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Talking to Evie

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- Hi. How was your day, huh? I think I will call you Evie, if you don't mind. You are the first cow here, so it's quite logical. But please don't eat apples.

- Hi, Evie. I'm afraid, we won't be talking much in a week or so. We are leaving soon, at least I hope so. Not because of you, of course.

- Hi. I'm here again and we are not leaving. I don't have to fear, King-Lu says, and he's wise, so I won't.

- Hi. I had the most beautiful day today, Evie, and I hope you did as well. I kissed King-Lu, could you imagine? He kissed me too, and I said I love him. I do. And I love you, baby Evie, thank you so much for your help and your company.