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Day Four: Star Gazing

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They’d tried to bribe him with a big birthday party. They’d told him that he could invite as many classmates as he wanted. Midoriya, along with several of their friends, had agreed to show up in their suits to the party. 

There would be a big cake and all the treats he could imagine. 

An ice cream sundae bar.


An inflatable slide in the backyard. Ochako wasn’t sure how she’d get it to fit, but if her son wanted it then it would happen. 

She’d spent hours on the internet looking up ideas and decorations for children’s birthday parties. 

This party would set an unreachable standard for Kyo’s classmates to follow. 

But, their son didn’t want a party for his birthday.

“You alright?” 

He wanted to go camping. 

Ochako nodded, holding the back of her hand against her lips as she squeezed her eyes shut. She inhaled slowly and held her breath while she waited for the wave of nausea to pass. “I’m good,” she mumbled, digging the knuckles of her other hand into her hip. 

Kyo wasn’t interested in a party or presents. He wanted to go camping in the middle of nowhere in the woods, sleep in a tent, roast his food over the fire, and pee on a tree. 

A slow exhale passed over her lips as she dropped the hand over her mouth. “I’m good.” 

“Isn’t the puking supposed to be done by now?” Katsuki asked her, handing her a bottle of water. 

“It’s not morning sickness.” She was about four months pregnant and miserable. “It’s those bananas. They still smell awful” She swished her mouth out with water, turning to spit. 

Katsuki winced. 

“It’s fine.” 

He looked behind him, seeing Kyo merrily eat his banana and strawberry s’more by the fire. “I can throw the rest out.”

“No,” she shook her head. “This is part of his birthday present. I want him to have everything he wants.” It was going to be his last birthday as an only child. “Before we ruin his life with a little brother or sister.” 

Katsuki chuckled, rubbing her back tenderly. “We’re not ruining his life.” 

“Remember that when the sibling rivalry starts.” They’d fight, but Ochako had a feeling the two would be inseparable. Even though she’d prefer them to be a little closer in age, this age gap wouldn't be terrible.

“As long as they don’t get blood on the carpet.” 

Her brows crossed as she looked at her husband. 

“I’m fucking joking.”

“You weren’t,” she snorted, taking another drink as she forced herself not to laugh. “And you can’t curse around me anymore. Little ears.” 

He rolled his eyes. “I was kinda joking,” he smirked, stepping behind her as he placed her hands on her growing stomach. “The brats are gonna be fine.” She was a little rounder than she had been with Kyo. “We gotta tell him.” 

“I know.” Pretty much everyone had known since the day Ochako suspected she was pregnant. She’d been unable to avoid telling Tsu and Mina about the positive pregnancy test, so news spread amongst their friends. They’d told their parents soon after, but they hadn’t told Kyo. “Your son says I’m getting fat.” 

Katsuki frowned. “The brat said that?” 

“He did,” she confirmed with a content hum as he stroked her stomach. “You realize now that we’re gonna have two, you can’t call them both brat.” 

“Watch me,” he scoffed. 

“That could get confusing.” 

“Mama! Papa!” Kyo called, waving his sticky hands in the air. “Can I have another s’more?!” 

“In a little bit,” Ochako called back. “Let’s wait and if you’re still hungry in thirty minutes, I’ll make you another s’more.” 

The boy beamed, bouncing happily in the little chair he sat in. 

“He doesn’t need any more sugar,” Katsuki mumbled, leaning his chin against her shoulder. 

“He does not, but-“ Ochako freed herself from her husband’s hold, turning to face him. “-it’s his last birthday as an only child-“ 

“Not a big deal.” 

“We don’t know how he feels about this.” 

“He’s four. The brat has been begging us for a puppy,” Katsuki assured us. “We’re getting him a sibling.” 

“Which isn’t a puppy,” Ochako corrected. “It’s another person entering our family. This other person is going to consume a lot of our attention and that might be hard for him to accept.” 

“Yes, but he’s half yours so he’ll be fine,” he told her, kissing the top of her head. “You’re good with people.” 

“That’s sweet, but I don’t have any siblings so for all we know I could have been a horrible big sister,” she laughed, grabbing his hand as they walked toward their son. 

“Not possible.” She had been natural with his younger cousins. Katsuki couldn’t imagine her being anything less than a great older sister. 

“Is it time for more s’mores yet?” Kyo chirped as Ochako grabbed her bag sitting outside of the tent. 

Their son definitely inherited her sweet tooth. “No.” She pulled out some baby wipes. “About twenty-five more minutes and then if you’re still hungry, you can have one more.” 

“I got it,” Katsuki told her while taking the wipes. 

Ochako nodded, breathing a little sigh of relief she wouldn't have to get closer to that awful banana smell. 

“Twenty-five minutes are gonna take forever, mama,” Kyo sighed as Katsuki wiped his face and moved to clean his fingers. 

“How many seconds are in a minute, brat?” Katsuki asked. 

“Sixty,” Kyo parroted, not sure what that really meant. He was only repeating the information his father had given him. “That’s a lot.” 

“It’s not so bad.” 

“We can-” Ochako looked around their campsite. There really wasn’t much to do. It was too late and too dark to go fishing or hiking. They didn’t bring any electronics with them besides their phones tucked away in the car. “We can look at the stars.” 

Kyo tipped his head up as Katsuki finished with his hands. “The sky looks kinda different.” His little head tilted, eyes narrowing as he examined the sky above him. 

“It’s because there’s less light pollution,” Katsuki explained, placing the wipes in a little trash container. 

“There’s trash in the sky!?” 

Ochako chuckled, planting a hand on top of his head, “No, sweetheart. You know how cities have a lot of lights around at night?” 

Kyo nodded, tipping his chin back down to face his mother. 

“Well, there are also a whole bunch of stars in the sky, like more than anyone could count.” 

“More than one thousand?” 

“A lot more than that,” Katsuki confirmed with a smile at his son’s awestruck face. 


“Yep,” Ochako chuckled lightly, “so when there are a lot of lights, it's hard for you to see a lot of stars. Since there isn’t a lot of light out here, it’s easier to see more stars.” 

Kyo nodded, “But why did Papa say something about trash?” His nose scrunched up in confusion. 

“The word pollution wasn’t talking about trash in this instance,” Katsuki explained, kneeling down so they were eye level. “When I said light pollution, pollution was referring to something filling the area and harming it somehow. In this case, all the lights in the city hurt our view of all those stars. Do you understand?” 

The boy took a moment to think about his father’s words. “I understand.” 

“Tell me what light pollution is then.” 

Ochako covered her mouth, hiding giggles of amusement. Ever since Kyo was a baby, Katsuki was very conscious about talking and reading to him. Now, he was very attentive about his learning. 

“Light pollution is all the lights at home hurting the stars,” Kyo answered with a sure nod. 

“Yup.” Close enough for now. “Let’s go lay in the grass and look at the stars,” Ochako suggested as Katsuki stood up. She bent down, wrapping her arms around Kyo to carry him to the grass. 

“Mama, you don’t have to carry me,” Kyo told her as he wiggled in her grasp. “I can walk over there myself.” 

She released him, watching as he took off toward the grass. 

“Oi! Not too far!” Katsuki shouted as he wrapped an arm around Ochako’s shoulder. “Right there!” 

Kyo stopped, his little frame illuminated by faint orange light. 

“He’s not a baby anymore.” 

Ochako frowned, “I never said he was.” 

“You were gonna carry him.” 

“I carried him yesterday.” 

“His feet were tired,” Katsuki reminded her. They’d gone hiking on one of the trails yesterday and it had been a little too much walking for Kyo. “And you’re stubborn.” Ochako had insisted on keeping him at her hip for a good duration of the hike before handing him to Katsuki for a piggy back ride. 

“Shut up,” she mumbled under her breath to make sure Kyo couldn’t hear. 

Katsuki snorted. 

“I can’t believe he’s so big,” she sighed, feeling her chest tighten. “Stupid hormones.” Ochako swallowed the lump of tears bubbling at the back of her throat. 

“If it makes you feel better, we’re gonna have another little one in less than a year.” He wrapped an arm around her shoulder as they walked. 

“I know,” she sighed, with a smile, “It’s just hard to believe how big he is.” 

“Mama! Papa! Hurry up!” Kyo bounced with excitement as they approached. “We’re gonna miss all the stars.” 

“They aren’t going anywhere,” Ochako grinned as they approached him. 

“They do when the sun is up.” 

“No.” They settled on the ground, laying side by side on their backs as they stared at the sky. “You just can’t see them because there is too much light.” 

“Ooo,” Kyo nodded with amazement as his eyes examined the sky. “The sun is too bright. Why isn’t the moon too bright?” Kyo scooted next to his mother, leaning his head on his shoulder. 

“The moon doesn’t give off light, brat,” Katsuki explained from the other side of him. 

“But it’s shiny,” he frowned, casting his father a suspicious glare.  

“It’s reflecting light from the sun,” Ochako giggled. She wiggled an arm underneath him and placed her palm on his forehead.

“The sun’s not out.”

She laughed as her fingers combed through his hair. “When we get home, we’ll do an experiment to show you how the sun shines light on the moon.” 

“Can Papa make the sun?” Kyo questioned, looking to his father. “Cause the sun is a ball of fire, and I can’t make fire yet.” 

Ochako chuckled, hugging Kyo closer to her. They still didn’t know what Kyo’s quirk would be, but Kyo decided before he could form sentences that he would inherit his father’s quirk. “We’ll see,” she kissed his forehead, snickering as Kyo whined. “Let’s look for constellations.” 

“What are those?” 

“Pictures in the sky.” 

“I don’t see anything, Mama,” Kyo mumbled, squinting as he tried to see what his mother was talking about. “I just see little dots.” 

“It’s like your coloring book where we connect the dots to make the picture,” Ochako told him, pointing right above their heads. “That’s Hercules. There are many stories about how strong and brave he is.” 

Kyo hummed, tilting his head, “I don’t get it.” 

“Me either,” Katsuki commented. 

“Really?” Ochako questioned. 


“Really,” Kyo agreed with his father

“Look,” Ochako instructed, as she grabbed her son’s hand to help him find what she was talking about, “That star right there is his hip-” 

“Huh?” Katsuki barked, making Kyo squeal with laughter. He moved closer and rested his temple against Ochako’s with Kyo nestled between them. 

There ! That’s Hercules’s hip, and he’s in a fighting stance.” She helped Kyo’s finger trace over the dots of the hero’s leg before working back up. “Those are the arms. He’s wearing the cloak from the Nemean Lion and holding a club-”

“You’re making that up.” 

Kyo nodded, laughing. 

Ochako narrowed her eyes at the two. “It’s right there!” Someone in this family had better inherit her love of astronomy. 

“No,” Katsuki disagreed, kissing her cheek. 

“No,” Kyo repeated, following his father’s action and kissing his mother’s cheek. “Can we go camping every year for my birthday? This is a lot of fun even if I can’t see the pictures.” 

She stopped the quick ‘yes’ on her lips, looking over to Katsuki. “Sweetheart,” she started carefully. Next year would be Kyo’s fifth birthday, but they’d also have an infant. “Next year is going to be different.” 

“Why?” the boy asked curiously. “Will the stars be different?” 

“No.” Her eyes flickered over to Katsuki. 

His brows raised. 

“There’s going to be someone else in our house.” She wasn’t sure how she was supposed to explain this. Both she and Katsuki were only children, so they never experienced having to make space for another person. “You’re going to have a little brother or sister in a few months.” Her stomach fluttered as she watched the boy in her arms for a reaction. She couldn’t tell if it were nerves or the baby moving around inside her. 


“Well-” She couldn’t explain that one. 

He was too young for the truth. 

And it was too complicated to explain to a four year old the desire for another child without accidentally making her son feel like he wasn’t enough. 

“Why isn’t important,” Katsuki spoke, taking over the conversation. “Your mother and I love you, and you’re gonna be a big brother.” 

It wasn’t the best explanation, but it made her smile. 

Kyo nodded, accepting the answer. “When is my brother or sister coming?” 

“In about five months,” Ochako answered. “For now, your brother or sister is inside my stomach growing.” 

“Is that why your belly is getting big, and why you eat so much?” 

Katsuki snorted, trying not to laugh but failing. 

“Yes,” she confirmed, moving her hands down to tickle his sides. “Same thing happened when you were inside my tummy.” 

“I was never inside your tummy, Mama,” Kyo informed her as his laughter died down. 

“Yes, you were,” Ochako told him, “You would always kick me right here.” She poked a spot underneath his ribs. 

“How did I get there?” 

She looked at Katsuki. 

Katsuki pretended he hadn’t heard the question. 

“Babies don’t grow inside of people’s tummies.” 

“They do,” Ochako sighed, looking at her husband with wide eyes. 

Their son was certainly in for a rude awakening. 

“But, don’t worry about that,” she told him. “in a couple weeks, we might know be able to find out if you’re gonna have a little brother or sister.” Better to change the subject. 

“I hope it’s a brother,” Kyo decided firmly. “Sisters are weird.”

“How would you know? You don’t have a sister yet.” 

“Baba’s sisters are scary.” 

“Yes,” Katsuki nodded, “Yes, they are.” 

To be Continued…