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dirty blond

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[5:48pm] Mickey
Aye, mr hollywood. Message me when you get a chance?

[6:10pm] Ian
Always got time for you, mrs hollywood 

Somethin makes me think you ain’t doin shit over there

[6:14pm] Ian
Just cause I always find time for the man I love?

[6:15pm] Mickey
Fuckin cheeseball

[6:16pm] Ian
You’d think so. You love balls 

[6:17pm] Mickey
Lame ass bitch

[6:19pm] Ian 
This is the love I get being across the world?

Speaking of. 
Where are you?

[6:22pm] Ian
Just got back to the hotel 
Cast is going out for drinks 

[6:23pm] Mickey
Oh yeah? You goin? 

[6:24pm] Ian
Nah, rather talk to my husband
Even though he’s a dick

[6:25pm] Mickey
Heard you liked his dick

[6:27pm] Ian
Actually, I love it 
Gonna see it? 

[6:29pm] Mickey
Yeah. Somethin else first 
Mandy did a thing

[6:30pm] Ian
You know, you saying that kinda means it’s not a good thing

[6:32pm] Mickey
Yeah, yeah
I’m not sure I hate it. Which is sayin a lot

[6:34pm] Ian
You gonna tell me what it is? 
Or what 

[6:35pm] Mickey
Maybe I don’t wanna tell you anymore 

[6:36pm] Ian
Yeah fucking right
Couldn’t hold out longer than a minute 

[6:38pm] Mickey
Lasted two, bitch

[6:39pm] Ian
Oh my god, isn’t that amazing?
Tell me how you did it 

[6:40pm] Mickey
Suck my dick

[6:42pm] Ian
Bring it 

[6:44pm] Mickey
You wanna fuckin hear what I gotta say?

[6:45pm] Ian
C’mon. Tell me

[6:46pm] Mickey
It’s more of a.. show me kinda thing 

[6:48pm] Ian
What the fuck, Mick

[6:50pm] Mickey
Just look. 

[6:54pm] Ian
Holy shit

[6:55pm] Mickey
Gotta gimme more than that, Gallagher

[6:56pm] Ian
I’m just

[6:58pm] Mickey
Good surprised? 
Fuckin Christ. U don’t like it, I’ll change it 

[6:59pm] Ian
Don’t be so fuckin dramatic
You look hot as fuck

[7:00pm] Mickey
Kiss ass

[7:01pm] Ian
No shit. Whose else am I kissing?

[7:03pm] Mickey
Shut the fuck up

[7:06pm] Ian
I can’t believe you let her do that
Think I just fell in love all over 

[7:10pm] Mickey
Wow. You sappy fuck

[7:11pm] Ian
There’s no winning with you, asshole
Cant wait to fuck you lookin like that. Better?

[7:13pm] Mickey
Now you’re talkin

[7:14pm] Ian
I could eat you up
That’s your fuckin colour

[7:16pm] Mickey
Nah, black is. Figured you’d like this shit tho

[7:17pm] Ian
You fuckin love it too 
You love making me happy, huh? 

[7:18pm] Mickey
Guess so 

[7:20pm] Ian
Mm, yum

[7:21pm] Mickey

[7:22pm] Ian
Yeah but so are you, sexy 🤤

[7:23pm] Mickey

[7:24pm] Ian
I love you and your fine ass
Send me more, I know Mands took a million

[7:27pm] Mickey

[7:28pm] Ian
Mickey, look at you. Jesus fucking Christ 

[7:29pm] Mickey
Come home. See it up close

[7:30pm] Ian
Soon, Mick. FaceTime me?

[7:32pm] Mickey
Yeah. Gimme a sec.