare that Kirishima was this forward. He angrily swept his gaze around the room, noticing the pile of muffins and different confections on a stand-up table in the redhead's room. The muffins looked assorted and were each heavily portioned, other sweet danishes and pastries littered the table as well as gallon of milk and a glass next to it. "What the hell?"
     "Hey man, don't look so surprised." Kirishima smiled happily, his hand grabbing Bakugo's shoulder. "I want to see how far you've come too, and you got to stuff me like crazy last time! It's only fair!"
     "Whatever Shitty Hair." The blond sat down roughly on Kirishima's futon before reaching for the first pastry. "I want to get this over with."
     "H-hey wait!"
     Kirishima delicately moved the blond's hand to the side and grabbed the pastry he'd been reaching for. "I want to feed you."
     Bakugo's face felt even warmer than before, if that was even possible, Kirishima's serious gaze made him feel weak inside, he wanted to be fed so badly. "Whatever, just hurry the fuck u-!"
      Nothing more needed to be said, the redhead had already pressed a sweet strawberry danish against Bakugo's lips. The blond opened his mouth and took a small bite, his taste buds immediately rejoicing at the sensation of the strawberries and puff pastry mixing in his mouth. Kirishima smiled, pushing more of the confection into Bakugo's mouth and encouraging him to take larger bites. A few seconds passed before the first one was gone but after that Bakugo moved through the first half of the box at an accelerated pace, he gave Kirishima no signals that he was enjoying this but he knew deep down that the feeling of his stomach stretching and filling up because of Kirishima was almost too good to be true.
     Before long Bakugo could feel his gut starting to feel full, he'd barely made it through the box, only four more pastries left and he'd have a dozen more large muffins to devour. It helped a little that the fruits in the danishes were assorted otherwise he would have gotten bored already. "Sh-shit." His stomach churned painfully under his T-shirt, he hadn't eaten like this in over a month. He was out of practice. His hands moved methodically over the surface of his own belly, attempting to coax out a burp or two to hopefully ebb his pain a little.
     "Want me to rub?" Kirishima's gaze softened, his perfect little feedee was pigging out for the first time in a while so he wasn't surprised at this lack of effort.
     "Fuck off." A small burp escaped his lips, forcing a groan out just afterwards. "Keep feeding me."
     Kirishima nodded slowly, grabbing the next pastry and pressing it against the bloated teens mouth. Bakugo groaned as he bit into the soft confection, the sweet syrup from the fruit coating the inside of his mouth. His stomach was starting to press against his T-shirt, forcing the dark fabric to ride up a bit so a sliver of his stretched organ was visible. The redhead was practically drooling over it as he continued to feed Bakugo the last part of the first box.
     "How are you doing?"
     By now Bakugo's gut was about the size of a decent cantaloupe, stretching his shirt and waistband. "I-i'm fine *urp*, ah~!"
     He's so manly! Even when it has to hurt, he still keeps going! I love you Bakugo!! Kirishima nodded, his hands unwrapping a heavy muffin and breaking off a small piece to press against Bakugo's lips. He viciously took a bite, preemptively moaning  as the matter plummeted into his stomach to join the rest of his buffet. The first few muffins went down without much of a fight but somewhere around the fourth Bakugo started to wince when he swallowed, whimpering each time his belly churned and gurgled. "Do you want to take a break?"
     "N-no-" snatching the muffin that was currently in Kirishima's hand the blond forced it into his mouth. "'m not bein' beat *urp*- ahh~ f-fuck!"
     "Yeah, no." Kirishima pushed the last seven muffins to the end of the table and out of Bakugo's reach. "It doesn't count as you losing but you need to work out some of the stuff in your belly is all."
      Huffing, Bakugo nodded. As much as he hated to stop right now, Kirishima was right. Enough air had built up in his belly that he wasn't going to be able to finish everything without getting rid of it first, while Kirishima's hands roamed every inch of Bakugo's stuffed belly, making sure not a single part was saved from his tender kisses and nipping. Each burp safely eased the pain that had built inside him until he was good to start eating again. "M-more *hurp* now~"
    So manly!! Kirishima quickly got back to work, stuffing his boyfriend full of the last muffins. His pace was slower than it'd been at the beginning but Bakugo could feel his stomach plumping up as he ate, each bite pushing his gut out more and more. Finally, the last muffin disappeared down Bakugo's throat. Kirishima couldn't help but try to hide his blush, pushing Bakugo's exceedingly tight shirt up to the top of his swollen gut before moving his hands down to Bakugo's tight waistband. "Let me undo your button man, that has to hurt."
     "N-no- ngh~ let me- *uurp* lemme pop it-." Bakugo swatted Kirishima's hands away, inclining his head towards the gallon of milk still sitting on the table. Kirishima had neglected Bakugo's need for a drink and now he was going to be the one paying for it. "N-now-"
     "Bakugo, that's enough." Kirishima could see the immense amount of pain Bakugo was going through, he was definitely pushing himself a little too hard. "You don't have to prove anything to me Katsuki. You're amazing."
     "I kn-know that bas- *hurap* -stard. J-just let me- break it." Bakugo's face was red and sweaty, he'd settled for popping his button and that was final. He wasn't going to give up. Especially when he was so damned close.
     The redhead knew full well that Bakugo wasn't going to give up so he passed the jug to the blond, who in turn unscrewed the cap and pressed the opening to his mouth. He threw his head back angrily and started to chug, the cloudy liquid pouring out of the sides of his mouth as his cheeks bulged and his eyes squeezed shut. It sloshed down into his belly, forcing it to swell out even more with each swallow. Kirishima could feel Bakugo's skin stretch and quiver as he drank, the damned button held on for dear life, resolute in its mission.
     Come on, come on, I'm gonna pop! Bakugo could feel the tears welling up behind his eyelids. He groaned into the jug, the button flying off into some unknown corner of the room with a satisfying snap. Bakugo's gut poured into his lap, it felt so fucking good. "I did *hurp* it, mngh~ ahh~ Kiri!"
     "Oh, poor Bakugo." Kirishima's face was absolutely boiling, he'd never seen something so hot before. "Look at how big you are dude, so manly and huge."
     Bakugo moaned at the redhead's words, his belly felt so incredibly full. Kirishima traced a finger around the explosive teen's popped belly button, rubbing his fingers all over the tender skin. "Sh-shit Kiri, do-don't st-stop. . ."
     "I wasn't planning on it dude." Kirishima pressed his lips against Bakugo's, his own soft belly rubbing on Bakugo's swollen midsection. "You're so cute when you're stuffed like this."
     "Ah~ sh-shut up! I-I'm *urp* not cute." Bakugo could hardly speak, breathlessly panting he leaned backwards, flopping painfully onto the rest of Kirishima's futon in sweet, sweet victory. A food coma had started storming up his brain, he couldn't even think at this point. Not with Kirishima's hands all over him and his belly sloshing and churning against his abdomen.
     "I love you Bakugo." Kirishima swiftly covered his mouth in shock. "I-I'm sorry dude, but I've felt this way for a long time and I've wanted to say that for just as long!-"
     "Shut up." The blond huffed angrily, his hands grabbing Kirishima's and pulling him forward until their lips almost touched again. "I love you too Shitty Hair."

Chapter Text

     Kirishima's whimpers were nearly drowned out by the sound of his belly gurgling, pushing out against his button up while he continued to be fed. He was enjoying every second of it too and he was making sure Bakugo knew it. "M-more Bak- *urp* -ugo mmf-!"
     "Less talking, more chewing dipshit." Bakugo pushed another donut into his boyfriend's mouth before the redhead could make him feel anymore turned on. The blond had already fed him nearly a dozen donuts, along with a thick chocolate shake that he'd made up earlier that day. With about half of that left, Kirishima still had a way to go before he was finished. "That's it, take it like a man."
     Kirishima groaned threw a mouthful of delicious pastry, his hands were rubbing his stretched skin carefully, making sure he could feel himself swell up with each bite he took. The seemingly bottomless source of donuts finally ran dry, allowing him a moment to breath. It was incredible, the way his gut pressed against his shirt, the spaces between buttons open and showing his soft skin to the world. "Aw man- *urp* ahh~ I di-didn't pop 'em."
     "Don't look so disappointed Shitty Hair, we aren't fucking done yet." Bakugo grabbed a handful of Kirishima's belly and squeezed. The redhead's eyes shimmered with tears, his voice breaking out in a loud moan. Bakugo's red pupils softened a bit at the display but he continued to roughly grope the other teens overstuffed belly to coax out more whimpers and groans. "Are you ready Kiri?"
     The redhead nodded, allowing Bakugo to press the lip of the cup against his open mouth. The thick liquid eased into his throat at a rather slow pace, increasing in speed while he swallowed each gooey mouthful. The hand pressed against his side could feel his skin stretch with every gulp, the shake sitting heavily with the donuts in the bottom of his swollen belly. His shirt fabric groaned precariously before the button on the widest part of his but popped off. The red mark that had seared into his skin hurt, but he kept going regardless. Bakugo's finger traced around the liberated skin tenderly, prodding the silky skin with his fingernail.
     "Almost there-"
     Tears had started to fill up Kirishima's already cloudy vision, spilling out of the corners of his eyes. The shake too had started to trickle from his maw, dripping down his chin and onto his shirt. "Mm-!" His moans and whines filled the room while he chugged, filling his stomach to the max and pushing himself even further. Go beyond- like Midoriya! After all, that was the whole point of these sessions anyways, to push a little further every time, right?
     "Good job Kiri." Bakugo leaned back a bit, setting the empty cup down on the nightstand before using his hands to feel up Kirishima's stuffed midsection.
     "Hhhh- *burap* -ha, ngh~ I d-did it huh?" He could barely breathe, much less look down at the damage he'd done to himself. He eased his gaze forward to take in the view, his belly had pushed out against his jeans and threatened to tear his waistband, filling out his lap and stretching his button up to it's limit.
     "Let's get this damned button off-" The blond growled while he pushed his arm against Kirishima's belly, attempting to push it out of the way so he could get at his button. "There." 
     Kirishima moaned as his gut pooled out into his lap, a hard red line having formed across his abdomen where his jeans had held him back. How he got this far with them buttoned, the world may never know. "Oh~ ngh-!"
     "Shit Kiri, you're so fuckin' big." Bakugo bit his lip savagely, growling his words against Kirishima's tight skin. The redhead had hit his limit and even further, his belly groaning and digesting noisily. Kirishima groaned, laying likely against his pillows while Bakugo kissed and rubbed his aching midsection.
     The cocktail of growls and noises from both Bakugo and his own belly was enough to clog up his brain. He could hardly think right now. "Bakugo, *hurp* p-please-!"
     The explosive blond growled and nipped at Kirishima's sensitive skin, drawing a small bead of blood on the warm surface. Kirishima groaned again as Bakugo licked the blood away and continued to trace his tongue and lips all over the stuffed organ. "You like that?"
     The redhead nodded, his cheeks burning when he stifled a moan into his fist. Bakugo climbed over Kirishima's stuffed belly, planting an aggressive kiss on the other teens sugar coated lips. "B-bakugo, mmph-!"
     "Dammit, you taste so good." The blond hissed into Kirishima's mouth, swiping his tongue over the redhead's lips before diving back in for a more passionate kiss.

     "What the hell are you looking at?"
     "You I guess." Kirishima laughed, his fang filled smile lighting up his face. Unamused, Bakugo shrugged angrily and kept walking, hands balled into fists I'm his pockets while he wandered the street with his red haired puppy behind him.
     "Isn't that the kid who won the sports festival a while ago!?"
     "You've got to be shitting me. People still fucking care about that?" Bakugo growled, his vision being blocked by a crowd of girls and young boys all asking for a photo or a signature. "Outta my way extras-! Shit-!"
     "You're Kirishima right?" A voice quietly said next to Kirishima, gently liking his shoulder with a strong finger. "I remember you."
     "Oh yeah! That's me! Manly outfit dude!" The redhead looked the stranger up and down, eyeing his black attire and masked face. "Do I know you?"
     "Not right now. But soon." The stranger grabbed Kirishima's hair and wrenched his head up and into a tissue wet with some kind of liquid. His screams were efficiently drowned out by the crowd of girls gawking at Bakugo. No one noticed as the dark haired stranger hobbled away with the red haired teen slumped on his shoulder.
     "Oi! Get the fuck offa me dammit!" Having finally ripped himself free of the prying hands, Bakugo found himself on the other side of the crowd. With no Kirishima in sight. He glanced around confusedly for a second, scanning the crowd for anyone with crimson hair. "That dipshit left me behind."

     "Wake up."
     Kirishima awoke groggily, his vision was cloudy and he felt like he couldn't breath for a second. "Hey wait a minute-!" He tugged at his arms to find them restrained by strange looking ropes around the back of a wooden chair. He attempted to harden and get the hell out of there but found his quirk unable to activate. "What the hell is this?!"
     "First of all, Kirishima Eijirou, you're in a warehouse, in a part of Japan that you don't know. And second, what I used to knock you out was laced with a quirk nullifying drug administered through inhalation." The stranger took a step forward, cupping Kirishima's chin with his palm and pulsing some kind of energy against his skin. "I'm Carnivore."
     "Get your hands off me dude. Why am I here anyway?" Kirishima cheeks felt hot all of a sudden, sweat beading on his brow while Carnivore walked a few steps away.
     "To do that Bakugo some service. He obviously doesn't seem to care that much about you, since he let me steal you away so easily. But I intend to have my own fun with you." He leaned forward again, staring deep into Kirishima's gaze with his own dark eyes.
     "Look at yourself, you've put on weight since the sports festival. I think it works, and I'd like to see more. Word on the streets is Bakugo likes it too." Carnivore traced his finger down Kirishima's chest, trailing his touch towards Kirishima's gut and dipping his finger into his belly button through his T-shirt.
     "D-don't-!" Kirishima could hardly stifle a moan, he was so sensitive right now and he couldn't figure out why. Probably from the drugs. "Stop! He'll find me! He's the manliest dude you'll ever know."
     "I have until he gets here to do what I want and any second now you'll-" Kirishima's gut gurgled, cutting Carnivore off mid sentence. "-get immeasurably hungry."
     His stomach growled again, this time seizing up with a painful emptiness that made Kirishima groan. "Sh-shit-!" His breath hitched, tears stinging his eyes.
     "Don't worry, I have plenty of food here for you." Carnivore wheeled a cart full of cakes and other confections forward, heavy cream and plenty of to her thick liquids occupying its shelves. "And I fully expect you to eat all of it."
     "No." Kirishima's stomach knotted again painfully when his statement slipped out. "Ah-! F-fine, untie me and I'll eat I swear."
     "Absolutely not. I'm feeding you, whether you like it or not." Carnivore eyed the many cakes carefully, selecting one with white frosting and what appeared to be chocolate cake layered with thick chocolate icing in between each dense layer. "This looks like a nice start. Open wide Kirishima."
     "No I- mmnf-" A forkful of cake was shoved into his mouth, the pleasure from the matter entering his gut sending electricity through his entire body. "What did you d-do to me?"
     "Keep eating and I'll tell you."
     Kirishima kept eating, against his will honestly but his mouth just kept opening and chewing. The satisfying feeling of each dense bite landing heavily in his gut was enough to make him moan. In a couple minutes he'd already eaten the entire cake and don't feel full at all. Weird.
     "It's my quirk-" He turned and grabbed another cake from behind him. This one was probably vanilla, chocolate frosting coating the outside. "-it's called Gluttony, other than you no one knows I even have it. It allows me to make my victim incredibly hungry, their stomach and digestive organs become erotic ally sensitive, like your mouth and gut. You won't know how full you actually are until it wears off in a few hours."
     "Mmf-" Obviously Kirishima wasn't allowed to talk right now, his mouth kept constantly full by cake while he continued to demolish his feast. He hoped he was buying time for Bakugo to come fine him, but he didn't really like the idea of being fed by a stranger. The cakes were great though, he had to admit the flavors were amazing but that was probably Carnivore's quirk lying to him. Very unmanly.
     "Doing great, I can see why Bakugo likes you so much." Without having to worry about getting full for the time being, Kirishima was able to slam through his meal at an incredibly fast pace. "But I think you might need something to drink."
     Having eaten two whole cakes, yeah he definitely did. Carnivore read his mind and grabbed the heavy cream, swirling it in his hand while he walked back up to Kirishima's bound body. He opened the carton and pressed it against Kirishima's awaiting mouth, stroking his lips delicately with the cardboard before pouring the thick liquid into his maw. The redhead stifled a moan while the liquid slid down his throat, sitting densely in his belly while it continued to flow into his mouth. "Getting there. You know, I wonder when your hero is going to show up for you huh?"

     "That shithead isn't answering my texts!" Bakugo was storming around his room, salty and pissed. "Fucking-" He growled, throwing himself against his mattress and flipping his phone onto his face. Kirishima hadn't been in his dorm, or in the common room and he could very well be doing something on his own, but he'd just left Bakugo alone with a crowd of boy-hungry chicks!
     Where could he be? Maybe his location was on? It wasn't. It was never that easy was it? He threw himself out of bed, storming out of his room and downstairs to angrily pass the other students.
     "Kacchan, where are you going, it's almost dinner time." That stupid nerd was always trying to stop him.
     "Exactly. I don't have to tell you shit!"
     "Ah- where's Kirishima? I didn't see him with you and he hasn't come back yet." Denki chuckled, eyeing Bakugo up and down before saying: "Maybe he found someone else huh? A cute chick maybe?"
     "I'm getting jealous just thinking about it." Mineta joined in, the two perverts laughed sadistically.
     "I don't have time for this shit!" Bakugo stormed off and out of the dorms, charging out into the fading evening to go find his boyfriend.

     "You feel that?"
     Carnivore was right, his quirk was starting to wear off and the feeling of fullness was starting to appear. He'd managed to plow through most of his meal, three cakes and at least a gallon of shakes and heavy cream. He could barely breath, burping and moaning every few minutes. Without his own hands to rub his belly, and refusing to let Carnivore touch him, he couldn't get the pressure out. His stomach was starting to feel tighter by the second, churning angrily as it became aware of its mistake.
     "Don't t-touch me." Kirishima tried to suck in his belly to keep Carnivore from touching him, shrinking away from his freaky hands.
     "Calm the fuck down, I can't activate my quirk again for another twenty-four hours, besides I'm not doing this because I like you. You've got Bakugo for that. You aren't my type." Carnivore reached forward again, this time his hands pressing against Kirishima's belly and prodding some of the air out. "I'm only helping you a little, just so you won't puke in my space."
     "Mhm-" Kirishima burped again, the pressure letting up a little with each bubble of air squeezing out of his throat.
     "I think I hear him, it's Bakugo, and he sounds pissed. . ." The masked stranger walked a few paces away before turning around to gaze at his victim. "That's my cue, have fun explaining yourself." With that he disappeared into the darkness, escaping with hardly a trace at all.
     "Where the fuck is that loser!!?" Carnivore was right, he did sound pissed.
     "Fucking shit Kiri, what the hell happened to you!?" Bakugo sprinted forward, reaching his lovers side in a few seconds, his hands immediately blowing the ropes to shreds. Kirishima gasped happily, his hands going to immediately pull Bakugo against him and hug him.
     "I can see why you *urp* ah- don't like getting k-kidnapped." Kirishima laughed, pulling himself up to wobble dangerously. "I'll e-explain later."
     Bakugo growled angrily but didn't say anything. He threw his hoodie at Kirishima, as if to say "put it on, people will see your gut." and secretly, Kirishima's stuffed belly was even sexier when Bakugo got to see him try to hide it. Kirishima knew he needed to get home before Carnivore's quirk completely disappeared, leaving him more than likely immobile from fullness. "Say, how'd you find me?"
     "Boyfriend instincts, don't fucking question it."
     The way home was simple enough and nobody questioned Kirishima when the two walked into the dorms. Kirishima smiled his fang filled smile through pain filled eyes before continuing to stumble towards the elevator. "I'm so *urap*, so ngh~ full- B-bakugo~"
     "Shut up, don't do that here idiot." Bakugo could hardly walk, he was so incredibly turned on by a sufferingly full Kirishima that he could barely think. "C'mon, almost there."
     "Uhn~ hahh~ B-bakugo~!"
     Bakugo hooked his arm around Kirishima's swollen waist, lending some of his strength to keep Kirishima on his feet as they migrated slowly into Kirishima's dorm. The redhead groaned happily, cradling his stuffed belly with both hands while he stumbled towards his bed to flop heavily against it.
     "Roll over dumbass." The angry blond crawled into bed next to his boyfriend, both his hands resting against Kirishima's taut gut. The quirk had finally worn off, leaving the redhead completely immobile from the feeling of his way overstuffed belly. "Now what the fuck happened to you?"
     Kirishima launched into his sorry, struggling between his burps and moans to explain the whole ordeal with Carnivore and getting kidnapped and stuffed mercilessly. He explained the quirk and its effect before turning to stare into Bakugo's glaring eyes.
     "I d-didn't let him touch me." Kirishima whimpered into his pillow, his stomach churning painfully while Bakugo stroked it angrily with both hands. "I'm manlier that that."
     "Fucking shit Kiri, this guy is still out there." Bakugo rolled into his back and slammed his fists onto the soft mattress. "Tch- I'm just glad you're okay. C'mere."
     Bakugo pulled his boyfriend into his arms, gently squeezing the rolls of fat that billowed over his waistband and kneading the hard mass that was Kirishima's stuffed belly. He felt bad for letting Kirishima be taken so easily, he'd get that guy soon. He was definitely going down. "Bakugo, don't be mad *urp* I'm okay, just a little f-full is all. I'm a man after all." Kirishima's husky voice echoed in the blond's ears, there was no way in hell he wasn't going to be absolutely pissed, but, Kiri needed him more than anything right now.
     "You're so fuckin' big, so soft." Bakugo kept kneading his boyfriend's softening belly, coaxing as much air as possible out before Kirishima would inevitably pass out from his oncoming food coma. "But I'll have to get your dumbass back for just letting yourself get kidnapped like some damn extra." Bakugo gently nipped at the underside of Kirishima's ear, whispering his statement erotically.
      "I'm uhn~ l-looking forward to it."