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Lazy Summer

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''Haah... I regret not buying an AC...''

The Admiral sighed and ran a hand through his hair, grimacing at the sweat on his forehead. It was the middle of summer, and the temperature rose to match it. Even though he was only wearing shorts and a thin shirt he was still sweating buckets, not helped by the fact his room lacked an air-conditioning unit.

Granted that was his fault and his alone, but that didn't help alleviate his misery. Small mercies that it was his day-off at least – he couldn't imagine working in uniform when in this kind of heat.

Groaning the Admiral rolled onto his side, staring blankly at his TV for a long minute, half-listening to the news network. He couldn't stand this much longer, and truth be told he was getting bored – it was hard to enjoy reading or watch TV when he was sweating buckets. With that thought in mind he sat up, stripping off his shirt and grabbing another one from his closet, pulling it over his head before leaving his dormitory room.

The hallway was mostly empty, the various Ship-Girls either locked in their rooms in front of the jealously-guarded fans or down at the beach, using the sea to cool themselves off. He was half-tempted to join them... if he had any swimwear. Watching his many subordinates play at the beach left him feeling more envious than he imagined.

''Mn...'' He groaned at the thought, banished the mental image from his mind. Dreaming of the cold sea was one thing; dreaming of the cold sea full of his bikini-clad subordinates was another.

He changed paths, going up the stairs to the third floor and down the hall, passing a tired Yuudachi on the way. At the end of the hall was Sendai's room, his destination. His relationship with the base's 'night battle idiot' was... an interesting one. They weren't dating, per se, but they were something akin to friends-with-benefits, and had been for months. She was usually up for it during the late evenings when she wasn't allowed to go out on night battles, and he was a good outlet to burn her energy.

Shaking his head to dispel such thoughts, the Admiral rapped his knuckles on her door. ''Sendai? You in?''

''Yeah...'' Sendai's lazy voice came from within, muffled by the door. ''C'mon in...''

He obliged, slowly pushing the door open. She shared the room with her sisters Naka and Jintsuu, but both of them were currently absent. Her bed was to the left of the room, green bed covers messy and thrown about wildly. At the far wall by the window was Jintsuu and Naka's beds hugging the wall, slightly more neat but still dishevelled, likely due to the heat. By the right wall was a flat-screen TV, mounted atop a desk and running a drama show he didn't recognise.

And laying on the floor was Sendai, wearing naught but a pair of side-tie black panties and a sleeveless orange vest – giving him a nice view of her ass, since she was laying on her stomach.

''Hey~'' Sendai lazily drawled, not taking her eyes off the TV.

''Hi.'' The Admiral responded with equal laziness, closing the door behind him. The room was cooler than his own; the AC unit in the room breathing cool air in, though not enough to actually make it cold.

He sat down next to her, putting his back against the side of her bed and stretching his legs out. The TV droned on but he wasn't really listening, instead closing his eyes and relishing the coolness. It wasn't much, but even a little relief was a godsend given the heat of his room. It didn't help that his window faced the sun, so his room got scorching hot in the mornings.

''You need something?'' Sendai asked idly, finally tearing her eyes off the TV and looking back at him.

''Nah, was just bored is all.''

''Mm.'' She hummed in acknowledgement, accepting his reasoning and going back to watching the TV.

A pleasant silence fell upon them, neither too bothered to break it. The muted sounds of other Ship-Girls in the building occasionally reached their ears, but aside from that the quiet droning of the TV was the only sound in the room. As the silence began to stretch however he couldn't help but let his eyes wander over to Sendai, admiring her lithe frame – her revealing clothes only adding to her charm.

Memories of their times together flashed through his mind and his expression tightened, remembering the lewd expression on her face as they fucked like rabbits. The scorching summer heat left him feeling bored out his mind, and despite the fact he knew it'd only make them hotter he couldn't help but want to touch her, to expel his slowly-building lust.

Almost casually he reached out, settling his hand on her nice ass and giving it a squeeze.

''Mn...?'' Sendai shot a look back at him, pouting. ''Admiral~ It's too hot to do that~''

The Admiral smirked half-heartedly. ''It's fine, we can cool down in the shower.''

''But I can't be bothered~''

In response he gave her ass a light squeeze, chuckling when her cheeks gained a faint pink hue. ''I'll do all the work then. You just keep watching TV.''

Sendai pouted at him for a few seconds longer before giving up, sighing and nodding her assent. Smirking lightly he slipped his hand under her panties, roaming his hand over her plump rear and slowly groping her butt, taking a minute to admire it. For someone so slim she certainly had a nice ass, something he took great pleasure in reminding her about – much to her embarrassment.

His tightening pants reminded him about his building lust, prompting him to tug his hand out Sendai's panties and instead undoing the knots on either side. Even without facing him he could see Sendai's cheeks heat up, his smirk widening as he tugged off her panties – her legs shifting slightly so he could. With one less obstacle in his way he shifted closer to his companion, swinging one leg over hers and straddling Sendai's ass.

''Nn...'' Sendai grunted quietly, shivering as she heard him pull his shorts off – his erect cock sliding between her ass cheeks. ''Admiral...''

The Admiral smirked, leaning down and placing his elbows on either side of hers – bringing his lips down on the back of her neck. Sendai moaned softly at his kiss, a cute shiver running up her spine as he softly smooched her sensitive neck. He placed several more kisses along her neck, moving around to the back of her ear, shifting up and lightly nibbling on her earlobe next.

Sendai's cute moans only excited him further, rolling his hips faster and sliding his cock against her ass – the soft friction getting him off. Despite that he pushed it from his mind, focusing instead on the beautiful girl beneath him, determined to turn her into a moaning mess like so many times before. Though he never said it, he always took it as a challenge. Sendai had quite the stamina when she wanted to; something she proved by going for two hours straight once.

''A-Ah...'' Sendai shuddered, biting her lip as he sucked hard on her neck. ''Mn... geez, if you're that horny just g-go ahead... and put it in...''

The Admiral grinned as her voice trailed off, a hint of demure desire in her voice. She was never that good at hiding what she wanted.

''Hm... I think you can wait a little.'' He teasingly replied, supporting himself with one hand while his other snaked around and under her arm – slipping into her vest and groping her round breast.

''Mm...! Ahh~'' She bit her lip, quietly moaning at his touch.

He grinned, fondling her soft boob playfully. While they weren't the biggest on the base they had a certain softness that endeared him, like little marshmallows. After a second his other hand came up and slipped into her vest, groping her other breast too – his hips continuing to rub his cock against her ass, his movements growing rougher as he got more into it. He was truly tempted to penetrate her; the angle was perfect to slide into her ass, but he wanted to make her wait.

A low groan slipped past his lips as Sendai suddenly started rocking her hips, rubbing her ass against his cock. The gentle movement excited him and enticed him to roll his hips more aggressively, his twitching cock sliding between her soft ass cheeks. He shifted closer to her, leaning over her shoulder and settling his head in the crook of her neck, their cheeks nearly pressed together. He grabbed her nipples between his thumb and index finger, giving them a gentle pinch and eliciting a cute moan from his companion, the lewd sound making him grin.

''You say you can't be bothered...'' The Admiral murmured heatedly, kissing her cheek. ''But you keep moving your hips.''

''I can't help it...'' Sendai whined, rolling her hips with more effort than before now that he noticed.

He grunted, giving both her boobs one last squeeze before he released her right breast. Instead he reached down and slipping his hand under her vest, moving down under her waist – and rubbing her pussy. Sendai gasped, her hips buckling from his sudden touch and leaving her whimpering with need. The silent plea made him chuckle, his fingertips prodding her pussy lips and noting how wet they were.

''Pervert~'' The Admiral teased, nipping her earlobe.

Sendai whimpered wordlessly, moaning as he slowly rubbing his fingers along her wet slit. He teased her for a minute, poking and prodding with his fingers, always making her think he was going to push them inside but pulling back at the last moment. Just as she started getting used to the teasing he acted, shoving three fingers into her slick folds and eliciting a surprised groan from the lithe girl, her pelvis pressing against his hand.

''A-Ah~!'' Sendai cried, her hands gripping her elbows tightly – shoulders tense with pleasure.

He teasingly pumped his fingers into her pussy, shoving them in to the knuckle and making her hips buckle each time. To his amusement her pussy practically sucked his fingers in, begging him to finger-fuck her more – something he gladly did, pushing a fourth finger inside. Instantly she gasped, her voice dropping into a throaty moan of pleasure as he stuffed her full, one digit shy of outright fisting her.

As he fingered the Light Cruiser he continued rolling his hips, his thrusts growing faster as he used her ass for his own pleasure. Sendai's gentle movements only pleased him more, her pillow-like ass rubbing pleasantly against his throbbing cock, a hot pressure building in his shaft. He held his orgasm back, not wanting to cum just yet. Not until he made her cum first.

With that in mind he twisted his wrist around – a challenge in itself due to her pressing down on forearm – until his thumb pressed against her clit, teasingly rubbing the sensitive nub. Sendai moaned sharply at his touch, all but shoving her fist into her mouth to stifle her cry of carnal delight. The walls weren't sound-proof after all, and Sendai wasn't shameless. She wouldn't want the entire base knowing he was pleasuring her in the middle of the day.

''M-Mm...! Admiral... Admiral...!'' Sendai panted, her words interspersed with low moans and cute whimpers.

The Admiral chuckled, lightly licking her ear and kissing it – whispering right into her ear. ''Are you gonna cum, hm~?''

''...Y-Yes...'' Sendai groaned, shuddering as he gently flicked her clit. ''Y-You...?''

He hummed in reply, leaning in and kissing her cheek. In the heat of the moment Sendai tilted her head back, bringing their lips close and allowing him to crash their lips together, kissing passionately. They couldn't hold the kiss for more than second before they had to break off for air, too busy gasping in air and rubbing their bodies together to maintain it. Sendai hung her head down, moaning and digging her elbows into the carpet, rocking her hips furiously back against his throbbing cock.

''A-Admiral~!'' The Light Cruiser mewled, her tongue hanging out as he stuffed her pussy full with his fingers. ''I-I can't...!''

In response he kissed the back of her ear, simultaneously pinching her nipple and flicking her clit – sending a sharp bolt of pleasure shooting through her lithe frame, tipping her over the edge.

''M-Mmph!'' Sendai cried into her fist, buckling and spasming beneath him as she climaxed.

The Admiral grinned tightly, her honey squirting out around his plunging fingers as he continuing toying with her pussy, pleasuring her as much as physically possible. His own orgasm was rapidly swelling up, his cock aching with the need to blow – and he didn't hold it back any longer, wildly grinding against Sendai's soft ass.

Soon the pressure in his pelvis grew too great, and he hit his limit. ''S-Sendai...!''

Sendai wordlessly moaned as he came, ropes of cum painting her ass white and splattering up her back, the warm sensation making her shudder. He rolled his hips a few more times before stopping – barely resisting the urge to collapse atop her out of fatigue.

''Mn...'' Sendai mewled, panting heavily. ''Admiral... you came so much...''

He chuckled breathlessly, kissing her cheek. ''I don't think you have room to talk.''

The Light Cruiser whined as he twitched his fingers, slowly sliding them out her pussy – though not before giving her clit one last playful flick, the jolt of pleasure making her quietly gasp. He climbed off her ass and sat back, taking a few moments to catch his breath, Sendai doing the same.

After a minute however he found himself growing hard again, not least because of the sight of Sendai's nearly-nude body. Eager to continue he grabbed her hips and rolled her over, ignoring her breathless whine as he laid her on her back – her cute face flushed red, her chest rising and falling with each quick breath she sucked in.

''We ain't done yet...'' The Admiral murmured, nudging her legs apart.

Sendai blushed, willingly spreading her legs open so he could shift between them, her eyes drifting to his erect cock. ''Someone could walk in, you know...''

''Does that mean you want to stop~?''

'''' Sendai mumbled embarrassedly, hiding her mouth behind her arm.

The Admiral grinned in reply, gripping her thigh with one hand while grasping his erect cock with his other hand – guiding it towards her waiting pussy. Sendai shivered as he rubbed the tip against her slick folds, teasing her for a moment until he rolled his hips, pushing his cock into her. Instantly hot tightness surrounded his cock as her inner walls clamped down on his cock, a strained groan slipping past his teeth as he entered her.

''Ah...'' The Light Cruiser moaned quietly, tipping her head back.

It wasn't their first time doing this and she was wet enough there was no pain, but she was still sensitive from her orgasm – her pussy tightening around his cock as he sheathed himself inside her. The tightness only made it more pleasurable, a low groan slipping past his lips as he rocked his hips, inching deeper and deeper by the thrust. As he eased himself into her he let his hands roam up her sides, pushing her orange vest up until her boobs were exposed, allowing him to grope them freely.

Sendai shuddered at his touch, shooting him a look of want – silently asking him to start moving. He took the hint and reared his hips back, pulling all the way out until just the tip was in – and promptly shoved his full length inside, eliciting a throaty moan of delight from his lover. The heavenly tightness only excited him, his thrusts gaining speed by the second as he plunged himself balls-deep inside her, his pelvis quietly slapping against hers.

''Ahh...! Why... do we have... to do this... in summer...!'' Sendai whined between gasps, reaching up and clawing at the carpet blindly.

The Admiral didn't bother responding, continuing to fondle her boobs while thrusting into her hot core, burying in to the hilt each time. Soon his thrusts grew quicker, their pelvises smacking together audibly as he fucked her pussy – Sendai's lustful moans rising in pitch, so loud he wondered if the people in the next room over could hear. Even if he wanted to however he couldn't stop, the addictive tightness of her pussy driving him crazy.

To his delight Sendai felt the same, wrapping her legs around his waist and stopping him from pulling out, silently telling him she wanted him to finish inside. The Admiral was more than happy to, his hand releasing her breast and moving up to her jaw, his thumb brushing over her lips. The battle-eager girl blushed but opened her mouth, letting his thumb inside and promptly sucking on it, not meeting his gaze as she did so.

''Haah...'' He breathed a strained sigh, tilting his head back. ''Stop tightening so much... relax...''

Sendai whined embarrassedly in reply. ''I-I can't help it... you got me all... twitchy... Nn...''

The Admiral got an idea, flashing a grin at his partner and moving his hands down to her waist, his now-wet thumb trailing down her stomach on the way. His tightening grip was her only warning before he suddenly yanked her up, pulling her with him as he leaned back against the bed – effectively leaving her straddling him. He didn't pull out during the manoeuvre, causing her inner walls to practically strangle his cock, her surprise making her muscles all seize up.

''Mn...'' He grunted, grinning tightly at the surprised Light Cruiser. ''Your turn then.''

Sendai blushed darkly but didn't disagree, no doubt due to the burning heat in her pussy, begging for more pleasure. She laid her hands on her shoulders and shifted her knees out to the sides, digging into the carpet, before lifting her hips up. Her first few bounces were slow and experimental, testing the position and getting used to it – and as she got used to it she quickly picked up speed, her lust fuelling her eagerness.

Their faces were only inches apart, something Sendai quickly took advantage of by leaning in and passionately kissing him, their lips heated meshing together, saliva wetting their lips and making the kiss extra lewd. Even when they broke apart for air their lips hung only an inch apart, desperate to kiss again yet their lungs begging for oxygen. The second they could they kissed again, all but crashing their lips together.

''Mm... a-ah...'' Sendai moaned softly into the kiss, rolling her hips and stirring his cock around her pussy.

He responded by rearing his hand back and bringing it down, lightly spanking her ass. Sendai yelped and tightened around his cock, surprised for all of one second before it dissolved into embarrassed petulance – shooting him a cute pout. That too dissolved in seconds as he kissed her, soothingly rubbing her sore ass, bringing his hand down in another playful smack a few seconds later.

They settled into a heated rhythm, lust guiding them. She bounced on his cock and their lips meshed together, soon adding their tongues into the mix. She rolled her hips and he spanked her in reply, prompting her to dig her nails into his shoulder. They kissed some more and the cycle then repeated, their movements becoming increasingly clumsy and frantic as the pleasure inside their joint parts grew too hot to ignore.

''Admiral... Mmaah...'' Sendai breathed into the kiss, bouncing feverishly on his pulsating cock – her honey running down his shaft. ''I-I'm gonna... Mn...''

He leaned in quickly and kissed her lightly on the lips, murmuring an incoherent agreement. Sendai took that as permission to go wild, her movements becoming rougher and more desperate, all but slamming herself down his cock as she impaled herself upon it. The Admiral groaned and let her go ahead, willing to take the aches if it meant more pleasure. He wasn't disappointed; the sensation of her pussy strangling his cock, her muscles all tightening up with her wild movements, was enough to make him screw his eyes shut as the burning pressure in his cock grew too strong to ignore.

''S-Send- Nn!''

Sendai gasped as he suddenly climaxed, his cock throbbing once before thick spurts of cum shot into her sensitive pussy. The sensation of his warmth filling her sent her insides into spasms, a sharp cry rising from her throat as her own orgasm washed over her powerfully. Her hips buckled and clumsily she slammed her pelvis against his, extracting mindless pleasure from their heated act.

He wasn't sure how long he climaxed, only that he came down from his high nearly a full minute later – blinking away the spots in his vision. In his lap Sendai moaned, collapsing atop him and laying her head on his shoulder, her pussy repeated clenching and relaxing around his cock as the aftershocks shot through her. The Admiral shuddered at the pleasurable sensation, idly squeezing her butt and riding out the pleasure.

''Mm... now I'm all hot again...'' Sendai whined half-heartedly in his ear.

Smirking tiredly, the Admiral kissed her cheek. ''Then let's go in the shower.''

''Mn... you just wanna see me naked~''

''You're pretty much naked already, Sendai.''

''Shut up~''