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Kang Chi was practicing controlling his strength with Gon when he sensed someone watching them. Gon sensed the same because he stopped as well.
“Quit avoiding him, Kang Chi. You know he will keep coming back and I *know* you are curious about him.”
Kang Chi gave his friend a half-hearted glare, but knew he was right. He didn’t have the bracelet on so his gumiho half was fully awake, making him more on edge than he would’ve liked.
“Alright. Tell everyone that I’ll be late for dinner.”
As Gon left, Kang Chi became even more nervous. It’s not like he didn’t want to see his father; he just didn’t know how to act or what to say around him. His heart desperately wanted the attention of the only parent he has left, but he couldn’t bear rejection again. He forced himself not to flinch in surprise when Wol Ryung suddenly appeared in front of him.
“What were you practicing with your friend?”
His father’s deep voice immediately calmed his heart rate, much to confused puzzlement. He seemed to always have a strange reaction to the gumiho and he had no idea why.
“My strength...” he said after a long pause. His father’s dark eyes was always bright with intensity whenever they met and his gaze was forever unblinking, making Kang Chi feel like never wanting to look away as well as never looking directly at him.
That gaze was currently eyeing his bare wrist. Wol Ryung moved closer, slow enough to choreograph his steps, so Kang Chi started to relax. He also didn’t shy away when the gumiho slowly reached out and encircled his bare wrist loosely with his fingers.
“Without your bracelet. I am proud of you.”
Kang Chi was so caught up in feeling his father’s touch that wasn’t with hostile intent that he nearly didn’t hear what he said. He could feel himself flushing at Wol Ryung’s straightfotward praise.
“Kang Chi.”
He looked up in suprise. “Y-yes?”
“Do you want to see my home?”
Kang Chi nodded before he was suddenly transported. His head spun as he fought to get his bearings. He seemed to have swayed because he suddenly felt strong hands on his shoulders, holding him steady. Dark eyes filled with concern as his head finally stopped spinning. He gave his father a reassuring grin.
“I’m fine now. Obviously I’m not used to traveling that fast.”
“Tell me if I am overwhelming you, Kang Chi,” Wol Ryung said, tone remorseful.
He quickly nodded in understanding, eyes wide at the gumiho’s concern, as the hands on his shoulders slid down to squeeze his arms before slowly letting go of him. A part of him was curiously sad at the loss of his touch but Kang Chi threw that thought at the back of his mind as he followed Wol Ryung into the cave.
The instinct to touch his child was stronger than he thought as Wol Ryung watched Kang Chi roam about the cave, relieved to see curiosity and excitement coming from the boy. The gumiho had some idea, at least, on how much Kang Chi could take but he would have to be careful. He was happy that the bracelet was off so he could scent him more deeply. It was extremely hard not to scent his child’s throat, knowing it would startle the boy, but he was deliriously relieved that Kang Chi did not shy away from him. He must have the same gumiho instincts underneath the strong human influence and Wol Ryung was eager to see just how much of him did Kang Chi inherit. He soundlessly moved to stand right behind his child who was currently analyzing one of the lanterns. Wol Ryung was sad that he never saw Kang Chi grow up from birth, but at least he was here now.