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Just a Little Curious

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Zayn Pov:
"Z-Z?" Liam asks knocking softly on the door of my room.
"What's up Li?" I ask, putting my book to the side but leaving my glasses on.
"C-Can I talk to you?" He asks.
"Course Li. What's wrong?"
He comes and sits on the end of my bed. I drag him up the bed so he's sitting in front of me. I shift my position so I'm no longer near the bed head.
"Well, uh I was uh wondering h-how you r-realized you were uh gay?" He says nervously.
"Stop being nervous, it's fine Li." I say, "I'd been thinking about it for awhile so I asked one of my mates at the time, who was gay, weather he could help me. He said he would so he let me kiss him and then I knew. Simple as that. Why do you ask?"
"Just a little curious." He says.
"C'mon Li. I can read you like an open book, I know its not that." I say.
"Fine. Well lately, I've been feeling things, I think I shouldn't be feeling, towards a one of my mates..." He says, "And I think I-I m-might be gay." He murmurs the last bit.
"Li, stop being nervous! It's not like me or the lads are going to judge you if you are!" I say.
We're quiet for about 5 minutes then Liam suddenly speaks up.
"C-Can y-you help me? L-like your f-friend helped y-you?" He stutters.
My turn to stutter.
I lean a tad forward and he moves forward too.
He lets his flutter closed so I do the same.
The kiss is just a slight press of his onto mine.
He pulls away and we open our eyes.
"So?" I try.
"I think I am." He says, "Gay that is."
I lean back on my elbows and tilt my head so I'm still looking at him.
"So who's the lucky guy?" I ask.
"You." He says almost automatically.
Before I can react he's holding himself over me. "Wh-what are you doing?" I stutter.
"Just a little curious." He says.
Then he presses his lips passionately onto mine.
When he pulls away, I look up at him for a moment before I reach up and pull his glasses off. "You're so lucky I love you." I murmur.
"You are lucky that I love you so much." I murmur again.
"You love me?" He questions.
"I love you too." He says.
"I bet I love you more." I say.
I kiss him again.
When we pull away Liam asks "What are we?"
"Well...I was hoping that you would be my boyfriend?" I say, smirking.
A grin the Cheshire Cat would be envious of spreads across his face.
"Then we're boyfriends." He says, before swooping down for another kiss.