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Scenes from Down to Agincourt

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Human Skills ||| Inspired by Dean and Cas drinking beers on top of their cabin in Map of the World, Chapter 7

The sound of something scraping against the wood jerks his attention back to the once-silent night. This late, most of the camp is either sleeping or engaged in activities in their cabin that tend to demand their entire attention, and in any case, none of them would have any reason to come up here. Frowning, he focuses on the fragile quiet, now aware of the not-quite random, almost furtive scrapes and nearly inaudible grunts. After a particularly jarring snap of wood, an unmistakable voice drifts toward him, the words muffled but considering their source, he can easily guess what's being said. The only question is if it's him or the cabin that is being more viciously maligned.

Standing up, he follows the increasingly frequent sounds across the length of the roof, peering over the edge to see Dean clinging to rotting slats apparently by nothing more than his fingernails and sheer force of will. As if aware of being observed, Dean cuts off a particularly convoluted description of his antecedents, jerking his head up to stare at Castiel accusingly from behind narrowed eyes, silently condemning him for making his life so difficult that despite the fact this is a terrible, terrible idea, he's doing it anyway.

Bewilderment, Castiel thinks: that's another word I didn't know before I met you. At least, not this often.