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Put Your Marks on My Skin

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It came as a surprise to absolutely no one when a few months after the lawsuit, their fight and consequent making up, Buck and Eddie announced that they were in a relationship. Those two oblivious idiots were obviously made for each other and everyone, including Buck and Eddie knew that this was it for them.


When Buck and Eddie sorted their shit out, they didn’t immediately jump into bed together. Neither of them had had much experience in same sex relationships so it was unanimously decided to take it slow. Things between them escalated slowly, both of them taking their time to know each other’s bodies and what the other liked. But Buck has been noticing certain things about Eddie which he has seen only once before. Like Eddie flushing when he is praised – a simple “That’s so good, you’re doing so good baby” can make him flush down to his chest and cum. Like how eager he is to listen – whenever Buck says things like “Get rid of your clothes baby” or “Jerk me off, come on” Eddie almost trips over himself in his eagerness to comply. Buck didn’t think too much of it then, but things changed the day they took the final step.


It was a day off for both of them and they both had talked beforehand about where they wanted things to go today. Christopher had been shipped off to Abuela’s and they had the whole night to themselves.

Buck knows he wants to make things special for Eddie, that he wants Eddie to let go of his inhibitions and enjoy tonight. With this thought in mind Buck starts to prepare one of Eddie’s favorite dishes; he also makes the bed, putting on fresh sheets and keeping the supplies nearby.

When Eddie arrives, the first thought in Buck’s mind is “Wow.” He’s wearing a dark olive green henley with well-worn black jeans that clings to his legs and ass and brown boots. Buck silently prays that he isn’t drooling from his mouth at the sight.

”, Buck! You with me?” Eddie asks suppressing a smile.

”Ye-yeah, sorry. God Eddie, you look so good,” Buck says looking sheepish, cheeks tinged pink.

Eddie blushes, mumbling a “Thank you.”

After ogling each other a little more Buck leads them to the counter where they have dinner making light conversation. Buck notices Eddie looking around the loft, which is decorated in soft fairy lights and candles, and the dinner a little teary eyed and lost in thought.

“What’s wrong baby? You look a little lost in your thoughts there… Is this- is this okay? This wasn’t too much right? Shit, do you not like it?” Buck asks starting to panic.

“No, Evan, no! This is perfect, cariño. This is more than perfect. I just…no one has ever done anything like this for me,” Eddie says, sounding a little choked, “I never thought I could have this. And now I have something even better than I could ever imagine with you. I couldn’t be any happier. Thank you, mi corazón. Te amo.”

“Oh. Eddie, baby, this is just the beginning. We’re gonna have so many more nights like this and I totally plan on sweeping you right off your feet. I love you too baby,” Buck says chuckling wetly.


After dinner they go to the couch to watch some TV, though they both know neither would be doing much watching. Snuggling close they start up a movie, too busy with each other to even care what it is. Pretty soon however, the movie gets forgotten as they both become too engrossed in each other.

Little did either of them know that this night was about to bring with it a major shift in their relationship.