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KiriBaku Stuffing Fic

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     Kirishima's whimpers were nearly drowned out by the sound of his belly gurgling, pushing out against his button up while he continued to be fed. He was enjoying every second of it too and he was making sure Bakugo knew it. "M-more Bak- *urp* -ugo mmf-!"
     "Less talking, more chewing dipshit." Bakugo pushed another donut into his boyfriend's mouth before the redhead could make him feel anymore turned on. The blond had already fed him nearly a dozen donuts, along with a thick chocolate shake that he'd made up earlier that day. With about half of that left, Kirishima still had a way to go before he was finished. "That's it, take it like a man."
     Kirishima groaned threw a mouthful of delicious pastry, his hands were rubbing his stretched skin carefully, making sure he could feel himself swell up with each bite he took. The seemingly bottomless source of donuts finally ran dry, allowing him a moment to breath. It was incredible, the way his gut pressed against his shirt, the spaces between buttons open and showing his soft skin to the world. "Aw man- *urp* ahh~ I di-didn't pop 'em."
     "Don't look so disappointed Shitty Hair, we aren't fucking done yet." Bakugo grabbed a handful of Kirishima's belly and squeezed. The redhead's eyes shimmered with tears, his voice breaking out in a loud moan. Bakugo's red pupils softened a bit at the display but he continued to roughly grope the other teens overstuffed belly to coax out more whimpers and groans. "Are you ready Kiri?"
     The redhead nodded, allowing Bakugo to press the lip of the cup against his open mouth. The thick liquid eased into his throat at a rather slow pace, increasing in speed while he swallowed each gooey mouthful. The hand pressed against his side could feel his skin stretch with every gulp, the shake sitting heavily with the donuts in the bottom of his swollen belly. His shirt fabric groaned precariously before the button on the widest part of his but popped off. The red mark that had seared into his skin hurt, but he kept going regardless. Bakugo's finger traced around the liberated skin tenderly, prodding the silky skin with his fingernail.
     "Almost there-"
     Tears had started to fill up Kirishima's already cloudy vision, spilling out of the corners of his eyes. The shake too had started to trickle from his maw, dripping down his chin and onto his shirt. "Mm-!" His moans and whines filled the room while he chugged, filling his stomach to the max and pushing himself even further. Go beyond- like Midoriya! After all, that was the whole point of these sessions anyways, to push a little further every time, right?
     "Good job Kiri." Bakugo leaned back a bit, setting the empty cup down on the nightstand before using his hands to feel up Kirishima's stuffed midsection.
     "Hhhh- *burap* -ha, ngh~ I d-did it huh?" He could barely breathe, much less look down at the damage he'd done to himself. He eased his gaze forward to take in the view, his belly had pushed out against his jeans and threatened to tear his waistband, filling out his lap and stretching his button up to it's limit.
     "Let's get this damned button off-" The blond growled while he pushed his arm against Kirishima's belly, attempting to push it out of the way so he could get at his button. "There." 
     Kirishima moaned as his gut pooled out into his lap, a hard red line having formed across his abdomen where his jeans had held him back. How he got this far with them buttoned, the world may never know. "Oh~ ngh-!"
     "Shit Kiri, you're so fuckin' big." Bakugo bit his lip savagely, growling his words against Kirishima's tight skin. The redhead had hit his limit and even further, his belly groaning and digesting noisily. Kirishima groaned, laying likely against his pillows while Bakugo kissed and rubbed his aching midsection.
     The cocktail of growls and noises from both Bakugo and his own belly was enough to clog up his brain. He could hardly think right now. "Bakugo, *hurp* p-please-!"
     The explosive blond growled and nipped at Kirishima's sensitive skin, drawing a small bead of blood on the warm surface. Kirishima groaned again as Bakugo licked the blood away and continued to trace his tongue and lips all over the stuffed organ. "You like that?"
     The redhead nodded, his cheeks burning when he stifled a moan into his fist. Bakugo climbed over Kirishima's stuffed belly, planting an aggressive kiss on the other teens sugar coated lips. "B-bakugo, mmph-!"
     "Dammit, you taste so good." The blond hissed into Kirishima's mouth, swiping his tongue over the redhead's lips before diving back in for a more passionate kiss.

     "What the hell are you looking at?"
     "You I guess." Kirishima laughed, his fang filled smile lighting up his face. Unamused, Bakugo shrugged angrily and kept walking, hands balled into fists I'm his pockets while he wandered the street with his red haired puppy behind him.
     "Isn't that the kid who won the sports festival a while ago!?"
     "You've got to be shitting me. People still fucking care about that?" Bakugo growled, his vision being blocked by a crowd of girls and young boys all asking for a photo or a signature. "Outta my way extras-! Shit-!"
     "You're Kirishima right?" A voice quietly said next to Kirishima, gently liking his shoulder with a strong finger. "I remember you."
     "Oh yeah! That's me! Manly outfit dude!" The redhead looked the stranger up and down, eyeing his black attire and masked face. "Do I know you?"
     "Not right now. But soon." The stranger grabbed Kirishima's hair and wrenched his head up and into a tissue wet with some kind of liquid. His screams were efficiently drowned out by the crowd of girls gawking at Bakugo. No one noticed as the dark haired stranger hobbled away with the red haired teen slumped on his shoulder.
     "Oi! Get the fuck offa me dammit!" Having finally ripped himself free of the prying hands, Bakugo found himself on the other side of the crowd. With no Kirishima in sight. He glanced around confusedly for a second, scanning the crowd for anyone with crimson hair. "That dipshit left me behind."

     "Wake up."
     Kirishima awoke groggily, his vision was cloudy and he felt like he couldn't breath for a second. "Hey wait a minute-!" He tugged at his arms to find them restrained by strange looking ropes around the back of a wooden chair. He attempted to harden and get the hell out of there but found his quirk unable to activate. "What the hell is this?!"
     "First of all, Kirishima Eijirou, you're in a warehouse, in a part of Japan that you don't know. And second, what I used to knock you out was laced with a quirk nullifying drug administered through inhalation." The stranger took a step forward, cupping Kirishima's chin with his palm and pulsing some kind of energy against his skin. "I'm Carnivore."
     "Get your hands off me dude. Why am I here anyway?" Kirishima cheeks felt hot all of a sudden, sweat beading on his brow while Carnivore walked a few steps away.
     "To do that Bakugo some service. He obviously doesn't seem to care that much about you, since he let me steal you away so easily. But I intend to have my own fun with you." He leaned forward again, staring deep into Kirishima's gaze with his own dark eyes.
     "Look at yourself, you've put on weight since the sports festival. I think it works, and I'd like to see more. Word on the streets is Bakugo likes it too." Carnivore traced his finger down Kirishima's chest, trailing his touch towards Kirishima's gut and dipping his finger into his belly button through his T-shirt.
     "D-don't-!" Kirishima could hardly stifle a moan, he was so sensitive right now and he couldn't figure out why. Probably from the drugs. "Stop! He'll find me! He's the manliest dude you'll ever know."
     "I have until he gets here to do what I want and any second now you'll-" Kirishima's gut gurgled, cutting Carnivore off mid sentence. "-get immeasurably hungry."
     His stomach growled again, this time seizing up with a painful emptiness that made Kirishima groan. "Sh-shit-!" His breath hitched, tears stinging his eyes.
     "Don't worry, I have plenty of food here for you." Carnivore wheeled a cart full of cakes and other confections forward, heavy cream and plenty of to her thick liquids occupying its shelves. "And I fully expect you to eat all of it."
     "No." Kirishima's stomach knotted again painfully when his statement slipped out. "Ah-! F-fine, untie me and I'll eat I swear."
     "Absolutely not. I'm feeding you, whether you like it or not." Carnivore eyed the many cakes carefully, selecting one with white frosting and what appeared to be chocolate cake layered with thick chocolate icing in between each dense layer. "This looks like a nice start. Open wide Kirishima."
     "No I- mmnf-" A forkful of cake was shoved into his mouth, the pleasure from the matter entering his gut sending electricity through his entire body. "What did you d-do to me?"
     "Keep eating and I'll tell you."
     Kirishima kept eating, against his will honestly but his mouth just kept opening and chewing. The satisfying feeling of each dense bite landing heavily in his gut was enough to make him moan. In a couple minutes he'd already eaten the entire cake and don't feel full at all. Weird.
     "It's my quirk-" He turned and grabbed another cake from behind him. This one was probably vanilla, chocolate frosting coating the outside. "-it's called Gluttony, other than you no one knows I even have it. It allows me to make my victim incredibly hungry, their stomach and digestive organs become erotic ally sensitive, like your mouth and gut. You won't know how full you actually are until it wears off in a few hours."
     "Mmf-" Obviously Kirishima wasn't allowed to talk right now, his mouth kept constantly full by cake while he continued to demolish his feast. He hoped he was buying time for Bakugo to come fine him, but he didn't really like the idea of being fed by a stranger. The cakes were great though, he had to admit the flavors were amazing but that was probably Carnivore's quirk lying to him. Very unmanly.
     "Doing great, I can see why Bakugo likes you so much." Without having to worry about getting full for the time being, Kirishima was able to slam through his meal at an incredibly fast pace. "But I think you might need something to drink."
     Having eaten two whole cakes, yeah he definitely did. Carnivore read his mind and grabbed the heavy cream, swirling it in his hand while he walked back up to Kirishima's bound body. He opened the carton and pressed it against Kirishima's awaiting mouth, stroking his lips delicately with the cardboard before pouring the thick liquid into his maw. The redhead stifled a moan while the liquid slid down his throat, sitting densely in his belly while it continued to flow into his mouth. "Getting there. You know, I wonder when your hero is going to show up for you huh?"

     "That shithead isn't answering my texts!" Bakugo was storming around his room, salty and pissed. "Fucking-" He growled, throwing himself against his mattress and flipping his phone onto his face. Kirishima hadn't been in his dorm, or in the common room and he could very well be doing something on his own, but he'd just left Bakugo alone with a crowd of boy-hungry chicks!
     Where could he be? Maybe his location was on? It wasn't. It was never that easy was it? He threw himself out of bed, storming out of his room and downstairs to angrily pass the other students.
     "Kacchan, where are you going, it's almost dinner time." That stupid nerd was always trying to stop him.
     "Exactly. I don't have to tell you shit!"
     "Ah- where's Kirishima? I didn't see him with you and he hasn't come back yet." Denki chuckled, eyeing Bakugo up and down before saying: "Maybe he found someone else huh? A cute chick maybe?"
     "I'm getting jealous just thinking about it." Mineta joined in, the two perverts laughed sadistically.
     "I don't have time for this shit!" Bakugo stormed off and out of the dorms, charging out into the fading evening to go find his boyfriend.

     "You feel that?"
     Carnivore was right, his quirk was starting to wear off and the feeling of fullness was starting to appear. He'd managed to plow through most of his meal, three cakes and at least a gallon of shakes and heavy cream. He could barely breath, burping and moaning every few minutes. Without his own hands to rub his belly, and refusing to let Carnivore touch him, he couldn't get the pressure out. His stomach was starting to feel tighter by the second, churning angrily as it became aware of its mistake.
     "Don't t-touch me." Kirishima tried to suck in his belly to keep Carnivore from touching him, shrinking away from his freaky hands.
     "Calm the fuck down, I can't activate my quirk again for another twenty-four hours, besides I'm not doing this because I like you. You've got Bakugo for that. You aren't my type." Carnivore reached forward again, this time his hands pressing against Kirishima's belly and prodding some of the air out. "I'm only helping you a little, just so you won't puke in my space."
     "Mhm-" Kirishima burped again, the pressure letting up a little with each bubble of air squeezing out of his throat.
     "I think I hear him, it's Bakugo, and he sounds pissed. . ." The masked stranger walked a few paces away before turning around to gaze at his victim. "That's my cue, have fun explaining yourself." With that he disappeared into the darkness, escaping with hardly a trace at all.
     "Where the fuck is that loser!!?" Carnivore was right, he did sound pissed.
     "Fucking shit Kiri, what the hell happened to you!?" Bakugo sprinted forward, reaching his lovers side in a few seconds, his hands immediately blowing the ropes to shreds. Kirishima gasped happily, his hands going to immediately pull Bakugo against him and hug him.
     "I can see why you *urp* ah- don't like getting k-kidnapped." Kirishima laughed, pulling himself up to wobble dangerously. "I'll e-explain later."
     Bakugo growled angrily but didn't say anything. He threw his hoodie at Kirishima, as if to say "put it on, people will see your gut." and secretly, Kirishima's stuffed belly was even sexier when Bakugo got to see him try to hide it. Kirishima knew he needed to get home before Carnivore's quirk completely disappeared, leaving him more than likely immobile from fullness. "Say, how'd you find me?"
     "Boyfriend instincts, don't fucking question it."
     The way home was simple enough and nobody questioned Kirishima when the two walked into the dorms. Kirishima smiled his fang filled smile through pain filled eyes before continuing to stumble towards the elevator. "I'm so *urap*, so ngh~ full- B-bakugo~"
     "Shut up, don't do that here idiot." Bakugo could hardly walk, he was so incredibly turned on by a sufferingly full Kirishima that he could barely think. "C'mon, almost there."
     "Uhn~ hahh~ B-bakugo~!"
     Bakugo hooked his arm around Kirishima's swollen waist, lending some of his strength to keep Kirishima on his feet as they migrated slowly into Kirishima's dorm. The redhead groaned happily, cradling his stuffed belly with both hands while he stumbled towards his bed to flop heavily against it.
     "Roll over dumbass." The angry blond crawled into bed next to his boyfriend, both his hands resting against Kirishima's taut gut. The quirk had finally worn off, leaving the redhead completely immobile from the feeling of his way overstuffed belly. "Now what the fuck happened to you?"
     Kirishima launched into his sorry, struggling between his burps and moans to explain the whole ordeal with Carnivore and getting kidnapped and stuffed mercilessly. He explained the quirk and its effect before turning to stare into Bakugo's glaring eyes.
     "I d-didn't let him touch me." Kirishima whimpered into his pillow, his stomach churning painfully while Bakugo stroked it angrily with both hands. "I'm manlier that that."
     "Fucking shit Kiri, this guy is still out there." Bakugo rolled into his back and slammed his fists onto the soft mattress. "Tch- I'm just glad you're okay. C'mere."
     Bakugo pulled his boyfriend into his arms, gently squeezing the rolls of fat that billowed over his waistband and kneading the hard mass that was Kirishima's stuffed belly. He felt bad for letting Kirishima be taken so easily, he'd get that guy soon. He was definitely going down. "Bakugo, don't be mad *urp* I'm okay, just a little f-full is all. I'm a man after all." Kirishima's husky voice echoed in the blond's ears, there was no way in hell he wasn't going to be absolutely pissed, but, Kiri needed him more than anything right now.
     "You're so fuckin' big, so soft." Bakugo kept kneading his boyfriend's softening belly, coaxing as much air as possible out before Kirishima would inevitably pass out from his oncoming food coma. "But I'll have to get your dumbass back for just letting yourself get kidnapped like some damn extra." Bakugo gently nipped at the underside of Kirishima's ear, whispering his statement erotically.
      "I'm uhn~ l-looking forward to it."