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With Pleasures I Will Ease My Heart

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Wei Wuxian flails instinctively as his nose dips beneath the surface of the water, eyes suddenly wide open and awake. He had been floating on his back, relishing the sun on his face and bare chest. Soaking in that comforting warmth while weightless in the water, it was impossible not to get a little sleepy; unfortunately, he’d always found it equally impossible to doze for more than a few minutes before starting to sink. He wonders if they’ll spend more time in Yunmeng now, so he can work on perfecting his technique. This visit has been uneventful so far — successful, even, if he’s reading Jiang Cheng correctly — so there’s hope.

As he treads water, he checks the position of the sun. It’s lower than he’d hoped, the horizon already stained red. They don’t have long before they have to be back for dinner. He tips his head back and lets his body float up to the surface again, arms and hair fanning out in the water around him, then lazily kicks his way through the lotuses to the boat. His husband is exactly as he left him: perched primly on the stern seat, face shaded by an exquisitely crafted umbrella. He looks cool and composed despite spending the better part of the afternoon baking in too many layers of silk and linen.

Wei Wuxian grabs the side of the boat forward of the middle bulkhead. With a grunt, he pulls himself up with just enough force to tip the boat on its side — as far as it will go without actually flipping over. As he flops over the side into the wildly rocking bottom, he looks back at Lan Wangji to judge his reaction. Not surprisingly, he appears unimpressed.

He climbs over the bulkhead before using it as a seat to face Lan Wangji. “You really should’ve joined me! The water feels incredible.”

He wrings out his hair, pulling out a few stray bits of plant life that had gotten tangled up during his swim. Once most of the water has been successfully squeezed out, he rubs his head vigorously to shake out what remains. He makes sure to direct the shower towards Lan Wangji and congratulates himself when a spatter of droplets lands on his face.

Lan Wangji blinks and calmly flicks the drops from his skin, still disappointingly impassive. “Perhaps next time.”

Wei Wuxian knows he has no real chance of getting Lan Wangji to strip to his trousers for a swim, at least not anywhere near Lotus Pier. Being in the near-constant presence of Wei Wuxian’s dishevelled self hasn’t lessened Lan Wangji’s aversion to appearing less than proper in public — let alone in the vicinity of Jiang Cheng, who seems to bring out the worst of Lan Wangji’s stubborn aloofness. Wei Wuxian pictures Jiang Cheng coming across a half-naked Hanguang-jun frolicking among the lotuses and laughs out loud. He’s not sure who would be more mortified. Lan Wangji gives him a questioning look.

“Nothing, nothing. Just thinking about how we should find a more secluded lake on our way back to Gusu so we can relax a bit. If it’s private enough, we could strip all the way down.” He waggles his eyebrows suggestively.

Wei Wuxian can tell that Lan Wangji is imagining it despite himself by the slightest tint of red that appears on the tips of his ears. But he responds the same way he does to many of Wei Wuxian’s most brilliant ideas: “Shameless!”

Wei Wuxian beams. Finally a reaction! Admittedly pink ears and one “shameless” don’t amount to much of an accomplishment, but he’ll take what he can get.

He swings back around on the bulkhead, looking for his robes where he’d wadded them up and thrown them under the bow deck before diving in. He crawls forward to grab them. But before he can sit back up, strong hands grasp his hips. He starts at the unexpected contact — how the hell did he manage to sneak up so quickly without rocking the boat? — then grins. Maybe he’ll get a decent reaction out of Lan Wangji today after all. He pushes his clothes back under the deck and shimmies a bit under the hands running up and down his sides.

“Lan Zhan! What are you doing? I’ve got to get dressed so we can head back for dinner.”

Lan Wangji presses his chest to Wei Wuxian’s back and pushes forward until they’re both on their knees, bent over the bow. He bears down with his upper body, forcing Wei Wuxian’s head and chest flush against the deck. Wei Wuxian allows him to guide their arms together to stretch out in front of them, then shivers as hands run up his arms, over his shoulders, and back down his sides to his hips. Lan Wangji uses both hands to palm his ass through his trousers, squeezing with determined intensity.

Wei Wuxian lets his eyes fall shut, his awareness narrowing to the firm fingers lavishing attention on his backside. For a moment he is completely lost in the simple pleasure of his husband’s touch.

His blissful reverie is violently interrupted when suddenly, without warning, he’s yanked backward by his waistband. He lets out a startled unf at the same time that a violent ripping sound tears through the air. Wei Wuxian knows immediately what must have happened, but he can’t quite believe it as he looks down to his trousers. Or more accurately, what used to be his trousers: with the seams split, they better resemble fabric scraps than functional apparel.

Wei Wuxian shrieks in surprise, then breaks out in unrestrained laughter. He cannot contain his delight as Lan Wangji tears apart the remaining strips keeping what’s left of his pants from falling off entirely. He sits up and twists around to look behind him.

“What the fuck! Did you just literally rip off my pants? I didn’t bring a change of clothes, you know!”

Lan Wangji ignores his protests. Placing his hands on Wei Wuxian’s shoulders, he gives him a swift push back down until he’s once again bent over, chest against the bow deck and ass in the air. Disregarding the laughter still convulsing through the body beneath him, Lan Wangji sweeps Wei Wuxian’s hair over one shoulder and runs his hands down his back until they’re once again spanning his ass, this time without the wet cloth as a barrier between them. His hands feel huge and hot against Wei Wuxian’s damp skin.

When Lan Wangji finally deigns to respond, he is matter-of-fact: “They were soaked. You should not wear wet trousers under dry robes.”

Wei Wuxian’s laughing fit cuts off with a moan as Lan Wangji kneads his bare ass. It doesn’t even make sense that something as basic as a hand on his butt feels so fucking amazing, but Wei Wuxian loves his plump posterior and always gets a particular thrill when he can feel his husband actively appreciating it. Not to mention that Lan Wangji’s fingers are strong.

Still, as distracted as he is, he’s not going to let a ridiculous assertion like that go uncontested. “Oh, I see. My undergarments were such a grave and immediate threat that total destruction was the only solution. It was truly a heroic act. Such a brave and considerate husband!”

Lan Wangji replies with a pinch. Then he keeps pinching, seemingly at random wherever a spare bit of flesh grabs his attention. Luckily Wei Wuxian has quite a lot of flesh there for him to enjoy. The entire back side of Wei Wuxian’s body had grown a bit numb in the cold water, but it’s quickly waking, the rough handling bringing blood back to the surface. Lan Wangji leans down, rubbing his face against the soft cheeks, back and forth, up and down. Wei Wuxian can feel his nose, his smooth cheeks, the embroidered silk of his forehead ribbon.

The slowly growing warmth of these sensations is abruptly interrupted by teeth sinking into his skin at the back of his thigh. Lan Wangji is nipping at the crease under his ass, just where the curve starts to swell. Wei Wuxian’s still-cold skin is even more responsive than usual to the hot mouth. He moans, pushing back for more of whatever Lan Wangji is willing to give. Lan Wangji, for his part, shows no signs of slowing as he bites and sucks all over his ass and thighs.

Wei Wuxian is letting the sensations wash over him when a disturbing thought shocks him back to his senses: they are not in their comfortable bed at home or a private room in an inn. They are, in fact, in an open boat on a not-particularly-private lake.

“Lan Zhan! People can see! Can people see?”

Wei Wuxian pushes himself up to look around. He’s not even halfway to vertical before Lan Wangji pushes him right back down.

Lan Wangji’s voice is steady but tight: “If you stay down, the lotuses will obscure us.”

Wei Wuxian’s brow creases. From his vantage point with one side of his face pressed against the deck, he’s below the tallest lotuses. But most aren’t quite that high. Their boat is definitely obscured, but hardly invisible. If someone were to get curious and decide to come closer to investigate...

His train of thought is derailed by Lan Wangji’s tongue in his ass.

Wei Wuxian groans as all at once his mind and body go slack. Lan Wangji holds his cheeks apart, still kneading, and starts tongue-fucking him.

Of all the ways Lan Wangji has discovered to drive Wei Wuxian to desperation, nothing is more effective than this. Lan Wangji is well aware of this fact, and he would usually take his time — too much time — teasing Wei Wuxian before giving him what he really wants. He would start with his thighs, feathering kisses and scraping lightly with his teeth, before moving so very slowly upwards, kisses progressively firmer and wetter. He would spread his cheeks and run just the tip of his finger up and down along the crack, skimming over the most sensitive spots, tickling the soft hairs. By the time he started to lick lightly around the hole, Wei Wuxian would be so sensitized that he would gasp at each dragonfly dip of the tongue and quiver at every puff of breath. He would be sobbing for it before Lan Wangji even kissed the rim.

Not today. Today there are none of these customary preliminaries, none of the deliberate patterns of licking and sucking that Lan Wangji has fine-tuned to bring him to the edge of sanity. As far as Wei Wuxian can tell, Lan Wangji’s tongue has taken on a mind of its own. It jumps frantically from one whim to another, every movement emphatic but disjointed from the next: thrusting in and out; firmly circling the rim; twisting wildly as wet lips struggle to form a seal and suck. Wei Wuxian can’t focus enough to fully follow what’s happening, so he just spreads his legs and gives himself over to the frenzy.

Lan Wangji renews his grip to open him even wider, burying his whole face in the yielding flesh and shoving his tongue impossibly deep. Wei Wuxian registers that the feeling is a dull echo of his typical ecstasy, which is the product of those slow but steady teasing touches of preparation — but he can’t bring himself to mind when it feels like Lan Wangji cares less about breathing than permanently implanting his tongue inside him. Lan Wangji is preternaturally quiet during sex, but even he can’t prevent the incresingly wet sounds produced by his feverish licking and sucking. The knowledge that he alone can excite the infamously proper Hanguang-jun to this level of lewdness makes Wei Wuxian light-headed.

Since Lan Wangji’s hands are busy holding him open, Wei Wuxian slides one arm down off the deck to touch himself. Lan Wangji immediately slaps it back. He gives him another pinch on the ass in punishment, then brings that hand up to join his tongue. Wei Wuxian feels a fingertip first, a hard intrusion alongside the pliant tongue; then he’s suddenly stretched wide by what must be two or three fingers. He tenses reflexively and jerks at the unexpected flash of pain. He’s drenched in saliva, but the friction of the dry fingers still burns and makes him squirm. Again Lan Wangji skips the preliminaries and jumps right in to rubbing firmly against the front wall, adding to the already overpowering sensations of the wide fingers stretching him alongside the slick, twisting tongue.

Wei Wuxian isn’t sure if he’d describe what he’s experiencing as pleasure — it’s more of an onslaught of pure sensation, one touch becoming indistinguishable from the next — but he can feel the first sparks of an orgasm kindling inside him. Then Lan Wangji reaches around with his other hand to grasp his dick, at the same time mouthing down to lick and suck under his balls.

It’s far too much, his body overwhelmed by the competing points of sensory input, and Wei Wuxian stops feeling anything except the pressure growing deep in his groin. He feels his breathing shallow and his body tense; his fingernails scratch at the smooth wood of the deck. It’s still more pressure than pleasure but he needs to come, right now. He lets the orgasm rise up within him and gasps as he feels the first pulse flow through his dick in time with Lan Wangji’s stroke. The pulses keep coming, and coming, and coming as he shudders through it, conscious of nothing except the relief of release.

When his mind clears and his senses begin to reset, he’s shaky and whimpering. The hand on his dick has moved back to rhythmically squeezing his ass and the wet mouth has disappeared, but the fingers are still there, and the stretch is still too much. Now that he’s come, the discomfort is harder to ignore. He winces.

“Lan Zhan, you can stop now. I came.” His voice doesn’t sound half as wrecked as he feels, but it’s not exactly steady, either.

“Hm. I noticed.” Lan Wangji twists his fingers, sending a shock through Wei Wuxian’s overtaxed body. His tongue returns to lick around the fingers, saliva a cooling counterpoint to the stinging soreness.

Wei Wuxian pouts, then realizes that Lan Wangji is too busy with his ass to pay attention to his face and whines instead: “You’re so mean.”


He sounds completely indifferent to Wei Wuxian’s plight, but within a few moments his touch gentles. He takes his time removing his fingers, rocking them slowly as he pulls out. With his fingers gone his mouth takes over, first pressing a kiss deep inside and then tonguing the tender rim. Wei Wuxian sighs, relief warring with regret at the aching emptiness left behind.

When Lan Wangji finally lifts his head, exposing his wet hole fully to the air, Wei Wuxian shivers. With all other stimulation removed, the light breeze is a tantalizing caress. He moves to push himself up from the deck, but a soft shove between his shoulders presses him back down again. He rolls his eyes. This is getting a little ridiculous.

“Lan Zhan! Why won’t you let me up? What are you doing now?”

He can hear the rustle of Lan Wangji’s robes. One hand remains firm against his back, keeping him flat against the deck. Soon the rustling becomes more rhythmic, joined by the sound of slick skin sliding back and forth at a swift pace. Wei Wuxian thinks he can almost feel the fist brushing against his ass at the top of each stroke, but not quite; he squirms beneath Lan Wangji’s hand to wriggle just a bit closer, and then he can definitely feel it: the hand whipping against him, the smooth cockhead pressing momentarily against his skin before pulling back.

Wei Wuxian closes his eyes and pictures what it must look like: Lan Wangji on his knees behind him, fully dressed, just his cock jutting out from his robes as he jacks himself over Wei Wuxian’s bare ass.

“Fuck, Lan Zhan, I wish I could see you. Are you going to come on my ass?”

He doesn’t expect a response. He’s only saying it because the thought is hot, and saying it out loud makes it even hotter. He wiggles his butt, impatient to feel that warm pulse on his skin.

Lan Wangji slides the hand on his back down to his ass, thumb and fingers parting to spread his cheeks. Wei Wuxian waits to see if Lan Wangji will slide his cock along the crack or press the head against his hole, but the one hand holding him open remains their only point of contact. That means Lan Wangji is just...looking.

“Lan Zhan, what are you doing? Are you staring at my hole? Oh my god you are, aren’t you? Fuck, that’s hot.”

Spread wide like this, the air hitting his sensitized skin, he can feel where he’s still wet. “Ah, I can still feel your spit. Can you see it?”

Wei Wuxian is sure he can. He’s sure that he’s glistening with it. And he can imagine what comes next: those stripes of white, right down his crack. Maybe Lan Wangji will press the head of his dick up against him so he can come right where he’s been licking.

“Are you going to come on me now? Fuck, do it, come all over my hole.”

The sound of Lan Wangji’s hand whipping along his dick has reached a frantic pace, and because Wei Wuxian is listening for it, he hears the slightly-louder exhalation — almost a grunt, but not quite — that Lan Wangji makes when he comes. A second later Wei Wuxian finally feels a hot spurt land on his lower back, and then some spots of wet heat hit his cheeks. He sighs and lets his body go limp. He hadn’t noticed himself tensing up until the post-orgasmic lassitude was suddenly upon him, as if he was the one who just came.

He can feel a light pressure against his backside, something warm and smooth and yielding pressing against him. Lan Wangji must be holding himself in hand, drawing his dick across his cheeks. Wei Wuxian feels him drag through a spatter of come and smear it around.

It’s surprisingly soothing to rest with his head lying on the warm wood and his ass in the air, his husband’s cock growing softer against him as it traces through the cooling come. He closes his eyes and soaks in the sensations. His hips sway with the gentle rock of the boat. The buzzing drone of the cicadas is interrupted when a sudden wind startles a flock of birds to take flight. The heady scent of the lotus blossoms mixes with the musk of fresh mud. He feels like he might drift off.

Lan Wangji must be completely flaccid by now, but he takes his time pulling away. As he does, he mouths a slow line of tender kisses across Wei Wuxian’s backside, punctuated with a few soft licks. Finally, Wei Wuxian feels the weight of Lan Wangji’s head come to rest on his lower back.

Wei Wuxian smiles sleepily to himself. “So were you thinking about that all day? Or did I inspire you with my suggestion of a naked swim?”

“I am always thinking of Wei Ying.”

Wei Wuxian snorts. “You know that’s not what I mean!” He gets a quick pinch in response and yelps.

He doesn’t expect any further answer, but after a minute of contented silence, Lan Wangji explains: “The wet cloth clung to you. It was transparent.”

“What, so you get one glimpse of my luscious ass and you just can’t help yourself?”

“Mn. Could not wait.”

Wei Wuxian can’t believe that this man calls him shameless. He feels like his face will break with the size of his smile. He straightens up, and this time Lan Wangji doesn’t fight it. Instead, he slides his arms around Wei Wuxian’s waist and rests his head on the back of his neck.

Wei Wuxian takes a quick look around to confirm that there’s no one else in sight. In the distance there are a couple groups of people working along the shore, but if they’ve noticed anything unusual among the tall lotuses, they aren’t giving any indication of it now.

He is almost entirely sure that Lan Wangji wouldn’t actually rip off his clothes in full view of innocent bystanders — even Wei Wuxian isn’t that shameless! — but at times like this, he wonders.

Satisfied that their modesty has been at least mostly preserved, Wei Wuxian awkwardly maneuvers on his knees to turn around without dislodging the arms circling his waist. When he finally succeeds in getting face-to-face, Lan Wangji’s eyes are so soft and full of fondness that Wei Wuxian feels suddenly shy. He starts to duck his head, but Lan Wangji catches his lips first, and they kiss, deep and slow. Wei Wuxian basks in the setting sun on his naked skin and the warmth of his husband’s secure embrace.

Lan Wangji makes him turn around and bend over one last time, so he can use what’s left of the damp trousers to wipe away any remaining stickiness. They finally retrieve his rumpled robes from the bow, and Lan Wangji helps him dress and smooth out the worst of the wrinkles. Wei Wuxian goes to straighten Lan Wangji’s robes in return, but he looks completely unruffled. When did he manage to tie his trousers without Wei Wuxian noticing? He frowns at the realization that he just had sex without getting even a peek inside his husband’s robes.

A little annoyed that his husband is, as always, too perfect to require his assistance, Wei Wuxian narrows his eyes. He reaches up to Lan Wangji’s forehead ribbon, tilts it slightly, then carefully adjusts it back straight. Lan Wangji responds with an impassive stare that means he knows exactly what Wei Wuxian is doing, but isn’t going to call him on it. Wei Wuxian grins and dips in for one last quick peck on the lips.

“Come on, let’s get back to shore! You can explain to Jiang Cheng why we’re late for dinner.”