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KiriBaku Stuffing Fic

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   Kirishima Eijirou considered himself to be one of the manliest men ever to be so manly. In his mind he came second only to Bakugou Katsuki, an explosive blond with severe anger issues. If need be Bakugou was completely prepared to help the faux-redhead so long as nobody knew. And right now, Kirishima needed all the help he could get.
     "C'mon dumbass, I know you can eat more than that," the Pomeranian said with a hand on Kirishima's slightly distended stomach and the other holding a fork of strawberry cake to the redhead's lips. "After all aren't you supposed to be manly?"
     Kirishima shuddered, sweat glistening on his brow, "You always know just the right words to get me to do what you want Bakugou," gently taking the cake into his mouth and groaning at the taste.
     "Shut up idiot, don't waste your breath." Bakugou replied, moving his second hand to rub gentle circles into his secret lovers taut belly.
     What remained of Kirishima's abs was beginning to fade away, with a drum tight mound slowly taking shape. Bakugou warmed his hand just a little to aid in soothing the tight muscles churning under the redheads t-shirt. A sliver of his underbelly was just barely peeking out, pressing ever so gently against the waistband of his jeans.
     "You might already be reaching your limit hardhat," Bakugou expressed, digging his fingers into Kirishima's side to release a little of the pressure in his burgeoning midsection.
     Bakugou had expressly forbidden Kirishima from using his quirk to stomach more than his body could naturally handle. After all as anyone else knew on the outside of what they were currently doing, they were just talking about training techniques.
     "You can't expect much, I've only done this once and this is it right here." Kirishima pouted, one of his hands moving to hold Bakugou's against an especially stubborn cramp. "I- mph- don't think I can hold anything else in here anyways right now. It's not very manly, I know."
     "Tch, don't push yourself dumbass. If anything I don't want you vomiting all over this carpet." The frisky blond replied, running his hand down to the very bottom of Kirishima's belly. His fingers pushed in farther than he expected it to as the redhead stifled a burp in his fist.
     "Hey! Mph- that's not very nice of you dude. Why did you do that Bakugou?"
A snide grin began to spread across Bakugou's face as he began to prod and poke at Kirishima's sensitive skin, "The more pressure I can get out of you the better you'll feel dumbass. Now just fuckin' cooperate and I won't have to sit here and keep doing this."
     Deep down Bakugou knew he didn't feel, not bad. He didn't know how he felt. But he did know that sitting on the floor in front of Kirishima's belly was sort of uncomfortable. 
This whole situation started because of some stupid cake in Kirishima's mini fridge. The redhead had bought it for Bakugou's birthday this year but sweet wasn't really Bakugou's thing, though he was kinda of touched by the thought. Instead of wasting money, Kirishima had decided to put the cake to good use but didn't think it'd end in Bakugou rubbing his sore organ. "Keep eating Shitty Hair, I'll stay focused down here but I'm not letting you waste good yen on this piece of shit."
     "O-okay, *urp* but there isn't a lot left anyways so, you won't be here much longer." As Bakugou continued to rub, Kirishima continued to eat. The flavor was insane, maybe it wasn't so much of a waste after all.
     The blond's hands worked methodically, testing each area of concern for any unnecessary air. Each little burp that Kirishima managed to let out gave Bakugou another reason to keep going. He wanted so badly to plant a kiss on that stretched skin, to feel it's warmth against his mouth, Kirishima obviously cared about him otherwise the cake wouldn't even be here. So why was he so nervous? After a couple of minutes Kirishima began to whimper, his belly was now roughly the size of a small grapefruit, his T-shirt now riding up until just under his belly button.
    "I don't know Bakugou, I don't think I can finish this." Huffed the redhead, his breath labored and slow. With the amount of food in his gut churning, his lungs couldn't fill the same way they had done that morning. "I'm not worried about the money dude, it's fine. I can just throw these last couple pieces back into the fridge or into the garbage."

"I want to see you eat all of it idiot."


     The next morning wasn't that different at all, Kirishima sat up as fast as he could to run his hands on what used to be a balloon on his midsection but instead found his mostly solid abs. The lines around them had softened in the slightest because of last night's antics with Bakugou, but nobody would notice unless they were looking for something to have changed. The redheads' shoulders slumped forward.
     Did Bakugou like that as much as I did? Or was I the only one who felt that way?
     He decided not to think any longer about that, he had classes to attend and he didn't need to be late. Maybe he could ask Bakugou about it, get his side of the story. He must have blacked out last night, he didn't remember walking to his bed, or even Bakugou leaving.
     What happened to the rest of that cake!?
     He couldn't stop thinking about it, of course he couldn't get fat. No aspiring hero had time to be overweight, but looking down at his toned abs was a very different experience than the contrast of hearing his stomach churn and slosh against him. As he got up to change he saw a couple pink crumbs laying on his desk in the corner of the room. Even after he'd migrated downstairs he couldn't help but think about how Bakugou looked last night, and what he said.

"I want to see you eat all of it, idiot."

     Just the thought of being able to eat an entire cake was exhilarating. Manly even.


Bakugou Katsuki didn't need anyone. He didn't need Kirishima to weigh the upcoming number one hero down. But having watched the redhead eat an entire cake by himself had been more than he bargained for. Seeing Kirishima throw his head against the back of the sofa in the common room, huffing with his mouth wide open and his eyes glazed over. He'd been so hot, so helpless. So big. Katsuki shook his head, ignore it, get over it. After Bakugou had walked Kirishima to his room and made sure he was going to be okay he had snuck back to his own room and buried his head in his hands. To think, he got off on some fuck-face stuffing himself to the point of incoherent thought. But that 'fuck-face' wasn't just anyone, it was Kirishima.
     "Get it together Katsuki. It was a one night thing, don't worry it won't happen again. You won't let it." But he couldn't help but want to see Kirishima stuff himself again, to run his hands along the sides of his taut skin, coaxing burps and moans from between those fangs. As he changed he pushed last night into the farthest recesses of his memory. He didn't need that tripping him up during class, especially if maybe someone had a mind reading quirk that he didn't know about. Surprise him the same way that damn Deku did their first year.
     Forget it.
     He quickly grabbed his bag and started down to the common room where no doubt, Kirishima was waiting for him. With everyone's prying eyes around them.


   "Bakugou! Over here!"
     Bakugou looked up to see Kirishima leaning against the counter in the common room kitchen chatting calmly with Denki and Sero.
     "Hey Kirishima, I meant to ask if Bakugou liked the cake you bought 'im?" Denki asked, scrolling through his phone while Kirishima took a slug from his glass of water.
     "Uh, about that. He didn't really want it actually, I should have known he wouldn't really like sweet cake. I should have got him sushi or something." Chuckled the redhead, scratching the back of his head timidly with his free hand. "I guess it ended up going to waste."
     "That cake looked sort of expensive, did you just throw it away?"
     Kiri chuckled again, "Yeah I did. But I'm not worried about it. Honestly it was my mistake anyways, like I said I should have known better."
     As everyone ate their breakfast Bakugou couldn't stop himself from watching each bite that Kirishima took travel down his throat and disappear behind the collar of his school uniform. Just as well, Kirishima could feel eyes on him but each time he tried to find the culprit nobody was looking at him.
      "Hey Hardhat! We need to talk." Bakugou spat, grabbing Kirishima's arm and dragging him away. "If you so much as try to struggle I'll blow your stupid arm off."
     The redhead didn't even try, he knew this wasn't going to be about what he wanted to talk about. "You don't have to pull me like this Bakugou, I'll follow you." Kirishima said as they pulled up in front of the door of class 1-A.
     "Listen dumbass, nobody but us is supposed to know about last night. So keep your stupid mouth fuckin' shut. I'll kill you if anyone finds out. If you didn't want to eat all of that you shouldn't have bought it."
     "I know that already, but dude-" He stopped himself before finishing, carefully choosing his words. "Did you feel good about what we did?"
     "I don't know what you're talking about dumbass." Bakugou hissed, opening the door to Aizawa-sensei standing just behind it.
    "You really need to find better places to be an idiot." Aizawa stated coldly, turning back to the board and taking his place at the front just as the rest of the students started piling in.
     Of course Bakugou felt bad about the way he just treated his friend, especially after Aizawa-sensei just insulted him like that. Kirishima stayed silent through most of the day after that, speaking only when  spoken to and gazing at his desk with a cold, dead stare.
     "Are you okay Kirishima?"
     "You don't look so good, are you sure you don't need someone to talk to?"
     "Really, I'm fine. Just a little tired today is all." He replied flashing a toothy grin before  attempting a nonchalant glare in the direction of Bakugou who was busy writing something in his notebook.
     As much as Kirishima hated breaking the rules he pulled his phone out to text his friend, to try and get his message across.

K: Hey man I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said anything but I need to know.

B: know what?

K: How you feel about last night?

B: I'm not talking about this right now. See me at lunch then we'll talk.

     As lunch quickly approached Kirishima started getting antsy, was Bakugou going to tell him how he felt or was he just going to blow it off again? Getting stressed out the redhead added much more food to his tray than he needed, and quickly found Bakugou at a table hidden in the back with a tray of his own, however very differently proportioned.
     "What do you wanna talk about Bakugou? Here to tell me I'm manlier than you?" Kirishima jokes, testing the waters by trying some friendly banter. This got him nowhere.
     "Shut up and listen. I'm not goin' to be very good at talking about this so don't open your stupid mouth. Just eat your food. I hate that I have to say this but yeah sure, I liked watching you eat like an idiot. And getting to rub your stupid stomach." The blond said, hands balled into fists in either side of his tray. "You better believe that I'm the best at giving you stomach rubs in this whole fucking world."
    "I don't doubt it Bakugou," Kirishima stated nonchalantly, using his chopsticks to place udon on his tongue. "Honestly, I don't think I want anyone else doing it."
    Bakugou waited a couple of seconds, he was not about to swallow his pride and ask Kirishima to stuff himself stupid again. He wanted the redhead to bring it up that way he could just calmly play it off as if he just wanted to help out a friend.
    "Ah- speaking of which Bakugou, I heard Denki might be having a party tonight. And we could buy a couple things to take, like snacks and who knows? Maybe- we don't have to take all of it to Denki's?" The redhead nervously spoke. He knew Bakugou wouldn't bring it up so he had to be the manlier one of the two.
    "Are you stupid?"
    "Ah- Bakugou what?"
    "Who said we're even going to take any of it to Denki's?"


     "That's it Kiri, keep going." The blond stated, leaning against the wall in Kirishima's room. The readhead was sitting on the floor, back braced against his bed with snack and meals galore laying on a small platter just in front of him. "I've seen you do better dumbass. Don't give up now."
     "That *urp* wasn't the plan dude." Kirishima suppressed a burp, chuckling as he added. "I'm manlier than that."
     The pointy-haired teen continued to pile the various food stuffs into his gullet, swallowing udon and sushi quickly at the beginning, but as the added weight of the food filled his gurgling midsection his pace began to slow. His breathing became labored as him arms moved to rub his belly a little to soothe some of the churning muscles. "B-bakugou." He whimpered, hoping to convince his blond friend to aid in the rubbing of his sore gut.
    The blond teen shuddered and his face started to burn, however instead of stooping to rub Kirishima's bulging midsection he instead pick up one of those shitty sugar cookies you get at supermarkets and forced it into the redhead's mouth. "I'm not letting you give up that easy dumbass, now eat!" He shouted, holding the rest of the cookie just against Kirishima's lips. The redheads eyes scrunched in discomfort, swallowing his mouthfull before letting a small burp escape from between his lips, Bakugou immediately took his chance and pushed the other half of the cookie into his friends parted lips. But as Kirishima swallowed his stomach churned painfully.
    "Bakugou I don't think I have any room left, p-please stop -mph."
    The blond's eyes softened, only for a second before he stooped down low to place a hand gently on Kirishima's gut. The redhead was really right, every section of his skin was taught and warm, however Bakugou was determined to get some of the pressure out, feeling around for any air bubbles and finally managed to massage some out. Kirishima moaned between burps, cupping his friends hand against his belly and rubbing circles across the drum tight organ.
    "Go ahead Bakugou, kiss it." Kirishima chuckled, watching his friend growl in embarrassment. The redhead might not be the smartest in class 1-A but he was rather observant and had watched Bakugou eyes take in every part of his swollen gut. Kirishima's mouth opened to provide more teasing words but he instead moaned as Bakugou traced kisses from the top of Kirishima's belly button down to the waistband of his jeans.
     Bakugou struggled for a moment, weighing the advantages of letting Kirishima's belly pour into his lap. Would that give him more room? He'd just have to see. He fumbled with the button before being able to pry the two sides of his friends pants away from each other. His redhead buddy groaned, the release of his gut obviously a source of comfort for him.
    "I-i think I can take a little bit more." Kirishima moaned, grabbing another portion of friend rice before Bakugou plunged his tounge into Kirishima's deepening belly button. "K-katsuki!"
     Bakugou looked up with open mouthed shock, Kirishima's face was bright red, a hand clasped on his mouth tightly. "I-i'm sorry dude, I didn't-"
     "Shut up idiot," Bakugou said, cutting Kirishima's apology off with a tender kiss on the lips. "I don't care."
     "B-bakugou? Are you being for real dude?"
     "So what if I am dumbass, got a problem with it?"
     "Not at all, mph-" he stiffled a burp, laying his head against his bed and groaning. "Feed me?"
     Bakugou's tan face shifted into a deep shade of crimson, nearly on par with Kirishima's hair. He tentatively pressed a morsel of sushi against Kirishima's lips, confused why he was suddenly so nervous. He'd just forced Kirishima to eat a box of sugar cookies, maybe it was different when he was asked to do it.  "Careful Bakugou, I don't know what else I can take right now."

"I am taking care of you dumbass." Bakugou spat through gritted teeth. "Now just eat, kick me when you can't take it."
    Kirishima couldn't help himself, it felt too good to be this big, to feel this full. However both of them knew what would come next. Intense training, more so than normal just to get rid of his extra paunch that would no doubt appear tomorrow, but for now he could only live in the moment. Feeling his stretched belly digest the food with bubbly discomfort. He was beginning to lose focus, his vision blurring on the very edges.
     Is this what a food coma feels like?
     "Kirishima," his blond friend knelt down next to him, gently caressing the taut and warm skin. "It's all gone idiot, fat pig you ate it all."
     "*Urp* I-isn't that the whole point?"