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Assorted drabbles for hp_halloween

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Tonks shivers in the cold night air, goosepimples rising on her pale, bare flesh. It's dark save for the light of the roaring bonfire. Through the hazy smoke, she sees the last of the students shucking their robes, the curves of their naked bodies illuminated by flickering flames.

It's been ages since Tonks last attended the Samhain rites, the ancient tradition for Hogwarts' witches held in a private grove in the Forbidden Forest. Any witch over seventeen is welcome to dance unclad and uninhibited in celebration of the year's end. Later will come drinking and more sensual pursuits, all hidden from the prying eyes of unwelcome males.

Hooch, then Sprout and McGonagall twirl past her, limbs akimbo, hair loose and wild. They lead the younger revellers -- all sizes, shapes and colours -- in a sinuous spiral through the sacred space to the din of discordant pipes and drums.

Someone grabs Tonks' arm. She turns to see an attractive young woman: pug-nosed, black-haired, and curvy.

"Come on, then. Join us." Her voice is authoritative with a hint of haughtiness. "Join me."

Tonks doesn't protest as she's tugged into the line of writhing, undulating bodies. With any luck, she's found herself a partner for tonight.