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You scowl down at your tail being a bit knotted as you walked down, loving and cursing the fact your cat quirk was so pretty. Norwegian Forest Cat, so it was adorably fluffy… and oh god long hair was so hard to deal with! It looked so good though! All a main warm gingerbread orange, going into cinnamon red with hints of white at the ends in a tabby like formation. You had the huge matching ears, complimenting hair, little kitten pink jellybeans on your fingers, retractable claws, jewel-toned eyes with cat slits, adorable fangs - and very fortunate not to have eight nipples like other cat-girls did.


Heck you’d even done cat-girl modelling, the most popular type of animal quirk modelling, just for the decent money and had scored highly in some online and magazine surveys, in the top three during your short career in it as a late teen and in your early twenties. It had funded your trip to Japan to learn Japanese for a year doing farming work in rural areas for a year and then a formal two years at a university in Tokyo alongside a masters in ecotoxicology and bam, you’d been offered a job at said university as a researcher and here you’d stayed. Because cat you may be, that was parental genetics, and your quirk was Toxins. Making, manipulating, breaking down – you were very useful to have around for places that needed high doses.


You’d actually just decided to celebrate, because you’d begun to go part-time in research as companies paid for huge amounts of the substances from you that you could create as you’d finally gotten a license to sell them. The fact was, you were now Hero licensed, and while you’d do no work at all on that side, no patrols, taking in villains, nada, you could use your quirk, which got you around several laws very nicely.


Sure, you had to learn self-defence, but animal-types were naturally stronger, and cats specifically faster and more agile and could at focusing on targets. Mix that with senses… And you totally did a Provisionals and then a Formal Hero Test in one day, passed, and just got your first lump sum from one pharmaceutical company that was already what you’d made in one year in one three hour session.


It was amazing and easy.


And it was only cat instincts of another scent suddenly to close in what was a prior empty area and alert you. Hands reached for you and you ducked them, eyeing the large male who showed only dark intent, stabbing claws into his jaw, letting a poison float into him that had the muscular man wobbling before dropping to the ground in a near on instance. Yowling in annoyance, tails snapping from side to side, you don’t realise that brings attention for a moment before snapping your gaze up.


Some man is there, rough and ready, looking focused and determined, and damnit you were hungover and not in need of hot villains attacking you from above.


You let a growl out, a higher pitched cat sound of stay back, tail fur puffing out and whipping around to make you look more threatening.


“I’m Eraser Head,” The man introduced himself, but at you not relenting, he added wryly, “Hero. Thanks for taking out Hit-Back.”


Your growls died off, flickering down, because this Villain had been picking up the rounds on News, able to take hits and send the attack back twice over, inclusive of physical and elemental attacks, and was a serial killer. “Oh. Right. Yeah, I’m licensed, Skog.” It was Skogkatt that Norwegian’s called their famous breed of cat, and you were next to never going to use it, so even though it was weird, you just thought Wellp, no one else would be using it, and just wrote that down on the file work. “Help me shift this sack of useless shit, would you?”


Silently, the man swung down by that wrap around his neck, and to your surprise, had the relative same amount of strength as you despite really not looking it. The police station was down the road, fortunately, and you gave your testimony along with Eraser Head’s, whose was much more interesting about tracking him down, time spent doing so, meetings…


Everything that sounded tedious to you, basically.


You were practically falling asleep, and being next to the radiator didn’t help. You were slowly preening your tail with retractable claws as you were asked, “Would you like your name being attached to this case, Skog?”


Balking at that, you blurted out, “Are you mad? Noooo. No, nono. I'm good.”


Naomasa chuckled, “Then that’s all we need you for, Hero.”


You grimace at the title but get up with cat-like fluidity. “Thanks, have a nice night, gentlemen.” You take your coat from the cat head male, sending out a soft purr of thanks he made a meeping sound at as you swing it on, the long coat cut up the back to allow your beautiful nearly two metre long tail to wave free. You leave, not noticing the cat-man was watching you avidly until the door closing snapped him out of it.


The detective looked at the officer. “Oh?”


“She’s… very pretty and smells like a strong mate,” Sansa cleared his throat, awkward.


Eraser Head wouldn’t admit he thought the same. Shame she was gone already. He got on with some other official business, being tapped in for another upcoming mission, and then left only to perk up at you still being there outside the building, talking to what seemed to be a friend. “Hey.”


You cut the talk, and the officer said about going back to work, clapping you on the shoulder and nodding at Eraser Head as he went. You give him a polite smile. “Eraser. Are you done with your patrol, or? Because my taxi will be here in a minute and I can drop you off if you live close? I live…” You give part of the address.


“I,” His brows rose a bit at that, “Actually live in the building across from it. Level eight.”


“Same, I mean, my building, but yeah. Wait, there’s three buildings around that cemetery, are you the balcony with the plants or the ashtray?”


“Plants. So you’re the one with the cat tree though I’ve not seen any cats?” He inquired, thinking a cat-person was likelier to have them, and he’d been looking forward to cat watching when he’d seen it a few weeks ago.


The taxi beeped and you got in, leaving it open for him. You give the driver the address. “Yeah, so, aha… that’s for my claws. They just itch with the need to be sharp so, yeah.” You hold your hands up, letting them extend, but you note his eyes go from the points to the pads on your palms and tip of the fingers. You kind of just stare as he unblinkingly pokes one and then squidges the big one in your palm, bemused by his fascination. Then it clicks. “Ohhh you’re a cat-girl kink guy!”


“Sorry.” With that he withdraws but like finding prey with his heated cheeks, you lock onto it and can’t help it.


You shuffle up to him, on two hands and one knee, foot on the ground of the car and a massive Cheshire grin on your face as you get in his space. “You wanna pet my ears, too?” You tease, laughter in your tone. “Squidgy my paw beans again?” His cheeks went redder at that. “I’m just playing with you man, you blushed a bit.” You end up sitting down properly, a bit closer to him. “I’m ---, and you?”


“Aizawa Shouta,” He replied gruffly, arms crossing.


You snorted and elbowed him, “C’mon neighbour! Loosen up, I was playing. And hey, ain’t nothing wrong with having preferences!” You grin, but he scoffs and looks away, making you laugh brightly. “Not one for the teasing, hm?” Another sound of dismissal from him and you realise you’d probably pushed too hard.




Perhaps he didn’t have a cat thing and was just momentarily curious?


Damn. He was good looking and lived close, so that would have been a bonus…


Peering out the window, you silently shift away, idly preening your tail in your lap as he was on his phone.


The ride was over in a few minutes, and you paid first before Shouta could get to it and get out. You wave the taxi off and then turn to Aizawa, only to see him peering to the side and you look, seeing some guy in a rocker outfit come over, calling his Hero name out. Interested, you liked the sight of a big grin, funky glasses and long hair. Ah, you were a sucker for guys with long hair. Wait, wasn’t that Present Mic? Wow, hair down was… Too many hot guys. But seriously. Present Mic! You really liked his shows.


“Shouta!” Present Mic came over and paused on seeing you. “Yo, am I interrupting?” He flickered his gaze between you both, thinking there something between you both.


Maybe a hook up?


“Nah, we just found out we’re neighbours and shared a taxi back,” You easily say with a lopsided grin, ears perking up and tail raising in welcome. “Pretty random! I recognise your voice. Are you the DJ of HeroFM?”


“Present Mic! Yo, you a fan, listener?” A smirk comes to his lips.


“Yeah, I work as a night researcher in a lab and blast your channel out.” Then you laugh and explain, “About a week ago I saw the janitor for my university moonwalking past my door, and then you cut a song in half for some announcement, and I have this angry man wielding a mop kicking the door down and scream ‘Who dares to cut MJ in half like that?!’ and ranted for like ten minutes about the glory of the King of Pop and did you know he loved Pinocchio? Like no, Akio-san I’ve never known or needed to know that in my life, mate, thanks.” You give a thumbs up and an awkward smile.


Present Mic laughed, rubbing the back of his cheek. “That is a disservice, hah? Hey, what’s his name, Akio-san, you said? I’ll call him out and put on some MJ.”


“Thanks, Hero, he’ll love that. Very kind of you. Anyway,” You flicker gazes between the two, tailing absently curling, “I’ll leave you two to it, and uh,” You look to Aizawa, “I guess I’ll catch you on the balcony sometime?” You wave at them, departing with, “Didn’t mean to tease you so much, Eraser! Ciao, darlings.”


You sweep off to your building, keeping your ears alert as you go in through the lobby and wait at the elevators.


You catch a hissed, ‘Hey, hey, Shouta, you had one of the prettiest cat-girls next to you, who said she teased you, and you did nothing?! I don’t believe you man! We both know that was Hero Skogkatt because you’ve been her fanboy since her modelling days and followed what she did!’


It makes you grin.


Well, well, wasn’t that interesting to know?


She was just poking fun at me, Hizashi.


Then you should have gone along with it and teased back! I’ve seen you pick up women easily when you want to, what’s wrong with having a little chance at asking her on a proper date?


She seemed more interested in you-’ His defensive voice was cut off.


An annoyed sound. ‘Skogkatt’s clearly just friendly. That wasn’t flirting, it’s called good social skills. Look, she’s still there, the elevator hasn’t come down, go ask for her number. Go!’


Your heartrate picked up a bit.


And say what?


He sounded like he wanted to but needed a push.


‘Say it’s something about having contacts with Heroes or whatever! Do something!


‘Chasing after her pathetically would seem desperate.’


Actually, you’re hoping he did come in.


‘What, no it wouldn’t! At least you’d tried!’


The elevator was two floors away and you waited to see if he would.


You heard nothing, and the metal doors opened.


As you went in, you heard the blond groan loudly and call him an idiot because he could see he fancied you.


With him unable to see, you laugh to yourself under your breath.




Akio grinned at you, opening the door. “You really did bump into him!”


“You thought I was lying? Rude!” You laugh.


“I’m gonna call in and thank him!” The janitor bustled off.


About ten minutes later, you hear Present Mic say, “That section of MJ was for Akio, and hey, hi to Skog! Hope you’re doing good cat-girl!


It makes you grin.




Over the next few months, you do pass by Aizawa and always make sure to flirt with him, and very rarely see Yamada with him, striking up friendly conversations.


Whenever you do see Yamada with him, and then leave, it’s always, ‘Why haven’t you asked her out yet? She said she’s single the last time I was around. Hey, man, if you don’t someone else will. Come on, I’ve been hearing you talk about her more! Just ask her out for a drink!


You never would know if he would, and it was more amusing to wait.




A couple weeks later, you actually bump into Aizawa once more, groceries in a back pack and hanging from hands and a ten kg bag of rice over your shoulder. You were trying to get the entrance card to the building itself out of your pocket when he spots you struggling and comes over to help. You flicker your gaze up. The man was in some dark blue shirt that had a velvety look to it and some trousers with nice brogues on and an open duffle coat on top. “Aizawa-san. Oh, thank you!” You smile as he takes the rice and a bag from you. It’s not so much heavy for you was it was in the way, but you’d not wanted to put it down as you’d wanted to just keep going.


“It’s fine, I’ll help you up with it.”


“A gentleman,” You smile and tease gently, glad the elevator was available straight away. “Much obliged, but I got this.”


Shouta tilted his head a bit, watching you. “I don’t mind?”


Hesitating only for a moment, you nod and murmur, “Alright.” You step in the elevator. “Catch anymore murderers?” You lightly ask.


“Only one,” He replied smoothly, turning to you.


That surprises you. “Wait, really? I was being… well, good another is off the street! How’d it play out? You okay? You look okay.”


“I am.” Aizawa tells you about it, and you end up with him coming into your house and giving him slippers. You see him peer around at clean floors, soft orange walls with lots of paintings of forests in frosty fantasy settings, and the scent of something citrus and fresh in the air. His gaze pauses on the floor where a large fluffy white rug with dozens of pillows on it and a couple of heaters around it, a short table next to it with some folded up blankets on top. “That looks comfy.”


“It’s my lazy spot, as I call it. I try to separate sleep and relaxing from my bed, and I had a bad habit of snacking in the bed I eventually broke away from ‘cause I do it in my lazy spot now. Sleeping in crumbs can hurt…” You scrunch your nose. “That was because I used to live in a tiny room in a really cheap place downtown. Now I’m here it’s fine. You want tea?” You ask as you go into the kitchen, putting things away.


To spend more time with you he nodded. “Please. It does look comfy.” He noted the vacuum next to it, and the cabinet with a mini-fridge on top as the kettle goes on and evening light shines on the slightly flattened fluff. “The light hits there.”




“You sun-bathe like a cat, too?”


You give him a sheepish grin and nod. “It’s relaxing, okay? Don’t judge. I love cat-napping.” Things go away, but you leave stuff out, putting rice on to cook, and then set to chopping up vegetables. “So, keep the story going! Oh, and eat with me too! The group set up a watch…?”


Shouta comes over, accepting the tea when it came out in a minute, idly taking over cutting some mushroom and garlic for you. You even coaxed some more details out as you grilled the beef you’d bought and put together a quick ponzu dressing. Making the mushrooms and garlic into a type of soy-butter dressing side dish, you also quickly stir fry green veggies and dish it all up, beef going onto rice for donburi.


The man looks down at the sudden meal before him as you put it down at the high table that separated the large kitchen from the living room, and took the chopsticks. “I watched you make it, and yet I’m still surprised it’s done so quickly.” A main meal with two side dishes and tea?


“Two people make it quicker?” You shrug.


“Huh. I guess so.” He takes a bite of the food, noting you’d seasoned the beef incredibly well. He closed his eyes for a moment, the flavours good. “I haven’t seen you on any patrols around here?”


“Oh, I just became a Hero to use my quirk in a different industry,” You tell him. “My quirk is toxin, so I can make any toxic substance in great amounts. I work part-time now as a researcher in Todai, and the other part I work as a third party client to Takeda Pharmaceuticals in selling high volumes of purified substances. About two months ago I got an offer for it for the first time, but when I said I don’t have the right certifications despite being able to do everything and it’d take another two to three years to get it all, they asked if I could be a Hero. Apparently it’s a quick way around all the laws and regulations. With cat-reflexes, self-defence and my quirk, I passed the Hero tests and bam, got a license. So I’m not really a Hero, I just have a license and the ability to lawfully take down villains. Other licences take longer to get and I needed the money, in all honesty.”


“I see,” He mused, and well, he was interested in you, so he was happy you weren’t putting yourself in danger. It settled him. “A clever way around it. I work at UA.” He went into it a little, enjoying the meal at yours and getting to know you.


Before you knew it he’d accepted a bottle of beer, talked about a variety of things and he was supposed to have met up with the teacher group going out to a bar about two hours ago. “Huh. I was intending on going to meet up with the other teachers on a teacher night out. Want to come?”


“You sure. Isn’t it a colleague thing?”


“It’ll be fine. Mic will also be there and us two knowing you will be enough for the others to bring you in.”


Giving a grin, you figure you my as well. You didn’t have work for the rest of the week. The pharmacy stuff was when you wanted to do it, and there was only three days of work at the university. “Yeah, sure. Let me change.”


While you did, he cleaned up the dishes, putting the spare food in some containers he’d found. Considering he’d been fed without even a blip of annoyance, he had no problem helping out. He paused at seeing you come out in a tight dress that went into a loose skirt that flared around your thighs, that dark blue fuzzy pea-coat of yours and ankle boots. Some make-up made your features pop and when you got closer, a pretty fruit scent had him coming over. You looked attractive, soft and touchable.


“Ready to rock?” You ask.


“Yeah. It looks good on you,” He compliments.


Giving him a lopsided grin. “Thanks, you look good in this. I always did like brogues on a man.”


He didn’t even see you look at them. “Right. It’s not far…”




The bar was big enough to have a live band going on in the corner, with more a flare for more moody blues place.


The teachers welcomed you in happily enough, Mic grinning widely at you there. With drinks, you hit it off with them, though there’d been a moment when you’d met Nezu and both of you stared at each other, working through the instincts of ‘pounce’ versus ‘run’ and then you’d shaken your head and slammed a shot back with an ‘I am so sorry’ and he’d laughed and waved it off and apologized for being scared and triggering your own instincts.


Midnight had almost grilled you, but you simply flirted with her a bit and she’d settled, actually.


You got along well with Vlad King and a business teacher, Nami, but you found yourself floating back over to Shouta. He seemed at least pleased to have you near, his drunker self reaching out to touch you more. Or at least, you think he’s drunk after the amount he’d had but he was only half showing signs of drunkenness. You were glad you could just break the alcohol down and kept to the level of happy tipsy.


Excusing yourself, you got up and went to the ladies, coming back out and looking to the side at movement, only to inwardly groan.


Your ex and his friends you got on with.


Daisuke looked surprised before a bit unsure as he took you in, fingers tightening on his bottle, nodding.


Just staring at him, you scoff and go on your way. Of course he had to catch up and you move your hand before you could have it grabbed. “Kitty,” He begins, and your ears go down and back. He say your name instead and you give him an impatient look. “Listen, I’m sorry. I’ve been thinking, about how I acted, treated you. And it’s, it’s not the same without you.”


“What to be your doormat, servant, and replacement mother?” You turn to him fully. “You’re a useless fucking cunt, Daisuke. A piece of shit in human flesh. You mistreated me, belittled my feelings, and used the fact I was new to this country to manipulate things. And you’re oh so sorry? The good thing about forgiveness, is that I choose whether you deserve it. You don’t. So I’m not giving that to you, or some sort of second chance, or even any more of my time. Don’t speak to me again.”


Daisuke opened his mouth with, “I-”


You flip him off inches from his face and walk off back to the bar. “Can I get a double shot of Hibiki?”


“You okay?” Aizawa leant in, glowering over your shoulder at the man, and he put one elbow on the bar and his other hand on the back of your chair. “Who was that?”


Knocking back the drink and shuddering before stretching and rolling your neck out, you answer, “Ex. Not a friendly break-up. Slob of a lowlife that cheated on me multiple times. He cost me my name in my previous research position by talking shit so I couldn’t get a promotion because I’d make more than him and I’d be more respected and he couldn’t stand that. He faked not being able to do things around the house so I did even more house chores than I would if I was single and somehow turned it around on me that I was cat so I was lazy and didn’t see what he did, and… just a scumbag, really.”


Hizashi winced, noting Shouta looking a bit battle ready. “Sorry he sucks and did that to you. Here, have some sake.” He pushed it over.


It makes you snort, but you take it and knock a shot of hot sake back. “Oh nice. Think I’ll get one of these to finish off my drinking night.”


You still have a good time, but it’s tainted because you can feel that assholes eyes in the back of your head more often than not.


Eventually it does your head in. “Listen, I’ve been enjoying my time, but I’m saying my goodbyes because I can’t deal with that prick staring at me.” Mic and Eraser nod in understanding. “I’ll see you guys another time, thanks for having me!” You call out to the remaining few you were leaving, and thank them for a nice time again, coat on and ready to go.


Not wanting you alone, Eraser stands up. “I’ll walk you back,” Shouta says, grabbing his jacket. “Let me just pay the tab. You made me dinner earlier, it’s fine,” He says at your mouth opening.


Hizashi grinned as he watched Shouta go with you. He had been surprised to see you, because Aizawa didn’t have friends outside of the school staff, just links and colleague in police stations, so him bringing you and letting you meet all of them was quite the statement. Even if he was the only one who understood it was. Shouta wanted you known to them. He laughed to himself a little as he nursed his last bottle of sake. To think he’d bought that cat-girl magazine for Shouta as a joke seven years ago, with your slight smirking face and cat-charms something Shouta had liked straight away when he’d pushed his sometimes sullen friend to tell him his favourite.


And now you were here, and Shouta had been near on smiling all night.






It might be only a little smile when he looked at you or was talking to you before looking around in a bored fashion, but he went back to smiling at you!


Hizashi was over the moon for his friend to finally have someone he was into, who, by some stroke of divine luck, seem to fancy him back. He’d been flirting with you when Shouta went to the toilet, but you only teased back without meaning anything, mocking him like a friend would, and as soon he was back, had paid attention to Shouta and flirted with more intent in your tone.


Well, until that ex aggravated you and spoilt the night.


He looked over, to see the man gone.


Then a large snarl made the bar look over.


Hizashi came out, seeing Shouta wrap the man up with his capturing weapon (where’d that been?), you looking impressed, and that ex scowling and snarling up at the Hero as he writhed on the ground and trying to get out.


“You gonna calm down?” You asked him dryly, doubting it.


“Fuck you bitch!”


“Wow, cussing out a couple of Heroes.” You extend a nail and poke your ex, sending him to sleep within seconds. “Off to the local station? Think I might get a No Contact order on him.”


Shouta nodded. “Do it.”




You let the erasing Hero in with you, kicking shoes to the side.


Not even questioning his coming in, you slung your bag on the coat holder, putting the coat on it. “Drink?”




“Cool, go get whatever you want yourself cause I’m changing into comfy clothes.”


He chuckles. “Sure.”


You pause, turning to him. “I know you live just across the way, but are you staying? I have men’s clothes, because I sleep in baggy clothing. They’re not my ex’s clothes or anything. And I have a spare bedroom for such things.” Your place was two bedrooms and a study, a kitchen-living room, a bathroom, and a nice wrap around balcony you grew herbs on. “I have spare toothbrushes and such.”


Not wanting to part from you, the half-drunk man shrugged. “Sure.”


“Don’t look so enthusiastic,” You drawl, amused, eyeing him over your shoulder.


Shouta swallows, thinking how pretty you look, as flounders a little. “Aa.” Goddamnit what kind of response was that? “Want to watch something?”


“Sounds good, back in a sec.” You go to your room, feeling a bit goofy from the alcohol, and decide to wash make-up off, brush teeth, put some nice smelling lotion on your body to be extra sweet and silky for him and then change into an overly baggy top covered in dozens of cartoon cats and short-shorts one couldn’t see under the top. You grab him a plain top, grey sweatpants and fuzzy white socks that you had about ten of from how nice they were, and you come out, handing them over. Your hand touches his when you pass it over, and you work your toxin quirk on him to break it down in his stomach. At a thanks, he goes in to the room you point out, telling him there was a spare toothbrush in the bathroom, and comes out minutes later. “Horror? You’re a horror guy?”


“It’s generally mindless.” He slumps down next to you as you point the remote at the television, idly running a hand over your tail. He smirks a little at your shiver and playful glare. “You don’t like that?”


You try to speak, but purrs tumble from your throat instead, making you get flustered and you just turn around, making a scoffing sound.


“It’s really loud. Hey. C’mere,” He wags his hand to him, fingers down. “I want to see how powerful it is against me compared to a cat.”


Knowing he wouldn’t be this forward, usually, a bit reticent, you knew he was drunk from that.


And the scent of beer and whiskey.


But mostly the fact he’s pulling you to him.


When you smooth yourself against his front, the feeling of soft breasts against his chest had him interested, but interest was fought over with the revelation of your purrs acting like the perfect massage machine. He groaned and cuddled you closer. “That’s the best. Stay in my arms, Skog. Feels amazing,” He muttered, tightening his hold. He slunk back to lie on a pillow he positioned over the arm of the chair, you between his thighs he slightly clamped around you so your purr massaged all of him. Tenseness leftover that alcohol didn’t remove was melting away with each moment it hazily went on.


You watch him, peeking up from beneath folds of cotton fabric.


The sleepy smile was cute, and he really was quite attractive, and his face softened from the slight frown he seemed to always carry with him.


It felt warm and protective in his hold, and sleepiness takes over.




Beeps woke you up.


No one looked good waking up, you knew, but you hoped you didn’t look so bad he’d quickly rush out of there without breakfast.


You stretch against him, trembling before flopping with a happy sigh. Breathy laughter has you glancing up to the man on his phone, hair back. You soon realise he’d been rubbing a large cat ear of yours and simply give a crooked grin his way, baring a little fang. You sit up, only to duck your head down and look at sweatpants that… tented, a little. It did make you feel a touch shy and randy, but you just say chirpily to his face. “Well good morning wood to you, too.”


Shouta couldn’t help the light laugh that left him and liked the sound of your giggles. “I have school to get to. Work to mark.”


“You aren’t hungry? I’m thinking eggs and toast and some juice. Be just as quick with the two of us?” You offer up, hopeful.


He could spend his break marking instead. “Alright.”


Pleased, and he sees it, you get up and go over to the kitchen. First you turn your radio on, next taking out eggs and bread from their places, pointing at the cabinet when he came in. “Ground coffee up there. Is it going to be warm today?”


Checking his phone, he hums, “Yes. More than usual.” He goes to the rice cooker, putting some in on autopilot.


That makes you snicker, not bothered at all. “Alrighty.” You crack eggs into the frying pan, putting a whole bunch of bread slices into the toaster, and then going to the cupboard for two thermoses, and the ice from the freezer. “I’m going to make ice coffee for the day, want some? Keep you awake and cool.”


Aizawa was touched by your kindness as he fills the kettle up with water, not going to tell you that UA had excellent air-conditioning and great coffee. It was the thought that counted here and that was just rude to bring up. “Thank you, but you don’t have to.”


“You don’t want one?” You question, halting for a moment.


The kettle goes on. “Only if you’re fine making one?”


You look away and then back at him, confused, “So is that a yes or no?”


Shouta breathes out, fondly amused. Perhaps he was being too Japanese here. You were literally asking if he wanted coffee or not. “Yes, thank you.”


Grinning, you nod, happy to do this, inwardly a bit motherly. “Sugar, milk, honey, nothing?”


“However you have it,” Shouta replies, not wanting you to go out of your way, taking the toast out.


“I’m a cat I like it milky.”


“…Nothing is fine.”


Laughing freely at that, you scoop eggs from the pans, salting them on plates and putting them on the island that parts kitchen from living room as Aizawa mimics with toast. You shoo him to the table to go eat, guest-minded that you are, and make the coffee as that clicks off. It’s quiet for a moment, with you humming to some familiar tune.


Shouta… honestly really likes this.


The word flickers on the tip of his tongue of how he feels.


He can’t recall it as you grin at him and pass the coffee and fresh juice over.


He can’t recall it as you sit down, talking to him about the band playing with you both leaning to each other.


He can’t recall it as he’s finishing up rice and goes to change to go back to his to get his hero outfit.


He does recall it now he’s left yours and you’d smile and waved him off, wishing him a good day.


Shouta walks down the corridor of his apartment complex.


It’s contentment.


And he doesn’t want to let go of that flighty, never before felt romantic feeling for a person.


He refuses to, and goes on his phone to ask a simple question as he holds the key in the door.


Would you like to go on a date?




I’ve been waiting for you to ask me since I overheard you speaking to Hizashi the first day we met. Someone's more of a pussy than I am, it seems!




Shouta groaned at that, stopping in the middle of the door opening.


Of course you had.


A wry smirk lilts his lips crookedly.


A beep, and he sees, ‘That’s a yes by the way. I bet you made a sound of annoyance when you read that too.


Laughing, Shouta decided he was going to put the effort in to make you two happy together, and went in to go change.


He couldn’t wait to see you again already.