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For Science

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The commlink in his wrist makes a small, sharp noise each time Anakin takes another holoscan. He tries to keep most of them focused on the creature, but... well, it’s hard to miss Obi-Wan’s state.


For its part, the beast is massive. Much larger than Anakin had expected. It has two feelers, which it is using to bind Obi-Wan in place, currently. Alongside the long, tentacle-like feelers, it has a pair of hollow tusks; presumably where the feelers retreat when they don’t need to be used. The thing’s snout takes up the majority of its face, and it seems to navigate primarily by smell, despite the six glittering, black eyes set deep in its head.

It doesn’t mind Anakin, so long as he doesn’t move too much. It gave a cursory sniff his way, then dismissed him, deeming him not a threat, just some other creature associated with the one it currently has its feelers on.

The tail is thick and insectoid, barbed at the end where it apparently stores a muscle relaxant... which it is currently using on Obi-Wan.

And, for his part... the other Jedi seems frighteningly unworried about all this. He’s now lax in the creature’s grip, eyes a bit unfocused and a dazed sort of smile on his face. Anakin... has never seen his Master look like this. He’s never seen Obi-Wan so... so unfocused. Not even when he gets concussions. It seems wrong, but it’s been made very clear to him that he can’t do anything to stop this.

So he stays put, and he takes holoscans.

tchk. tchk. tchk.

He hopes this is at least worth it to Obi-Wan. His former teacher certainly has a love for research and scientific study, that’s nothing new. Anakin wouldn’t be all that surprised to find out Obi-Wan was hoping to run into one of these things. His Master always was a bit on the reckless side, willing to take almost any danger to himself if it meant helping someone else.

When Obi-Wan looks like he’s only held up by the feelers, barely able to even keep his own head up, the creature moves. Obi-Wan had said that it has a name at some point, though most on this planet just call it a ‘lurker beast’. Anakin isn’t sure he could repeat the name Obi-Wan gave him with any accuracy, anyways. It was too complex, and the other Jedi’s tongue wasn’t exactly the most precise at the time.

As he watches apprehensively, the Lurker Beast releases one of his Master’s arms, letting it fall lax to his side as it keeps him held up by the other. Then, it works on peeling him out of his clothing, layer by layer.

It wouldn’t be the first time Anakin has seen Master Kenobi naked-- they’ve lived together for over a decade, that’s just inevitable. And Jedi aren’t overly modest or shy about nudity-- that’s just Anakin, who grew up in a place where it was important to stay covered up.

It’s not even an unpleasant sight, really. His Master is an attractive man, and he’s appreciated that fact on... several somewhat shameful occasions. But right now, he wants to look away. As appealing as the sight usually is... it just seems wrong to watch his Master be treated like an inanimate doll, having his layers peeled off while he hangs mostly limp from one suspended arm.

And yeat, he still can’t tear his eyes away.

It shakes Anakin when Obi-Wan speaks. The man is so relaxed, he almost thought he’d fallen asleep, but no.

“Sorry, what was that?” He asks, having missed the actual words while he was lost in his thoughts.

There’s a fond sort of sigh from the ginger. “said... d’you think it’s going... in the mouth?” It’s clearly a bit of a struggle for his Master to enunciate his words with any finesse. He doesn’t seem troubled or frustrated by this, however. “Or the...” He doesn’t finish, apparently figuring that Anakin can fill in the blank.

He can, and his face goes more red as he lowers his commlink, deciding he shouldn’t take any more scans while Obi-Wan is like this. They have enough of the creature to make any scientist happy.

“Uh...” How is he even supposed to answer that? Is this a test, or is Obi-Wan really that disconnected from reality? “It needs to get to your stomach, right?”

An affirmative hum is the response.

“... I think the mouth, then.” He pauses, continuing to watch apprehensively as the creature gets the last layers of clothing off and starts inspecting the naked body in its grasp for, presumably, the best entry point. ”That’d be easiest.”

Again, there’s an agreeing hum. “... Hope you’re right.” despite the casual, slurred tone, the words belie his Master’s apprehension.

What Anakin wouldn’t do to help him right now... He wishes he could just stop this, save Obi-Wan... but there’s too much that could go wrong if he did anything.

So he stays, and he watches.

And he was right.

It did go for the mouth.