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Lost In Your Eyes

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Harry's POV


"Umm, just a beer..." I say to the bartender. It's a Friday night and since I'm alone I can't drink much if I want to go home at any point tonight. Normally I'm with Ed and Maria, and since Maria doesn't drink she's always our designated driver. Tonight though, I just don't feel like... talking. "Thanks" I mutter as the bartender hands me a beer.

Suddenly I hear loud laughing and talking from across the room; not that it's unusual. This is a pub for fuck sakes, but this laugh is a boys, and it's infectious and contagious. It almost brings a smile to my face. Almost. As the laughter continues I grow curious as to who could be that happy and... loud. I look over my shoulder in an attempt to find this loud, happy, laughter filled boy. My eyes quickly land on a group of about eight people. One in particular stands out; the one with the contagious laugh. He's in the midst of telling what looks to be a very dramatic story. His arms are waving around and his facial expression excited. Aside from his seemingly bubbly personality and body language, he has to be the cutest boy I've ever seen.

Yes, I'm gay. No, not everyone is okay with it. I've learned that much, but I've also learned not to care anymore. The group erupts into laughter and the boys eyes brighten as he continues whatever it is he is talking about. His hair is a messy mix between a quiff and a fringe. I quickly turn around when I notice I've been staring. There's no way he's gay anyways. Even if he was, I don't want relationship. I'm shit at them and not like he'd want to date me anyways. I quickly finish my beer and glance at the clock, 9:32pm. I could have another one or two...


Louis' POV


"Alright see ya later mate" I say as I give James a quick hug as he heads out with everyone else. They offer to drive me home as well but I feel like having a few more drinks. I don't go out often so when I do I make the most of it. I look at the clock and notice it's only 9:57pm. Hmm, thought it was later than that. I walk over to the bar and plop down into a seat.

"One whiskey please!" I say cheerfully to the bartender. I glance to my right and see a cute lad beside me looking quite glum. Why does he look so sad? Did his girlfriend break up with him? I doubt it, the young guy is far to cute! Maybe he's just lonely...

"Hey cutie what's making you so sad?" I question.

"Nothin'" he mutters, barley audible.

"Now that's the fattest lie I have EVER heard! You can do better than that" I tease as the bartender hands me my whiskey. I see half a smirk cross his face as he replies in a teasing tone.

"Why of course nothings wrong good sir. How may I help you?" I smile.

"That's better! Louis Tomlinson" I introduce reaching out to shake his hand. I see him slightly move away as I reached my hand towards him but think nothing of it. Maybe he just doesn't like people.

"Harry Styles" he says after a moment of hesitation and shakes my hand. I smile brightly at him.

"Harry Styles, I like it!!" I exclaim and take a sip of my whiskey. He opens his mouth to comment but closes and shakes his head and turns back to his beer. He is quite the attractive lad, very pretty eyes, perfect hair, incredibly fit. I bet he's got a girlfriend. I learned a long time ago not to get my hopes up, more people are straight than not. Now, normally I don't bring up loved ones or anything like that because it can be a touchy subject but I've had a few beer and a third of a whisky so my filter isn't working to full capacity at the moment.

"I bet an attractive lad like yourself has a lovely lady waiting at home eh?" He lets out a scoff and rolls his eyes

"Girls are overrated." Hmm, maybe I was wrong.. I hum in agreement.

"And guys?" I question. He shrugs before letting out a quiet.

"Better." I smile broadly and clap him on the back, nearly making him jump out of his own skin but I pay no mind to it.

"Nothin' to be ashamed of! I'm not!" Harrys' head snapped towards me at that.


"Gay?" I offer after a moment. He nodded uncertainly "Yup! And proud! You should be too..." He gave me a weird look before facing away again. Okay maybe he isn't proud... but why not? I mean Liam, Niall and I are all gay and we aren't ashamed. I mean, I know a lot of people don't like it but, it is what it is.