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Got Caught....Again (I'm going to make someone suffer)

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Vee's parents planned a date vacation without telling him and his brother. They took the brothers into a surprise when they suddenly blurted out their plans one Thursday evening telling them they'll be gone tomorrow until Sunday. His parents told them that it was an overdue date and they'll have time to spend together as brothers (that they probably won't do) and have the house without them. He wasn't exactly mad at them for not telling them ahead of time because of the perks it had. That's why right now he's half naked cuddling Mark at the common room sofa watching a movie after their intense make out from the kitchen to the common room (his parents and brother will kill him if they find out that instead of eating there, -well they did eat but it's not the kind of eating done in the kitchen- so shush!). He and his brother did exactly the opposite of what their parents wished them to do that's why he has the house for himself and had the opportunity to ask Mark to come over for dinner and movie. It's not that Vee and Yu hate each other. Hell, they even get along (even with all the teasing and bickering). It's just that they prefer to spend their free time with their friends. In Vee's case, his boyfriend. 

Vee's attention drifted from the movie (which they just started to watch because.. yeah) when he heard his stomach growl. Mark looked back from his lap with a questioning and judging look whereas Vee just raised his eyebrows and laughed.

Vee: I guess it was a wrong decision to eat dessert before dinner? Can't help it though, when the dessert looks more appetizing than the main course.

Mark: (Blushes, slaps Vee's chest) P'Vee! Didn't you eat something earlier?

Vee: I did eat lunch and I was waiting to eat dinner with you but you brought the dessert first.

Mark: As if I can just leave your "dessert" at home and take my soul here. 

Vee: Maybe? Soul, body or both as long as it's you Mark. (winks)

Mark: (gets redder) P'! (pushes Vee) just... make something! I'm hungry too.

Vee: Yes khab ~ (stands up and bows)

Mark throws popcorn to a laughing + escaping Vee who goes to the kitchen to prepare proper dinner for both of them. 

Mark was about to continue watching when suddenly there was banging in the front door that sounded like whoever's on the other side is running from something. Was Vee expecting someone? Mark thought. If it's P'Yu then he should have a key. Mark looked at the door confused. He got up to look for his shirt but couldn't find it. Screw it. He paused the movie then headed towards the door and opened it for whoever the person is. He didn't expect to see Vee's friends on the other side who, as soon as he opened the door, had their jaws drop down the floor.

Kla: Vee! What took you...... so.... long......

Kla with Yiwaa, Bar, and Pond were all dumbfounded by who opened the door. They tried to ignore the fact that Mark was shirtless and there were red spots all over his body that's definitely bigger than mosquito bites and maybe as big as their friend's mouth. Yiwaa also tried to ignore how well defined Mark's body is. Now she understands why Vee always looks like he's about to devour Mark whenever the junior is with their group of friends.  All four were taking time processing the sight in front of them but Bar was the first to load his brain back online.

Mark: Uhm.....

Bar: Oh! Ai' Mark, is Vee there?

Mark: Yes, P'. Uh... come in?

The others were pulled out from their trance with the invitation and everyone started to remove their shoes to go inside. Once in, they noticed the paused movie showed in the television and the half-eaten bowl of popcorn. They all looked at each other knowingly. I think we interrupted their date.  All were busy looking for more clues (I'll leave it to your imagination what "clues" is) when Vee's voice blew up from the kitchen.

Vee: Mark, who's that?

Mark: P' Bar and the others.

Vee: (appearing in the kitchen doorway, looks at shirtless Mark) Why didn't you wear a shirt before you opened the door?

Mark: Well, you threw it somewhere I couldn't find it. 

Vee: Then at least you could have worn mine.

Mark: (rolls eyes) Don't want to.

Vee: (fakes an angry pouty look) Mark.....

Yiwaa: Oiiiii! Stop flirting we're here too you know. 

Vee: I could see that. Why are you here though? (looks at them accusingly)

Yiwaa: We met P'Yu at the mall a while ago with his friends. He said you stayed home and is doing nothing and that we should go here and drag you out of the house. But seeing that Mark is here you're definitely not doing nothing (smirks).

Vee sighs. Knowing that this mess was his brother's plan, he put a mental note to make his older brother suffer when he gets home but for now he has to deal first with his nosy friends.

Yiwaa: But I have to thank P'Yu though.

Vee: (raises eyebrows in question)

Yiwaa: He made me see how much of a delicious meal Mark is.

Vee: Tsk. (pulls mark behind him) Eyes off!

Yiwaa: Ai'Vee, I'm just admiring his body. It's not as if I'll steal him from you.

Vee: Doesn't matter you still can't stare at him.... Not you too Pond!

Pond: (acts innocent) What?

Yiwaa: Stingy.

Kla: Okay, okay that's enough. We're sorry to interrupt you two. So as an apology, why don't you two come with us to have drinks? 

Vee: (looks at Mark for confirmation)

Mark: (shrugs)

Vee: (looks back at his friends) Okay, we're going.

Kla: Oho~ you still need to ask your wife first?

Vee: Shut up Kla. Of course, seeing as he's going with us. And I forgot, you assholes are paying for our drinks. That's your payment for interrupting our date.

Kla: Yeah, yeah hurry and clean up. We'll meet you there. 

Kla, Yiwaa, Bar and Pond headed towards the door. But before exiting, Yiwaa turns back and looks at Vee.

Yiwaa: And wear a shirt will you? We don't want girls swarming our table. But Mark's fine though. I still want to see his gorgeous body.

Vee: (pushes them) Out! I don't want to hear you anymore thirsting over my boyfriend's body.

Yiwaa: But it's so defined!

Vee: I. SAID. OUT! We'll see you there.

And with that he shuts the door in front of his friends. He turns around a sees Mark wearing a smirk.

Vee: What? 

Mark: Jealous much?

Vee: (closes the distance) Very. Take a shower. Unless you want a round two there?

Mark: (pushes Vee's shoulder lightly) Pervert! Go clean up our mess.

Mark finds his shirt and heads upstairs. He reaches the middle of the of the staircase when he hears Vee sigh.

Vee: (sighs) Sad, I'm just a servant.

Mark: (Peers down from the railing)That's what you get for being horny.

Vee: Well at least this "servant" is the only one allowed to taste you.

Mark: P'! Don't start. I'm taking a shower.

Vee: Just call me if you need me there.

Mark: I said don't start.

Vee: Well, just in case.....

Mark: (Rushes up) Lalalalala! I can't hear you!

Vee: (chuckles)