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Coming Out of the Closet

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'Who's idea was this anyways?' Tony thought to himself, sure as hell not his. He went to bed in his own bed and woke up in a closet. The biggest problem wasn't that he was in some random closet, nooooo he knew whose closet it was; there was nothing random about this closet. It was neat organized and full of his bosses clothes and that was the problem.

It was Gibbs's closet. Why he was in Gibbs's closet was still unknown and why he was handcuffed in said closet was even a bigger unknown. "What the hell is going on?" Tony mumbled aloud.

Jiggling the cuffs as if they would magically unlock, Tony tried not to panic. He stopped pulling franticly at the cuffs that were hooked to some sort of built in shoe rack, most likely left over from one of the wives, since there were two pairs of boots sneakers and dress shoes on it barley taking up one of the four rows. Laying there Tony figured it couldn't be too bad to be found by Gibbs, it wasn't his fault and plus he was pretty sure he had been drugged since he didn't remember being taken out of his apartment or the drive to Gibbs's, at least he wasn't hurt this time. He was only in his boxers but that was how he slept. Kate had teased him once about being the only man she knew who put underwear on to go to bed since he was a commando kind of guy, but after the incident in Cuba with the iguana…

Lying on the floor trying to get comfortable Tony could smell the scent that was intrinsically Gibbs, coffee, sawdust, bourbon, and gunpowder. Only Gibbs and Abby could pull off gunpowder like that.

On the floor Tony wiggled as the thought of being this close to Gibbs scent made him hard, he tried to think about anything else but every time he shifted, it stirred the air in the small room and he was assaulted by another wave of Gibbs, continually compounding the problem.

Every breath he took made it worse until he was harder than he had been for years. 'Damn it', now it was a bad idea for Gibbs to find him, his cock hard. What would his male boss think when he found his subordinate agent hard, nearly naked, and handcuffed to his shoetree in his closet. Tony sighed, dropped his head with a 'thunk' to the top of the rack, and then jerked up when the door opened.

"Dinozzo what the hell are you doing in my closet!" Gibbs barked and growled at the same time.

"Uh well it's like this I um uh I don't know." Tony said giving up; at least his hard on was hidden at the moment hopefully giving Tony time to will it away.

"How did you get here?"

"Don't know that one either Boss. Went to bed in my apartment, alone, woke up here cuffed." Tony explained, rattling the cuffs. Gibbs turned to the dresser grabbed his keys and un-cuffed Tony, careful not to touch them so that they could get prints or maybe even some DNA.

"How did they get me in here boss, how did you not hear us?"

"Was at the office needed to sign off on the Kelly transfer." referring to the case of a mad librarian they had just wrapped up, setting the cuffs down. But Tony snatched them up, "Damn it Dinozzo what the hell do you think you're doing? That's evidence."

"No that's Ziva's."

"What?" Gibbs asked with a look implying his senior agent was nuts.

Pointing to the paint that was in the lock, "The Getty case last month, they ended up covered in paint. Ziva complained that it went everywhere, even her cuffs."

"That's right." The paint was a distinctive shade of green, not one to be forgotten. Why the crazed city-billing clerk had that much paint still a bit of a mystery. "Why would you be wearing Ziva's cuffs and little else in my closet Dinozzo?" Gibbs asked throwing Tony a pair of sweats.

"I don't know." he's answered hurrying to pull up the loaned clothes, his hard on still noticeable.

"Somehow I think you know more than you think you do?"

"Boss?" Tony asked confused.

"Come on Dinozzo I know you're a damn good investigator, put the pieces together. Ziva put you in my closet; hand cuffed you so you couldn't leave. She left you in your boxers, which did little to hide your erection. And I'm sure it wasn't from the thought of danger. Seen you in enough situations to know that isn't a kink for you."

Tony swallowed hard, how was he going to talk himself out of this one? Why did he have to open his big mouth about the paint, this was a lot easier to deal with when he didn't know who had put him in the closet or why. Oh wait he had put himself in the closet. Thank god, said erection had finally gone away.

He had always had a thing for Gibbs; he also always hoped that he had kept it hidden from everyone. Ziva and her crazy ninja skills must have seen it.

"Tony is there something you should be telling me?" Gibbs asked as softly as he could because it looked like Tony was about to rabbit at any second. He had a light sheen of sweat on his chest despite the slightly chilly temperature of the room. He kept trying not to look at the door just past Gibbs. He knew Tony was trying to decide the odds of getting out of the door before Gibbs got him. The odds of course were zero and they both knew it. Taking a cautious step towards Tony, Gibbs made sure to block the door more and asked. "Tony, we're friends right? You know you can talk to me."

It was Tony's turn to glare. "Talk Gibbs come on really. You do everything you can not to. You perfected the Gibbs's glare so you wouldn't have to use words. You trying to get me to talk is a definitely kettle pot situation." Tony's emotions were swinging wildly. He had gone from resigned to scarred, embarrassed, to pissed since he woke up.

"Okay alright, you're right. I don't like talking but you do." Gibbs had gotten close enough to put his hand on Tony's shoulder. He was happy Tony didn't jerk away from him. The feel of Tony's skin was something he had always wondered about, but he knew he would never know what it felt like. Tony was his second in command. And there was rule number twelve to think about too.

Tony slipped out from under Gibb's calloused hand. He turned towards the window. He fingered the fabric of the curtain, stalling. Yeah he talked but he rarely said anything of substance.

"So, yeah danger isn't a kink for me well not like that anyway." he said just over a whisper. "I don't mind a little pain or uh well never mind. Look, I am glad that I've had a chance to work with you over the years, you'll have my resignation by the week's end. I'm sorry that I have to go, I've learned so much from you and wish I could learn more."

Gibbs was shocked and growled, "Why would I want your damn resignation Dinozzo? You haven't done anything."

Tony turned and there was a strange look in his eyes, he took a step, put his hand on Gibbs shoulder like he had done to the younger man, then Tony did something Gibbs hadn't, he kissed Gibbs.

Gibbs was shocked again, he never would have guessed his agent was gay or even bi-sexual but then he hadn't broadcast his interest either. He decided to shock the agent right back. He wrapped his arms around Tony's chest and pulled him closer.

Tony moaned in surprise and put his hands on Gibbs hips, brushing their erections against each other.

: ) : 0 : p : D


"Told you they were in the closet."

"How is it you get every other idioms wrong but manage to get this one right?" McGee asked his partner in crime.

Ziva shrugged, "It is correct yes?"

"I said it was. How did you figure out they were interested in each other?"

"The way they watched each other, the way Gibbs growled over all the girls Tony was supposedly out with."


"I followed him one night when he was going on a big date. I had started to wonder, to notice how they acted. I found him at home watching that Berretta show."

"Berretta show?" It took McGee a moment to get it. "Magnum not berretta, wrong type of gun, Ziva."

She shrugged again, watching the screen. She turned her head to the side so it lay on her shoulder. "Is that even, oh well yes, I guess it is possible."

McGee turned bright red and cut the feed. "Better hide this from Abby she's gonna kill me as it is."

"Let's hope Gibbs doesn't find it or he'll kill you first and worry about evidence later." Ziva called over her shoulder as she left the room.

McGee dropped his head on the table and mumbled, "How do I let myself get talked into these things. I need mental bleach."

: ) : 0 : p : D

The next morning

Sitting at the table, Gibbs fiddled with the camera that was the size of a button "Do we thank them or kill them?" He asked the green eyes staring at him.

"Hmmm thank them for the cuffs then kill them for the camera."

Gibbs smiled nods once and finished his coffee.

Fin for now she'll have another birthday next year