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Nights to remember

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Merlin sighs and flops down on the breakroom chair. He'd picked up another shift at the grocery store so now he would be working straight through Saturday. That on top of his classes and homework were enough to kill him. He can't remember the last time he slept...or are...or anything that wasn't work or school really.

"Merlin, we're closing early," Lancelot says coming into the break room. His wife Gwen right behind him. As far as employer go, they're amazing. Willing to work around even the most difficult schedule and somehow had adopted Merlin as their little brother.

"Huh?" Merlin says. He'd been dozing off a bit, sue him.

"We're closing early today. Go home. Take a nap. Then you're coming out with us for dinner our treat...well technically a friend's treat," Gwen says.

"Lance, Gwen...I don't know..."

"Please Merlin. Getting out and doing something relaxing will do you a world of good. Plus our friend has a position open and it pays more than your job here and your job at the grocery combined," Lance says. He seems a bit uncomfortable with it and Merlin has no idea why. Lancelot is usually an open guy, kind and loyal to a fault. He's never nervous or deceptive.

"If it's so good why is it open and why does it pay that much?" Merlin asks.

" see you'd be a front of house host..." Lancelot says.

"That's not enough to warrant that much money," Merlin says suspiciously.

"In a fetish club," Gwen says getting right to the point and Merlin misses the days she was soft spoken and shy because he wishes she hadn't said all that.

"Are you serious?" Merlin asks.

"Yes. Our friend all work there. Our friend Arthur owns it, his sister is the legal and media representative, my brother is the bartender, and a couple of our other friends work in positions closer to the lifestyle," Gwen says.

"I am not going to work there as some sort of sex thing!" Merlin says.

"It's nothing like that! You just stand there take a few notes on what people might be looking for and pick a corresponding bracelet. Of course occasionally someone will hit on you but you're allowed to say no. Consent is a big thing in the community," Lancelot says.

"We both worked there when we were trying to get the money for the coffee shop. Arthur looks out for his people and Percy will keep you safe too," Lancelot says.

"Are you firing me?" Merlin asks.

"No! If it doesn't work out your job here will be safe. We just want to have less on your plate. Getting rid of one job would make more time for you to relax and be a uni student. You need to lessen your plate," Gwen says.

"Alright... I'll give it a shot I suppose. Only having the one job would be nice," Merlin says.

"Great. Go get a nap in and meet us here at eight and we'll give you a ride," Gwen says and he gathers up his belongings.

"Oh and Merlin?" Lance says.

"Wear the light blue shirt and black jeans. Trust me," he says and Merlin nods and heads home trying to work out if this is a good idea.