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Day Three: Our Future

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Something was wrong. 

Katsuki had known his wife for far too long not to notice the shift in her behavior. 

First, she’d brought home take out for dinner. Ochako only resorted to take out if they were absolutely desperate, dead tired, or injured. He’d witnessed her stubbornly make a meal after a fourteen hour rescue shift with their teething child screaming on her back. They hadn’t gone shopping that week, but somehow she’d made a meal for them. 

He’d just done the shopping a few days ago.

They had plenty of food, but his wife came through the door with a tight smile, and several plastic bags looped around her wrist. 

“I got dinner,” she announced before rushing into the kitchen. 

He’d started to follow her, but Kyo had launched himself into his arms to tell him about his day. 

Second, Ochako didn’t eat dinner. She’d nibble on rice and drink large gulps of tea, but he was hesitant to count the little she’d eaten as a meal considering the spread in front of him. Katsuki had almost asked how much the order had cost. There were containers of noodles, dumplings, fried rice, and any other thing he could think of. 

Kyo squealed, plucking a little something from each container, while Katsuki himself seemed to be overwhelmed with the choices. Ochako would pick up a container, take a short sniff, and sneer while setting it back on the table before going back to her bland rice. 

Third, she was quiet. 

“How was your day?” Katsuki asked, leaning back in his chair as he studied his wife sitting across from him. 

“Hm,” Ochako started with a little shrug as she picked up the container of dumplings for the third time. She leaned down, getting a whiff of the aroma as a frown overtook her lips. 

Katsuki couldn’t remember the last time she’d turned down a dumpling. A couple of weeks ago, he’d watched her down six of them when they’d gone out for a date night. Today she was looking at them as if they were the enemy. 


He’d listened to her tell a ten minute story about a box of paperclips that she’d thought she’d misplaced. “Nothing happened?” Something had to have for her to be so quiet. 

“No,” she answered, setting the box back down as her lips twisted to the side. Ochako picked up her chopsticks, going back to her plain white rice. “Boring day.” 

“Nothing happened on patrol?” He couldn’t think of a time she hadn’t told him something about her day. If she didn’t share something about an incident, she’d at least tell him about a dog she’d petted or something that had been interesting about her day. 

She flinched, clearing her throat to try to disguise the motion. “No.” 

His wife was lying to him. 

“Nothing interesting.” Lying poorly. 

Something was up. 

“Mama, can I have some mochi?” Kyo cooed as he pretended not to have a pile of green peppers from his stir fry piled in the corner of his plate. 

“Yeah,” Ochako nodded as she continued to eat. 

Katsuki frowned, looking from his wife to the pile of vegetables before sending a pointed glare to his son. 

Kyo slowly scooted out of his chair. “Mama said it was okay,” the boy defended as he scurried toward the freezer to grab his treat. 

Katsuki closed his eyes, taking a steady breath as he swallowed a complaint tickling at the edge of his tongue. He disagreed with the decision to let their son have a treat without finishing his plate, but he couldn’t voice it in front of Kyo. 

“Mama, do you want a mochi?”

“No thanks, sweetheart.” 

It was officially the end of days. “Okay, what the fuck?” Katsuki demanded, looking at her in shock. 

“Katsuki!” she yelped, brows furrowing in disappointment. “Language!”

“Oooo papa said a bad word!” Kyo giggled as his little fingers fiddled with the wrapper on his treat. 

Katsuki growled, smothering another curse as he dropped his chopsticks on the table. “Go watch TV brat.” 

“Is mama gonna wash your mouth out with soap?” Kyo asked, presenting the treat for his father to open. “That’s what Baba said she’d do to me if I said dumb ass again.” 

“Kyo, language!” Ochako admonished. 

“I wasn’t calling anyone a dumb ass this time!” 

Katsuki snorted, opening the little pack for him. “Here, brat.” 

“Thanks!” he chirped, turning to his mother. “I was saying when I called Maro a dumb as-”

“Bakugo Kyo we don’t use those words,” she warned.

Kyo’s eyes widened. He looked over at his father. 

Not only had Kyo inherited his looks, but he also seemed to favor Katsuki’s habit for colorful language. “You heard your mother.” They were going to have to revisit the curse word conversation. Just because papa and baba used those words doesn’t mean Kyo can say them.

“Anyway,” Kyo continued, taking the treat, “Baba said that if I said that word again, even though I heard you and her say it a lot of times, she was gonna wash my mouth out with soap.” 

“Baba is not gonna wash your mouth out with soap.” 

“I know. She said she tried it with you, and it didn’t work so there was no use in wasting perfectly good soap,” Kyo chirped, hopping toward the living room. 

“We really have to be careful what we say around him,” Ochako sighed, cradling her forehead. All they needed was Kyo repeating something Katsuki or Mitsuki said at school. “Thank gods he hasn’t had a slip at school.” 

More like thank gods the teacher had only told him about the slips. “What the hell is going on?” 

She looked over at her husband. 

“You’re acting strange,” Katsuki gestured over the table of food. 

She swallowed tightly, setting her chopsticks down before grabbing her bowl. “We’ll talk about it later.” Ochako jumped up from her seat and walked over to the sink. 

“Hey,” Katsuki called out, flying out of his chair behind her, “talk about it now.” 

A loud sigh blew over her lips as she turned the faucet on and dumped her dinner down the drain. “I-” She looked behind her, making sure Kyo wasn’t in sight. “I think I’m pregnant.” She flipped the switch, turning on the disposal. Ochako kept her eyes on the water rushing down the sink as she took a few deep breaths. Turning her attention to Katsuki, she turned the disposal off. 

Katsuki stood wide-eyed, lips parted in confusion. 

Ochako smiled tightly. Her brows raised as she waited for the news to settle.



“Why do you think you’re pregnant?” 

“Remember, Shouto’s birthday party?” she questioned. 

He scoffed, “Which one? It’s the same crap every year.” 

“When I was pregnant?”


“I puked when Tsu had that banana cream pie,” she reminded him with a soft smile. “I couldn’t stand the smell of bananas when I was pregnant with Kyo, and this morning,” she started with a chuckle, “those pancakes, packing that snack in Kyo’s lunch…” 

He nodded slowly. “I remember that.” Katsuki’s head snapped, panic overtaking him. “You went on patrol today.” 

“I made Mina take my shift,” she confessed. 



“Okay,” he repeated as he took a deep breath. “You need to call the doctor.” 

“I need to pee on a stick.” 

“I can go get you a test.” 

“Already got one,” she confessed, walking back to the table to pack up the leftovers. “I’ve been drinking an insane amount of tea all evening so I can pee.” 

“Why didn’t you take it yet?” He moved to help her. His fingers paused against his plate as he looked up at her. 

Her shoulders gave a little shrug as she sealed one of the containers. “I thought we should find out together.” Ochako grabbed another lid, looking up at him with a grin. “Like last time.” 

Katsuki smiled, giving a little noise of agreement. 

“You should go help Kyo with his homework so we can get him to bed on time,” she suggested, looking at the little clock on the microwave. “I’ll finish this.” 

Time seemed to crawl to a stop. 

More often than not, it felt like they didn’t have time to go through Kyo’s evening routine, but tonight...

They reviewed homework. 

Had a piece of candy after practicing Hiragana.

Bubble bath. 

Picked out tomorrow’s outfit and packed his backpack together. 

“Is mama okay?” Kyo yawned, his little body sinking into the blankets as he cuddled against his father’s side. 

Katsuki frowned, closing the book they’d been sharing. “Why are you asking that?” 

“Cause,” he bit his lip, shuffling his feet, “she’s acting weird.” 

“Do you know what that word means, brat?” 

“Yes!” Kyo replied, little brows furrowed in determination. “Weird is when someone is weird and-” 

“You can’t use the word in the definition.” 

Kyo huffed, arms dropping against the bed dramatically, “Mama didn’t eat dinner and-” He loud yawn escaped him. “She didn’t eat candy with us while I went through my flashcards, and mama didn’t want a mochi. She always wants snacks.” 

“Weird means,” Katsuki paused, setting the book aside. He carefully tucked the covers around the boy, “Strange, something that is abnormal.” That might be too big of a word. “Something that isn’t every day.” It wasn’t a perfect explanation, but it was the best he could do. 

“So, mama was acting weird?” he frowned.

“Yes.” He didn’t miss the worry in his son’s eyes. “Weird doesn’t always mean bad.” 

Kyo’s little lips twisted, little shoulders bunching with worry. 

“Just because something is different doesn’t mean it’s bad, brat.” Katsuki placed a hand on his son’s head, turning the boy’s focus so their eyes met. “Sometimes it’s weird to me that you aren’t a baby anymore.” 

A little laugh bubbled from Kyo before he stuck his tongue out. 

Just like his mother. 

“Papa I’m almost four!” Kyo reminded his father fiercely. “I haven’t been a baby in like ten years.” 

Katsuki smirked, kissing the top of his head. “Whatever you say.” They’d only recently started addition at school. He could let that miscalculation slide for now. “Get some sleep.” He flipped on the nightlight by the bed before walking toward the door. 

“Can we watch TV tonight?” Kyo muttered, sleepily looking at his father. 

He shouldn’t. “Friday night, brat,” Katsuki promised as he stopped in the doorway. He was working an all day shift, but Kyo didn’t have school the next day. If Ochako was pregnant, their late night movie marathons wouldn’t just be them anymore. “I’ll even make caramel popcorn.” 


“Promise,” he confirmed, watching Kyo’s eyes drift closed. “Good night, Kyo.” 

“Night papa.” 

Katsuki waited a couple seconds outside of the door before walking down the hall. When Kyo was two, he went through a phase where he refused to sleep in his own bed. They would tuck him in and seconds later Kyo would run to their bed refusing to leave. Typically, if Kyo didn’t leave his bed within the first few seconds after they left the room, he’d stay in his room all night unless he had a nightmare. 

“Kyo asleep?” Ochako asked from her position laying across their bed. 

“Yep,” Katsuki confirmed, sitting next to her. “He said you’re acting weird.” 

She smirked, “That’s a new word.” Ochako slowly sat up to face her husband. 

“Brat also reminded me that he's almost four years old and it’s been ten years since he’s been a baby.” 

She laughed, before sighing in awe, “We have a four year old.” 

“Brat isn’t even four yet,” Katsuki scoffed, teasing her, “I see our son has inherited your math skills.” 

“Not nice!” She jumped up, playfully attacking Katsuki. 

He pulled her into his arms, positioning her so she straddled his waist. “You take the test?” The playfulness faded around them as anxiousness took over. 

“Yeah,” she breathed, tipping her head back to the bathroom behind her, “I didn’t look yet.” She’d wanted to wait for him. “What if it’s positive?” 

“We’re gonna have another brat,” he answered simply, resting his forehead against her shoulder. 

“How do you do that?”


“Make it sound so easy,” she growled. It had been comforting years ago before they’d found out she was pregnant, but now it was infuriating. “What are we gonna do with a baby and a four year old?” 

“You don’t want another baby?” 

“I do.” She really did. “But, how are we gonna make this work? How is Kyo gonna react to having a sibling? How are we going to survive?”

“I don’t fucking know,” Katsuki answered honestly. They were both only children, and it had taken them a while to find their footing as a family of three but they’d managed. “But Kyo’s alive. Brat’s healthy, happy, and-” 

“He called his friend a dumb ass.” 

“Kid probably deserved it.” 

“No!” she laughed, gently slapping his chest. “Seriously, how do you feel about this?” 



“I’d always thought we’d have more kids,” he confessed casually as he adjusted his hold around her waist. “We didn’t fucking plan it-” 

Just like Kyo. 

“But, shit,” he shrugged, leaning back to look up at her, “Brat isn’t in diapers anymore- “

“Oh god,” she groaned. “Potty training. Mina was talking about breastfeeding this morning, but I’d forgotten about potty training.” Speeding nearly an hour begging Kyo to use the potty for him to point and shoot in a corner or have an accident on the couch. “At least we know how to get pee stains out of the couch now.” 

“Let’s hope it’s a girl this time.”


“So I don’t have to dodge the fucking firing squad.” 

She laughed, remembering watching Katsuki frantically trying to dodge a stream of pee as he changed Kyo’s diaper. “Yeah, even so, you’re an expert now.” 

“You’d want another boy?” 

“I haven’t really thought about it,” Ochako confessed with a hum. “I don’t really care to be honest. You want a girl?” 

“Let’s make it twins. I can’t let shitty hair one up me. No, triplets.” 

Absolutely not. “Fuck you, Bakugo.” 

He snorted, capturing her lips in a kiss, “After you check the test.” He kissed her cheek. “If it’s not positive, we’ll try again.” 

“You said that before.” 

“I mean it.” 

“I have a feeling we don’t have to.” She braced her hands on his shoulders, gently crawling off of him. 

Katsuki sat up, watching her walk into the bathroom. 

Ochako picked the test up from the counter before stepping into the doorway. “Moment of truth.” She smiled at him, taking a deep breath as she looked down at the test in her hands. 

“Well?” he questioned, waiting for an answer. 

He wasn’t sure how they would do it. Even though he had as many questions as Ochako did about the future, he wouldn’t let her see him consumed with uncertainty. 

They could do this. 


They could do this. 

To be Continued…