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Earth's Daughter

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“So what you’re saying is that the first Mist guardian of Vongola swore to ‘keep Vongola strong’, and by that he meant to kill my entire family? That is wasn’t ever ordered to attack the Simon? You’re also telling me that Primo never betrayed Cozarto?” Mami was shocked, her entire life she had been told that Vongola had betrayed them, though, now that she thought about it, Cozarto and Giotto were said to be best friends, brother even.

“Yes.” Sawada was still surprised Enma’s sister was alive but he stayed serious for now.

Mami sighed and put her head in her hands. “ That is fucked up, and Daemon was the cause of all of this?” Sawada nodded at her.


“ God my brother is so stupid.” Tsunayoshi looked confused. “He took his guardians alone, I might add, to defeat an entire Famiglia? Revenge or not that goes against all logic.” Mami heard a snort behind her.

As soon as the meeting was over Sawada, ‘Call me Tsuna.’, had called Enma telling him to meet him as soon as possible, that there was something important that had come up. Saw-Tsuna hadn’t told Enma what was going on causing him to panic, thinking the worst, and take the first flight over with all of his guardians.

Mami had not been expecting that response and promptly began panicking. How would he react? Would he call her a fake, hate her, ignore her completely? She didn’t know what to do. Mami so caught up in her pacing, failed to notice the floating and flattened objects surrounding her. She knew she had flames but she hadn’t a clue how to use them, causing things like this to happen.

“Mami, please, I know you’re nervous but I rather not be floating ten-feet in the air.” Tsuna seemed used to this, somehow, and was taking her panicked self in stride.

“ What-” Snapping out of her trance the previously floating objects fell to the ground. “ Oh, sorry! That happens sometimes. Are you okay?” Mami helped Tsuna off the ground and he dusted himself off.

There was a tense silence while only the tick of the clock could be heard.

thump thump thump

Mami looked away from her hands, what was that noise?

thump thump thump thump

Gokudera noticed the sound as well and shifted his stance.

thump thuMP THUMP

Tsuna and Mami stood and faced the door.


The door slammed open to reveal a panting Enma with his guardians behind him.

“What happened?! Is someone trying to take over the world again?! Is it Iemitsu?! What-” Enma froze. Red hair, red eyes, compass-shaped pupils. What?

Mami couldn’t help it. She began to sob. Her brother was standing in front of her, alive. Big ugly sobs. There was no mistaking his flames. It was him, alive.

Enma didn’t move, when Tsuna called him he expected that something horrible had happened from the shortness, he never could have expected this. He never would have thought, “Mami?”

Enma’s guardians jumped in surprise. They thought they were the last of the Simon.

Mami could barely nod before she tackles her brother. They were both crying now, kneeling on the floor of the Vongola decimo’s office floor, clutching each other desperately.

She wasn’t alone anymore. She had her family back.

Mami Kozato was a scary person, Tsuna thought. The young woman knew almost every type of spider, was unaffected by intimidation, and worst of all, she got along with Reborn of all people. Yes, Mami Kozato was a scary person indeed.

“Hah!” The thief stared down at her brother triumphantly from her perch on a tree, holding a seemingly innocent sheet of paper.

“Mami, please.” Enma looked at his sister pleadingly.

“Awww~ but why? This is such good material!” She waved the paper, emphasizing her point.

“Exactly, it’s good material, against me.” Mami hummed and acted like she was thinking about it.

“Fine~” The paper burned up in her hands and she jumped down next to Enma.

“Thank you, now let’s-” Enma walked in front of Mami leading the way back to the mansion. He missed the mischievous grin on her face as she sent something on her phone.

At the Vongola mansion Reborn’s phone buzzed.

MaKo sent a photo

Reborn opened the image only to grin. The surrounding people shivered and backed away from the cackling sun acobelano.

Inside the message was a picture of two people. Tsuna, and Enma. The pair were looking at the camera in varying states of shock and panic. They were in disarray, clothes ruffled and hair messed up. The was a caption attached to the message.

They grow up so fast ToT

Mami looked at her phone when it buzzed.

Espresso King saved your image

She cackled and Enma felt like he just signed his own death waiver.

The next time the Simon visited the Vongola it was a meeting between allies. The Vongola, CEDEF, Varia, Cavallone, Acobaleno, and more were there. The meeting went along smoothly, par the usual Vongola brand of chaos. The only thing off about the meeting was that Mami felt someone watching her, the gaze wasn’t malicious just curious and surprised. Mami didn’t do anything about the stare, only ignoring it until the end of the meeting where everyone milled about, chatting.

Reborn had dragged her over to some corner where a woman was leaning against the wall. He introduced her as Rosalyn, a fellow hitman. The two talked for a while before Mami paused.

“Wait, Adrianna?” The woman barked out a familiar laugh.

“Hah! Took ya long enough kid! Never expected to see the little brat I caught all those years ago sitting with the big guys!” Mami grinned.

“I knew you were different, policewoman my ass!” Reborn left the two women while he went to bother Tsuna.

“So, Mami Ricci, how's the mafia life treating you?”

Mami snorted, “It’s Kozato actually, besides, you act as if I was ever not in it.”

“Ahh, so you’re the lost sister I heard about.”

“Seems so.”

The two mafia women shared tales of their jobs until the subject of infiltration came up.

The hitwoman raised an eyebrow, “Maybe I can teach you a few things kid, I’ve been looking for an apprentice for some time now and you’re already in the business.”

Mami grinned and handed her a piece of paper, “I might just take you up on that offer.” and she thrived.

The day Mami met the Varia was a day that has been burned into everyone's mind as why Mami Kozato was a scary individual.

“VOI!” Mami ran down the hallway cackling before she jumped the stairs to a landing roll before dashing away from a sword. In her hand, she held a metal object.

Mami watched Squalo tear his sword out of the wall with little difficulty and grinned. “Oi! Need a hand?” She waved Squalo’s metal hand only to dodge him once more.

Mami jumped out of the first window she found. It was on the fourth floor. The mooks below her scrambled out of the way as she landed with a thud. Turning she saw an angry swordsman at the window. She threw the hand at him before running away once more all the while laughing like a madman.

Mami was laying on the ground when she heard the soft tap of feet on the earth. She didn’t move as they laid next to her.

“Hey, Enma?”

He hummed and she looked over at him.

“You know how I said I didn’t do the thing.”

Enma whipped his head towards his sister. “You didn’t...”

She grinned, sharp and mischievous. “Oh, but I did~” Mami jumped up to dodge the hand meant to grab her and danced away.

“Why would you tell Reborn we were together?!”

Mami merely sighed dramatically, “Well someone has to keep him informed on his student's love life.”



There was a moment of silence before Mami snorted. Soon both siblings were laughing on the ground. It was nice. Mami was with her brother, her friends, her family and Famiglia. She was happy, whole.

“You didn’t actually tell Reborn, right?”

“Oh, no I definitely did.”