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Curiosity Can Be Very Deadly

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This program was brought to you by contributions from your PBS station by viewers like you, thank you.

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We all know how Ted Shackleford, AKA The Man In The Yellow Hat brought George from Africa to New York, but there's still details we don't know yet. This is what has happened years later. Ted should've known better.

This brings us to now. George and The Man in the Yellow Hat are eating breakfast. They're having carnitas breakfast burritos. They also had OJ, eggs, and cinnamon muffins.

"Are you excited to go to Chuck E Cheese with Bill today, George?", The Man in the Yellow Hat asked George.

"Uh huh. Huheehee ooohhooo!", George yelled in simian.

"Well, we'll be going soon. But we have to wait longer. Do you wanna watch a movie?", The Man in the Yellow Hat told him.

They then went over to the TV. There was a disc to My Sexual Harrassment in the player. They took it out because it wasn't appropriate for George to watch. They instead put in a Caillou movie. They both seemed to enjoy it too much. It was finally over, then. It was time to go.

But the TV was turned back to cable and a commercial for Rainforest Cafe played. It's about to go down. George wanted to go there now. He started whining.

"Sorry, George. Maybe we can go there tomorrow.", The Man in the Yellow Hat told him.

"Uhuh oooo aaaahhh!!", George yelled.

George then tried to think of something. He could run to Rainforest Cafe, but he might get caught. Then he thought of one of CousinSluggy's specialties.

George then pooped on the floor on purpose to protest going to the cafe. Breakfast made his tummy upset.

"George, you're in big trouble now! You just ruined the tile that just got installed Tuesday!", The Man in the Yellow Hat yelled at him.

He found a harness and leash to put on George and they walked to the store to get a couple things.

When they got home, The Man in the Yellow Hat put George in a diaper. He then locked him in a cage, the same kind Lulu and Kip were in on my Word Party story. He also put some Sun Maid raisins in there for him to eat.

"You don't get to go anywhere today. You can sit here and think of what you did. I'm gonna bring some pizza home, though. You can have some if you don't do anything stupid while I'm gone. I'll also let you watch My Sexual Harrassment, it's in the player, and I just turned it on. Goodbye for now, I love you.", The Man in the Yellow Hat told him as he exited the apartment.

George was really upset. He just wanted to go to Rainforest Cafe. But he got an idea, what if he escaped and went there. He thought of some ways that would work. He could use a dummy, but the man might not believe it. He could leave and come back before he gets back, but what if he gets back before George. He would do that though.

George had to poop again, though. He made a huge burrito surprise. His diaper made a huge discolored bulge. He decided to take his diaper off. He then located the cage lock and broke it off. George was now a free monkey.

"Oohh Haaahaa hha!", George exclaimed.

He then left the apartment and went down the hall. He spotted Hundley and the doorman. He decided to bring Hundley to the cafe with him. They snuck by without the doorman seeing them.

Meanwhile, the Man in the Yellow Hat was at Chuck e Cheese. He drank some beer and got drunk. He started humping the arcade machines and was kicked out. He then got to his car and started driving. He ran over some kids and pedestrians through NYC and crashed into a telephone pole. He was then taken to the hospital.

"I wonder what's going on. Oh, don't tell me!", he yelled.

George left the building and walked down the street. Hundley followed him. He put his mouth on everything he came across. He also ran into who he thought was the Man in the Yellow Hat, but it was a different man in yellow. It was actually a guy in a hazmat suit. George ran from him. He also saw a picture of him on a telephone pole. It said not to approach him.

George then saw a very cool building. It was yellow, and looked like a shrine. George wanted to go in there. He went in and many people immediately died, except for a few. Two of them were from Ted's movie. Mochizuki, Honma, Mizuki, Kazuomi, Fuzzbucket, Tom, Emily, Milk, Tetsuko, Ernie and Maynard were still standing.

"George, thanks for doing that.", Mochizuki told him.

"You're our new savior!", Ernie and Fuzzbucket yelled.

They all then walked to Rainforest Cafe. Milk and Honma pushed some people into the alligator pit. George had them all steal shirts from the shop as their first salvation task, and no one noticed. They then went to find somewhere to sit. I looked up the menu, and their food is stupidly expensive. They just got everything on the menu. They're gonna go bankrupt, but George had a plan. The food took over two hours to come.

"So honey, what should we eat first?", Kazuomi asked Mizuki.

"Let's eat the chicken strips.", Mizuki told him.

George didn't give a crap about the Man in the Yellow Hat anymore, he found a new family. They ate all the soups, salads, meats, seafood and whatever else. It was great to them. Honma wanted corn, and Milk wanted sushi, but they were outta luck.

There were some other people there too.

"Kyoko, do you think they'll notice us?" Makoto Naegi asked Kyoko Kirigiri.

"No, we'll give them a minute.", Kyoko told him.

"Hey Kazuo Yamashita, do you know when food will be here?", Ohma Tokita asked him.

"I don't know, at least Nogi's covering it.", Yamashita told Ohma.

There were some more people outside.

Kaiman, Nikaido, Akiyama, Haruka, Roman, Josuke, Okuyasu, Ryuji and Ann were outside the expensive cafe.

"Oooooo too waaaaay hnbffg!", George yelled. He wanted all those people to be kidnapped. He had his new family kidnap them and put them out with nonlethal chloroform. Also, some random people in the restaurant started getting bumps and started coughing up fruit punch. They collapsed to the ground.

When they woke up, they were in George's monkey temple. George and his disciples were about to use Hundley as a sacrifice for the monkey. Hundley was tied to this table. It looked like something from Bible Black. They grabbed knives and stabbed them into Hundley and chanted 'For The Monkey.' Hundley immediately died.

"We gotta get outta here!", yelled Roman.

"Too bad we're not in the metaverse, so we can't use our personas.", Ryuji said.

"Maybe we can get gyoza after this.", Kaiman said.

"You guys are finally awake, it seems.", Honma said.

"Too bad only one of you has a name that starts with the letter M.", Ernie said.

"You dumbass, who cares about that.", Milk said.

"Eee ooo aaaaaa eeee ooo!", George yelled.

"We are doing this all for the monkey!", they all yelled.

Meanwhile, NYC declared a state of emergency. There were tons of monkeypox cases and many deaths. Don't worry, our heroes have been vaccinated against it. The Man in the Yellow Hat was also in the hospital in a coma.

Back to where we were. The good guys ran out of the sacrifice room and saw that the temple was huge. They had to find a way out.

"Kyoko, you're good at this stuff. You got any ideas?", Makoto asked Kyoko.

"Sorry, but we've only been here for a short time.", she told him.

They immediately ran into a room to hide as they saw Tetsuko, Honma, Emily and Maynard approaching. The room they stepped in, they found the president from Milk Chan, Fujita from Sexual Harassment, Piggle from Peppermint Park and the frog from Tom's Toilet Triumph murdered. It was disgusting, but they didn't know them.

"I'm so blue. I just wanna kill.", Maynard sang.

They got out of that room and found another room. Nothing was in there.

George then had to poop yet again. He just pooped on the floor, and maybe the smell would suffocate the people there and spread a special surprise not even he knew. It was monkeypox. Fortunately, the vaccines prevented infection. It infected George's cult, though.

"New salvation!", Tom and Emily yelled.

"Too bad Mikey can't see this.", Fuzzbucket said.

They finally reached the exit. But George and his gang became very dangerous. The pox made them want to kill. The good people found some freeze Ray's and froze them. They left and got a disease squad to the scene.

"Wonder if this'll affect my finance.", Akiyama said.

George and those guys were taken to a quarantine prison and were sentenced to life and became very incontinent and needed diapers.

The Man in the Yellow Hat was infected as well. He woke up from his coma and got sent to the prison as well. He's also getting charged for his earlier crimes.

Our heroes tested negative for the pox and the pox got more under control and everyone got vaccinated in NYC.

Chuck E Cheese and Rainforest Cafe are also getting shut down for violating child labor laws.

Hundley's body and the rest were found and taken to forensics.

Roman, Ryuji, Ohma, Akiyama, and Makoto also ran into Mitchell, Futaba, Majima, Gaolang and Chiaki.