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Oh shit

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“Hello Iida!” Midoriya called out to me as he walked into the classroom.

“Hello Midoriya. The weather is lovely isn’t it? How are you?”

He looked out the window, “It is nice isn’t it?,” he perked up, “And, I’m good. Thanks for asking! What about you?”

I smiled, “I’m well, the concern is greatly appreciated.” Midoriya is truly kind, I wish-.

“Hello, Izuku,” Todoroki strolled in, “I was wondering if we could discuss some plans for us two for afterschool?”

Midoriya blushed erratically while smiling and trying to cover his face, “Uh-um sure Shouto? What were you thinking?”

“Why don’t we visit a cafe after school? I hear they made a new drink dedicated to All Might’s retirement.”

“Really? I wonder what it’s like? Is it that place on fourth street? I heard they’ve been doing a whole line of All Might drinks but I’ve never gotten to go, and I’ve seen it on instagram…..”

Midoriya continued to ramble on in an excited manner, as I sent a small smile his way, and I turned to Todoroki who had caught me looking at Midoriya and was now openly staring.

Todoroki Shouto, one of the top students in the class, a dear friend of mine, the son of Endeavor, and…. Midoriya Izuku’s boyfriend. The same Midoriya Izuku who I had realized I had a crush on for many months and probably had been going unnoticed by myself for a couple more.

Todoroki had been wary of me lately. Usually, and I don’t mean any offense, he was socially ignorant. But when it came to anything Midoriya, he was an expert, including anyone who had a crush on him. He had first confessed to Midoriya 27 days ago, and since then he had cornered 4 people, including myself, asking about their intentions towards Midoriya. It had practically been a declaration of war. However, Uraraka and Shinsou had taken it in stride and had said they would prove themselves. Meanwhile, myself and a young girl in class 1-F had backed off pretty quickly for fear of causing trouble.

Because while I like Midoriya I wouldn’t go as far as to ruin his current relationships, for my selfish wants, I’ve already learned what can come of my selfishness.

But, that doesn’t mean that every single time, I see Midoriya and Todoroki share any PDA with the class in front of me. I don’t shut them down in a thinly veiled jealous rage. Or want to break my personal hero code and tear off Todoroki’s e-girl hair from his skull.

But, I won’t do that, because even those thoughts are going against the essence of a hero. So, I will go on with my life as if my feelings aren’t there.


Or at least that was my plan until I saw Midoriya in dorm halls, waiting for a date in which Todoroki is late, due to an unforeseen accident in a spar with Bakugou.

“Hello, again! Was todoroki still in the clinic?”

“Oh, yeah. Recovery wanted to check on Todoroki extra carefully when I mentioned to her how he hit his head.”

“Well, of course. Suspected concussions are serious business!” I looked at his clothes, when Midoriya had mentioned to the girls many weeks ago that he did not have date clothes, Momo, Hagekure, Ashido, and Aoyama had taken him shopping and had compiled outfits in a notebook for him to wear to his dates. so , currently midoriya was in a back with wite striped short sleeve button up that resembled a sleep shirt, paired with higher waisted pale blue jeans, and his chunky shoes. And a new addition, a promise ring of gold with a diamond, a ruby, and a sapphire hung around his neck: All Might inspired and the cause of a waterfall of happy tears from Midoriya.

As the silence progressed, I filled the silence unthinkingly, “Do you ever wonder what would happen if you weren’t with Todoroki?”

He looked gobsmacked, “What?... What are you talking about Iida?”

“I..” oh shit, now I normally would not say or think something so obscene, but this situation is truly, oh shit, “I would like to tell you that I have liked you since the beginning of our first year.”

His mouth fell open, “Wh-what I? WHy are you telling me now?”

I mustered up my courage, “I’m sorry, I just felt it needed to be said. I know you don’t return the feelings. So, don’t feel awkward.”

He just stared at me and started crying a little, “The thing is Iida… I liked you in first year. Maybe if you had said something sooner, you wouldn’t feel as bad now.

Well, that’s unfortunate, “However,” I held his shoulder, “Then you might be having this same conversation with Todoroki,” he gapped, “And I know by your word usage, you no longer feel that way, and that is okay.”

His lip trembled, “Oh Iida, I'm so sorry!” he rushed into a hug, “I’m sorry if you're hurting right now, i just really needed a hug.”

I patted his back as I slowly returned his embrace, “It’s okay Midoriya, as did I.”