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more than two lost souls just passing by

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I'm Peter!

It's my birthday today!

I think that means I'm older

Because you haven't written anything to me

This feels stupid

I hope you're getting these

And I'm not just

Writing on my skin


I should not have used a pen

This is going to take so long to erase

I'm sorry about that

I should probably stop now


I can't wait to meet you!





Uncle Ben gave me this pen

He said it's special 

You can erase it with the ink remover

It's called a soul pen!

Isn't that cool?


This will make our lives easier!

I don't know if you even like getting messages from m


Sorry ran out of space

Are you even getting these?


I hope you're doing well




Aunt May cannot cook




What's your favourite colour?

Mine is red!

Like Iron Man


I prefer red and blue

But red and gold also look nice





I hope your family loves you

As much as Aunt May

And Uncle Ben love me




This is random


I hope you turn 13 soon

It's been 3 months

I really wanna meet you

I hope you're not younger by a few years

The wait would be torture


Hope you're having a good day

Or night

I just realised you might not be in the same timezone

Idk where you are 







I'm sick :(

Aunt May says I can't go to school

But today is the science fair!

There's gonna be talks from Oscorp

And Stark Industries

And Hammer Industries too 

But yknow

Don't really care about Hammer

I've been coughing all day

I feel terrible :(

I hope you're feeling a looot better than I am

I'm gonna take another nap





Hey another random question

Are you a girl?

Because I…

Don't really know what you look like


I guess I never really thought that you could be not a girl

And yknow

I could be

Not straight 

Anyway it really doesn't matter if you are a girl

It just…

Doesn't matter to me?

I never thought about it but someone asked me today

And I guess I'm just wondering


I'm running out of space 

But I had things to say


So I'm gonna move to this arm

Sorry for the mess!

I am hopeless with my left hand

We''re going to Oscorp tomorrow!

It's a morning trip

And we're gonna see the labs!

It's gonna be so cool!!!!

I'll tell you everything

I'm too excited to sleep aaaaa


I hope you had a great day!





So weird story

Also I hope I haven't bored you with my science talk

I just 

Really love science 

And technology

And you can't tell me to shut up

Unlike my classmates

So I'm taking advantage of it?

Anyway we saw the labs and it was so cool

All confidential

But so cool

But also like

A spider? Bit me? Then died?

Idk it's weird and I feel weird

Spiders are scary

Did I ever tell you that?

They're just


Anyway I'm not feeling too hot


Hope you're doing well!




Ugh I feel terrible

What did that spider do to me?





Am I dreaming?

You're gonna think I'm crazy






Are you there?

I just

I need someone to talk to

Uncle Ben is

I didn't think

I fucked up

Really bad


I just

It's my fault

Uncle Ben is gone and it's my fault

Aunt May is alone and it's my fault 

What's the point of these powers

If I can't save Uncle Ben?

He told me

With great power comes great responsibility 

That is what he told me


I'm sorry

I wrote that in pen

I just 

Don't want it to fade away so fast

It's all I have left of him


Uncle Ben

I'm so sorry






I haven't been writing much

Things are just hard


I've been busy with patrol work

I hope you're doing alright

It's almost been a year

I can't wait to meet you

Are you even getting these?

I keep wondering if I'm just talking to myself

Maybe I'm imagining this soulmate stuff

And it doesn't really exist 


Maybe I'm just writing to myself

I'll never know I guess

I hope you're doing alright




Hey Peter


This is

Weirder than I thought it would be


I'm Harley

Sorry you had to wait so long

I kept trying to write to you

But I guess it never got through


At least I'm not years younger than you

You still waited eleven months though


I wrote down everything I wanted to say to you

So I guess I'll just tell you now

This is gonna take up a loooot of space

And you're probably busy or sleeping because you haven't replied 

Anyway, I'm gonna go from this arm


To this one, then the left and right thighs if I need more space

Boy am I glad you got that soul pen, the writings on your birthday took

Forever to disappear!

I couldn't wait to meet you either

Though it's probably good that I couldn't write because 

My handwriting was just a mess of scribbles

My favourite colour is magenta

I do not like red and gold

(or Iron Man)

I mean he's pretty lame

He laughed at my potato gun!

My family does love me, and I love them

I don't have a dad anymore, he left

But mom and Abby are the world to me

I'm in Tenessee, USA, so I'm assuming you're also somewhere in the US


You are right, nobody cares about Hammer

I'm male, he/him

I don't really care about gender, too

I love science and tech too!

I guess we're just connected like that

I was so jealous that you got to go to Oscorp!

What did that spider do to you? I was so worried

I'm sorry about your Uncle Ben, he sounded like an amazing man

I wanna say it's not your fault but I don't know what happened

But I know that if anything happened to Mom or Abby they wouldn't blame me

And I'm sure your Uncle Ben doesn't blame you at all

I definitely exist, Peter

I'm sorry it's 12am I just was so excited to write to you 





I love your name!

Thank you so much for the messages

I just felt unheard

I'm so happy you're 13 now!!

Yes! I'm in Queens!


Thank you for what you said about Uncle Ben

It means a lot to me


You met Tony Stark?




Happy birthday!!!

Thank you! You remembered!

Of course I did

Did you get cake?

Yeah! May bought mango cake!


Did you just

Boo my cake?

Chocolate is superior and you know it

Uh, no

Chocolate is boring

You did not just say that

I did

It’s my birthday

Let me win this one

… fine




This is random

But like

Do you ever wonder if I’m real?

Because I kinda do, sometimes

We’ve been writing to each other

But I still don’t know what you look like

Or if you even exist 

If it’s all in my head

I mean

Why would I have a soulmate?

And even that is kinda sad

To have someone forced to love you

I’m not that good a person 

And someone is stuck with me

I mean even now I don’t know if I love you

I don’t know you well enough for that

But it feels like I’ve known you my whole life

It’s so weird



I’m sorry!

I was busy with stuff

Honestly yeah sometimes I wonder too

Especially while I was waiting for you to write back

Almost a whole year of writing on my skin and waiting for a response

Wondering if you were even seeing it

I felt really unheard, yknow?

But hey

You’re a great person!

I wouldn’t say we’re forced to love each other

I don’t know if I love you either, just yet

But it’s only been a month, we have time

Not all soulmates have to be romantic, hm?

I like to think of it this way

Nobody in this world deserves to be alone

And soulmates are a buddy system to keep each other in check

A reminder that there is someone out there who cares

When we can’t care for ourselves


That sounds pretty amazing

But if I’m being honest, I kinda wanna like you

Like, a lot

It feel like I’ve known you forever

And you know more about me than anyone else

I feel the same way too

I think a part of me is scared of having hope

What if you don’t end up liking me?

I’ll still be here as a friend

I’ll always be here

Even if you disappear every night to do “stuff”?

I’m here, aren’t I?

Yeah, you are


Do you wanna… trade numbers?

It’s okay if you don’t I just thought maybe

We know each other well enough for that?

I’d like that






No I’m not


I’ll send a pic of me hang on


You look amazing!

No I don’t

I pale in comparison to you

No you don’t

I uh

Kinda like you


What does that feel like

To like someone?


It’s kind of like


You’re the first person I think of when I wake up

And you’re the one on my mind when I can’t sleep

And I check my arm in case you write to me

And writing to you makes me feel fuzzy?


Like I was cold and now I’m warm

Abby asked me what it was like writing to my soulmate

And I didn’t realise I was smiling

When i talked about you


I uh

Kinda like you too

You do?


Wanna… do a call?


Can we do a raincheck on that?

I’m not happy with my voice

Of course

But I’m sure you sound amazing

Thank you




Hey sorry I was busy today

Didn’t get to write to you

Just wanted to pop in and say goodnight


Oh hi

It’s 1am why are you awake?

I just finished my stuff

How are you?

Pretty tired, school today was stressful

How are you?

I’m fine

You don’t sound fine…

It’s fine go to sleep

Rest well!


I don’t have school tomorrow I can stay up

And even if I did you matter more

Do you wanna talk about it?


Idk I just

Can’t do anything right

I was outside walking and I saw someone being mugged

Held at gunpoint

Holy shit

Are you okay?

Yeah I mean Spiderman got there just in time

You saw Spiderman!


But something is wrong?

It’s just

The guy being mugged looked like Uncle Ben

You never told me how he died

He was shot

He was a cop, and he was trying to stop someone

My fault



You’re starting to get shaky there

Breathe, alright?
Can I call you?





Sorry about last night

I hope you got some rest

Yeah, I did

Are you feeling better?


Talking to you helped a lot

I love your voice, by the way



You don’t sound so bad yourself

Oh please

My voice hasn’t broken yet

I still can’t believe mine broke before yours





You sure?



You okay?

Yeah I just

Wanted to say

Nevermind it’s stupid

I love you


I’m sorry was that too fast?

No no

I love you too


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Video call tonight?

We should celebrate

I would love that

What are you doing today?

I don’t know, might go walk in the park

Cool cool

You said you were in Queens?

Yup! Tennessee, right?


I thought you said you were going to the park?

Yeah, why?

Didn’t you also say chocolate isn’t superior?

Harley where are you

They have mango and here you are

Eating chocolate fudge ice cream


Look behind you


Today was fun

I can’t believe you flew here for me

Believe it, babe

I wanted to meet you so bad

I love you

I love you, too

Hey Harley

Do you think tattoos are shared by soulmates?

They’re technically writings


I’m not super sure

I’m sure some shops do non-transmitting ones?

Why do you ask?

I was just thinking

Would you mind terribly if I got a tattoo?

Not now, of course

Just, eventually

Maybe in a few years


It’s your body

Do what you want with it

What tattoo are you thinking of getting?

It’s stupid

But I just want a quote

Uncle Ben’s quote?


You remember it?

Of course

With great power comes great responsibility

Uncle Ben was wise

And I know he’s important to you

So he’s important to me too

Thank you

You have no idea how much it means to me

I love you

I love you too

Tell me more about Uncle Ben?

I’ll send you a pic of him


He looks like a really nice man

He was

Did I tell you about how he got Aunt May to love him?


I’d love to hear it





This is random

But I’m so happy we’re soulmates

I hated waiting for you to reply

And I hated how lonely I felt

But even if I had to wait years

It was worth it, knowing you

I love you so much it hurts

I love you, too

I wouldn’t want anyone else as my soulmate

My dad left us when we were young, you know?

Oh, I’m sorry

Don’t be, he was an asshole who didn’t care about his kids

I hope he’s happy wherever he is in the world

But he left Mom, and they were soulmates

So I thought, what’s the big deal?
Even soulmates can leave

I was scared, when you first started writing to me

And I think a part of me is still scared now

What if I get too attached and we don’t work out?

But I love you, a lot

Whatever happens in the future

It’s worth it


I’m writing this in pen because I want this to last a long time

I love you, Harley Keener

Hang on let me find a pen

I love you, Peter Parker