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“Look at you.”

Hae-il moaned, arching his back into his partner’s rough thrusts, hands scrabbling at the sheets under him.

Joong-kwon smirked at him from where he straddled Hae-il’s right thigh, fingers digging harshly into Hae-il’s left where he held it on his shoulder. 

“So needy.”

A small part of Hae-il seethed at the man’s taunting, but through the haze of drugs and pleasure it was very quiet. 

Joong-kwon shifted his grip just a hair and then he was pounding into Hae-il until he wailed, pleading for mercy and for him to touch his cock. 

“Little cockslut,” his partner sneered, slowing his thrusts down to be painfully slow and even. “Mm, no. You’re going to come untouched on my cock like the little whore you are.”

Hae-il whined, squirming under him and clenching down around the cock inside him, hands reaching for the other man. He was met with a harsh slap on his ass. 

“Did I say you could touch me?” Joong-kwon growled, fingers gripping bruises into his thigh.  “God, I wonder why I put up with you sometimes.”

Hae-il squeezed his eyes shut and tried to think of something to say through the fog in his head, only to have all thoughts silenced by another flurry of hard and fast thrusts, leaving him nearly sobbing with overstimulation. 

Joong-kwon leaned forward, stretching the muscles in Hae-il’s leg until they screamed and settling into a rhythm of deep, even thrusts. 

“Oh, Hae-il ah,” his partner crooned. “What am I going to do with you?”

A hand curled under Hae-il’s head and pulled him up for a slow, deep kiss that the soldier found himself melting into. 

“You can be an awful lot to handle sometimes, Hae-il ah,” Joong-kwon whispered, breath ghosting over Hae-il’s skin as he pressed soft kisses to his throat. “With your drug habit, your constant need to get fucked, and now your insistence at pretending you have a conscience? Really, Hae-il, you’re too much.”

Something cold spread inside Hae-il’s chest and he shivered even as he burned alive from the drugs in his system and the feeling of Joong-kwon’s cock rubbing over his prostate. 

I didn’t ask for the drugs. I asked for help and that’s what they gave me. I came to see you tonight and that’s what you gave me. 

“We shouldn’t...” he panted. “We shouldn’t have...they were civilians...”

Joong-kwon scoffed and rolled his eyes. “See, this is what I’m talking about. You and I both know you don’t care about anyone but yourself, let alone those people, those enemies, Hae-il! I don’t see why you have to make things so difficult for everyone else by pretending you do.”

That’s not true, Hae-il wanted to say. I do care, I—

Then Joong-kwon was fucking him again in earnest and he was screaming. 

“Please!” he begged. “Touch me, please.”

His partner laughed and fucked him harder. Hae-il could do nothing but lie there, grasping at the sheets and burying his face in his arm, unable to tell if it was pain or pleasure overwhelming him. 

“Relax, Hae-il,” Joong-kwon crooned, the sound of their skin slapping together echoing through the room. “Just let go. You can come like this, I know you can.”

Hae-il shook his head, biting his lip hard enough to draw blood. “I... I can’t...”


Hae-il tried, tried to relax himself and focus on the feeling of the cock moving inside him, on the pleasure building in his belly until it reached a breaking point but could go no further. 

“Joong-kwon,” he pleaded, breath coming in harsh sobs. “I can’t. Touch me, please, I can’t—“

Joong-kwon sighed, sounding very put upon, and wrapped a hand around his cock. 

The reaction was immediate, pleasure uncoiling in a flash and Hae-il’s back arched as he came hard, vision whiting out from the force of it. 

Joong-kwon fucked into him once, twice more before he was groaning and coming deep inside him.  Hae-il shuddered at the feeling of it. 

He pulled out harshly, making Hae-il whimper and dropped his leg off his shoulder, leaving him there on the floor as he stood up to right his uniform. 

“You’ve got to pull yourself together, Hae-il,” he said, shaking his head, disappointed. “You risk endangering our missions if you carry on like this and we can’t have that.”

Hae-il seethed just a little. “I’m not—“

“Get it together or you’ll be reassigned. And don’t think anybody else is gonna put up with you like I do because they won’t. You’re just too much for anybody else.”

He left Hae-il there, come leaking out of him, disheveled on the floor. If he hadn’t been quite so numb, Hae-il might have cried. 


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