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Tonight, before the storm comes, let's ...

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Two nights after she borrowed the ointment from Takita, Vannie found herself on her back, pinned to the mattress softened through usage by the countless other travelers who rented the very same room before the Quin Zaza brought them here.

Above her was her roommate, the latest member of the ship’s crew. As they prepared to sleep, the room was only lit still by the one lamp farthest from their beds, but despite the weak illumination, Vannie could clearly see the color that had risen to the young drakers face.

She had asked to treat the scarring on her face once again, but rather than handing over the clay jar, Takita had crossed over to her bed and used the element of surprise to her advantage, to push and climb atop of her.

“Can I do it?”, she asked sheepishly, tightly holding onto the jar.

“If you insist”, Vannie teased.

Whenever her words hit the spot, or the lamps flame began to fade, Takita’s cheek appeared to take on an even darker shade as she undid the lid.

“I do”, she reiterated, leaning in. With utmost care, she applied some of the ointment to her fingers, and then her face, spreading it in a fine, cool layer to the affected skin. It tickles, Vannie thought to herself.

Judging the effectiveness of her work by closing the distance even further left them only breaths apart.

“Y-You know”, Takita said, their eyes meeting and her voice fainter than before, “I always liked your eyes.”

Her lips were soft and sweet, yet a little cold to the touch and Vannie could taste traces of the beer they had with their meal. She placed her hands on the rookie’s sides and let them wander as their kiss lingered, exploring smooth skin, where Takita’s attack had displaced her cloths, until she inevitably reached the scar on the girl’s thigh.

To her surprise, this prompted a shiver to course through Takita.

Her curiosity sparked, she repeated the motion and the rookie inhaled sharply and broke the kiss. Her face was positively flushed red as she sat up, the expression on her face hazy, as if she had just woken from a dream.

She remained like this, sitting atop of her as her breathing quickly normalized.

“Shall I treat yours?”, she asked Takita.

It still took a moment until the younger draker registered her word and when she agreed, she did it in such a haste that the jar slipped from her grasp.

A surprised gasp escaped her, and she tried to grab it, but it was Vannie who saved it and its precious content from its fate of shattering on the wooden floorboards with her outstretched arm.

“Careful”, she said.

Proceeding to follow through on her offer, she mused:

“You know, I really meant the hot springs when I talked about a chance to show off your legs.”

Takita’s embarrassment showed plainly on her face.

Done spreading the ointment, Vannie made sure to safely place it safely on the small table where her extinguished lamp stood, before making her move.

Wrapping her arms around Takita’s slim waist, she flipped the surprised girl off herself, to lay next to her.

Looking into each other’s eyes, the rookie began to speak but produced little more than a stammer.

“Vannie, I- “

She reached out to brush over the younger draker’s shoulder.

“There’s no reason to worry, Takita”, she spoke.

“We can talk about this tomorrow, after we got some rest.”

For a moment, she expected the girl to push on regardless, but then her features softened.

“You’re right.”

She tried to get up, but Vannie gently held her in place.

“The lamp …!”

“It’ll run out soon enough”, she assured.

“Besides, I quite like your sleeping face.”

Takita relaxed and sank into the pillow beside her.

She drifted off not long after. It took the lamp nearly and hour to extinguish and cast the room in darkness.

It took Vannie much longer to find sleep, as she listened to Takita’s soft breaths, nearly drowned out by the erratic beat of her own heart.