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Beyond Measure

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Session 16

Present day

James sits straight in his chair, resisting the urge to smirk at the black haired teen. It's finally here. It had been a grueling number of hours waiting for his chance, but it's finally here. He couldn't interfere with the monk, nor the therapist, but Oliver ー Oliver was his favorite toy.

The boy is trying hard to keep his face stoic for his audience ー the group of foreigners acting as an impenetrable wall between James and Mai ー but he can't hide the nervous tremble of his hands as he takes his seat at the witness stand.

Oliver looks years older, his blue eyes sunken in and his skin a sickly pale color. James relished the pain etched in the lines of his face, knowing he had put them there.

When the bailiff steps forward, James can't help the twinge of satisfaction at the look of fear in the teens eyes. This would be easier than expected. "Do you solemnly affirm that the evidence that you shall give, shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?"

"I-I do."

James leans back in his chair, expectant. All it would take was a glance; the briefest moment of eye contact and his freedom would be won.

But Oliver keeps his gaze frustratingly forward, sitting on the edge of the seat. Why doesn't he look? James wants to shout, but bites his tongue.

The prosecutor doesn't turn an eye to James either as she approaches the stand, tapping her nails against the podium as she glances over her notes. "Where did you meet the defendant, James Dumont?"

Oliver clears his throat, "He, uh, he was hired to work for my family under the name James Currin while I was in Japan. I met him in May when I returned to London." he says, confident.

"Did you recognize him at the time?"

James frowns, remembering the feeling of the butterflies in his stomach when he had been face to face with the great Oliver Davis for the first time. And the disgust that had followed.

Oliver shakes his head, glaring at the wooden desk. "No."

Of course he didn't. The bastard.

"Did you know of his talents as a hypnotist?"

James studies Oliver's blank face with a sneer. Yes.



James slams his fist down on his knee, nearly forgetting to keep his mouth shut. His attorney taps him hard on the shoulder, masked as a comforting gesture, he turns to silence him. James pushes his hand away, barely listening as the prosecutor approached Oliver, "Have you ever willingly taken a drug called Sychol, a known sleeping agent?"

And Oliver's redundant answer. "No."

James finds it increasingly hard to concentrate as questions continued, his fury growing with every answer untilー

"And you believe the defendant was the person who drugged you?"

"At the time we didn't really know what happened. We didn't know who it was. But after..." he pauses, clearing his throat, "after what's happened I find it hard to believe it was just coincidence."

The prosecutor nods as she turns to face James and his attorney with a smile, her bright blue eyes focused on something over his shoulder. James growls under his breath. If she would just look at him.

"What happened next?"

He can see Oliver's wide dark blue orbs focus on the crowd. "The kidnapping."

A smile slid over James's face.

Of everything he had done to the boy, even bringing him to the brink of death could not compare to the fear and surprise he had seen in those blue eyes when James had surprised him as the Davis manor.

He had to admit, it had been a wonderful plan. Infallible. The kidnapping of Oliver Davis had been planned for ages ー ever since the boy had appeared on Belikov's radar. When they had been too late to get the elder twin ー and had been perfectly executed.

The Davises had planned a day trip to visit relatives in Kent, but their dear son had stayed behind with the excuse that he had been feeling sick. Much to James's glee, Mai had opted to stay behind as well. He wanted her almost as much as Belikov wanted the Davis boy.

It was almost more than James could have asked for, finding them both in the same place, if only for one problem: the Chinese man he called Lin, who stayed behind to chaperone the couple.

It was near impossible to use suggestion on the man, his shiki would protect him from most any outside source of power. But, the man wasn't faultless. All it took was some waiting, an hour or two of biding his time and the Chinese man excused himself from the living room to take a phone call.

When he stepped outside, James made his move.

He glided up the stairs, giddy with excitement. After months of planning, months of scheming and playing his part, it had arrived. The finally to his very own real-life drama.

After that night, he would never again be James Currin, Davis butler. After he delivered the boy to Belikov, he would be free to be himself. And the girl... He would keep the girl for himself. She would resist at first, of course, but she would be his, in the end.

All his.

And so he had made his way toward the soft murmuring of voices coming from the Davis boy's bedroom. Disgust had risen in the pit of his stomach at the sound of it.

It was revolting, but he had propelled himself forward on tip-toe, reaching out for the door knob...

But then it had swung opened on its own accord, forcing James back a step before the black haired teen careened into him.

"Oh, sorryー" Oliver had started, then paused, realizing to whom he was apologizing. He frowned, "Do you need something?"

James had simply smirked at the boy, irritation setting in. "No, no, it was my fault. I need to come with me." He had felt the swell of power, heard the hypnotizing ring of his voice but something had gone wrong.

James frowned at the memory. He still had no explanation on why his ability had failed to work on them. He had a theory that it was something to do with sensitivity to supernatural energy.

Their eyes hadn't glazed over like he hadn't spoken at all. In fact, Mai had gone completely unaffected. She only tilted her head in confusion, lips pouting.

Oliver however, while he hadn't exactly been affected, he had enough sense to level James with such a look of shocked understanding that James knew he knew. Knew that the boy had finally recognized James for what he really was. A criminal.

A psychic.

"Mai, run!" He growled, shoving the girl down the hall, away from James. Mai paused for a moment, whispering something in rapid Japanese, but Oliver pushed her away again.

No matter. He would fetch her later.

"That's not very nice," James found himself saying, matching his dark gaze with Oliver's.

Brown locked on blue. The gentle hum of energy spread through his body until he emanated it. He had concentrated so hard that a thin sheen of sweat had beaded over his forehead.

This time, boy didn't resist. He fell easily into James's command, face going blank, gaze unfocused. "You are going to go downstairs to the garage. Wait for me there." he said in that sickly sweet voice.

Oliver immediately turned his back, heading for the stairs.

"Do not speak to anyone." James called out after him, watching the boy disappear down the stair case. He had no doubts that he would do exactly as he had asked. It wasn't the first time he had used his power against another human being, and it wouldn't be the last.

He still needed to find Mai.

For some time, he had convinced himself that she would come with him willingly. Once she had seen his power, realized exactly what he was... She would be his.

But it was obvious then that the Davis boy had his claws too deep in her. That there was only one way to win Mai for himself once and for all.

Kill Oliver Davis.