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Under Arrest

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Jungkook had a flitting thought of thank God I made this room soundproof before Seokjin's moans and the arch of that sweaty back made him thrust faster.

"How does it feel being disloyal to your profession?" Jungkook mocked, a cruel grin on his face, "How does it feel lying just so you could be fucked by a criminal's cock?"

Seokjin whined in the sheets, ass held up by Jungkook's strong arms. He was already past speech, his voice having been broken after his third orgasm. Now Seokjin was just a mess of boneless limbs and needy whines.

"You are loyal only for my cock", a sharp slap on the bottom made it redder than before, matching the other cheek, "Your only profession is being my cock slut."

"Ah!" Seokjin's limp cock hung between his legs, twitching only slightly as his prostate was hammered, "Ngh~"

"Can't even beg", Jungkook snarled, yanking Seokjin's head back by his hair. The back arched even deeper in this position, "Just moan for my cock to cum inside your slut body."

And Seokjin moaned. Broken and rough and needy. Jungkook's cock twitched violently, balls heavy with cum even when he had delivered three loads in the quivering body.

"Do you want more cum, slut?" Seokjin choked on air as Jungkook's hips slapped against his ass, burying deep inside that wet heat, "Do you want to look swollen and pregnant?"

Seokjin was so filled that cum escaped from around Jungkook's cock in thick strings. It slipped down the rim before either getting fucked inside again or sticking to Jungkook's balls. He knew he was filled to the brim but Seokjin craved more. He wanted every drop of Jungkook's cum to fill his body.

"Gah!" Was all Seokjin could shudder out, breath erratic and mouth parched. Eyes rolled in his head as Jungkook yanked him further back, spine bent like a bow. It hurt, but it also felt good.

"So tight", Jungkook slapped the red cheek with one hand, "So wet."

Another slap landed on the other cheek. Seokjin's cock twitched a little before a tiny amount of translucent fluid was spurt out of it. Seokjin was surprised he even had that much to give.

"My perfect slut", Jungkook praised as he stood at the edge of his mind blowing orgasm, "The dirtiest ass. Could cum in this hole all day long- fuck!"

A grunt and another deep shove was all Jungkook gave as he came, delivering more thick and goopy cum in the already dirty and overflowing ass. He thrust in and out a few times, watching with attentive eyes as his pearly cum dripped down the sheet. It was starting to froth around the rim and Jungkook had a sudden urge to taste that red cherry but then Seokjin's ass slumped back on the bed and the spell was broken.

It wasn't the first time he had a bitch to fuck. It wasn't the first time that bitch worked in the justice system. But it was the first time he was fucking someone who was so inexperienced and...


Jungkook pulled out his cock, watching the hole leak his cum before he grabbed a wash cloth from the nightstand.

It was the first time he was cleaning someone up. Usually, the sluts he had already knew what was expected of them: fuck and go. But no matter how many times Jungkook told Seokjin that, the cop would whine and pout. One time, he had shouted at the man and asked him to get his ass in the bathroom.

The tears he had seen in Seokjin's eyes that day... Those tears made him want to kill himself.

Jungkook would gladly kill anyone who made those tears well up in Seokjin's eyes ever again.

"So pretty", he softly praised as he cleaned the sensitive area.

It was the first time he was taking care of someone after sex but every time he did this, it became easier. More natural. Sometimes when Seokjin did not fall into that deep in subspace and would not need this tender loving care, Jungkook would feel weird and dissatisfied. He would then send countless gifts to Seokjin's house to settle his restless heart.

"My best baby", Jungkook kissed along the spine, watching how goosebumps broke on the skin. He nipped softly at the base of Seokjin's neck before leaning up and kissing his cheek. The cop turned his head, eyes hazy and confused.

Two months ago was the first time Jungkook had kissed someone who he claimed was his "bitch". Because his kisses were reserved were only special people.

Seokjin was special.

The smile he had gotten from a sleepy Seokjin when he told him this was the smile he swore to protect forever.

"You are so beautiful, my love."

It wasn't love, even when Jungkook called Seokjin his "love".

It wasn't a confession, even when his soft kisses fell like little declarations on Seokjin's sensitive and pink skin.

They weren't a couple, even when Jungkook held Seokjin in his arms for the entire night, cancelling any plans for the day because he knew Seokjin would not be waking up anytime soon.

It wasn't a relationship, even when Jungkook helped Seokjin eat breakfast in his bed, uncaring of any mess.

"You won't be harming any of my team mates", Seokjin glared at him. It would have been intimidating if Seokjin's cheeks were not swollen like a hamster having his meal.

Ah, Jungkook remembered. He had made the excuse of harming a member of Seokjin's precious team to get the cop to sleep with him.

"Keep moaning for me and they'll live."

They both knew it was an empty threat, a stupid excuse. But both did not have the courage to voice the real feelings behind their meetings.

"And will it cost you a lot to not make any mess in Seoul and stay out of here?"

No, it won't cost Jungkook even a percent of what he earned.

"Yes", the mob boss stared at Seokjin, "You cannot comprehend how much it will cost me."

Another stupid excuse and lie that both knew of but none spoke or acknowledged.

"Then what should I do to stop you from harming my people?" Seokjin took a shuddering breath, nuzzling deeper in Jungkook's warmth. He enjoyed the rise of fall of his wame chest, almost falling asleep again.

"We can think of a payment."

And they continued to skirt around.


It was three weeks later that Jungkook got a call. A call regarding his Seokjin.

Since when have I been calling him "my Seokjin"? Was a thought that stayed for only a second in Jungkook's mind. The criminal was too busy driving to his base to pay attention to how possessive he was of this cop.

"Full information", Jungkook coldly said as he stepped into the elevator with his right hand man.

"Hit by a car. The number plate was fake. Apparently, he has been investigating a high class government member and was gathering evidence of his corrupt activities. The driver was identified to be that member's trusted hitman."

Sometimes Jungkook forgot that the man he was fucking was a police officer. Sometimes he forgot that it was not only his marks on that body, that some of those bruises on Seokjin's skin were testimony of how hard working and resilient he was in his job.

Sometimes Jungkook forgot that just like he had kidnapped Seokjin once, someone could do it as well. But they wouldn't be as merciful as him. Their touch might not be gentle—


His man prompted him to get out of the elevator. Just the thought of someone touching Seokjin made Jungkook's blood boil.

"We should not get involved in this", his other man suggested. That did not anger Jungkook. He appreciated honesty and courage.

"We won't", Jungkook said as he got into his office, "We will just make their investigation easier. And when he is in jail, we'll play our cards."

It took a month for that official to be behind bars. And just another two days for him to be beaten to pulp by Jungkook's men. In these days, Seokjin recovered.


Jungkook went to his house to meet him. He could not go to the hospital, could not let others become suspicious of their arrangement. Which meant he hasn't seen his Seokjin in a month.

"I'm not really up for fucking", Seokjin smirked, pointing at his plastered right hand, "You'll have to for at least one month more."

"Mm", Jungkook closed the door and walked inside. He ignored Seokjin's confused face and walked past him and into the kitchen, "You like japchae?"

"Sure", Seokjin smiled, amused, "You know how to cook?"

"I even know how to sew", Jungkook gathered the ingredients as Seokjin watched him. The cop dragged a chair near the kitchen and looked upon as the criminal worked. Jungkook paid his smile no mind and successfully made a big bowl of sweet dinner.

"This is..." Seokjin chewed on his food, eyes widening, "delicious."

"Don't talk while eating."

The cop giggled and nodded. The dinner then became a silent affair. Jungkook would steal glances at the cop as he ate, letting out noises of pleasures.

"Are you eating food or sucking my cock?"

Seokjin blushed bright pink, averting his eyes to stare at the bowl, "Your cock doesn't taste as good."

"That's not what you said a month ago", he teased with a smirk, "Maybe you have forgotten the taste."

"Well I won't be remembering it anytime soon", Seokjin raised his plastered arm. The blush on his body was as high as around the brows and as low as around the clavicles. Jungkook put down his chopsticks.

"I have forgotten your taste as well."

Seokjin raised a brow at that, "You have never sucked me off."

Jungkook stood and walked towards him. The cop tilted his head up when the criminal came to stand between his legs. Lips touched softly at first before Jungkook dipped his tongue between them.

"Mm!" Seokjin moaned as his mouth was licked from the inside, tongue dancing with another wet one. Jungkook enjoyed the sweetness before he nipped at the bottom lip, sucking it in his mouth.

"This taste", he whispered as they broke apart. Seokjin's lips were swollen and red, "I was starting to forget."

Jungkook had never been desperate to kiss someone, he had never enjoyed kissing someone. Seokjin was special.

"I see..." was all the cop could whisper. Jungkook pulled his chair closer and sat near him. He took Seokjin's plate and chopsticks and started feeding the man.

It was quiet as Seokjin was fed. It was quiet as he was taken in Jungkook arm and carried to the bathroom. It was quiet as he was undressed, washed and redressed. It was quiet because either were afraid of breaking this spell, this calm bubble around themselves.

"Good night", Jungkook cuddled Seokjin, shirtless and tired. The cop yawned before replying the same.

It wasn't love, even when Jungkook felt something warm blossom under his ribs, making him smile softly.

It wasn't love. But it was something.