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Put Your Marks on My Skin

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To say that Eddie was feeling needy would be a gross understatement. It has been close to a week that Buck and him have not had any time together, let alone have sex, and god dammnit Eddie needs Buck. He needs to feel Evan, in him, over him, all around him, and he will have him. With that thought in mind Eddie invited him over, being purposefully vague, but insisting that it is important he come over right now.


As soon as Evan walks in through the door, Eddie jumps him. Pushing Buck against the door Eddie kisses him desperately, impatiently taking off his tshirt. Startled, Evan takes a moment to realise what the fuck is happening but almost immediately he takes control of the kiss, grabbing Eddie by his waist Buck reverses their position, nipping and licking into Eddie’s mouth as he grinds their hips together.

Pulling Eddie closer Buck pushes his leg between Eddie’s making Eddie moan as he shamelessly ruts against the denim clad thigh.

After making out frantically some more Buck pulls back reluctantly, making Eddie let out a pathetic whine. Taking a breath Buck takes in Eddie, who, with his hair all ruffled, his lips swollen and spit slick and his sweatpants riding dangerously low on his hips with a telling wet spot at the front, looks like the definition of a wet dream.

“Not that I’m complaining, but what brought this on baby?” asks Buck, smiling dopily.

“I…I need you Evan. Not being able to feel you this past week has been a torture. I need to feel you. In me, over me, all around me. I need you to dominate me. Please, papi, please,” Eddie says, looking up at Buck with the most adorable desperate expression on his face. And who is Buck to deny his beautiful boy?

“God baby, do you have any idea what you do to me? Don’t worry darling, papi will take such good care of you. I want you to go to the bedroom, strip, and lie down on your stomach like a good little boy and wait for papi yeah? Can you do that for me?”

Blowing out a breathless “Yes papi" Eddie strides purposefully into the bedroom and does exactly as he’s asked. He can hear Evan moving around, the clink of his belt opening, the sound of him rummaging around in the cupboard. Finally he feels the bed dip as Evan climbs up and sits between Eddie’s spread legs.

“Okay baby, now I’m going to pull you arms back and tie them. What are your colors darlin'?” Evan asks, his voice pitched lower in arousal.

“Green for go, yellow for a break and red for stop immediately,” answer Eddie, his skin prickling up in anticipation.

Gently Buck pulls Eddie’s arms behind his back, folds them and ties them together with a beautiful black satin rope, checking carefully that they don’t restrict circulation. After that he pulls Eddie up, making him rise up on his knees, with his head pushed into the bed.

Buck takes a moment to fully take in and appreciate the mesmerizing picture Eddie makes and says, “Fucking he’ll baby, you look so good. All tied up and waiting for me to ruin you. I can’t wait to make you scream in pleasure.” He sees Eddie squirm in anticipation and smirks to himself.

Slicking up his fingers Buck prepares Eddie, purposefully ignoring his prostate, teasing Eddie till tears of frustration leave his eyes.

Unable to resist anymore Buck finally pulls his fingers out, kissing Eddie’s heaving back as he slicks up his cock.

Evan teasingly rubs his dick over Eddie’s hole, pushing in a little bit and pulling back out, till Eddie whines pathetically and cants his hips back. Finally, fucking finally , Buck pushes in fully, sheathing himself to the hilt in one smooth thrust.

“Fuck, papi yes!! Fuck me, please,” cries Eddie, almost shivering in pleasure.

Panting harshly, Evan grabs onto the rope tying Eddie’s hands and starts fucking him earnestly. Every thrust aiming for Eddie’s prostrate, making him let out broken moans and cries of “Fuck" and “Yes" and “Please papi" almost constantly.

As if something in him snapped, Evan starts to put more force in his thrusts, the sound of their skins slapping echoing obscenely.

Eddie feels blissfully blank. His mind clear of every worry, burden and anxiety. The only thing that matters is Evan, they way his dick feels inside, the feel of his hands gripping and pulling on the rope and his hair, the sound of him panting harshly, groaning out in ecstasy. With every forceful thrust against his prostate Eddie feels closer to cumming, he starts shaking, trying desperately to hold on to the last shreds of his sanity.

“Please, papi, may I cum? Please let me cum, I’m so close,” Eddie begs desperately.

“Fuck baby, come on, cum for me. I’m so close, want to feel you squeeze my dick, so come on baby, do it. Now!” Evan grits out, grabbing Eddie’s hair and pulling harshly.

That bite of pain along with Buck’s order is Eddie’s undoing and he cums immediately with a cry of “Evan", pulling Buck along with him.


Eddie slumps bonelessly on the bed, his eyes drooping and feeling peaceful for the first time in what felt like a long time. Kissing his shoulders Buck unbound his arms, rubbing and massaging them to get the blood flowing and get rid of any tension.

After a while of cuddling and kissing Buck gets up and retrieves a wet washcloth, wiping Eddie down before he pours a generous amount of soothing lavender massage oil on Eddie’s back, and gives him a back rub till Eddie starts snoring deeply, peacefully asleep. Laughing at his baby's cuteness Buck pulls him close and making sure everything’s okay allows himself to drift off to sleep, silently vowing to never let either of them spend so long apart.