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Day Five: Festival

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“Stop pouting.” 

Katsuki glared at her from the corner of his eye, shoulders hunched in agitation as he blew out an annoyed sigh. 

“Katsuki,” Ochako snorted, laughing at his attitude. She tugged on his hand and pulled him closer to her as they continued to stroll through the street. Shaking her head, she turned her attention to their son marching happily in front of them. 

Kyo was dressed in a yellow and blue yukata that her mother had given them at the end of May. It was the beginning of August, and Ochako could see that by October the garment would be too small for him. 

“We’re supposed to be having fun.” She briefly looked around them at the festival before focusing back on Kyo in front of them. They hadn’t been here long, but Kyo was having the time of his life. Cotton candy in one hand, the little boy reached out to the streamers flurrying around them as they walked. “If you keep pouting, your ice cream is gonna taste sour.” 

“We don’t need any damn ice cream,” he muttered, making sure Kyo couldn’t hear the curse word.

“We don’t.” Kyo had karate tomorrow morning. He was already going to have trouble sleeping tonight because of the cotton candy, but Ochako felt guilty. Even though he had taken the news of him having a sibling with ease, she couldn’t help the nervous feeling in her stomach. “But we can’t not get some while we’re out.” 

What would happen after the baby was born? There was a real possibility that Kyo would be jealous of the baby once he realized there was someone else sharing his parents’ attention. Or when they moved his room to the bigger spare room down the hall. 

“And that doesn’t make any sense,” he mumbled, dropping his free hand into his pocket as he continued to sulk. 

It kinda did. “We agreed to let Kyo decide.” 

“It’s not our problem that the brat doesn’t want to know he’s gonna have a brother or sister,” Katsuki huffed as he shot her a pointed glare.

“We said he could decide if it was going to be a surprise.” 

“And we can let it be a surprise for him.”

She chuckled, shaking her head. Her smile grew as she continued to watch her son. His sandals slapped against the pavement as he nibbled at rainbow floss.

“We need to know if the new brat is gonna be a boy or girl,” Katsuki complained as they continued to stroll. 

“Why?” she asked. Ochako gave his hand a squeeze, letting her thumb flirt with the top of his hand.

“Because-” Katsuki started with a sputter. 

Her brows raised, waiting for a response as her eyes remained forward. “Because?” she echoed.

“Don’t we have to get clothes and crap for the brat?”

There was no way her husband was looking forward to shopping for baby clothes. “We don’t need to know the baby’s sex to buy clothes.” Ochako still had some of Kyo’s baby clothes, and Mina had already offered some of the twins newborn onesies. They could afford to buy a new set, but Ochako didn’t see a point in wasting money when they already had a good amount of clothes in storage. “The baby won’t care about the color.” Kyo always had a variety of clothes in a vast selection of colors. 

He scowled, “That’s not the point.” 

“You wanna make sure your princess has dresses?” 

“You know better than that.” 

She did on so many levels. “I do.” Katsuki wouldn’t care about his children wearing dresses or certain colors. He cared about quality, function, and style. “I just don’t understand why you think we need to know the baby’s sex.” 

He didn’t really either. “You don’t wanna know?” 

“I do-”

“Okay then-” 


“No, you just said you wanted to know.”

“I know, I do.” She couldn’t deny it. “But, we said Kyo would decide if we’d find out now or wait until bean number two is born.” 

“If we knew, then we could give the brat a name now.” 

She laughed, “It took us forever to pick a name for Kyo.” It had taken them months to select the right name. 

“Exactly,” Katsuki agreed. “We don’t want the brat to be born and we’re calling the brat ‘brat’ until they’re one.”

“You call Kyo ‘brat’.” And she was sure no matter what they named this baby, he would be calling this child brat as well.  

“That’s not the point.” 

“Okay,” Ochako drawled as she swung their hands back and forth, “let’s pick a unisex name.”

He grumbled, rolling his eyes. 

“You just wanna know if it’s a boy or girl,” she accused with a delighted smile. 

“Of course I do!”

She cackled, shaking her head merrily as they passed by a barbeque stand. Ochako gave a happy sniff and hummed in delight. “Mmm,” she rubbed a hand against her stomach, feeling her mouth water and the flutter of the baby moving. 

“Brat moving?” 

“Yeah,” she confirmed. “I don’t remember Kyo being this active.” There seemed to be a constant airiness in her stomach. 

“I’ll let you get a kabob if you tell the doctor to tell me what the brat is.” 


“Take it or leave it, angel face.” 

Ochako snickered, placing a hand to the side of her stomach as she laughed. “You are ridiculous.”

“What are you laughing about, mama?” Kyo questioned, stopping with a still stomp. His brows were knitted with confusion as he turned to face his parents. He raised his cotton candy to his mother, offering her some. 

“Nothing,” she took a chunk off the stick.

“Hey brat, tell your mother you want to know if you want to have a brother or sister.” 

Ochako narrowed her eyes as she presented a small hunk of floss to Katsuki’s lips.

“Tch,” he sneered, accepting the treat.

“I don’t want to know yet,” Kyo answered as he nibbled his treat. “Oji Deku said that it would be fun to wait and see because it would be a rare surprise.” 

“Fucking Deku as usual,” Katsuki mumbled bitterly.

She would let that one slide. “Do you know what that means?” Ochako questioned as she pretended her husband wasn’t absolutely seething next to her. 

“Not really,” Kyo shrugged, handing her the picked-over cotton candy. “But surprises are fun, so it should be a surprise, right?”

“If that’s what you want,” Ochako nodded, munching on the cotton candy. 

Katsuki huffed, defeated, “Fine. Let’s get some ice cream, then we gotta get home cause it’s getting late.” 

“But I have to make my wish,” Kyo whined, tugging at his mother’s sleeve as he pointed to the trees ahead that were decorated with a bunch of brightly colored tanzaku.  

“You grab the ice cream and a kabob,” Ochako nodded, reaching for Kyo’s hand as she looked at Katsuki. “We’ll work on writing our wishes.” 

“Papa, what color paper do you want?” Kyo asked his father brightly. 

Katsuki shrugged, “Orange.” 

Ochako grinned as Kyo pulled her over to the trees, bouncing happily as he grabbed paper and markers. “What are you going to wish for?” she asked, ready to help him write his wish. 

“I can write it!” Kyo announced, dropping to the ground with his slip of paper and marker. 

“Okay.” She watched as he wrote slowly, focusing while his lips carefully sounded out his words as he went. Most of it was nonsense, but the intent behind it made her chest warm with pride. Ochako quickly scribbled down her wish and patiently waited for Kyo to finish his. 

“Okay!” he chirped, hopping back to his feet as he waved his piece of paper around. “Look!” 

She carefully took the paper from him, trying to decipher his writing. 

“I hope I get a little brother,” Kyo confessed with a firm nod as he placed his hands on either side of the modest bump of her stomach. 

Ochako smiled, looking down at him. “We’ll see.” She hadn’t thought about it too much. Even though she’d been disappointed they weren’t going to find out right away, she hadn’t really thought about the baby’s sex. 

“Is he still moving?” 

In her imagination, she could see another little blonde haired red eyed son with his father’s pride, but she could also see a brown haired boy with his mother’s sweet tooth. 

“Yep. Definitely floating around in there.” she confirmed with a smile. “What if you have a little sister instead?” She could see a loud little girl with messy blonde pigtails. Katsuki would spoil her rotten. 

“I guess girls are okay,” Kyo shrugged, “but I want a brother.” 

A girl would be nice. They could have one son, one daughter. “You realize I’m a girl right?” she teased, leaning down to rub her nose against his. 

“You’re not a girl,” Kyo laughed, reaching up to hug her.

“Yes, I am.” 

“Nope. You’re mama, that’s different.”

She hoped their second child would be as insistent as their older brother. “If you say so,” she grinned, kissing the top of his head. “I love you. 

“Loves you more.” 

Somehow her grin widened, the corners of her eyes crinkling with mirth. Ochako leaned down to rub their noses together. “Impossible.” 

A small part of her wished she could freeze this moment forever, but she was so excited to watch him grow. 

To be Continued…